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Jamie Murphy Wales(Studyin) -

Gentlemen, a fiend of a gig in Holohan's Enniscorthy. Good god, where do I start? The High Reel? Shakin' All Over? The Power And The Glory? A bass with no head? Madness, utter madness. Thanks for comin down lads, dont leave it so long the next time, I can personally guarantee you we will all be there again keepin her lit! Johnny, seriously run for president, Steve Vice Pres, We Dont Want Dana In Aras (WDWDAIS Sponsored)

Tue Apr 18 20:47:56 2006 IP:

Hugh Maguire Cork -

Johnny, that was a great gig last Sat in Cobh, we really enjoyed it. Keep rocking!! Many thanks for signing my old Horslips records I will treasure them forever, I only wish that I had a few more.

Tue Apr 18 10:39:31 2006 IP:

Johnny Fean : -

Hi Folks, Just want to say Thanks to all who were at the Cobh Rugby club gig on Sat. night, Steve and I really enjoyed the gig. It was Rockin'!! Sorry about the new York spam merchants on the GB at present. They will be exterminated by the Doctor!!

Mon Apr 17 18:51:01 2006 IP:

Niall : -

Happy Easter to all

Sun Apr 16 12:50:31 2006 IP:

Divorced Dane : -

What a great gig in Cobh last night, Johnny was "on fire" Hope Steve has a great holiday..and looking foward to the next gig. Beat wishes to Maggie and keep well

Sun Apr 16 11:26:33 2006 IP:

The Man who buit America : The Great Island -

Have to agree with Pete - a mighty gig, Johnny, with many new listeners present on the night. 'Further on up the Road' was my particular spine tingler. 'Twas a pleasure talking to Johnny after the gig - again many thanks for a great gig.

Sun Apr 16 10:43:30 2006 IP:

Peter : Lee Delta -

Just in the door. Magic gig at Cobh Pirates RFC. Great crowd, the joint was indeed jumpin'. Stunning rendition of Johnny's Wedding. My personal high spot was a scorching version of Keep on Running. Great to see you guys in such tune. Hope Maggie recovers soon.

Sun Apr 16 03:41:57 2006 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi Folks, Just want to say thanks to all the people who were at the gig in Enniscorthy last week, Steve and I had a great night and we're looking forward to playing in The Cotton Tree again this summer. All the Best.....Johnny.

Fri Apr 14 23:50:47 2006 IP:

Alien : Co Clare -

Updated Address for Cobh Gig: Paddock Bar, Cobh Pirates Rugby Club Newtown Rd Cobh Co Cork. 10:30 start

Fri Apr 14 21:39:19 2006 IP:

Jimmy The Weed : -

I saw you guys in Enniscorthy last week. It WAS the best gig i have ever been to. Just like to say thanks for the night and the pictures.

Fri Apr 14 19:05:12 2006 IP:

Site Admin : -

Technical guest book problems means the postings on April 11/12th are lost. Apologies for this!

Thu Apr 13 00:01:08 2006 IP:

Dave : Talbot St -

John, Yes it was a combo and I hope to use it again tonight Great to hear that Enniscorthy was a sellout - heres to many more

Mon Apr 10 18:16:01 2006 IP:

Jer Ennis : Enniscorthy -

Hadnt seen Johnny play in about 12 years,when I used to watch him with The Treat in The Prince Arthur,in Ealing.If anything the years have improved his show with his legendary guitar skill complimented brilliantly by Mr Travers,who definitely held his own on tracks like King,Fantasia,and a nice little burst on Dearg Doom,always a friendly guy,had plenty of time for us die hard horslips fans,Great to see you again,come back soon

Sun Apr 9 19:14:36 2006 IP:

Niall : -

Holohans Bar, The Cotton Tree, Enniscorty, Co Wexford. SOLD OUT. Arrived at the gig around 9.45 to see a big sold out sign across the door. Managed to get in though due to a pair of last minute cancellations, and I am certainly glad I did, an absolutely amazing gig, the lads were on top form and the sell out crowd were behind them 100%. After the gig Johnny and Steve found a queue forming at the stage of people looking for autographs & photos. Made it back to Dublin in record time and god knows how many penalty points will be waiting for me in the post on Monday morning but it was definately worth it! King Of The Fairies, Black Magic Woman, Fantasia, Power & The Glory, You Really Got Me, Johnny's Wedding, Shakin' All Over, Trouble, Rakish Paddy/Silver Spear, Dingle Regatta, Crossroads, Further On Up The Road, Honkytonk Woman, Keep On Running, Matrons Apron/High Reel, St. Anne's , Rambling On My Mind, Sword Of Light, Dearg Doom, Trouble.

Sun Apr 9 13:15:16 2006 IP:

martin towey north cork -

hello lads great to see ye are coming to cobh next week i went to leeuwarden in holland at the start of march for the rory gallagher weekend that kept me quiet for a while since, y looking forward to catching up with ye in cobh. martin

Sun Apr 9 12:29:37 2006 IP:

aodh New York -

I would love a copy of the Ardan gig - can trade for various dvd copies ...oasis...u2....metalica....thanks h

Sun Apr 9 00:48:35 2006 IP:

Andrew Carson -

Johnny, I was looking at a best of Horslips Cd the other day, and it had all the songs listed as being written by Fean, Carr, Devlin, O'connor, Lockhart and Deeny... I have never seen Deeny mentioned before, was this a mix up or has something changed. It wasn't the Edsel Best of, It was a greatest hits CD. Thanks Andrew

Sat Apr 8 14:32:49 2006 IP:

Dave : -

Thanks John Think I will get a POD but will stick with my Peavey bandit for now until I try the Line 6 again. The Mezz in Temple Bar has a great blues session on Sundays at which I usually guest (hi gus!) If you,re ever in the area.... Regards to Mags Dave in Brussels

Fri Apr 7 13:32:09 2006 IP:

Alan Bogue : Newry -

Johnny - Delighted to see that you and Steve are coming up to play in Dundalk in June. Really looking forward to a great night. best wishes!!

Thu Apr 6 22:03:19 2006 IP:

Johnny F. : -

Brendan Mc., Thanks for the Ardan DVD copies. At some point, a DVD copy of the Dingle show would be appreciated, no hurry on that one, in your own time. Thanks again...Johnny.

Wed Apr 5 17:45:21 2006 IP:

Fish Clare -

Any more upcoming gigs in Clare/Limerick? any news on a cd ?

Wed Apr 5 01:39:46 2006 IP:

Johnny.. : -

Hi Dave.. Glad to hear you liked the line 6, was it a Combo you used? W/ A 1x12 inch speaker? My one is the Flextone 60 watt 1x12 combo. I think they sell in London for around £500 but could be cheaper than that. The line 6 'POD' that I use(also) is about £120 in London, They are great for recording and you can use them 'Live' through a house PA...You can take the 'POD' anywhere as it fits in a carry bag. Hope that is helpful to you.. All the Best...Johnny.

Tue Apr 4 15:43:57 2006 IP:

dave : temple bar -

Dear John Just ended up in temple bar using a line 6. It was so so with pedals but when I went straight in it was ACE Played White Room. Crossroads and Help me with a borrowed tele. great sounds - how much does the line 6 cost (in London) best regards your no.1 fan dave

Tue Apr 4 02:54:10 2006 IP:

Johnny Fean : -

Hi anne... Steve and I are hopeing to play some gigs in Co. Clare in the coming weeks..Nothing is confirmed yet, but we're working on it..So keep an eye on the gigs page over the next while..and thanks for getting in touch.. All the best.. johnny.

Mon Apr 3 13:53:36 2006 IP:

Anne McNamara Ennis -

i may be forced to go to cobh to see you on the 15th of April as i notice the only ennis gig is a private one could i gate crash it, or have you anything planned for county clare in the next few months, love your music have seen you in the barge rooms and dolans in limerick already last year anne

Mon Apr 3 11:26:14 2006 IP:

BrendanMc : -

Hee hee. Thuigim! Thanks again PJ for the lift home.

Sun Apr 2 22:42:09 2006 IP:

PJG : -

Brendan McL.. The RTE tower which certain people were threatening to ascend at a certain hour on a certain night..

Sun Apr 2 17:32:29 2006 IP:

Niall : -

Johnny, went to see Jimmy Faulkner last night. He's excellent! I'd say Tuesday nights in Bruxelles were amazing

Sun Apr 2 13:34:13 2006 IP:

CJ : Derry -

wots the word on any tour from horslips lets r&r

Sat Apr 1 23:50:13 2006 IP:

pk : -

Many thanks for clearing that matter up for us Johnny! suppose things have moved on since the 70's, Thank god for modern digital recording techniques.

Sat Apr 1 22:03:28 2006 IP:

Johnny F. : -

Hi PK.. I don't think you've bought a dud CD, that's the way it was recorded originally...Johnny.

Sat Apr 1 14:55:22 2006 IP:

pk : -

johnny question? Just got the cd Horslips the best of... listening to mad pat, Barry's bass seems to drop out at the start of your lead solo, have I bought a dud, or was that the way it was recorded?

Sat Apr 1 00:01:52 2006 IP:

Steve Travers : Lee Delta -

Niall...........In our dreams.......Stop taking that stuff........

Fri Mar 31 23:04:08 2006 IP:

Niall : -

Just heard Fleetwood Mac's Black Magic Woman on Virgin Radio and I have to say it sounds like a bad cover of the song Johnny & Steve do so well!

Fri Mar 31 11:27:38 2006 IP:

BrendanMc : -

I give up PJ......What is 300 feet tall and has a mistle thrush on the top?

Thu Mar 30 09:38:59 2006 IP:

Dave : Dublin -

John and Maggie Great to see you on saturday and the rest of the clan too. It was fantastic - never knew John had the flu until I was told, but it didnt stop some great playing all day which I was so lucky to see and hear. It was great to see C from Goatstown again too. Sayonara dave

Wed Mar 29 14:04:08 2006 IP:

Pilib de Rossa : -

Hi Maggie, thanks for the good wishes, sorry we couldn't be there but c'est la vie, we were there in spirit. Hope Johnny gets better soon. Rosie and the kids send their best wishes. Jerome

Tue Mar 28 22:53:20 2006 IP:

PJG : Tallaght Delta where the giant Atlantic steamers tie up. -

Johnny, again you were magnifico (as usual) and the boys were not so bad either. We are gradually coming to earth after such a memorable evening, and we are most grateful and lucky to have been in the audience. Thank you once more Maggie. Paidi Lionard is a relaxed and professional presenter, and RTE were on the ball, made live tv look so easy. TG4 is an under rated resource, has a well earned reputation for excellence in programming - Paidi was heard to say it was the highlight of his series (now that is a serious understatement !) Nice to meet all the GuestBook contributors, and our chats with the band members were memorable for my being stone cold sober and coherent this time. And Brendan McG.... What is 300 feet tall and has a mistle thrush on the top ?

Tue Mar 28 22:44:57 2006 IP:

Johnny Fean : Shannon Delta -

Hi Folks, I was saddened to hear of the passing away of Nicki Sudden in New York, may he Rest In Peace. Thanks to everyone for the get well wishes, and I hope to be posting bit more, and catch up, when I have recovered from this horrible Flu! All the best, Johnny.

Tue Mar 28 19:41:50 2006 IP:

Desdemona : England -

Sadly missed Nikki Sudden,R.I.P. Happy Trails.

Tue Mar 28 14:11:02 2006 IP:

Maggie : Home at last -

To all who were at TG4 on saturday night Thank you for a great night. What made it for me was let alone seeing all the usual suspects but seeing the wives and partners Rachel, Anne F, Mags, Anne L, Maureen, and Laura lee to name but a few ENJOYING themselves so much. Peter thanks for the lovely huggs, Chris thanks for looking after Dad, Myles my darling thank you for being you, Nial my son I hope you have come down of cloud nine and that you and PJ got home all right. Jim as you know you made our day by making it, please thank Caroline, Eamer and Paul for letting us have you for the day. Stephen and Nole, Steve and Johnny are NOT playing this weekend so promis me you will take the girls out somewhere nice (AND NOLE I MEAN NICE) Brendan I hope you don`t end up with dvditis from all the requests, Paul I am sure you have some great pickies in the pot, Dave and Rachel looking forward to recapping the night with you soon. Gerome and Rosie Frank, Kevin, Tony, Joe Ford and Mark Cunningham you were missed, and Barry ,Jimmy and Fran, Eamon and Cyn, Charles and Numi thanks for the memories. John is still under the weather but sends his best wishes and thanks for a great night, he will talk to you soon. Take care for now. X X X.

Tue Mar 28 03:02:40 2006 IP:

Paul : Dublin -

Johnny what a night the band were in fine form and your playing as always was superbe, bought back so many memories seeing you guys. It gust shows your music is timeless and sounds as good as ever. I know you were ill on the night but you gave it your all good on you, get well soon, hopefuly catch you and Steve somewhere soon.

Tue Mar 28 01:32:47 2006 IP:

Conor Mc Dermott moville -

Hi All the TG4 programme was great it brought a tear to my eye, only one problem - I didnt understand a word the presenter said!! See Ya, Conor

Mon Mar 27 19:49:49 2006 IP:

Ruairi : -

Johnny, the TG4 gig was brilliant although unfortunately i wasnt there. Sorry to hear your sick. Get better soon. Ruairi

Mon Mar 27 19:18:10 2006 IP:

Kennedy F. : Clarin Delta ;) -

Johnny & Maggie, the TG4 programme was just brilliant. Only problem was that we didn't know it was on, got a phone-call from a friend during the first ad-break and thankfully, saw the rest of it. Would love to have been there, maybe my Gaeilge isn't good enough. "I'll Be Waiting" was the highlight for me, full of soul and so melodic too. On the other hand, why didn't the sound-engineer pull the plug on the low whistle during "Shaking All Over". It sounded totally off-key!

Mon Mar 27 17:36:14 2006 IP:

Peter : Lee Delta -

Well folks, I have checked carefully and the stock of superlatives is practically exhausted. Saturday night was absolutely magnificent. It was an unbelievable experience to stand in front of Horslips for a full blown electric gig. That Johnny could perform at all given how sick he was took doing. To play the way he did was absolutely magical. Maggie, the fans of this man and this band owe you so much. Hope Johnny recovers soon. The most wonderful thing about the music (apart from the obvious – i.e. they’re STILL the best band of all time) was the way that the lads were having a ball. I’m getting on to the others seriously for the first time, if Horslips gigs are what it takes to get to see more of the fabulous Maureen, then they’ll just have to be done. Lots of ‘em!!!

Mon Mar 27 12:56:18 2006 IP:

Keith Bogue Limerick -

Maggie and Johnny, it was great to see you both last night. That was one hell of a night and took me back a good 30 years. It was great to meet so many of the old crew.Don't forget to give me a buzz about grub.

Sun Mar 26 23:06:59 2006 IP:

Alan Bogue : Newry -

Hi Johnny and Maggie - Thank you for last night; It was a truly amazing night and it was just wonderful to have been there and I can't thank you both enough!!

Sun Mar 26 19:53:41 2006 IP:

Niall : -

Joe I couldn't agree more. Fantastic performance last night. I'm still on a high from it. Johnny & Maggie, thank you so much for that experience. Johnny, hope you feel better soon and Maggie, Happy Mothers Day!

Sun Mar 26 15:55:38 2006 IP:

Joe Floorbaord : Cookstown -

"I'll be Waiting" has always been a favorite track. Always loved the feel,the sound and the lyric. Last nights performance of it brought a tear to my eye (and i'm not joking - though the bottle of wine might also have contributed!!)Wonderful, wonderful wonderful. I'm sure you didn't pay much heed, but at the time the Melody Maker Review of TMWBA slated that track - purely on the basis of the "new wave" sensibilities of the time (Guitar solos bad - inability to play instrument good: that sort of thing) I remember being livid at the time that such a fine piece of music was subjected to dismissal on the spurious grounds of fashion. Anyway, thirty years later who's listening to X-Ray Spex or Sham 69 etc. etc. A majestic track and a beautiful piece of playing for which many many thanks.

Sun Mar 26 15:29:31 2006 IP:

Michael Paris -

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Fri Mar 24 13:45:39 2006 IP:

Dave Shannon -

John Have strat will travel. Am in SHN 0872609311 Best regards Dave

Thu Mar 23 14:47:53 2006 IP:

jesse booth dublin -

thanks for the kind words steve! New stuff on the way, plus a name change and a few more gigs. Ampeg should be arriving early nxt week, im pretty excited. shall let you know how i get on. all the best jesse

Thu Mar 23 14:43:43 2006 IP:

Chris Somers Lee Delta -

Thanks a million Steve and Johnny for the bday greetings and messages, it's more praise then I deserve! I got your email Johnny but I'm moving at the mo so I'm sans-PC at the moment. Love to Maggie, hope to see you soon. Take care, Chris

Wed Mar 22 13:05:28 2006 IP:

Steve Travers : Feast or Famine!!!!! -

The Leeches don't mention The Beatles as an influence but I hear Squeeze and The White Album in their songs. I think their music is excellent. Well worth a visit at

Tue Mar 21 22:08:33 2006 IP:

Johnny F. : Shannon Delta -

Belated Happy Birthday to Chris (G.G.), Hope you had a good one! Like Steve said, and could you slow down a bit on that Guitar and Mandolin and give an aul' fella like me a chance!:>

Tue Mar 21 18:29:14 2006 IP:

Steve Travers : Lee Delta -

Happy birthday to Chris Somers (AKA Green Gravel). It's easy to forget he's so young when you consider his talent. Stop practicing that bass, stick to the guitar and scare Johnny instead, you're catching up far too quickly! I keep looking over my shoulder.....

Tue Mar 21 02:02:46 2006 IP:

Steve Travers : Lee Delta -

Johnny and I had a great St Pat's weekend, thanks to everyone who came to see us. Stephen you are quite right about the fretless Yamaha TRB-5. The technique required to play fretless and the sound produced is quite different to a fretted bass guitar. On fretted basses the notes are made by placing your finger on the string behind the metal fret thus shortening or lengthening the string. On fretless the notes are made by pressing the string onto the fingerboard without the aid of a metal fret. Getting your pitching right on fretless is more difficult as the finger has to be placed directly on top of the note. Jaco Pastorius really set the standard for fretless bass guitar and very few musicians have come near his stunning achievements. Metal string on metal fret has a harder sound and this is why most rock players use fretted instruments. I was surprised to see Jack Bruce playing fretless on some of the numbers at the Cream reunion concerts in The Royal Albert Hall last year. Jack has always been one of my favourite bassists and he plays fretted, fretless and double bass exceptionally well but I have to admit to being rather disappointed as I thought his fretless Warwick just didn't cut through the mix on some of their classics. Many great bass players have used fretless successfully in rock but personally I prefer metal on metal for that genre. It's only my opinion and there are no hard or fast rules in music. I love the sound of fretless bass but it's a different animal and should be treated with great respect and practiced very carefully. There's nothing worse than listening to someone pitching out of tune all night. On fretless there's no hiding place. I have had a lot of enquiries about my bass sound over the last few months so for all of you who have talked gear with me after the gigs and sent emails about the live set-up a long threatening comes at last. My live set-up is very simple and straight-forward. My XL2-5 Steinbergers (five-string) are active but not active EQ. The EMG pick-ups are low impedance and therefore require a battery. I use a Jim Dunlop Cry-Baby Bass Wah with a variable "Q" into a Tech-21-NYC Bass Compactor (for subtle compression) then into a SansAmp. Sometimes the SansAmp model is the Bass Driver DI (pedal type) and sometimes I use the rack-mount SansAmp RBI. The SansAmp feeds the front-of-house desk and an unaffected signal is fed to my Markbass amps. I use a Markbass CMD 121H (1x12 combo) linked to a Little Mark 500 Watt which drives my Ampeg 4 ohm 4x10 for on-stage monitoring. I also send a DI signal from the CMD 121H to the F-O-H desk. My spare on-stage bass is a Yamaha TRB-5. I like to experiment with gear and I'm open to any suggestions you may have. Jesse mentioned that the in-house combo he used last week in Dublin sounded a bit dodgy. It is always worth carrying something like an Aphex Bass Xciter with you for these unexpected situations. A little piece of kit like that can make a small amp sound much bigger and better. Thanks to all you guys for sharing your ideas and tips with me, like most musicians we can become "gear junkies" but it's fun and together we will try to achieve the perfect sound. I will try to talk Johnny into divulging his sound secrets with our "lighter-stringed" brethren as soon as possible. Always remember that while gear is great it's no substitute for practice and experience. At the end of the day the real sound is in the hands. Love and light to you always, Steve.

Mon Mar 20 22:58:51 2006 IP:

Stephen Ferris : -

Hi Johnny, you beat me to the book tonight, and you and Steve had to grace Tullamore last night too. Yes, we had a bit of a race down to Dublin, as I had to work in the morning and left work at 12:55pm. The first Noel knew about any plan to go was at 12:56 when I rang him. 15 minutes later he was on his way to Dublin. We crossed the state line in hot pursuit (4 hours) behind the De Rossa Family!! It was worth the trip for the gig. It was good to meet the fan regulars and of course Maggie. It was really good to get home at a reasonable hour!!. Steve, I noticed you’d dusted off the Yamaha TRB as the spare Bass for that gig. Funny I came across a TRBII-F fretless recently when browsing ebay. I meant to ask you about what it might be like to play a fretless. Next time, eh? Hope to talk again soon. Thanks for the gig!

Sun Mar 19 22:59:13 2006 IP:

Mad Pat : Dublin -

Hi Johnny and Steve and all Another fantastic gig in Slatterys on Paddys Day. Great to meet the regulars and got to talk to a few people I know to see. Got a few nice photos too. Looking forward to Horslips special on Ardan TG4 next Saturday night(it got a mention at the end of the program last night)

Sun Mar 19 21:46:31 2006 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi Folks, Thanks to everybody(and Families) for making it along to Slattery's on St. Patricks day, and for making it a great gig for me and Steve, the surprise of the day was seeing Stephen and Noel Ferris make it to the gig in record time from Ballymena! whew!.. also..PJ, Niall, Mark, it was great to see you in Tullamore...Maggie says Hi to everyone.. all the best, Johnny.

Sun Mar 19 20:58:47 2006 IP:

Niall : -

Yet another great gig last night in Tullamore. A whole weekend of Fean & Travers, if only every weekend was like that. We definitely have a new convert as well. For all you poor unfortunate souls that missed it, it was: King Of The Fairies, Black Magic Woman, Trouble, Really Got Me, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Fantasia, Power & The Glory, Rakish Paddy/Silver Spear, Dingle Regatta, Further On Up The Road, Keep On Runnin’, Johnny’s Wedding, Crossroads, St. Anne’s, ?, Ramblin’ On My Mind, Sword Of Light, Honky Tonk Woman, Dearg Doom, Trouble.

Sun Mar 19 12:47:10 2006 IP:

Niall : -

Excellent gig yesterday in Slattery’s. A great way to spend Patrick’s Day. Brilliant sound off that new bass amp Steve. My memory of the setlist is a little tainted from some loud obnoxious fellow spittin’ and shoutin’ at me in a Belfast accent, so if anyone can fill in the blanks go right ahead.Anyway just before I head to Tullamore, it was: Fantasia, Power & The Glory, Really Got Me, Shakin’ All Over, Johnny’s Wedding, Rakish Paddy? Dingle Regatta, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Further On Up The Road, Ramblin’ On My Mind, Crossroads, Keep On Runnin’ Trouble, ? ? King Of The Fairies, Black Magic Woman, Sword Of Light, Dearg Doom, Johnny B Goode.

Sat Mar 18 19:45:13 2006 IP:

jesse booth dublin -

well steve, met u yesterday at slatterysl, we were talkin about the markbass stuff. Just thought id say hello anyways, didnt realise you were in the miami showband! im a bit of a fan. our site is if your of a mind to check it out. I couldve done with a decent amp last nite... that peavy sounded like the speaker was made out of tissue paper! all the best jesse

Sat Mar 18 18:18:31 2006 IP:

Andrew Carson -

What a way to spend St. Patrick's Day!!! spending the evening in the presence of two home-grown musical geniuses. Steve-o's "that's it" Bass chord was great! Thanks guys for helping prove my point to my friends, i think we may have two new converts... and Maggie... Thanks so much for what you did for us, I'll get you back at the next gig!! Thanks again

Sat Mar 18 13:08:24 2006 IP:

Alex : -

Thanks for a great day lads. We all enjoyed ourselves.The kids are still raving about your playiing.

Sat Mar 18 07:13:36 2006 IP:

CJ Dohery : Derry -

johnny, just revisited the album "happy to meet sorry to part" on vinyl, scratches and all, cutting edge stuff 4 the 70's, takes me right back 2 the borderland in muff co Donegal, oh happy days!

Fri Mar 17 23:22:37 2006 IP:

BrendanMc : -

No folks. I wont be there. Hope it's a great gig. Begorrah and Bedad.

Thu Mar 16 22:26:41 2006 IP:

Niall : -

Pilib, I will certainly be there. I don't think Brendan can make it though

Thu Mar 16 21:46:18 2006 IP:

Alex : -

Myself and the young lad are going in tomorrow. Looking forward to meeting fellow gb'ers.

Thu Mar 16 19:52:30 2006 IP:

Pilib de Rossa : -

Hi Johnny and Steve and Maggie, looking forward to seein you all tomorrow. Kids really looking forward to hearing you. Can you please please start with Fantasia. Niall Brendan DAve etc any of you going??

Thu Mar 16 17:57:57 2006 IP:

Niall : -

Just listening to Jumpin' Jack Flash on Virgin Radio and I have to say I prefer Johnny & Steve's version. Now maybe thats just me!

Thu Mar 16 14:59:15 2006 IP:

PJG : Dublin, -

Johnny, Saw the poster of Steeleye Span at the Exhibition and got Niall to download some songs from one of their albums. Just realising now how very very good the music was, and what they did with English folk songs. Most of it pased me by at the time (except 'Gaudete' which stuck in my head for years after) Do you think Horslips were influenced (or encouraged) by the sucess of that band and their approach (or vice-versa) and do you remember playing on the same gig with them ? We are looking forward to Slatterys at the weekend.

Tue Mar 14 17:39:45 2006 IP:

Johnny F. : -

Brendan Mc.. A CD copy of 'Bandits' would be nice, I could take a listen to those songs..Thanks.. CJ..Hi..Nice to hear from you, and don't worry about the 'E'!, no problem...

Mon Mar 13 18:57:56 2006 IP:

CJ Doherty : Derry -

Johnny just remembered there's no E in horslips! forgive please!

Sat Mar 11 22:36:49 2006 IP:

CJ Doherty : Derry -

Keep on rockin! Johnny your the main man,Derry's no 1 horselips fan.

Sat Mar 11 22:28:59 2006 IP:

BrendanMc : -

Johnny. Thanks for the info. Didn't realise there was such a place but, sure enough, I found it on Google. If you can't find the album I can copy a cd for you or even email mp3s

Sat Mar 11 21:10:14 2006 IP:

Johnny F. : -

Brendan Mc.. Thanks for the reminder on 'The Last Bandits'..album. I haven't heard it for many years, come to think of it, I don't know if I still have a copy of it! But I will take a listen to the two songs you mentioned... From what I can remember 'Horse Island'(The song) is about the rehab. Hse. for drug addicts, that was located on Horse Island back in the early eighties..So there isn't any connection to Horslips...The lyrics are by Eamon Carr on both songs...

Sat Mar 11 00:19:18 2006 IP:

Johnny Fean : Shannon Delta -

Hi noel, Marty , Mathew.. I'm delighted you and your family enjoyed the exhibition at the Waterfront, it was lovely to meet so many of you on the day. It was a great day, and the Exhibition is wishes..Johnny.

Sat Mar 11 00:05:25 2006 IP:

BrendanMc : -

BTW - Horse Island is flippin mighty as well. But what the hell is it all about? Is there some Horslippian connection?

Fri Mar 10 22:00:33 2006 IP:

Noel Ball Derry -

Great meeting you again johnny after many years, special word of thanks to the organisers, we were delighted to meet stephen ferris,and jim nellis. We had an excellent day at the waterfront. Noel, Marty, and wee Matthew Ball. ROCK ON FOREVER.

Fri Mar 10 15:33:36 2006 IP:

Noel Ball Derry -

Great meeting you again johnny after many years, special word of thanks to the organisers, we were delighted to meet stephen ferris,and jim nellis. We had an excellent day at the waterfront. Noel, Marty, and wee Matthew Ball. ROCK ON FOREVER.

Fri Mar 10 15:33:36 2006 IP:

BrendanMc : -

John. Just revisting 'The Last Bandits in the World' album after a long long time. I think 'I Never talk about her' could do with a revisit (without Nikki Sudden) cos it's a class song and one that stood out in that album. Dunno whether it could be improved with some Carrick on Suir bass licks but, well, think about it.

Thu Mar 9 21:23:19 2006 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

Rock on!

Tue Mar 7 22:28:38 2006 IP:

Stephen Ferris : -

Hi Johnny & Steve. Good luck with that daytime gig in Dublin on St Patrick's day! Johnny it was great that you and Maggie were able to make it up to Belfast for the Waterfront Exhibition. The fact that you, and the other Horslips guys, were able to come made the day more poignant. Jim, Paul and myself were delighted with the way event went, and also that we met and re-met some of the people who post in this guestbook. I also think lots of the ordinary people in the crowd really appreciated the chance to talk to you all. That was a lovely side of things! I was surprised to see how many people brought along vinyl albums to be signed. Steve, I know you already were up in the Waterfront Hall over the New Year as a guest. So now you and Johnny can compare notes about the place, it's a lovely venue. I hope to see you both gigging soon. In the meantime keep talking guitars, and keep the guitars talking!

Sun Mar 5 21:06:54 2006 IP:

Site Admin : -

The guest book wasn't working correctly over the weekend, if your posting got lost then please post again.

Sun Mar 5 18:08:17 2006 IP:

Hugh : Scotland -

A fantastic day at the Waterfront on Saturday and a real pleasure to chat to Johnny and the other Horslips lads again. Great to meet Maggie too, and as I said to her later in the bar, Johnny lacks one thing that most other brilliant guitarists have........ An EGO! And Johnny, we love you for it. Fantastic day, and thanks to all for your your excellent hospitality.

Wed Mar 1 13:21:49 2006 IP:

Johnny F. : Co. Clare -

Hi PJ, Thanks for the CD info, and yes there will be some more of the Smokin' blues in the set next time I see you. All the Best...

Tue Feb 28 22:38:27 2006 IP:

p.j. castleisland, co kerry -

hi to all. johnny outlet or someone acting for them are flogging cds at low prices on ebay ,i will see you during the year hopefully please throw in some of the smoking blues into the set.

Tue Feb 28 19:15:24 2006 IP:

Alex : -

pilb. When you get out of Connolly Station walk straight ahead to the Spire. Continue on for about five minutes walk(depending on how quickly you walk of course!) and slstterys is on capel street.

Tue Feb 28 18:15:39 2006 IP:

Pilib de Rossa : -

Is the St Patrick's Day gig a definite. Also could some of ye jackeen based GBers tell me how to get from Connolly Station to Slatterys. Is it far, for instance, will We need a taxi or bus and finally will it be packed?

Tue Feb 28 09:15:06 2006 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

Thanks to Johnny & Maggie, Jim, Eamon and Barry for Saturday and last but not least the other two members of the Trinity, Stephen and Paul. Also to all who travelled long distances to be there and who made it what it was, THANKYOU.

Mon Feb 27 22:14:48 2006 IP:

Johnny : Shannon Delta -

HI..To all the people who were at the Horslips Exhibition in Belfast(too many to mention by name), it was a great day, and to see so many of you there was fantastic! The Exhibition itself is SUPERB!, and the presentation and work that has gone into it is second to NONE. Congratulations to Stephen Ferris, and to Jim Nelis and paul callaghan...

Mon Feb 27 18:09:47 2006 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi.. to Denis Coutts, and Doug, from Aberdeen, Thank you for your compliments on the recent 'Cobblestones' gig that Steve and I played. It was a great night for us, and made all the better to have met some people from Scotland, and to have spoken to you. Hope to meet again sometime over the next few months, perhaps at another 'Cobblestones' gig, until then, All the Best... Thanks also, to Niall, PJ, Dave S. Robbie, and the rest of the people who were at the gig...

Mon Feb 27 17:54:41 2006 IP:

Paul Gray Belfast -

Hi Johnny, great to see you and the rest of Horslips, sorry Charles couldn't make it, at The Waterfront Hall last Saturday. As was the case at Horslips concerts all those years ago you were all friendly and took a great deal of time to chat to everyone I've seen many of my favourite artists over the years, including Aerosmith, Queen, David Bowie, REM, U2 and Alice Cooper but nothing ever compared to the excitement of knowing you were going to see Horslips. Any chance of playing The Waterfront??? Or any chance of Fean and Travers playing up here? Well here's hoping. Take care Johnny and God bless. Paul

Mon Feb 27 16:44:14 2006 IP:

Steve Travers : West London -

Sincere apologies to Joe, Denis and Doug but trying to get Johnny and me free at the same time over the next couple of months is proving difficult. Frank, our manager, is tearing his hair out with sheer frustration. We would love to get some more gigs in but I will be in The USA for most of April and Johnny is currently helping some friends in the studio. We will get it together as soon as possible as it's what we both love best. Alien, as always, will keep everyone posted. We really appreciate the encouragement, thank you all for that.

Mon Feb 27 01:10:04 2006 IP:

Alien : Co Clare -

Just a quick note on the gigs front, the next cobblestone gig on 25th of March has been posponed but will be re-scheduled. Keep an eye on the gigs page for an update.

Sun Feb 26 17:43:08 2006 IP:

Joe Forde : -

Hi Johnny and Maggie. Really enjoyed our evening last night in Belfast; thanks for making it so memorable. Will try to catch one of the Cobblestone gigs in the coming months. Hope you make it over here for a few gigs with Steve sometime Johnny. All the best for now.

Sun Feb 26 15:13:06 2006 IP:

Denis Coutts Aberdeen -

My pal, Doug and I are the 2 Scottish lads mentioned in Steve's note. We came over to Dublin last weekend primarily to see the Buddy Miller concert on the Friday night and hoping to spend the Saturday drinking Guinness and maybe seeing some more music. We searched the listings. Several acts were eliminated for a variety of reasons but when I saw the word "ex-Horslips" I suggested we try this out because one of my favourite albums of the late 70's/early 80's was The Man Who Built America. Little did we realise that we were about to see one of the best gigs we have ever seen. Over 2 hours of superb musicianship with an excellent mix of rock, pop, blues and traditional. We went out for a pint last night to reminisce and we were still raving about the gig. There can't be a better lead guitarist any where than Johnny with Steve complementing him so well.The icing on the cake came after the gig when we were able to speak to both Johnny and Steve. We really appreciated that you both took the time to speak to us. There is just one problem now. How can I persuade my wife that I have to get back to the Cobblestone on the 25th of March? Thank you again for one of the most memorable music evenings ever. Kind regards, Denis Coutts

Sun Feb 26 10:50:34 2006 IP:

Keith Bogue Limerick -

Mags and Johnny, it was nice to see you both after all these years. The gig in the cobblestone was excellant. hope to see you again in the near future.

Wed Feb 22 21:08:14 2006 IP:

Steve Travers : Lee Delta -

Hi Martin, it's always good to see you and the lads. Tramore was great. Hello to Alan, Dave and Michael (long time since we chatted in The Galty!) See you all soon.

Tue Feb 21 23:16:26 2006 IP:

Steve Travers : Lee Delta -

Hi Deborah, Kavo are still gigging in The UK. The last time we were all together was with Simply Red in Amsterdam. I see Darren and Martin regularly and I was with Ian about a month ago. You can catch them every Thursday at O'Neill's in Richmond, London. The line-up sometimes varies.

Tue Feb 21 23:02:58 2006 IP:

martin towey kilworth,co.cork -

hello lads we had a great night at murphs in tramore.we will have to travel a fair bit to get ye again but ye are worth every mile of it.looking forward to seeing ye again and thanks a lot, the boys from north cork.

Tue Feb 21 22:00:36 2006 IP:

Deborah uk -

Hi, this is a message for steve travers, i hope you dont mind this email, i saw the band KAVO at a Simply Red gig and thought they were excellant, got hold of their single "i wont let you down" but heard nothing since, could you let me know what happened to them and if they will release and album many thanks deborah

Tue Feb 21 18:08:32 2006 IP:

Kennedy F. : Clarin Delta -

Niall, ignore that "dryballs" idiot. I for one am glad to read the setlist...thanks.

Tue Feb 21 12:14:58 2006 IP:

Steve Travers : Lee Delta -

Many thanks to everyone who came to The Cobblestones, Dublin, on Saturday. It was great so see so many of you there. We really enjoyed ourselves. A special hello to the guys who travelled from Scotland. Kandinski featuring Andrea Doolin, Blendi and Al was just brilliant. They deserve to be huge. Love and Light to you all.

Tue Feb 21 00:02:08 2006 IP:

Michael O'Hare London -

Just found your web site by accident. Glad everything is going well. Hope to see you soon. Regards Michael

Mon Feb 20 19:57:23 2006 IP:

Ushenko Kiev -

Viktor Ushenko k49xn48f5h

Mon Feb 20 15:14:42 2006 IP:

Dave : -

I meant saturday of course! D

Mon Feb 20 13:28:49 2006 IP:

Dave Dublin -

Johnny and Steve Thanks for a great gig on Friday right on my doorstep. It is hard to belive that two people could create such a vibe on stage. The playing was fantastic. Johnny I hope to be in Belfast and will make it to Shannon soon for a jam. Great to see Maggie agin too (Trash! those were the days). Hi to Niall and PJ too Slainte Dave

Mon Feb 20 13:28:02 2006 IP:

Alan Bogue : Newry -

Hi Johnny - Just a few words of thanks for a great gig at the cobblestone, last night. We had a wonderful night and on behalf of everyone who travelled down from Newry, a very big thanks to yourself, Steve and Maggie, and it was a great to finally meet you after all this time and I only hope that we can persuade yourself and Steve to come up this part of the world sometime.

Sun Feb 19 22:28:37 2006 IP:

Niall : -

No Fantasia didn't appear and I have to agree with you, it rules. There was a great crowd there, the place was full. I will definitely be in Belfast on Sat, not sure what the exact plan is though. Benjamin the type of 'dryballs' that remembers the setlist is whats known as a true fan, don't think I've ever heard or seen you before!

Sun Feb 19 12:01:37 2006 IP:

Pilib de Rossa : -

Niall, Thanks for that. Did they not open with Fantasia? Hope they aren't dropping that as it's my favourite. Was there a good crowd there? Hope to see you in Belfast on Saturday.

Sun Feb 19 10:42:27 2006 IP:

Benjamin Disraeli : -

What kind of dryballs writes down the setlist?

Sun Feb 19 03:04:53 2006 IP:

Niall : -

Just back from the Cobblestone gig and yet again I was blown away. After all the times I’ve seen them play now I’m still left in awe at each gig. We were all reminded that we are in fact in the presence of greatness and we are just mere mortals. Johnny and Steve, you definitely go to 11. Thanks again for a great gig, and thanks mum for looking after me! The setlist was as follows: King Of The Fairies, Black Magic Woman, Power & The Glory, Shakin’ All Over, Really Got Me, High Reel/Rakish Paddy/Silver Spear, Dingle Regatta, Further On Up The Road, Keep On Runnin’, Johnny’s Wedding, Trouble, Rambling On My Mind, Matron’s Apron, St. Anne’s Poca, Daybreak, Crossroads, Sword Of Light, Dearg Doom, Johnny B. Goode.

Sun Feb 19 02:36:36 2006 IP:

Andrew Carson Dublin 15 -

luke, If you want (and if Johnny Allows) i can post you a copy of The Zen Alligators Stuff on CD. My Dad had The Singles On Vinyl so I put them on CD to save them. the only one that i know of he doesn't have is the thrill party. Same Goes for The Host Stuff, Have Tryal Album on Cd. But Check with Johnny First!!! it's his stuff and i don't want him losing commisions etc! P.S. they're not re-mastered or anything so you can still hear needle crackles on some of them...

Fri Feb 17 14:47:20 2006 IP:

Niall : -

Johnny, have you ever played I'll Be Waiting live?

Fri Feb 17 09:21:39 2006 IP:

Niall : -

Great to see the Dingle gig last night. God it reminded me of the time I saw Horslips when I was only 24

Thu Feb 16 23:07:29 2006 IP:

Johnny Fean : -

Hi.. to Paddy in London, Thanks, they were good times in north London. Hi.. to PJ, I'm delighted you enjoyed the 'other Voices' show last night, and thank you for the compliments... All the Best...

Thu Feb 16 20:34:26 2006 IP:

PJG : Dublin -

For Johnnny and the lads.. Last night's gig shown on 'Other Voices' only whets the appetite for more of the greatest band to come out of Ireland. Now that we have seen and heard you together, is it not time to seriously consider the comeback concert, and sooner rather than later? Johnny you were magnificent, as always, and looked like you were only getting into your stride when the show was ending.

Thu Feb 16 12:17:57 2006 IP:

paddy : london -

Johnny - was great seeing you play in North London over the years - made us feel at home for a few hours at least! Best wishes Paddy

Wed Feb 15 23:39:23 2006 IP:

Alien : Co Clare -

Fean & Travers next gig at the cobblestone in Smithfield, Dublin on this saturday the 18th, details at or the gigs page on this site.

Wed Feb 15 17:21:58 2006 IP:

alien : Co Clare -

Mad Pat Kandinski are an Ennis based trio whose music could be described as Jazz influenced world Music ( 2 members are from Kossovo) with spectacular vocals from Andrea Doolin and are extremely lively and entertaining.

Tue Feb 14 02:01:30 2006 IP:

Mad Pat Dublin -

Hi Johnny and Maggie and Steve - looking forward to the Cobblestone on Saturday - dont know much about the opening act but I am sure we will enjoy them. Hope to catch up with the gang I met at your previous gigs and in Drogheda last year - I'd love to hear you do "I'll be waiting" or "The life you saved". Anyway "other Voices" on wednesday night is first on my agenda for this week. See you on saturday - Mad Pat

Mon Feb 13 21:40:15 2006 IP:

Pilib de Rossa : -

Not at all Niall, I assume your mum will get you in!!

Mon Feb 13 16:07:55 2006 IP:

Niall : -

Over 30s? Are you trying to exclude me Mr. de Rossa?

Mon Feb 13 13:54:38 2006 IP:

Pilib de Rossa : -

Hi Johnny and Steve how are things. Any chance of you guys coming up north soon (by up north I mean more Rush Dundalk etc.) There's a great new venue in Newry which has just opened up - Bellini's its called. It's a live music venue for the over 25s/ over 30s and has a huge stage which would be really suitable for a gig with you two and Mick. I'll try and get more information if you're interested.

Mon Feb 13 08:39:04 2006 IP:

Johnny.. : -

Hi francis, The English(green label) one is also quite rare.

Sun Feb 12 17:04:37 2006 IP:

Francis K. : Athenry -

Thanks Johnny. This is the green label English pressing.

Sun Feb 12 11:33:00 2006 IP:

Johnny Fean : -

Hi Francis, From what I remember, the green shamrock-shaped single you mentioned, is not that common, there was only a Ltd. edition(amount) of that single pressed at the time('79). There are two versions in shamrock -shape, one American, and one English, both on DJM. I think the american one is more rare than the UK one. I think the american one had a black label. Hope you're keeping well... Johnny.

Sat Feb 11 17:29:43 2006 IP:

Francis K. : Athenry -

Hi Johnny, I came across the green vinyl, shamrock-shaped Horslips single Loneliness/Homesick (DJM Records / DJT15001 / 1979). Do you know if that single was common and if many were pressed?

Sat Feb 11 12:02:27 2006 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi Debi..I'm so delighted you got to see the DVD, and that you enjoyed it. Now you know the whole story..Wonderful! It would be great to see you again, and perhaps this is something that may happen..

Wed Feb 8 18:32:36 2006 IP:

Debi -

A mutual friend sent me a copy of the DVD recently released. It was great to see and hear how it all evolved. Long way from the community hall stage. Perhaps sometime one of my trips and your appearance schedule will coincide.

Tue Feb 7 19:32:24 2006 IP:

Steve Travers : Lee Delta -

Thanks Pat and also to The Flying Column from North Cork who travelled to Tramore last night.

Mon Feb 6 18:31:27 2006 IP:

Pat Rossiter : New Ross -

Well done Johnny and Steve in Tramore last night. Great gig.

Mon Feb 6 13:58:30 2006 IP:

Johnny Fean : -

Hi Folks, Thanks to Peter, Chris, trish, Dave C., Paul, J.murphy, and a few other people for making it to the Old Oak gig last night. It was great to have Mick(drums) back onstage again, he played a stormer! A great night, and a crackin' gig! thanks Mossie. Cheers....johnny.

Fri Feb 3 00:34:13 2006 IP:

Steve Travers : In a good state of mind -

I just watched the Bonnie Raitt DVD "Road Tested". Now that's a religious experience! It just doesn't get any better than that. The lady walks on water.

Thu Feb 2 23:57:12 2006 IP:

Peter : Lee Delta -

Mick, 'twas great to see you again and the gig was mighty! A wonderful evening, loved the new treatments. Johnny & Steve, I'm a bit worried though, that excessive rehearsal might take the gloss off of the playing - Mr Johnson how are ya!!! Great gig. Love to Maggie.

Thu Feb 2 19:00:29 2006 IP:

Chris Home again... -

Hi Steve, Johnny and Mick. Thanks for a tremendous night last night in the Old Oak! Great sound and that Crossroads cover was smashing altogether! Good to meet Dave Creedon there as well as John Murphy. And thanks to Maggie for banishing me from her presence at some reasonable hour, at least I got SOME sleep! See ya soon, Chris

Thu Feb 2 11:55:07 2006 IP:

Richard Reeves UK -

Hi Johnny I am planning a trip to Ireland in the near future. Are you planning to do any live gigs this year? Also, do you still have the gear - ie Les Paul standard you used throughout the Horslips years. Hope to see you soon.

Mon Jan 30 10:54:51 2006 IP:

francie quinn : cookstown -

ed, not sure if you should be travelling so far at your age. after all you must be getting on a bit if you have an 84 year old child. put your feet up and put on a bit of daniel ;-)

Fri Jan 27 06:39:18 2006 IP:

Johnny Fean : -

Hi to everybody....

Thu Jan 26 14:56:57 2006 IP:

Hugh NYC -

Hey Johnny - Will I be in Ireland between Feb 22 and Feb 27 - Do you think all the band member will be in Belfast on the Saturday 25? Will there be any gigs played? I have a load of old Horslips pics from the Astoria in Bundoran to show you.

Mon Jan 23 22:05:13 2006 IP:

Tony Curtin -

Luke, I have the album 'Tryal' by The Host on vinyl which is in pretty good condition(or at least it was when consigned to the attic 20 years ago! I will try to dig it out and if Im successful we will talk about it. My phone is 087 4195569. Give me a few days before you ring. Tony Curtin.

Sun Jan 22 01:54:51 2006 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

Hi Luke, keep an eye out on and and The first two are great sites for getting what your after and were an enormous help to us in the years up to the exhibition opening.

Fri Jan 20 16:41:08 2006 IP:

Johnny Fean : -

Hi Luke, I'm not sure where you could get hold of the Zen alligators and Host singles/aLbum these days, you could try some of the older record shops in Dublin on the quays/Temple bar area, You might have some luck. 'Who can that someone be' is hard to get hold of these days. I only have one copy myself. Some of the people over on the 'Horslips' guestbook may be able to help you out if you post a request/message on that guestbook..

Fri Jan 20 15:35:29 2006 IP:

Luke Johnson Dublin -

Hi guys, any idea where I can buy Z.A and Host singles/albums? In particular I would love to get 'Who can that someone be'. I loved it at the time but lost my copy some years ago. I've searched amazon with no sucess. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Luke

Fri Jan 20 14:35:12 2006 IP:

alien : Co Clare -

Hi Ed, Check out the gigs page and you will see the february dates for Johnny and Steve.Cork on Feb 1st and Waterford on Feb 5th

Tue Jan 17 23:07:07 2006 IP:

ed doyle canada -

hi i am coming over from canada the end of jan 30 my 84 year old sent horslips for xmas man did it wake me up would like to see you playing could you tell me were you are fro 31 jan to 14 feb thanks

Tue Jan 17 02:02:10 2006 IP:

Steve Travers : The Woodshed -

Gary and Gavin Dean not only look like stars they also sound like stars. I thought I was listening to 1969 Rory Gallagher at The Marquee Club. Happy days.... They're the future of Rock. Thanks for the compliment Gary, I'm very flattered. The bass is a beauty.

Mon Jan 16 19:22:49 2006 IP:

gavin and gary : -

belated happy birthday steve. from the all crew in athenry. best wishes gavin and gary......

Mon Jan 16 17:27:09 2006 IP:

Kennedy F. : Athenry -

There's a reference to Johnny and Steve in an interview with Gary Dean on the Waterstone Guitars website:

Mon Jan 16 12:00:13 2006 IP:

Chris Somers : Lee Delta -

Belated Happy Birthday Steve. Have a happy year and hope to see you soon.

Mon Jan 16 10:22:23 2006 IP:

Niall : -

Hope you had a very excellent birthday Steve and you were born only 4 days after me, but you wouldn't think it to look at me, boot polish in the hair is my secret. See you soon

Sun Jan 15 20:26:45 2006 IP:

Steve Travers : Just In -

Thanks folks............

Sun Jan 15 02:54:27 2006 IP:

Kennedy F. : Athenry -

Happy Birthday Steve....we're neck and neck you know.

Sun Jan 15 01:48:25 2006 IP:

Jim, Caroline, Eimear & Paul Nelis : Derry -

A belated Happy Birthday Steve.

Sun Jan 15 01:10:09 2006 IP:

Tony Curtin near Cappawhite but a good distance from Carrick on Suir -

Steve, I didnt know it was(is?) your birthday. I hope you had a very enjoyable one and I hope you have many more.

Sat Jan 14 23:52:13 2006 IP:

Ruairi : -

Happy Birthday Steve!!! Have a good one.

Sat Jan 14 18:04:00 2006 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

A Belated very happy Birthday, to Steve, hope you didn't go too heavy on the oul' chocolate cake and lemonade!! Johnny and Maggie

Sat Jan 14 15:55:21 2006 IP:

Steve Travers : Carrick-on-Suir, County Tipperary. -

Thanks Stephen. I can't put much past you. Yep, I sneaked in an' outa Belfast during New Year like a secret agent. The people there are wonderful and made me want to go back again soon. Although I have a good memory I can't recall what the weather was like in South Tipperary on the day I was born as I wasn't allowed out that day!

Sat Jan 14 14:48:19 2006 IP:

Stephen Ferris : -

Hey, did we miss it by a smidgen? Happy Birthday Steve for the 12th of Jan. Another one bits the dust! What was the weather like in Tipperary on the day you were born? BTW I we heard on the radio you sneaked up to Belfast over the Xmas break. See you soon!

Sat Jan 14 13:33:05 2006 IP:

: -

Thu Jan 12 21:34:24 2006 IP:

Alien : Co Clare -

To Anne McNamara: Anne best way to get notification of future Fean & Travers gigs in CO Clare is to watch the gigs page on this website or if you wish I can add your email address to the Island Music Club database which always does a mailout for Fean & Travers gigs in the Clare area.

Wed Jan 11 19:49:46 2006 IP:

Steve Travers : Lee Delta -

I spent a very enjoyable few hours in the company of the great Dublin bassist and fellow headless brother Mick McDonnell tonight. Many thanks for your wonderful hospitality Mick. Your album is excellent, great vocals and bass work. Hope we see you again soon.

Wed Jan 11 00:48:39 2006 IP:

Anne McNamara Ennis -

Can you please let me know when you are likely to play in County Clare again, anne

Mon Jan 9 15:05:46 2006 IP:

Tony Curtin : -

I've just been listening to Aliens and Ghosts. The combination of Feans vibrato and O Connors sonorous violin made these two tracks truly memorable. Favourite gigs? Savoy.Limerick 1975, Sixmlebridge August 1976 where I first met Ger Touhy and Feano brought me home.

Sun Jan 8 03:56:16 2006 IP:

Tony Curtin : -

I've just been listening to Aliens and Ghosts. The combination of Feans vibrato and O Connors sonorous violin made these two tracks truly memorable. Favourite gigs? Savoy.Limerick 1975, Sixmlebridge August 1976 where I first met Ger Touhy and Feano brought me home.

Sun Jan 8 03:56:18 2006 IP:

obi imo -


Sat Jan 7 14:35:28 2006 IP:

Kennedy F. : Athenry -

Disappointed that the Galway gig in The Pucán has been deferred. Any news on a new date?

Sat Jan 7 11:21:00 2006 IP:

Steve Travers : London -

Hi Mick, Good to hear from a headless brother. I'll get in touch when I get back to The Emerald Isle this weekend.

Wed Jan 4 23:55:50 2006 IP:

Mick McDonnell -

Steve, I have some Steinie b-strings for ya if u'd like them? Got a load of 5 string sets on the cheap, and I only use 4 of them! Drop me a line, mate.

Wed Jan 4 11:33:25 2006 IP:

BrendanMc : -

A happy and successful New Year to Johnny and Stephen and all who sail in them. Best regards to Maggie and her Hostess with the Mostest at all of the gigs. Hope to be at the receiving end again in The Cobblestones in, I think, Feb. Jazes - isn't Janguary (as we say in Longford) a hoor iv a munt.

Tue Jan 3 22:58:54 2006 IP:

martin towey. kilworth,co,cork. -

hello lads we went to see ye in the arts centre it was a great night looking forward to the old oak in febuary.wishing ye both a great new year.martin.

Mon Jan 2 23:43:44 2006 IP:

Sean Kingdom of Mourne -

Hi guys I have some pics of Horslips currently on my web page there are one or two of Johnny,including one of my all time favourite pics of an artist(by myself) that unfortunately I no longer have the negative of. I have scanned the only remaining hard copy I have of the picture and the results while not perfect are not too bad. Check it out here:

Mon Jan 2 22:59:48 2006 IP:

Maggie. : -

I know I`m a little late with this message but it took me so long tryin to think of all the people I want to send New Year greetings to. Steve Anne & Séan, Frank Edell & the kids, Barry Caroline & the kids Eamon & Cyn, Charles Numi & Aphie, Jimmy Fran the kids, Pat McGuire, steve Sue & the kids, Maurice Lenane & family, Shey & Ian, Peter Chris Katie & Trish, Niall (My Son) & PJ, Dave Rachel, & the twins, Jim Caroline Eimear & Paul, Brendan Mac & his family, Myles & Anne, Stephen Anne & the kids, Nole & the family Paul Margaret & the kids, Lora lee, Alex & his gang,Johnny Dooley, Paddy & Carol, Gerome & Rosie, Kevin Carol & baby Kevin, Guido Paula & the Kids, Buns Laura & the Brady Bunch, Tony Stashia James Rebecca & Eva, Francis Kennedy Clem & all the gang from Athenry. To you who make places like Rush Crusheen The Cobblestones Ned Natherjacks & all the other gigs such a hoot. Wishing you & all the great people I have met through you a HAPPY & PEACEFULL NEW YEAR. Also to all who come to the gigs thank you for your love and company in 2005, it meens a lot. Looking forward to seeing you all in 2006. BIGGGG HUGGGGS XXX

Mon Jan 2 21:48:38 2006 IP:

Steve Travers : London -

Happy New Year to all our friends, thank you all for being there again in 2005. The new format is developing nicely but right now ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........

Sun Jan 1 21:17:44 2006 IP:

Francis K. : Athenry -

Happy New Year to Johnny, Maggie and Steve. As usual, a great gig in Crusheen. I don't think the Japanese drummer will have a job when he comes back from his holidays! Thanks for having time for everyone. Let's hope 2006 is "a good one, without any fear". Francis K.

Sun Jan 1 21:14:28 2006 IP:

Johnny : -

Stefan..come to think of it,,had you gotten as far as Ennis, You might have met an man with an odd coat, and a black limp!

Sun Jan 1 21:07:52 2006 IP:

Johnny Fean : -

Hi to Joe Forde..Thanks for dropping by on the guestbook,always good to hear from you, hope to see you in '06.. Chris, peter, Gavin(thanks for the'Hush'T-shirt,it fits pretty good, and the photo's look good too. Why not do your own version of 'Ramblin on my mind').. Alex, Jim, caroline N.and family hope you're well, happy New Year to everyone...Johnny.

Sun Jan 1 21:00:32 2006 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi to stephen F., Sorry you weren't able to make the gig in crusheen, but from where you are situated, it would have involved two light single engine aircraft, one speedboat,one connecting train, one bus, whereupon stepping off the bus in Ennis, you would have met a man with a black coat and an odd limp!..and with the right password (from you) he would have taken you to the gig in crusheen. Crusheen (the Highway Inn) is the mecca of Traditional Irish music. It's the 'Blues' equivelent of standing at the crossroads with Robert Johnson! It just doesn't get any better!..Legendary!... Hope you and Family have great new year.. all the best.. Johnny.

Sun Jan 1 20:37:34 2006 IP:

Chris Somers Lee Delta -

Howya Steve, Johnny and Maggie! Happy new year to ye all and thanks for a great night at Crusheen. Thanks Steve for the quick lesson the Mark Bass sounds great! Hope you got to sleep eventually! And it was a great pleasure to meet Shearie and to speak to Francis Kaye as well as Gary Dean from Húsh. Thanks as well to Frank for a tremendous job this year. Nice one! Hope to see ye all including Mick at the Old Oak. Happy New Year to all of ye! Chris

Sun Jan 1 19:01:10 2006 IP:

Alex : -

Stefan, Rush is where they still eat their young!!! And i heard recently that there is a new beauty treatment for women called a Glaswegian. its the same as a Brazillian but a little bit rougher around the edges !! Happy new year to Johnny and Steve thanks for some great gigs in 05.Best wishes toMaggie see ya Soon. Alex.

Sun Jan 1 12:37:14 2006 IP:

Stephen Ferris : -

I meant to get here before the midnight but all the little things of the night got in the way. I contemplated going to Crusheen, but when I looked it up on the map it was closer to Brazil than here. I wasn’t sure what currency they use there, nor if they eat their young live. Anyway it seemed a long long way, and my legs are short and hairy and I didn’t risk it. I don’t know much about Brazil, but I might go there when I grow up. I’ll shave my legs first of course! I’ve never a met a Brazilian yet with hairy legs and I would'nt want to insult the locals. Anyway, I’m on here to wish Johnny and Steve a Bazillion good wishes for the new year. The same too to the behind the scenes crew Maggie and Frank, and regular fans too (and the irregular ones (keep eating the porridge Peter)). I hope to see and hear more from you all this year.

Sun Jan 1 04:31:06 2006 IP:

Peter : Lee Delta -

Great night in Crusheen last night. To Johnny & Steve well done. Mighty performances, loved the Lennon & McCartney bits!!! The new format is the job, looking forward to 2006 and beyond and what ye might come up with next. To Maggie thank you. 'Tis worth going to the gigs to see you alone!! To Mick looking forward to seeing you in the near future. To Maureen stock up on the Barry's, I feel a visit coming on soon. To Joe, for Jesus sake up the dosage of the medication. Gary Moore. Please .......

Sun Jan 1 01:19:19 2006 IP:

Gavin Dean : Athenry -

Howya Johnny, We really enjoyed the gig last night. I'm thinking of doing "Ramblin' On My Mind" with the band but I don't think I can sing it like you do! Anyway, thanks for your advice, my dad and mam had a ball! I think my mam fancies Steve, she never shut up about him all day today! The photos are good, I think FK emailed some to you both. Look forward to talking again soon, maybe in The Pucan. Hope the t-shirts fit, Gavin D.

Sun Jan 1 01:07:55 2006 IP:

Jim, Caroline, Eimear & Paul Nelis : Derry -

To Johnny, Maggie & Steve, a very Happy New Year to you and your extended families.

Sat Dec 31 22:55:04 2005 IP:

Joe Forde : -

Johnny, Steve et al: just tuned in to wish you all a happy new year and read about the forthcoming album-brilliant news! I can't wait to here it and I sincerely hope it will provide you with the promotional platform you deserve for possible international gigs in 2006. Keep driving them Frank, Maggie and indeed all those who recognise their unique talent and shared genius. It's been a fun year and I also hope to see Horslips live in 2006-the day any gigs are announced I will be booking my plane ticket and contacting others over here from the GB who will want to fly over too.It would surely round off my musical mid -life(and very enjoyable) crisis, and really take me back to my youth! But I agree with your comment below Steve:there is so much room for creativity within your duo setup, and that is just as important a venture to bring to maturity in 2006. Interestingly, Gary Moore is recording a celtic rock album in Ireland in 2006, and has apparently returned to this style big time in his most recent writing- we may yet get a revival in celtic rock and that can only be good for all who love this style of music, and particularly for yourself and Johnny who play it better than anyone else I have ever heard-lets hope so. Happy new year Johnny , Steve and all who frequent this site and support these fine musicians. Hope to see some of you in 2006. All the very best.

Sat Dec 31 22:12:45 2005 IP:

Niall : -

To Johnny, Maggie & Steve, thanks for an unforgetable 2005, Looking forward to what already looks like a great 2006. Happy New Year to everyone!

Sat Dec 31 21:08:04 2005 IP:

Johnny F. : Co. clare -

Hi Folks...Just want to thank all the people who travelled to the gig in Crusheen last night..Tony no need to apologise, there was more than enough food for everyone.. rebecca and Eva are great kids..Peter, chris, shearie, Francis K.,Gavin and gary from 'Hush',Frank H.,Brian from 'The Highway inn',.. Francie Q..the new cd should be available through this site hopefully around April/may ' 06... From Steve, and Myself, A very HAPPY NEW YEAR!! To all of you.

Sat Dec 31 20:06:19 2005 IP:

Tony Curtin : -

Enjoyed the gig in Crusheen.Thanks for being so nice to Rebecca and Eva. Sorry they attacked your chicken wings and sandwiches!(Uncivilised,blame the parents). Thanks to Maggie and Frank for your eternally pleasant demeanour. Happy New Year to you all.

Sat Dec 31 17:43:45 2005 IP:

francie quinn : cookstown -

happy new year. look forward to the cd-will it be available through this site? nice picture btw. have a great 2006.

Sat Dec 31 15:24:49 2005 IP:

Kennedy F. : Athenry -

The usual suspects (plus a few more) hope to see you in Crusheen tonight...(just for that Robert Johnson number!). Seriously, we're looking forward to it. Be good, Francis K.

Fri Dec 30 15:39:00 2005 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

Hi Johnny, Steve and Maggie, sorry we can't make it tonight. Hope it rocks for you as usual. Best wishes and a happy new year. See you soon. Love from Caroline, Eimear & Paul.

Fri Dec 30 14:26:48 2005 IP:

Pilib de Rossa : -

Happy New Year (Gawd its hard to post with this snow!!)to Johnny, Steve and Maggie and thanks for all the wonderful gigs all year. Happy new year as well to all those I have met through the Guestbook and at the gigs. Here's looking forward to a rockin 2006.

Fri Dec 30 12:00:10 2005 IP:

alien : Co Clare -

Some but not many tickets available for the "Fean and Travers" gig in Crusheen on this Friday 30th. It is advisable to pre-book tickets as it is a smallish venue. Email to will secure.

Tue Dec 27 21:10:01 2005 IP:

Alien : Co Clare -

Provisionally titled "Catherine's Front Room" we look forward in 2006 to the delivery of an album of songs and tunes by the famous duo of "Fean and Travers". It will be a treasure trove to be savoured by discerning music lovers and one that will capture the talents of two of Irelands greatest Musicians. Many thanks to Johnny and Steve for a great year of memorable musical events up and down the country, I continue to be blown away by the musical heights ye achieve at the live performances. Big thanks to Maggie for her uncompromising dedication (tour manager extradionaire). Many thanks to all the promotors and venue owners we have come accross this last year, I have to say we have met a lot of great people along the way whose enthusisium and hospitality have been awesome. Special thanks to all the gig-goers who are there at every venue and whose support and downright dedication is greatly appreciated. A special thanks to our Webmaster who puts a hell of a lot of work into this webpage and it is a credit to him. His recording of the many outstanding events of this year in particular the Miami Rememberence Concert and the Point show are second to none. To all in general and on this guest book, Have a very happy new year.

Mon Dec 26 10:04:55 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Peter, Chris, Alex, niall, PJ, Pilib De R.,Brendan Mc. Stephen F. Noel F., Jim N., and the rest of the people who contribute to this guestpage,.. thanks to all of you for making '05 a great year for Steve and myself, and Maggie... a very Happy New Year... CHEERS!!

Mon Dec 26 01:33:32 2005 IP:

Peter : Cork -

Some plonker once said that nice guys don’t finish first. He was obviously tone deaf and had never been at any one of the many fabulous performances that you guys have given. Ye are first. In people’s affections and in their hearts. Because of who ye are, what ye represent and what ye do. In the greater scheme of things ye make life better for the rest of us. No more and no less. And that’s the simple fact of the matter. You see, we look and we listen. And we know, because we’ve been here for a while, and we have a yardstick with which to measure what you guys give. So we know when we’re getting the real deal. It’s been a wonderful musical journey that’s brought us all to where we are now. The rest of the journey has been ok too, although we might wish that some of the journey had been different. But that’s in the past and we’re here now. So Johnny and Steve and Mick I hope that you all have a very good Christmas. To Maggie and Maureen it’s been great meeting you both again and having the craic. Stephen, I look forward to seeing more of you in 2006. Frank, you may wish to look at the RyanAir flights out of the country. I believe that the "Last Tangle in Dingle" photos (referred to on another site) are due to put on the Net imminently ..... Oh and by the way (readers), don’t bother looking at the time stamp on this posting and going "well ......." You see, there’s this racket going on down the hall just stopped. Some young tulip playing along to Comb your Hair one minute and Keep On Running the next .....

Sun Dec 25 02:01:31 2005 IP:

Niall : -

To Johnny, Maggie & Steve and everyone on the guestbook have a great Christmas!

Sat Dec 24 18:57:00 2005 IP:

Alex : Swords -

Steve, Thanks for the mention . Us young people love attending the gigs!!....... What do tou mean he was'nt talking about me! Happy Christmas and a happy new year to all. Alex.

Sat Dec 24 18:43:10 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : Home for Christmas -

Seems like only yesterday since Johnny and I were wishing you all a Happy Christmas! They say "time flies when you're enjoying yourself". Most enjoyable for me was the transition simply to "guitar and bass". It was a huge step for us. There's a lot of honing to be done yet but I feel that it's already a recognisable footprint. I sincerely hope that Horslips will continue to do more live work in 2006. Apart from delighting their loyal followers it will release Johnny from his self-imposed obligation to carry that particular banner in his other work. His dedication to keeping their music fresh endured for many years and I'm sure they and their many fans appreciate his efforts. We both look forward with great enthusiasm to presenting our own new material in the new year. Johnny and I are working hard on a brand new set of original and classic songs and tunes which we hope to record early in 2006. The new work will reflect our past, present and our continued efforts to push the envelope even further. Special praise must go to our manager Frank Hayes for his unrelenting belief in us, without him we would have succumbed long ago to our own laziness and played far less frequently in public. Thanks of course to Johnny's wife Maggie who has a great talent for mothering and fussing over everyone in "the circle". She makes every gig "a home from home". Thanks to our webmasters as always for their continued support and assistance. I must mention that a source of great pride for us are the many young people who attend our gigs on a regular basis. The kids who want to know all about our instruments, amps and technique employed in our performance make us feel "useful". We are grateful to everyone who contributes to this guestbook. 2005 was a huge year for Johnny and me and the events have been well documented. On a personal level I must say that what began in April as an effort to keep alive the memory of my friends in The Miami turned into an avalanche of support from every section of the public and media which completely overwhelmed me. Thank you all so much for that. It will be good to get out of that spotlight and do what I most enjoy, playing bass with my long-time friend, Johnny Fean. Have a truly wonderful Christmas and a great New Year. Peace and Goodwill to you all.

Fri Dec 23 23:32:14 2005 IP:

Chris Somers Faoi neachty... -

To Johnny, Steve and Maggie: Thanks for the best year of my life (although I haven't set foot in Galway this year and the Whiskey hasn't drowned me) musically and generally. Thanks the laughs, the music and most importantly the memories. Picked up the Ibanez yesterday Steve. Thanks a MILLION for the advice, would probably be posessing a block of wood with a fretted log attached without your help. Merry Christmas and can't wait to see ye in Crusheen. All the best, love to you all. Chris

Fri Dec 23 23:17:56 2005 IP:

Niall : -

Good to see you back Stephen

Fri Dec 23 19:38:48 2005 IP:

Stephen Ferris : -

I'm poking my head in to say Happy Christmas too; to you guys, Johnny and Steve for making the music, to Maggie, and Mick (when we see him), the regular gigsters and also the folk can't come gigging. Best wishes to all....

Fri Dec 23 00:07:59 2005 IP:

Alex : -

Happy Christmas Johnny, See you in the new year, Lots of love and best wishes to Maggie.

Thu Dec 22 22:58:26 2005 IP:

Johnny : Co. Clare -

Hi PJ, Delighted to hear Pat mcManus is playing in abbeyfeale, Pat is an Ace guitarist, and fiddle player, it will be a rockin night for sure! Hope to see you in Crusheen, (30th.) Happy xmas,..Johnny.

Thu Dec 22 17:52:01 2005 IP:

p.j. castleisland -

happy xmas to johnny ,maggie, steve and all who visit this web site .anyone who is travelling to hear the boys in clare on the 30 might like to take in pat mcmanus in abbeyfeale on the night before at the gaa clubhouse .keep on rocking

Thu Dec 22 11:31:51 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi Folks,..Seasonal Greetings to all the the people who kept the guestbook alive throughout the past year, and also to those of you who attended the 'Johnny'n'Steve' gigs around the country.Thanks for your continued support. Steve and I are looking forward to seeing you again in 2006.Thanks also to the guys (site admins.) who have kept the website engine (updated) and ticking over this past year. Well done!.. a very Happy xmas also to the other members of Horslips (Barry, Jim, eamon, Charles).. So to All of you, from johnny, Steve, and Maggie... 'Have yourselves a very merry crimble'!..and a great new year!!...

Wed Dec 21 22:29:19 2005 IP:

Mad Pat Dublin -

Johnny and Steve - Really enjoyed the gig last Saturday. Great to catch up with the gang and thanks Maggie for introducing us to Kevin,Alex and Brendan. Sorry Mary and I had to leave just before the last song. Happy Christmas and New Year. Looking forward to catching up again in early 2006.

Wed Dec 21 21:57:02 2005 IP:

Pilib de Rossa : -

Johnny and Steve another brilliant gig on Saturday night. Sorry for taking so long to post but my e mail at home is down. Our friends from England who flew over especially for the gig were very impressed and could not get over how friendly you both were, and Maggie as well of course. Great to see Brendan, Niall, PJ Dave et al there. Wish you all a very happy Christmas and a rocking new year. Also just a word of thanks for the owners of the Coyote Ranch for continuing to provide such great entertainment.

Mon Dec 19 14:31:01 2005 IP:

Paul Diamond : Birdland -

Happy Christmas all ! We had a great time in Rush on saturday night, it was good to see everyone there again. Johnny and Steve, I dont know how you're doing it but you still seem to be getting better and better! Lookin forward to the cobblestone next month, we'll be there for sure. Seasons greetings from all our clan to all yours ! P.S. Best of luck with your new bass Chris, those Ibanez 5s are hard to beat!

Mon Dec 19 13:24:15 2005 IP:

BrendanMc : -

Cheers for 'Ticket to Ride' last night J&S.....I owe a few bob to charity I think...great gig....but my body crashed today after the wekk that was in it and I need some sleep and panadol.... Have a Happy Beatleing Chritmas lads and a especial Ho Ho Ho to Maggie.

Sun Dec 18 22:45:04 2005 IP:

Niall : Dublin -

The gig in Rush last night ruled! As usual. A quick run down of the set-list: Fantasia, Honkytonk Woman, Power & The Glory, Shakin' All Over, Ticket To Ride, Johnny's Wedding, Rakish Paddy/Silver Spear, Dingle Regatta, Trouble (accoustic), Further On Up The Road, Keep On Running (pair of show offs), Jumpin' Jsck Flash, Daybreak, Matrons Apron, High Reel, St. Annes ?, Bass/Guitar Solo, King Of The Fairies, Sword Of Light, Dearg Doom. Lovely fills and jams as always but Ticket To Ride was a real treat, totally unexpected. Great to see all the usuals there and a few more. Til the next time have a great Christmas!

Sun Dec 18 22:24:57 2005 IP:

Chris Somers Lee Delta -

Johnny and Maggie: Thanks a MILLION to ye both for again finding the time for me and the aul fella! Dream come true isn't in the league of what playing with my heroes in that session was like. I'll be forever grateful to you Johnny. It was just the pinnacle of my musical trail so far. And thanks a million for a blast on the Martin, plays like a dream! And thank you as well for the praise. Steve: Thanks for your praise and more importantly for finding the time in what I know is a busy time for you, to go checking out bass guitars with me. Indeed the Ibanez played fantastically for the money involved and the pick-ups on it were pretty hot stuff. Wow! I didn't know Ian used to drum for ye! I'll have a look at that carver. Ironically I bought my first guitar and amp in Russell's off of Pat Mac. A fine player and a dead on guy. Thanks a million Steve. Will be seeing ye both soon, god bless and happy Christmas. And thanks again.

Sat Dec 17 00:11:08 2005 IP:

BrendanMc : -

Looking forward to Rush tomorrow night and an even more raucous display from The Santa Slappers.

Fri Dec 16 21:48:25 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : Lee Delta -

Just a quick note to add to the praise currently being heaped on Chris "Green Gravel". We had great fun yesterday in Cork checking out bass guitars for Chris. He's a very talented young man. It's great to see young people as enthusiastic as we were in The Sixties. The Ibanez 5-string at ProMusica seems to be in the running and our former drummer Ian has transformed that shop beyond recognition. I did check out a Carver 5-string at Russell's Music Shop. It's also great for the price and played like a dream. Manager Pat MacCarty is a true gentleman. Shopping for music gear in Cork City and County is wonderful because the sales-people are so relaxed and helpful. I don't think there's anyone as knowledgeable as Michael Crowley at Crowley's Music Store on McCurtin Street, when it comes to acoustic and vintage instruments and he's always more than willing to offer his expert advice. Rory Gallagher valued Mick's opinions very highly and bought his famous Strat there. Speaking of gear, The new Markbass 121H that I bought at Tom Baylor's Music Store in Fermoy is undoubtedly the best bass amp I've ever used. It's light as a feather, very powerful and perfectly true to the sound of all my basses. I might soon be offloading all my Ampegs, Trace Elliots, Fenders etc. You can call Tom Baylor on 025 31012 or visit Anyway that's the extent of my Christmas shopping (I wish)..... Happy hunting.

Fri Dec 16 14:15:20 2005 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

Hi Johnny & Maggie, thanks for a brilliant night in Dingle, the best yet. It was great to see you both and all the other GB'ers as well. Thanks again, see you soon. Stephen and Paul, you were both very badly missed. It was great to finally meet Spam, GG and Peter too.

Thu Dec 15 21:14:02 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi folks, Well, well, What a night was had in Dingle !! and what a Gig and session!! It was crackin'!PJ, it was good to see you there,we had a lovely session with Eoin Duignan on pipes, what a player! To all the people from the GB's (both) who were there, Thank you all for making it a brilliant night, the crack in the Hotel afterwards was something else, and GG set the place on fire with his 'Hendrix' mandolin playing! A special thanks to John Kelly, Pat Maguire and Steve iredale, and all the crew on the 'Other voices' show, you were great. Steve and I are looking forward to playing Rush on Sat. night and seeing some of you there...all the best...Johnny.

Thu Dec 15 16:51:45 2005 IP:

Son : Dublin -

Mum, again I can never thank you & Johnny enough for what I experienced in Dingle on Monday. A night I will never forget! See you in Rush!

Thu Dec 15 09:05:32 2005 IP:

Peter : Lee Delta -

Well Mrs Margaret Fean, I don't know what you're feeding that fella but by Jesus 'tis surely working. Johnny, Monday night in Dingle was fabulous. It was as good as it gets and I've I fairly substantial number of performances seen, so I know what I'm talking about. Hope ye got home safely. Sorry to say that I can't make Rush but I'm hoping that we might bump into each other before 2006 ...... I've been going down to Dingle for about 30 years but it has taken on an entirely new dimension now. Thank you both for a wonderful time.

Wed Dec 14 21:25:12 2005 IP:

p.j castleisland co kerry -

hi johnny great to see you on mon night deadly gig. mike scott of the waterboys was in audience freaking out at the back.heard you played with eoin duignan after, he along with john browne who is playing on the dvd with you played our bike rally in lisdoonvarna years ago as did steve and mick and yourself . see you soon p,j

Wed Dec 14 19:41:37 2005 IP:

Andrew Carson Dublin -

hey guys, I'm looking forward to seeing you play this saturday at Rush. Johnny what did you think of the Horslips Cd-Rom i gave you last time u played Rush (22nd Oct)???

Tue Dec 13 12:00:51 2005 IP:

Peter : Lee Delta -

Well Johnny, I hope that you've had plenty of rest and have eaten double rations of your Weetabix. You'll be wanting all your strength if you're going to carry them other four (again) in Dingle later tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck with gig and I hope that you and the guys have a great night. From 90 miles and 20 hours away I can hear the chanting already....

Mon Dec 12 00:25:27 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : Getting There -

Thanks for the advice Caroline. To all the wonderful people in Tralee, many thanks for your overwhelming reception. Johnny and I are completely knocked out by the reaction to our new format. Who would have imagined it.....?

Mon Dec 12 00:08:27 2005 IP:

caroline mad house -

Hi steve i read both messages below and i can safely say if you buy him a bag of chocolate mice then he wont carry out his threat make sure that its milk chocolate though ha,ha

Sun Dec 11 17:06:11 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : Bedlam -

Anyone reading the message below will now realise that Johnny and I do the odd charity gig at the local lunatic asylum.

Sat Dec 10 13:34:32 2005 IP:

gerry brown sitting on a chair -

hey travers i want 2,000,000 pounds or i,ll give out all your numbers,if you dont have it, i,ll settle for the photo of you wearing my mums skirt,see you soon gerry

Sat Dec 10 09:26:48 2005 IP:

mad pat dublin -

Johnny - good luck with the Dingle gig. Cant make it. Will have to settle for TV highlights in January. Pack the electric guitars and give it loads. Hope to be in Rush next week. Love the DVD

Sat Dec 10 00:02:17 2005 IP:

paul Dublin -

don't have your mobile, but heres my e-mail address,thanks steve

Fri Dec 9 16:04:31 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : Tralee -

Paul, I think you have my mobile (I can't publish it here!)if not Chris "Green Gravel" will give you my personal email address. Otherwise you can put your email address on the site. Sorry about the national security scenario but ........

Fri Dec 9 15:06:30 2005 IP:

Paul : Dublin -

Hi steve meagain, how do i get this file to you

Fri Dec 9 14:18:51 2005 IP:

Mum : -

Son.Ring me asap,good news. Have left message on your phone. XXX Mum.

Fri Dec 9 13:47:28 2005 IP:

Niall : Dublin -

I must echo Johnny's statement

Fri Dec 9 08:16:38 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : Lee Delta -

Hi Paul, I'm flattered. Send it on, I'd love to hear it.

Thu Dec 8 23:41:15 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : -

Today is the day we remember the Great John Lennon/Beatles, and all that he made possible... R.I.P. John.

Thu Dec 8 18:02:55 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi Dermot, no problem, looking forward to getting the tape, Hello also to Paul Murphy hope your well, Regards, Johnny.

Thu Dec 8 17:56:28 2005 IP:

paul : Dublin -

ps. have it saved to a file on my pc

Thu Dec 8 14:42:38 2005 IP:

Paul : Dublin -

Hi steve,I wrote a song and wanted to know if you could listen to it?, inspired by yourself of course!

Thu Dec 8 14:31:38 2005 IP:

Dermot Gleeson : Limerick -

Watch this until Sylvestor catches Tweety...(wait for it. It's worth it)... then scroll down... This was an idiot test. How long did you watch? 0-2 seconds - there's hope for you 2-5 seconds - having a bad day? 5-10 seconds - are you maybe just a slow reader? 10-20 seconds - remedial classes are nothing to be ashamed of 20-30 seconds - it is recommended that you don't breed. 30 sec-1 min - you probably can't read this anyway. So why bother? 1-2 min - the equivalent of the average house plant 2-5 min - Good afternoon Mr Bush 5 min-1 hr - Dead people score in this range 1hr plus - congratulations. You have a negative IQ. To find out what your prize is, watch bugs until he finishes his carrot...

Wed Dec 7 14:39:50 2005 IP:

Dermot Gleeson : Limerick -

Johnny, Sorry about the delay is sending you the tapes as promised. I have been in contact with Roland Ireland to get some technical info in order to improve the audio quality. I will send the tapes soon. Sorry about the delay. The video looks very good thank you. Regards to Maggie Kind Regards Dermot Gleeson

Wed Dec 7 14:37:17 2005 IP:

Son Dublin -

I don't know whats happening there. Maybe check the email address?

Tue Dec 6 09:06:35 2005 IP:

Your Mum : -

Son. WAAAZZZ UP!!! email keeps coming back XXX Mum

Mon Dec 5 23:41:10 2005 IP:

Paul Murphy : -

Hi Johnny

Sun Dec 4 03:14:16 2005 IP:

Paul Murphy Dublin -

Hi Johnny

Sun Dec 4 03:12:53 2005 IP:

Your Son : Dublin -

The email has been down for the last week or so, but is up and running again if you want to retry.

Sat Dec 3 15:22:04 2005 IP:

Your Mum. : -

Niall. Having problem getting mail to you could you check and let me know if you are receving. XXX Your MUM.

Sat Dec 3 09:11:01 2005 IP:

Ruairi : -

Sorry that came out wrong i dont know how you fix it so hopefully you can read it

Mon Nov 28 20:05:44 2005 IP:

Ruairi : -

Mr Fean, I think i have figured out 'Dearg Doom' please correct me if im wrong |---------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------| |-----3--2--5----3-3-2------------------| |--5-----------5--------5-3-------------| |---------------------------------------| Ruairi.

Mon Nov 28 20:04:47 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : Deep Depression USA -

Gerry, Just when I was getting ready to have a great Christmas you tell me you're coming home!!!!! Is there no way of getting rid of you? Send me your landline number (or are you on Skype?) and I'll send you the fare again.

Tue Nov 22 22:53:32 2005 IP:

Tom at the Office : F & T Office -

Mark and Ruairi, with regard to tabs or anything else concerning Horslips you should direct your questions to the Horslips website. You will find the address on our links page. All the best.

Tue Nov 22 22:44:48 2005 IP:

Ruairi : -

Guys could anyone point me in the direction of some good horslips tabs. Especially Dearg Doom. I looked on google and they all sound terrible.

Tue Nov 22 19:21:44 2005 IP:

Mark Urwin -

Really enjoyed the Cobblestone session. Has anybody got any idea where I could get the "Daybreak" guitar tab? Thanks

Tue Nov 22 08:49:50 2005 IP:

gerry brown america -

hi steve,tried calling you sat,but lines were busy well as you know i mived here to live (retire)but i gotta tell ya travers i miss ya,so i,m moving back home to live again,i,ve spent most of the nite chaseing an american mouse round the house,it must be on speed i cant catch it,i,l call you later this week,susie is coming over in jan to talk about the movie,are you sure that you want tom cruise to play you,hes driving everyone mad,take care,peace daddyo,gerry(the mouse catcher)i think i would be better of getting a pussy

Tue Nov 22 05:47:52 2005 IP:

Michael Ohio, U.S. -

I became a fan while in the U.K. thirty years ago and bought the albums. I'm still a fan and have purchased the CD's. Don't know why you never really caught on in the states. Nice to see you're at it again.

Tue Nov 22 01:50:34 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi Folks, It was great to see you all at the cobblestones last Fri. night, Niall, Brendan Mc., myles, anne, PJ, Alex,Mike, and a few I may have forgotten. Thanks for the 'Happy Birthday' song! You made it a great night! Steve and I are looking forward to seeing you guys at rush in Dec., Hello to the Moylans, also thanks to everyone else for the recent 'Birthday' greetings... All the best... Johnny.

Mon Nov 21 19:17:25 2005 IP:

Niall : Dublin -

Brendan, the guy with the bird is another fan with the same curse of youth that I have, nice guy all the same

Sun Nov 20 21:44:20 2005 IP:

Ruairi : -

Sorry Johnny this is late but even so happy Birthday!!!

Sun Nov 20 21:12:21 2005 IP:

Maggie : Finaly home. -

Niall, (my son), PJ, my darling Myles, Anne, Brendan Mc, Alex, Brian and Donal, thanks you all and anyone I may have forgoton for the great company on saturday at the Cobblestones it was a very,very enjoyable night. Brendan, Alex, and Brian what a rendition of "When i fall in love", I think with just a little practice we could make a go of it, maby we could get Johnny & Steve to give us a hand the next time. Looking Forward to seeing you all and the reat of the gang in Rush XXX

Sun Nov 20 13:00:11 2005 IP:

BrendanMc : -

Niall. Good to meet u. DVD will be burned amarach. As I said the quality is so so but its the entire vibe, man! Who was yer man with the exhibition tshirt with the mot. Didn't get to say hello.

Sat Nov 19 23:31:17 2005 IP:

Niall : Dublin -

For all those poor unfortunates that didn’t make it last night… Something different? And that is what we got. Re-arranged songs, accoustic songs, and all drummerless songs. Being one of only two people to see the last “drummer” gig and the first “drummerless” gig I think the new set went down very, very well. I don’t want to use the word “jam” to discribe it, but it had a very relaxed feel and it seemed to be a much more intimate gig. The Rollback version of Trouble was really great to see live and so was Daybreak and I think everybody thought so. If memory serves me correctly, this is what we were all treated to: King Of The Fairies Black Magic Woman Power And The Glory You Really Got Me Trouble (Accoustic) Shakin All Over Lark In The Morning (Mandolin) Rakish Paddy/Silver Spear (Mandolin) Furtheer On Up The Road Ramblin’ On My Mind Keep On Runnin’ Johnny’s Birthday? Dingle Regatta/High Reel (Mandolin) Trouble Daybreak Sword Of Light Dearg Doom Bass/Guitar Solo King Of The Fairies If I have gotten any of this wrong, feel free to correct me!

Sat Nov 19 19:13:56 2005 IP:

BrendanMc : -

Great gig last night. Carrying the flag were Myles, Anne, Alex, Mike, Niall, Maggie, Nat King Cole and a rake of others. The lads did an acoustic version of 'Trouble' which was fantastic. Crowd sang 'Happy Birthday' to Johnny......I had a cake baked but someone left it out in the rain, and you know, it took so fecking long to bake it. Anyway - Rush on 17 Dec is the next event so hopefully the Santa Slappers are in training.....

Sat Nov 19 09:45:41 2005 IP:

Stephen Ferris : -

Belated birthday wishes Johnny hope it's been good! Just now you'll all (with the Dublin Fan Clan) be in Cobberstones. I'm jealous! On the birthday subject:- How can you spot born again Christians? They have two belly buttons!

Fri Nov 18 23:20:08 2005 IP:

Dave : -

Brendan, pretty sure the lads went on around half nine last time but could well be wrong.

Fri Nov 18 18:05:01 2005 IP:

BrendanMc : -

Lads. What time are ye taking to the stage tonight? Need to do a wee bit of planning.

Fri Nov 18 13:55:15 2005 IP:

Chris : Lee Delta -

Hey Johnny, Steve and Maggie. A belated happy birthday Johnny, hope it was a good one! Any plans for some Birthday additions to the rig? THanks for accepting us intot he gig in Kilworth! And thanks to Steve for letting me have another shot off that Yamaha again, I've pretty much got my mind made on choice I'd say. Hope ye enjoy the Cobblestones! See ye soon. Chris and Peter

Fri Nov 18 13:30:09 2005 IP:

Niall : Dublin -

Johnny & Steve, what a gig last night in the Bridghouse, excellent as always. I don't know if its possible but everytime I see you play seems to be better than the last, the amps were even struggling to keep up. Thanks for letting me hang around and celebrate your birthday, thanks to Maggie too. Good to meet Kevin, another die hard. 2 hours sleep and a pot of coffee later, sitting in work, and nto a bthoer on zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Fri Nov 18 08:07:32 2005 IP:

Mad Moylans Upstate NY -

Happy birthday Johnny! Congratulations on the dvd charting at #6 in the first week of release. I ordered 2 myself. You guys were (and still are) brilliant! We only had the pleasure of seeing you play twice here in the states;Colorado and Arizona. The dvd brings back some great memories. Any truth to the rumor that you may make it here for the Irish Festivals next summer?

Thu Nov 17 16:21:55 2005 IP:

Jim, Caroline, Eimear & Paul Nelis : Derry -

A very happy birthday Johnny. Regards to Maggie.

Thu Nov 17 13:46:24 2005 IP:

Niall : Dublin -

Have a great birthday Johnny! See you real soon!

Thu Nov 17 13:15:33 2005 IP:

francie quinn : tyrone -

birthday greetings are in order i believe. have a good one.

Thu Nov 17 10:53:16 2005 IP:

Alex : -

Happy birthday Johnny, have a good one.

Thu Nov 17 10:12:30 2005 IP:

BrendanMc : -

Happy Birthday Mr. Fean. See you tomorrow, God (and Mrs) willing

Thu Nov 17 10:01:03 2005 IP:

Jerome Burns : -

Happy birthday Johnny. Sorry I won't be able to make the Clbblestones gig on Friday night but looking forward to seeing you in Rush on 17 December. Some friends are coming over from England just to see you both.

Thu Nov 17 08:59:35 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Just want to thank Peter, chris, Paul, Dave C. Trish, and Katie, for making the gig in Kilworth(cork) such a good night, and for travelling in the cold!.. also Hello to vince in Perth, Australia, thanks for dropping by, Good on you mate! hello also to ruairi, Dave(dublin) and Brendan mc. Steve and I are looking forward to playing in the Cobblestones this Fri. All the Best....johnny.

Wed Nov 16 23:51:43 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : Lee Delta -

Wishing Johnny a very Happy Birthday for Thursday.

Wed Nov 16 22:37:08 2005 IP:

vince perth australia -

the single sounds awesome, will get my uk sis to get it for me. Feel really envious of the people who see you live, I never got to see you with Horslips, tho I listen to the Tain, Sweethearts all the time, those great songs inspired me to paint some of my best pictures. Love your energy and creativity, best wishes to all the good folk over there, from Perth, Western Australia. Cheers Vince. ps, is there an album in the pipeline??

Mon Nov 14 19:33:43 2005 IP:

Chris Lee Delta -

To Johnny, Steve and Maggie: Thanks to the three of ye again so much for a sterling performance, great company, and the time afterwards to have a chat about Amps, Yamaha Basses and general madness! Paul also sends his thanks and I'm pretty sure he's converted! He was yet again blown away by the Kinks "You Really Got Me". Thanks again. Great gig! Hope to see ye all soon, Chris.

Mon Nov 14 09:52:44 2005 IP:

Ruairi : -

Johnny, I looked further into your recommendation on the guitars. I looked at the Vintage copy one. It usually costs £190 but cause im a leftie its £380. What has the world come to??? Ruairi

Sun Nov 13 21:29:27 2005 IP:

BrendanMc : -

See all and sundry in Smithfield. This time I will make it.....

Sun Nov 13 12:46:14 2005 IP:

David Creedon Co Cork -

I have to agree with Peter what a gig, I was glad I got there to see it as Johnny and Steve's playing was enthralling. As I watched Johnny’s mesmerising performance, I could only come to the conclusion that Barney Drivel had somehow got it wrong when he spoke on the dvd of the time when Johnny joined horslips, I think I’m correct in saying that Johnny never joined Horslips……… but it was Horslips that joined Johnny. Keep up the great work lads. Hi also to Maggie hope you got home safe, see you soon

Sun Nov 13 11:58:34 2005 IP:

Dublin Dave : Dublin !! -

Looking forward to the Cobblestone gig this Friday. Does anyone know if Johnny will be playing any Horslips songs ?

Sun Nov 13 11:21:51 2005 IP:

Peter : Lee Delta -

"I coulda had religion", a song that was done by a friend of you guys. Hmmmm, Rory played many venues. I need to check, but I doubt he ever did a Protestant Church in North Cork. Anyway, a fabulous night. A really beautiful venue. Liam Howard is to be greatly commended. Kilworth's Village Arts Centre will be getting a lot more attention from now on! Johnny & Steve, skipping over that Beatles number - King of the Fairies, I gotta say that "Keep on Running" was absolutely magnificent!!! A wonderful night. Of course the best part was (as usual) the beautiful Maggie. Magic. Thank you guys.

Sun Nov 13 02:32:41 2005 IP:

Stephen Ferris : -

Best luck to everyone on Friday in Cobberstones Dublin. I’d wanted to go but can’t make it this time. Bleated Birthday wished to “Ruairi of the One Arm”. You missed a super gig in Dundalk. I looked out for you! For homework you can find out why (just now) you are now like Nuada – King of the De Danann.

Sat Nov 12 21:51:38 2005 IP:

Conor Moville -

Hi Ruairi. I know what you mean most of the people around our age dont really like stuff like the horslips.I was up with my mum at the horslips exhibition on 20th of march 2004 it was amazing to see them all playing together for the first time in years it was great.I play guitar (acoustic and electric) and Im learning the drums, Ive just joined a rock band playing drums with a few lads from school.(come on donegal!!!)

Wed Nov 9 18:42:57 2005 IP:

Ruairi Down: -

Hi Conor, nice to have someone the same age with the same tastes. I play acoustic guitar. Urself? Im a down man. I live just outside the city Newry.

Wed Nov 9 16:37:57 2005 IP:

anne callan doherty co louth -

only getting to the website now since that brilliant gig in corbetts in dundalk bank holiday weekend, absolutley fab night as they'd say around here " yiz were brilliant ". I really wanted to know do you do private gigs, we're having a outdoor party sometime next summer and i would think i had died and gone to heaven if ye would play at it ???? Many thanks Anne

Wed Nov 9 10:53:37 2005 IP:

francie quinn : cookstown -

the dvd still hasn't made it as far as cookstown but the tasters on the official site are pretty hot. maybe somebody should film johnny and steve in action and make it available. and speaking of availability-is it possible to buy any of your solo stuff and if so, how? and maybe this would be an opportune time to slip out a limited zen alligators release and/or the host as well?

Tue Nov 8 22:48:34 2005 IP:

Conor : Moville Donegal -

Yes Ruairi hows it going. I'm 14 too and think the horslips are great I havent heard steve and johnny yet but I hope to soon.Where are you from im in moville in inishowen just by the river foyle.Do you play any insturment? All the best, Conor.

Tue Nov 8 21:23:34 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co . Clare -

Hi Dave, Thanks...delighted you like the DVD... Cheers, Johnny.

Tue Nov 8 20:44:23 2005 IP:

Dave : Dublin -

Johnny Congrats on the DVD. I know it was years ago and that you are playing better than ever here in 2005. Its still great to have the story and 'the evidence' on hand for all those new Horslips fans, like my kids and friends who never saw the band. For those of us who were there its a feast after a twenty five year famine!

Tue Nov 8 19:35:09 2005 IP:

Ruairi : -

Do you guys do U-18 gigs. Cause i would really like to see you's live, Ruairi

Tue Nov 8 18:08:34 2005 IP:

Paul : Clare. -

Dermot you took the words right out of my mouth or should I say you put it a lot better than I would. The guys were amazing on saturday night I have never seen too musos enjoy themselves so much which made us enjoy it all the more. I`m a bit of a blues fan myself and I agree with you Rambling is one of the best versions I have heard in a long, long, time. Johnnys vocals and guitar playing as you said make the hairs stand up on the back of your head. Johnnys and Steves playing complement each other so much, lets have lots,lots more of them. Looking forward to next time.

Tue Nov 8 16:00:31 2005 IP:

Dermot : Limerick -

Hello Johnny, Thank you for the wonderful musical experience you and Steve gave in Killaloe last Saturday night. You and Steve just played amazing stuff. It really came across that the vibe was good and you and Steve were having fun. It was wonderful to speak to you and your wonderful wife Maggie and Steve and to be introduced to your brother. Thank you all for giving me your time I do appreciate it. The Rambling Blues took my breath away. The sheer emotion of you vocals and solo made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. Thank you including it in the set. They say that the violin is the closest musical instrument to the human voice. I feel that a Gibson guitar in you hands speaks poetry. It cries, laugh’s, shouts, screams and it makes you think. I am looking forward to the next gig. Kind Regards Dermot Gleeson

Mon Nov 7 12:12:37 2005 IP:

Dermot : Limerick -

Hello Johnny, Thank you for the wonderful musical experience you and Steve gave in Killaloe last Saturday night. You and Steve just played amazing stuff. It really came across that the vibe was good and you and Steve were having fun. It was wonderful to speak to you and your wonderful wife Maggie and Steve and to be introduced to your brother. Thank you all for giving me your time I do appreciate it. The Rambling Blues took my breath away. The sheer emotion of you vocals and solo made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. Thank you including it in the set. They say that the violin is the closest musical instrument to the human voice. I feel that a Gibson guitar in you hands speaks poetry. It cries, laugh’s, shouts, screams and it makes you think. I am looking forward to the next gig. Kind Regards Dermot Gleeson

Mon Nov 7 12:12:01 2005 IP:

Ruairi : -

Thanks guys. Yeah i know i wrote down Johnny's advice on the guitar and in the next week are so its been mailed to Santa aka parents.

Sun Nov 6 17:12:42 2005 IP:

Joe Forde : -

Ruairi, don't forget to buy that guitar Johnny was telling you about.We love your postings on the official GB so keep them coming mate.

Sun Nov 6 09:06:15 2005 IP:

Steve Travers and Johnny Fean : Just back from The Gig -

Hi Ruairi, Happy birthday. Have a great one.

Sun Nov 6 04:32:30 2005 IP:

Ruairi : -

Hi guys im 14 the day. And ive got so much money to spend on CD's and DVD's.

Sat Nov 5 18:09:20 2005 IP:

Niall : Dublin -

Just finished watching the DVD. Johnny you were dead right, its an excellent job! See you soon!

Sat Nov 5 00:07:34 2005 IP:

Johnny : -

Sorry..That should read..Looking Forward to the gig...

Fri Nov 4 17:57:38 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. clare -

Hi Dermot, Steve and I are looking to the gig in killaloe tomorrow night, I will include the slow blues number in the set. glad to hear you will be able to make it to the gig. I hope you enjoy the 'New' horslips DVD... hello to everyone who recently posted a message on this page... Thanks All...Regards.. johnny.

Fri Nov 4 17:55:25 2005 IP:

Dermot Gleeson : Limerick -

Hello Johnny; I got my copy of "The Return of the Dancehall Sweethearts" to day and can't wait to get home to give it a spin. The Packaging and art work looks great. Looking forward to the gig in Killaloe on Saturday night. You might play the slow Blues number you did in Dolans it was just magic a little like the old solo in Furniture with the crying Les Paul sound. Kind Regards Dermot Gleeson

Fri Nov 4 15:41:20 2005 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

Thanks a million Steve Travers.

Thu Nov 3 13:09:16 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : London -

Hi Paul, That's exactly why we made a conscious effort to mark the 30th anniversary. To show the futility of violence and to make sure we never let it happen again. It's good that young people like you should learn from the mistakes of previous generations. Make love 'n music not war.

Wed Nov 2 23:46:08 2005 IP:

Paul Lapke bules band -

bules band is great band in ierland world shows ierland elivs bules shoes song va beach bules in usa

Wed Nov 2 22:09:19 2005 IP:

Paul Dublin -

I was only five years old when the members of the Miami showband were killed and although i learned and heard about it as i grew up it was only when i saw the documentary some weeks ago that it really shocked me , because I always assumed the bomb exploded in a dance hall ,excuse my ignorance steve, but i never realised it was a deliberate attempt to murder innocent people in the way they had set out, but also to blacken your names forever.

Wed Nov 2 16:19:53 2005 IP:

Myles : -

Myles Dont miss tonight at 6.30 Gerry Ryans 1970's hitlist programme RTE 2 . It features his personal selection from the archives of RTE at a time in Ireland when contraception, Divorce, and HOMOSEXUAL ACTS WERE ALL ILLEGAL ! SO THE LADS WERE IN GOOD COMPANY THEN ! its said "At least we had Horslips " Monday, 31 October 2005 at 17:33 - Bareback on the wheels of the world

Mon Oct 31 17:35:49 2005 IP:

ruairi : -

sure u need two hands to play the geetyar

Mon Oct 31 11:00:18 2005 IP:

Octopus : -

Ruairi, Cant you play the guitar with your other hand?

Mon Oct 31 01:53:33 2005 IP:

Graham : Dundalk -

Johnny I always thought you were one of the best Guitarist in the world, Last night you proved me right. My friends & I left on a high after one of the best gigs we have been to in a long time. looking forward to seeing lots more of you.

Sun Oct 30 15:50:24 2005 IP:

Ruairi : -

i broke my Arm playing a rugby match against enniskelin. it is deadly sore and i cant play the geetar for 6 weeks cause of the cast.

Sun Oct 30 15:10:22 2005 IP:

Niall : Dublin -

Just watched the clip of Furniture from the DVD. Its excellent, really cannot wait for the whole thing. If theres one thing better than Johnnys guitar playing, it has to be the green suit. Any chance of that making an appearance at the Cobblestone?

Sat Oct 29 21:08:32 2005 IP:

Ruairi : -

Steve, Thanks that is kind of you. I would really like to get to a gig of you 2 but the thing is im 13 and with the gigs being a pub i doubt i'd be allowed into one of them. Good luck tomorrow night. Ruairi

Fri Oct 28 23:00:17 2005 IP:

Dave : -

Steve, You're right - Barry looks and sounds like he's enjoying that bass guitar. Sound quality is amazing after all these years all told. I had heard that RTE wiped a lot of their music tapes - its great that they have not. Must be some Miami in there too Good luck tomorrow night in Dundalk.

Fri Oct 28 21:27:27 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : -

Dave, regarding the video clip, as always, Johnny's playing is superb but I have to admit getting a lump in my throat when I saw the beautiful Dan Armstrong plexiglass bass and heard the wonderful, unique sound that Barry Devlin got from it. ebay!!!!!!!!

Fri Oct 28 21:03:11 2005 IP:

Jerome Burns : -

Hi Johnny, Steve and Maggie looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow night in Dundalk. Any other guestbookers heading there??la

Fri Oct 28 20:27:40 2005 IP:

Dave sweeneydandRr: Dublin -

If like me you love Johnny's guitar playing get over to pronto. There you will find an amazing extract from the upcoming DVD showing why a lot of us in the audience that night fell in love with the electric guitar. Its 'Furniture' and JF is in full flight. This tone from the Gold Top was never to my mind captured as well as it is here. The playing is sublime. Its something of a shock to realise that 'Yes - it was just as brilliant as I remember it. It was that good.' The miracles of modern technology and the RTE tape vault. This is over 30 years ago and looks and sounds like it was taped yesterday. Cant wait to get the DVD Congratulations Johnny your legend is assured. Hope to see you and Stephen at the Cobblestone. Long may you run! n em

Fri Oct 28 13:35:27 2005 IP:

Dave sweeneydandRr: Dublin -

If like me you love Johnny's guitar playing get over to pronto. There you will find an amazing extract from the upcoming DVD showing why a lot of us in the audience that night fell in love with the electric guitar. Its 'Furniture' and JF is in full flight. This tone from the Gold Top was never to my mind captured as well as it is here. The playing is sublime. Its something of a shock to realise that 'Yes - it was just as brilliant as I remember it. It was that good.' The miracles of modern technology and the RTE tape vault. This is over 30 years ago and looks and sounds like it was taped yesterday. Cant wait to get the DVD Congratulations Johnny your legend is assured. Hope to see you and Stephen at the Cobblestone. Long may you run! n em

Fri Oct 28 13:35:24 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : -

Hi Ruairi, I like a very fast (low) action on all my basses. If you turn up at one of our gigs you can check it out for yourself.

Thu Oct 27 22:40:20 2005 IP:

Ruairi : -

Sorry Steve i forgot to put this into the last post. Because it has no head what is that action like on it?

Thu Oct 27 21:37:34 2005 IP:

Ruairi : -

Thanks Steve that cleared that up. Ruairi

Thu Oct 27 18:45:29 2005 IP:

Stevie Shanks Belfast -

Hi Johnny, it was great to talk to you and the guys at Drogheda - what an excellent night! I have been looking forward to going to Dundalk to see you play, but unfortunately I have to gig myself - occupational hazard of being a musician. Just wanted to wish you all the best for the gig and see you out there - somewhere!?

Thu Oct 27 13:39:56 2005 IP:

Steve Travers and Johnny Fean : -

We would like to express our sincere sympathy to our dear friend Jim Nelis and his family on this sad occasion.

Wed Oct 26 22:51:49 2005 IP:

Jim Nelis : -

Many many thanks to Maggie, Johnny, Stephen, Paul and Margaret.

Wed Oct 26 22:23:37 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : -

Hi Ruairi. The Steinberger was developed by a great innovator called Ned Steinberger who wanted to resolve the inherent design problem of "dead spots" on the electric bass guitar. He had already helped to design The Spector bass with Stuart Spector. He discovered that because the headstock vibrated in sympathy with the body at certain frequencies, some notes were cancelled or "dead". Very often the b flat on the g string would sound much weaker than the other notes. His simple but brilliant solution was to cut off the headstock. This forced him to develop a tuning system at the other end of the bass which is incorporated into the bridge mechanism. It's a direct pull (screw) which turned out to be more than sixteen times more accurate than a "normal" tuning system. The basses were very popular in the eighties but then the look went out of fashion. However most of them were snapped up by session (studio) musicians who realised how good these unusual looking instruments were. Now they are very rare and are much sought after. I have played almost every bass on the market and have owned quite a few too but my favourite by a long shot is my five-string Steinberger. In fact I have a couple. You can learn more about this fabulous instrument and its new brother The Steinberger Synapse if you visit On this occasion I have no hesitation in recommending you to "lose the head".

Wed Oct 26 22:14:13 2005 IP:

Ruairi : -

Steve i know your going to call me stupid but how do you tune a headless guitar???

Tue Oct 25 22:01:45 2005 IP:

Maggie : Wet and windy Clare -

Throat sore from all the chat, jaws sore from the laughing. But it was worth it, thank you all for making Rush such a fantastic night. Niall (MY SON) Alex, Brian, Angie, Laurna, Paul, & Ray. I hope you all made it home in one piece, there was a lot of liquid refreshments consumed. Looking forward to catching up with you guys at The Cobblestones.

Mon Oct 24 20:44:37 2005 IP:

Lee Templeton : San Francisco -

Just played the little preview of Return of the Dancehall Sweethearts over at the official site! Wonderful footage of Johnny! Can't wait to see more.

Mon Oct 24 16:36:00 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : Lee Delta -

Hi Mark, Alex and Niall. Johnny and I are delighted you enjoyed Saturday so much. We simply love playing. Michael O'Connor, it's great to hear from you after all the years. I'll email you off-line later. Are you still blowing the sax?

Mon Oct 24 12:38:01 2005 IP:

Mark Dublin -

Superb show in Rush. Two great musicians. Inspirational guitar playing from both. A new fan here, I'll spread the word. Looking forward to "The Cobblestone"

Mon Oct 24 09:10:07 2005 IP:

Alex : -

Give me a break Niall.Sure it was the drink talking!

Sun Oct 23 19:21:18 2005 IP:

Niall : Dublin -

Great gig last night as always. And I should know what I'm talking about now that I'm 40, apparently

Sun Oct 23 17:40:10 2005 IP:

Michael O'Connor Skerries, -

Hi Steve, Glad to see your still playing music. I hear Billy is or has retired from the forces.Have you heard from Hamish Steward these days.Hope to catch up with you in the near future. Regards, Michael (Waterford Gang).

Sun Oct 23 15:11:32 2005 IP:

Alex : -

Another great night! And it looked at first as if the lads were playing to the already converted as there was so few of us in attendance.But Johnny and Steve were Brilliant and by the last note the whole room was rocking.Several young ones asked me Who's yer man? Hes awesome! Keep it up lads and we will evebtually convert everybody!

Sun Oct 23 09:40:55 2005 IP:

BrendanMc : -

Apologies all - had to pull out of travelling to Rush tonight. I hope it is/was a good gig and I hope to make it to Smithfield

Sat Oct 22 21:42:03 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : -

Ruairi, the sentiment is understood and appreciated. Thanks mate.

Wed Oct 19 22:15:12 2005 IP:

Ruairi : -

Steve, I live only 3 or 4 miles from where the incident happened(im sorry i really dont know how to properly phrase it).

Wed Oct 19 21:47:21 2005 IP:

Niall Dublin -

Mad Pat, will you make it to Rush this week?

Tue Oct 18 19:39:47 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : Glorious South Tipperary, The Golden Vale. -

Thanks Brendan, You're quite right she is very bashful (pun intended) but I'll introduce you to Oko Yono in Rush.

Sun Oct 16 03:52:08 2005 IP:

BrendanMc : -

Steven. Saw the second half of the program the other night. Sad - really sad. Just about remember it in 1975 but 30 years is nothing for ye boys. God rest the three fallen. I'll see you and the other boyo in Rush next Sat. I wish they'd make the stage bigger. I can never see that Japanese drummer ye have!

Sat Oct 15 22:48:32 2005 IP:

david reynolds dungarvan,co.waterford -

i am from quin,co.clare.always a fan of horslips and of course johnny fean a fellow clare man.keep up the great music.david.

Sat Oct 15 18:13:09 2005 IP:

Exile : In Exile -

Stefan I think you are on the wrong horse this time. As you well know I'm not imune to the hands of the law - Unlike some.

Thu Oct 13 07:45:59 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : Tangled Up In Blue -

Hi Stephen, The programme was one of the first that concentrated on what life really was like for us in The Miami. Most reports just recall that one fateful event. I was happy with Jonathan Golden's balance. I was amazed at some of the old footage. Even Peter Taylor couldn't manage to find that. We were told it had been lost. The downside is that I can't tease Johnny about his "glitter outfits" any more. With regard to any Miami reunion gigs, there is no ambiguity here, this time I'm afraid Munster says no! Although I love Ray and Des, I really couldn't take part in that. That's been over for me for a long time. We move on. It was an incredible and enlightening part of the journey which, hopefully, has a way to go yet. I still have a lot to learn. Johnny and I never finish a gig without learning something new. If you look close enough you'll see the surprise and delight on our faces when we manage to lift our game during a performance. Stay forever young.

Wed Oct 12 23:09:38 2005 IP:

Stefan : -

Hi Exile. "What have I done?". Was 90mph in a 60mph zone? You'll maybe let Doreen drive home next time!

Wed Oct 12 21:52:57 2005 IP:

In Exile : -

Stefan No invite to the pub session and now no thank you for going to Drogheda.What have I done? Maybe the next time.

Wed Oct 12 08:05:23 2005 IP:

Stephen Ferris : -

Steve, I watched the documentary last night. Obviously the backdrop of the whole thing was the sad story of how Fran, Tony and Brian lost their lives, and the impact the incident had on the Irish music scene at the time. But if you can forgive me for looking beyond that, I was fascinated and intrigued by some of the archive footage: of dancehalls, of Fran, of Belfast and in particular of yourself in the “getup”. I enjoyed that! George Jones on Radio Ulster was discussing the show today, and said that some folk were trying to organise another Miami concert for some time in the future. And in Belfast! December wasn’t possible he said for logistical reasons (on the performers side) but he hoped that something could happen later on. Des Lee was on from South Africa ( I think it was there) with Gerry Anderson yesterday morning. Des seems to be up for it! Good luck with whatever happens, and in the meantime well see you on the road with a certain Limerick/Clare swinger and his plectrums!

Tue Oct 11 21:32:03 2005 IP:

francie quinn cookstown -

hi johnny or steve. the local burnavon theatre have been running occassional blues nights and i mentioned you'se to the manager who would like you to get in touch. you can e-mail him at hope you can work something out as it would be good to see you in action round here.

Mon Oct 10 13:59:25 2005 IP:

Mark Wilson Antrim -

Steve - impressive stuff. Good to talk with you again this week.

Sat Oct 8 22:05:54 2005 IP:

Stephen Ferris : -

Stephen - Here’s another strange thing, when driving down to the launch I suddenly heard your voice on the radio – seems there’s a programme on Monday night BBC1 about the Miami. I’ll look out for that!

Sat Oct 8 15:31:12 2005 IP:

Stephen Ferris : -

Johnny, Conor, Alex, Marty and everyone else, thanks for coming along to Drogheda the other night. We were worried that Jim N wouldn’t make it, but it worked out fine. As well and crack, the company and the music, I thought Paul spoke well. We pubbed it with Paddy Goodwin till 5 am – he was playing a few blues tracks. I met Paddy at 1pm next day (Breakfast for me, lunch for him after a morning’s work). He staggered into the coffee shop, it was more greens than blues by now! His introduction is not printable but gave an idea of how was feeling. Says I, “last night you thought you could climb Everest, but today you look as though you fell down it!”…..Anyway there’s lots of stories from the night and we’ll keep them for another time. See you all soon.

Sat Oct 8 15:29:31 2005 IP:

Conor McAloon Co. Tyrone -

Having spent hours at a CD player trying to decipher melodic riffs and licks, it was an honour to meet the man behind it all. Thanks Johnny for taking the time to give me your autograph, I'm glad you enjoyed our set, it was very daunting playing in front of the man himself. I hope to see you play the next time your reasonably close to this part of the country. Again it was an honour to watch you all play last night, thank you!

Fri Oct 7 21:24:22 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi Folks, It was great to see you all at the Exhibition in Drogheda last night. great turnout, and what a fantastic exhibition it is! Congrat's has to go to Paddy Goodwin ,paul Callaghan, Stephen ferris, Jim Nelis for once again making it happen. The 'Horslips tribute' Band played a Brilliant set! They are a great bunch of guys. all in all, a very enjoyable night....Maggie says hello.. All the best, Johnny.

Fri Oct 7 20:55:19 2005 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

Thanks Johnny and Maggie.

Fri Oct 7 15:57:25 2005 IP:

|Marty : Newry -

Johnny,thanks for taking the time to chat and sign autographs last night.Hope to get to Dundalk and I`ll bring Edele.Maggie you owe me a pen!!!!!

Fri Oct 7 13:45:22 2005 IP:

Alex : Dublin -

Thanks for giving us a few minutes of your time tonight Johnny. although you're a very busy man you always have time to chat.Much appreciated.Love to Maggie, See you soon.

Fri Oct 7 00:24:41 2005 IP:

Mad Pat : -

Great half page (about the Exhibition)in todays Irish Times (page 14) check it out Looking forward to meeting Horslips and fans in Drogheda later today.

Thu Oct 6 11:26:24 2005 IP:

Mad Pat : -

Great article on the Irish Times today (Page 14) about the Exhibition in Drogheda which kicks off tonite. I'll be there

Thu Oct 6 11:23:57 2005 IP:

Jenn K Shannon -

Saw you at The Point loved it... An-mhaith ar fad.

Wed Oct 5 21:09:02 2005 IP:

Guido Divito Limerick -

Hi John, I am now online.... drop me a line if you get a chance! Guido.... P.S ths is all new to me i'm still learning......! Give my regards to Mags

Mon Oct 3 19:45:13 2005 IP:

Ruairi : -

Thanks Alien. How is it you always know so much about these sort of thinngs?? U are clever.

Sat Oct 1 21:55:18 2005 IP:

Alien : Co Clare -

Ruairi, Check out for details of the guys gig in Dundalk.

Sat Oct 1 20:00:21 2005 IP:

Ruairi : -

What is the Tain festival? I can proably make it down to that. Where is it and how do i get tickets??

Sat Oct 1 15:22:57 2005 IP:

Johnny F. : Co. Clare -

Hi Folks, Just want to say Thanks from myself and Steve to everyone who made it along to the gig in 'The Cobblestones' last night. As always it was great to see you there! Cheers...Johnny.

Fri Sep 30 22:45:20 2005 IP:

Mad Pat : Dublin -

Great gig Johnny and Stephen last night Blown away by the sheer brilliance as much as when I saw you way back in the seventies. Great to get the chance to meet my all time hero. Met some great people too. Look forward to the next gig Hopefully see you in Drogheda for the Exhibition Launch on 6th October.

Fri Sep 30 17:18:42 2005 IP:

Niall Dublin -

Excellent gig last night in The Cobblestone. Brilliant version of Black Magic Woman and the Sunshine of Your Love jam, ruled!

Fri Sep 30 14:13:39 2005 IP:

BrendanMc : -

Unfortunately Mrs BrendanMc was at a do in the Guinness Storehouse anocht so I, being the dutiful auld lad, stayed home and minded the chavvies and, ergo, missed the gig in Smithfield. I hope it went swimmingly. May see some, or all, in Draw-hada next week.

Thu Sep 29 23:30:41 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : -

Sean is there no end to your good taste? Dylan walks on water.

Wed Sep 28 23:26:28 2005 IP:

Sean : -

thanks steve for the info might just give him a ring one of these days.Being in Awe watching the Dylan no direction home the last few nights and theres 40extra min on the dvd ,new Neil young cd and the Horslips dvd on the horizon .

Wed Sep 28 21:53:21 2005 IP:

Alien : Co Clare -

Gig alert, Dublin City Centre gig for Johnny Fean & Steve Travers, The Cobblestone, Smithfield, Dublin, this thursday 29th Sept, Check the gigs page or

Mon Sep 26 23:20:52 2005 IP:

Ruairi : -

THe Four Poxmen Of the Horselips????

Mon Sep 26 18:40:31 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi Chris, It was a real pleasure for me to play with your son Bob, and the rest of the guys at the Point. We had a great night! Bob told me you were a big fan of 'Horslips'. Glad to hear you were able to replace the old tapes w/the new CD's. I don't know if there will be an official DVD or Cd of the Point gig coming out. All the best,..Johnny.

Mon Sep 26 17:45:44 2005 IP:

Chris Knight Harrogate - Yorkshire -

I waited 18 years to get Horslips on CD to replace my worn old tapes - to see and hear my son Bob playing 'Trouble' at The Point with you all was a real high for me - you'd better believe it. GREAT. Will there be an official DVD or CD of the gig ?

Mon Sep 26 11:56:06 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : -

Hi Sean, Ron is highly respected on both sides of the water. If he's in Fermoy then you might call Tom Baylor's music store there on +353 25 31012. Tom will know every musician in the area. Sean you have excellent taste.

Sun Sep 25 22:59:00 2005 IP:

Ruairi : Co.Down and Proud of it Come On the Minors -

Mr.Fean you know the way you and the horslips lads have the up and coming Return of the Dancehall Sweethearts. Does that mean horslips are returning??

Sun Sep 25 21:35:30 2005 IP:

Sean Luton -

posted a message on the Lips Guestbook recently regarding Ron Kavana never got a reply ,thought maybe Johnny or Steve could help. Last saw ron playing with Gino Lupari (four men and a dog)in the swan in scockwell many years ago.Know he moved back to Fermoy ,just wondering what he has been up to since.think he is probably unknown in Ireland but was well know on the London circuit and won the folk roots best live act 3 years on the trott with the Alais band no mean feat.Steve talked about passion below ,Ron had it in abunbance.Anyone know what his up to now is he playing Live anywhere. sean

Sun Sep 25 20:31:43 2005 IP:

Keith J : Up North -

Brillant Video Clip from the Point. Back on the size of stage where you belong to show your class Johnny.Maybe the four other lips might join you in the next few months? Here's hoping.

Sun Sep 25 12:37:30 2005 IP:

Joe Forde : -

Sorry for the spelling mistakes below( ingredient etc- bloody worse than normal!) but its after midnight and I have had a few as they say. Take care!

Sun Sep 25 00:24:08 2005 IP:

Joe Forde : -

Hi Steve What can I say? So happy you liked the CD and I know my mates in th band will be as "blown away" by your review as I was. For me, passion has always been the thing I love most about music and musicians, and blues players in particular. Essentially, to me it appears that playing the blues is not about theory, technique, originality even, though these play their part. Its harmonic simplicity means that players can't hide in the above, unlike in styles like jazz, neo-classical metal, some forms of rock music etc where many players do. There is nowhere to hide in the blues- and blues without passion is so often exposed as dull and boring ( and sometimes clever even, but still dull and boring), even to listeners who happen to like the genre. Passion is the essential ingredeant and players like Albert Collins had that in abundance, and hence it did not matter a jot if he could only play in one key. His music is infused with tremendous passion and transparent honesty and that is why it works. The same can be said of SRV-its his passion that makes his music most memorable. Passion in music is an incerdible thing to witness-when the player's passion transfers to the listener, so to the listener its as if he/she is actually playing the music, experiencing the same emotions as the performer. And that is what I experienced every time I saw Johnny play guitar with Horslips back in the 70s and in Clare last year with yourself-you called it soul but we are talking about the same thing. You know it when it is present in a player because it transfers over to you, and you know it when it is not because it doesn't. It does not come out of books, practice, technique, knowledge, amp sounds ete, but if it is there it means you can stretch the blues formula and still get away with it in the clubs, because its the passion that the blues listener is paying to see and indeed experience. I saw Joe Bonamassa play down at the Running Horse Blues Club in Nottingham recently and he had that in everything he played, and hence "got away" with incorporating rock, country, and jazz influences all over the place. Without the passion he would have had no chance in there but with the passion he blew the audience away- yet a straight delta player with passion and total simlicity would have done the same. So keep those pods burning you two and I will catch one of your gigs again in the coming months- hang on to that passion ( for music and life!).

Sat Sep 24 23:37:30 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : Lee Delta -

I've been listening to Joe Forde's “Electric Blueshouse Band” new album "Endless Days and Nights". It's a perfect example of why "The British Blues Explosion" happened in the sixties and why it saved Blues from extinction. Joe’s album continues the tradition of staying faithful to the genre, and at the same time being hugely entertaining. It has all the ingredients that captured the imagination of mainstream listeners on both sides of the Atlantic back then. "Endless Days and Nights" is a major booster injection to the very healthy new crop of young players who need to know “the formula”. Vocalist Roger Chilvers could be from any one of the ground-breaking bands such as The Yardbirds or their ilk. The guitar (Joe Forde) has elements of Clapton, Green, Taylor and (dare I say) Fean etc and has enormous passion which can only come from someone who loves to play. The keys (Pete Otter) are subtle, tasty and very effective. The drums (Mike Tasker) are solid workman-like and fit like a glove with a very fine bass player (Roger Chilvers) who has a sound “to die for”. It really is The British Blues at its most faithful and best. This album stays in my car.

Sat Sep 24 19:13:24 2005 IP:

Joe Forde : -

Great video link! Any more of that? More than proves the point so eloquently made by Steve in his posting below.

Sat Sep 24 14:06:28 2005 IP:

Ruairi : Co.Down -

THanks johnny i really appreciate your advice. Come on the minors

Fri Sep 23 22:00:11 2005 IP:

gerry romford -

Horslips-123 Horslips-123 Horslips-123 Horslips-123 Horslips-123

Fri Sep 23 11:58:04 2005 IP:

Johnny : Co. Clare -

Hi ruairi, My advice would be, (depending on whether you like Gibson or Fender) either an epiphone les paul, 2nd. hand,(for £200 or under) or a stratocaster copy made by 'Vintage'. a new one costs around £170.00 also, you could try out a 'squier' stratocaster. they are roughly the same price. happy hunting! johnny.

Fri Sep 23 00:30:55 2005 IP:

Ruairi : -

Johnny i have £200 and i want an electric guitar although with so many out there its hard to chose the right one and i thought if anyone you would know which one to get.Thanks and Regards Ruairi

Thu Sep 22 19:34:55 2005 IP:

Ruairi : -

Yeah i think Francies right you should get back together. Not just for yourselfs and all the die hard oldies but for the younger generetion who never got to see you guys live just cause i was born about 5 years after you broke up

Thu Sep 22 16:22:21 2005 IP:

sean : -

Just watched the point Clip wow ,brings a tear to the eye More More.Johnny looks really at home on that big stage. catch you at the reunion gerry.

Thu Sep 22 15:50:06 2005 IP:

francie quinn : tyrone -

hi ruairi, main site down by the looks of it but good job or i might have missed seeing the clip from the point. look forward to it coming out on dvd so can get better quality sound. it fairly makes an eedjit of the so-called thin lizzy fan who was on the 'lips gb a while back and said only a few people in the crowd were going mad to johnny and steve. looked to me like the whole place was leppin'. jesus johnny-would it not give you a raging desire to it with barry, eamon, jim and charles? eh, eh? it would be fierce, as i believe they say down south. btw- i still hope to see johnny and steve up north sometime soon. if you build it, he will come.

Thu Sep 22 00:21:16 2005 IP:

Ruairi : CO.Down -

Is it just me or is the horslips GB down???

Wed Sep 21 22:11:39 2005 IP:

: -

Wed Sep 21 14:42:46 2005 IP:

gerry romford -

hey johnny, any gigs planned for uk. good to see ya sean at the patrick street gig on sun at edmonton.

Wed Sep 21 14:42:46 2005 IP:

Niall : Dublin -

Just after watching the clip from the Point, looks like it was a great night. Still can't believe I missed it.

Wed Sep 21 13:22:27 2005 IP:

Ruairi : -

Thanks Johnny. Please keep me posted about any possible gigs. Would you guys ever gig in the oddessy.

Tue Sep 20 21:40:23 2005 IP:

Johnny : Co. Clare -

Hi Ruairi, We have no plans at the moment to play any gigs in the North. Regards, Johnny.

Tue Sep 20 19:50:07 2005 IP:

Ruairi : -

Johnny are you coming up north soon please reply Ruairi

Tue Sep 20 17:55:45 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi Folks, Just want to say thanks to to the people who were at 'minogues' in Tulla, on Sat. night.Steve and I had a great gig, and it was a great turnout. It was our first time playing there and we really enjoyed it. All the best, johnny.

Mon Sep 19 21:38:39 2005 IP:

Suzanne Bronxville New York -

OMG...just the thought of a possible "anything" here in the states next summer is thrilling...please come to this area of New York...loads of'll make them so happy...not to mention this Italian-American!! Do keep us posted...and if you're ever interested in doing a gig at a college...let me know...I work at one!

Mon Sep 19 15:44:14 2005 IP:

sean Luton -

the photos from the point are great,looks a brillant night.What did johnny sing heard shakin all over and trouble mentioned anything else? anyhope of anything making it on to a dvd if there is one.Anyhope of crossing the pond for a few gigs sean

Sun Sep 18 23:38:37 2005 IP:

Ruairi : -

Why cant Horslips get back together? Mr.Fean are you doing any gigging up round north like antrim down armagh or Belfast if so please let me know.

Sun Sep 18 12:36:31 2005 IP:

Tony Curtin -

A real tour de force performance last night in Tulla,and they make it look so easy!

Sun Sep 18 12:30:19 2005 IP:

Dave MacKay Edinburgh -

Any possibility of you doing a few gigs in Scotland? Listened to my old Horslips albums last weekend and this led me onto this site - only managed to catch Horslips live once - at Edinburgh University in 76/77 on the Book of Invasions tour. Listening to "I am the one" makes me realise just how good and distinctive a guitarist Mr Fean is. A question for John - you appear to only play vintage guitars, are they really that much better? Slainte

Sat Sep 17 08:52:45 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean. : -

Hi debi, Nice to hear from you! will let you know of any U.S. dates next summer. Johnny.

Fri Sep 16 00:30:45 2005 IP:

Ruairi : -

Fean is the man to beat the band

Thu Sep 15 21:42:39 2005 IP:

Alien : Co Clare -

Next gig Fean & Travers, Minogues Bar, Tulla, Co Clare, sat sept 17th see gig page for details

Thu Sep 15 08:48:50 2005 IP:

Debi Massachusetts -

Read your comment about possibility of playing in U.S. next summer. Let me know if you do. It's been a long time since hearing you do anything live.

Fri Sep 9 15:21:37 2005 IP:

JohnBaird : Letterkenny -

Thanks for the prompt reply , Fair play to ye! E-mail me your phone no. and i,ll have a yarn over the phone , All the best JB

Thu Sep 8 19:18:53 2005 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

Hi John, sorry but i checked the posters out and its the Golden Grill and the Lilac in Carndonagh that i have, not the Fiesta unfortunately. You should mention your book on the Horslips site.

Thu Sep 8 19:01:06 2005 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

Hi John, thats great news about the book on the Fiesta Ballroom. I might have a poster from that era and you would be most welcome to a copy of it for the book. I'll check it out. Saw Horslips and the Memories in there, great memories.

Thu Sep 8 18:51:23 2005 IP:

John Baird Letterkenny -

Hi Lads, Congrats on your successful gig at Vickers Street . Sorry i could,nt get up , but well done for a worthy cause ,, I,m at present writing a book on the history of the FIESTA Ballroom, so i,d appreciate any reccolections you lads would have on the old hall. I, ts a warehouse now but still "looks like a dancehall" Great website and well done again with your gig, All the Best, John Baird

Thu Sep 8 15:26:01 2005 IP:

Francis Kennedy Athenry -

Sorry to learn that Steve has been ill. Get well soon. Hope to catch both of you soon, maybe in Tulla. Rock on!

Mon Sep 5 15:11:21 2005 IP:

Mike New York -

I have to auction off my 1959 Les Paul Jr. Youlook like an expert from your collection. Know a good home? 1959 Gibson Les Paul Jr. Original Serial# 9 8715 (ebay#7348141983)

Mon Sep 5 08:26:53 2005 IP:

Stephen Ferris : -

Hi Stephen, it's good to see you're well enough to be online again. Interesting indeed, I'll bet, to see Johnny from the punter's side. The crowd reaction was something to behold. You (with Mick and Johnny) went down a storm at Vicar St too. Best of luck with a continued recovery, and don't let the Steinbergers get cold!

Fri Sep 2 19:40:21 2005 IP:

Robin Hood : Ireland - new horslips fansite

Fri Sep 2 13:33:47 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : -

Thanks to everyone who sent emails, left voice messages and sent get well stuff. I'm on the mend. I was really sorry to miss Rush as I love playing there and missed meeting the usual gang. Added to the problem that, for technical reasons, I couldn't post to this guestbook during the past months, it was quite frustrating. I did manage to witness Johnny show his mastery at The Point and felt very proud. Seeing him from a different perspective confirmed that not since Rory Gallagher, has there been an Irish guitarist with such ability to communicate to an audience through music. That's a very special and rare gift. I honestly don't know many others who can take guitar playing to that level. It's not about speed, technique or flash. It's about soul. Every music store in the world has some kid who will amaze us with wizardry but very few who can talk to us personally with the bend of a string. Peter Green, Roy Buchannan, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck and Johnny Winter instantly spring to mind and I'm sure you too have artists who "talk" directly to you. The great tragedy of the last two decades has been that too much of the music was the property of the record producers and artists were easily manipulated either by their own financial greed, desperation or that useless "fame" carrot. I have great hope that the drought is over. But we must learn to listen again. A perfect example of the terrible paradox music is subjected to today is the fact that song contests such as Eurovision are televised. Song contests should be on radio only but of course that would reduce revenue! In the words of The Boggles "video killed the radio star". Today music depends too much on "the look" or image. Next time you go to hear an artist try to forget the hype, disregard the light-show, ignore reputations and just listen. Love and Light to you all. Steve Travers.

Thu Sep 1 13:17:01 2005 IP:

Jerome Burns : -

Johnny, Sorry about Saturday night. Hope Steve will be well soon. Look forward to seeing you in October, hopefully there'll be more gigs listed soon.

Mon Aug 29 23:12:44 2005 IP:

BrendanMc : -

Shame that - I had planned to head. I hope the illness passes quickly and to see ye in October.

Sat Aug 27 20:45:42 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co.Clare -

Hi Folks, Apologies to anyone who may have been going to the gig in Rush tonight. It has been cancelled due to an illness. It will be re-scheduled for a date in October., which will appear on the Website gig guide. Best Regards, Johnny.

Sat Aug 27 15:19:39 2005 IP:

Lee Delta : -

RUSH GIG 27TH AUGUST CANCELLED. Unfortunately due to an illness Steve and Johnny have to cancel tonights gig in the Coyotee in Rush. They hope to reschedule at a later date.

Sat Aug 27 13:15:17 2005 IP:

Frankie london -

Hi Johnny, Do you remember? I got it in my head, Always thinking of what will be.... I've had the blessing of hearing great lyrics and then the music for a while now but what a song! The man that gave fabulous meaning to it all was PaddyP. Thanks to you I am now one of those starry eyed partners gazing up at my man asking him to play my song.. What a fabulous

Fri Aug 26 03:02:00 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi to everyone, I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who recently left messages on the guestpage. I would also like to thank the Thin lizzy fans for giving me such a warm welcome at the Phil Lynott rememberence concert, at the point. I was honoured to be part of such a great event. Phil's music will live on for a very long time,thanks to his dedicated fans. All the best, Johnny...

Thu Aug 25 19:24:26 2005 IP:

Peter Holland -

We enjoyed your opening the Gary Moore/Thin Lizzy show at the Point. Hope to see you again in Ireland or Holland.

Wed Aug 24 20:18:25 2005 IP:

Marcia Dallas, TX -

Texas would love to see Johnny again!

Wed Aug 24 19:14:52 2005 IP:

Con Sidered : The Bayou -

Rob, Belay that Belfast Gigs purchase. It's OK if you have the rest of the stuff but doesn't show either Johnny or the band's (Horslips) full range. Buy "The Book of Invasions" (be sure its the Edsel re-mastered edition). Then sit back, turn it up and be prepared to cough a few bob into your Jesus swearing fine box! After about ten good listens get back here for the map to the rest of the treasures. And you're spot on, Johnny was red hot at the Point!

Tue Aug 23 00:20:56 2005 IP:

BrendanMc : -

Rob. Purchase 'The Belfast Gigs' by Horslips from 1980 (most large record shops should oblige) has both in good rockin' order. Sorry I missed gig. May not get to Rush either this time. Ah well....

Mon Aug 22 20:35:53 2005 IP:

Rob Manchester, UK -

Hi Johnny, i saw you opening for Gary Moore & Lizzy on Saturday...Can i just say you was brilliant! Really enjoyed your set.Go the crowd going more then any of the other opening acts, so thank you! Can i ask, where could i get hold of a recording of "Trouble with a Capital T" also your cover of "Shakin all Over"? Thanks Rob

Mon Aug 22 17:53:36 2005 IP:

Tony Curtin -

Our thanks to Maggie and Johnny for your thoughtfulness,we really enjoyed the gig and well done on your performance. Trouble and Dearg Doom went down really well with the audience. Good to have met you Steve also,glad you enjoyed the bass player from Jethro Tull!

Sun Aug 21 23:10:13 2005 IP:

Peter : Lee Delta -

Johnny, THANK YOU!!! Sure you know yourself, when you're trying to tell someone who knows everything (a teenager) how things used to be, it can be very difficult be sure that it's the way YOU remembered ...... However ther's nothing like an interactive multimedia demonstration. You just can't beat a band, good PA, fine light show and several thousand pairs of hands clapping to "Trouble" to kinda make the point.... Well done, the show in the Point was fabulous. And a HUGE HUG to Maggie. Some sleep now maybe....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sun Aug 21 03:53:05 2005 IP:

Niall : Somewhere in the U.S. -

Johnny, hope the gig in the Point is a huge success. See you soon!

Sun Aug 21 01:26:01 2005 IP:

Chris Somers Lee Delta -

Johnny and Steve: Thanks for an amazing gig in Ned's lads. The place was packed to the rafters and that was before the gig! I must say that Paul was stunned when he heard the two of ye. I'm sad to say Steve my friend from Cork literally couldn't and can't believe how good you are, hmmm, there must be a tape loop machine hidden inside that wah-wah! And thanks to Maggie too for keeping us company, surf's up Mag! Huge thanks Johnny for dedicating DDoom to Paul, he got a kick out of that for sure. Good luck tomorrow Johnny, hope to see ye soon, take care. Oh, before I forget, you're unofficial photographer from this side of the Lee will send on the test prints and the bill soon! All the best. Chris

Fri Aug 19 23:39:41 2005 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

Best wishes for Saturday Johnny. See you soon hopefully. Love to Maggie.

Thu Aug 18 16:35:57 2005 IP:

Joe and Carole Forde : Chesterfield, England -

The very best of luck to you on Saturday Johnny; back where you belong! Fire it up mate.

Tue Aug 16 20:16:30 2005 IP:

Larry Hiebert Minneapolis Minnesota USA -

Johnny, I'm sure it is a distant or discarded memory but I met you guys when your label was making a push to make you rock stars in the US and you had a promotional stop in Minneapolis. I was familar with Horslips because of a random copy of Happy to Meet I grabbed from a radio station cast off. Still one of the finest Horslips efforts. We recorded your shows in town from the sound board and I still get some laughs remembering it. The label then had a goofy promotional event at a horse ranch and my friends and I were the only ones who showed up. Many years later I now do business with an Irish company called Bioniche in Galway and I'm planning to be in Dublin on October 19th - 22nd. Any chance you'll be playing near by in October? I'm planning to stay at the Paramount Hotel. Is it decent? Where should I eat? I would be honored to buy you a beer if you are out and about in the Dublin area. I hope all is well. Best regards, Larry Hiebert

Tue Aug 16 17:59:05 2005 IP:

Tony Curtin Tipperary South -

Johnny, I would like to wish you the best of luck for the gig in the Point on Saturday next.

Tue Aug 16 04:38:18 2005 IP:

Peter : Lee Delta -

The Kingdom was jumping and how! The show in Ned Natterjack’s on Friday last was only mighty. Steve, a friend of mine who is a musician spent a while organising a festival. When the last act was done and dusted he used to play a late session with a band of his own. It was then the headaches and frustrations caused by the week’s productions would be exorcised on the fiddle as he gave it loads. After last Friday I’m thinking that we’ll have to get you organising more Vicar St. concerts! Ye were absolutely fabulous. A great night’s music with a packed appreciative audience.

Tue Aug 16 00:03:01 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi Hugh, Nice to hear from you, Hope N.Y. is treating you well. With a bit of luck we might be able to do some gigs there next summer. All the best, Johnny.

Mon Aug 8 23:48:20 2005 IP:

Hugh New York -

There are plenty of Irish groups who do quite well touring here ... such as Saw Doctors, Screaming Orphans, Dublin City Ramblers .... It aint rocket science and accomodation doesn't have to mean "The Plaza". Summertime is great for music festivals here and there are plenty of live venues from New Haven to the Jersey Shore.

Mon Aug 8 21:55:57 2005 IP:

Broad Bandit : Lee Delta -

Hugh, Musicians play gigs. Would you like, organise the gig, venue, airline tickets, accommodation etc.?

Sun Aug 7 23:47:20 2005 IP:

Hugh New York -

Hi Johnny....I used to watch you as Horslips --> Zen Alligators --> The Host .... GREAT MUSIC!!! .... would you travel and play in New York City sometime?

Thu Aug 4 21:45:25 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi Anne, it's nice to hear from you, and I'm delighted you enjoyed the gigs in the Barge Rooms Ennis, and Dolan's Limerick, Steve and I hope to be playing in Tulla, Co. Clare, sometime in September, in a place called Minogues. so keep an eye on local papers in Sep. I will mention 'the One Mile Inn' venue in ennis to our booking agent for a possible date there. I don't really know if Horslips will be getting back together in October, but it's a possibility and it will be well publicised if it does happen.All the best,Anne, and thank you. Regards, Johnny.

Thu Aug 4 18:43:16 2005 IP:

anne mcnamara mullagh,county clare -

Hi Johnny and Steve, have seen you in the barge rooms ennis and also dolans in limerick never heard of your music before this was so impressed and delighted with both gigs, hope you play in county clare soon again and hopefully sometime in the future you will do a benefit gig for clare animal welfare based in ennis(even if you don't i will still be a fan) i have heard horslips may be reforming for some gigs i do not know how true this is but october was mentioned i would love to know if this is true as my older sister who lives near brighton england was a big fan and it would be my idea to suprise her with tickets if you were playing in ireland in october as she would be over the moon as when she was over in july i gave her a present of your re-made album and she was so thrilled and said how much it meant to her so keep on rocking and i know someone here in ennis who arranges the rock and blues nights in ennis which are held in the one mile inn once every month so if you are interested he is only dying to book you, cheers and best wishes always and thank you for the excellent music ,anne mc namara

Thu Aug 4 17:45:25 2005 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

To Steve & Johnny, i am glad to learn that the Miami Rememberance gig went so well for you and everyone involved. Sorry i couldn't make it but you were in my thoughts. Love to Maggie, Anne & Sean.

Thu Aug 4 13:55:07 2005 IP:

Chris : Lee Delta -

Hey Steve, congratulations on last night, it was truly a magnificent turn-out and an absolutley outstanding gig and lineup. I'm sure Tony, Brian and Fran would have been extremely proud of both you and Des Lee and so many other people for as you put it, a labour of love, which has ensured that the memories of those men will never be lost or forgotten. Well done to all involved. See you soon. Chris

Tue Aug 2 13:27:33 2005 IP:

Niall : Dublin -

Congratulations on last night Steve, it was a very successful night, great turnout!

Tue Aug 2 09:07:43 2005 IP:

fergal dublin -

Hey Steve, Saw you talking on Nationwide the other evening and thought I'd drop a line to say hello. I didn't see a contact address on your home page so i guess i'll have to post an note in your guestbook. Don't know if you'll remember me at all but I was the bassist with the band 'all talk' in london about 12 or 13 years ago. It was nice to see you looking so well on telly and it brought back some nice memories of that time. I'm living bcak in dublin again now and keep loose touch with pat the drummer. Anyway, thanks for all the support and assistance you gave us back then, maybe i can return the compliment by coming to one of your gigs sometime. I'll keep an eye on your giglist. Keep on rockin. kind regards, ferg

Tue Aug 2 00:17:38 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : -

Thanks Stephen. The coverage really is unprecedented and the committee is delighted that the 30th anniversary is being marked so well. The movers and shakers in the media have been brilliant and I thank them most sincerely. Vicar Street tomorrow looks set to be packed to the rafters. I'm looking forward to playing with Johnny and Mick in front of such a great audience. The proceeds go a great cause and the generosity of all the musicians who are taking part is greatly appreciated. Phil Lynott's mother Philomena came to the church service at Dublin's Pro-Cathedral yesterday to pay her respects. We had a long chat. Fran, Tony and Brian were great friends of Phil and he often came to see us at The TV Club in Dublin. Phil once loaned me his bass rig and told me that in his opinion Fran O'Toole was the best soul singer in the country. The cathedral was full to overflowing. It was beautiful.

Sun Jul 31 17:19:07 2005 IP:

Stephen Ferris : -

Steve, there’s been a lot of publicity here in Northern Ireland for the Miami Showband Memorial events. These appear to be shaping up as fitting ways to remember Brian, Tony and Fran. Well done to yourself and all those who organised these. Good luck to all involved for Monday night in Vicar Street. I look forward to hearing more about the project for a permanent memorial.

Sat Jul 30 21:38:02 2005 IP:

Stephen Ferris : -

Hi Guys. You've got me in to trouble! You see I'd been talking a bit about 'Fean and Travers' at home. But in the kitchen I started shorten it to F'n'T and the family thought I was cursing about my supper! Boom Boom! Anyway, tother night in Rush was super rather than supper. Lots of familiar faces in the crowd too. This rockin and dancin stuff has gottabee bad for one's health. I’m ready for the next one!

Sat Jul 30 21:36:41 2005 IP:

McG Óg : -

Did that last message post?

Tue Jul 26 06:06:49 2005 IP:

McGinley Óg : -

heheh. i am very thankful to steve for keeping it a twosome brendan. Myself and young skywalker were indeed "steamboats" as i've heard the bigger boys say every now and then. Steve, i'm sorry for doing your rocker in, mate! it comes with the territory of walking and drinking all day with sfa to eat. although i stick by my assertion that you sport a most dashing moustache! All in all a great night. even the landlord of our b&b said so, and he knows the craic

Tue Jul 26 06:00:25 2005 IP:

johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi Brendan, Great to see you as always, at the Rush gig. It was another crackin' night. Great to see the other guys too, Stephen,Noel, paddy, and the gang. thanks guys. all the best, johnny.

Mon Jul 25 21:07:06 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi S.Pam, It was such a surprise and a delight to see you at the gig in Rush. Thank you very much for my Uke present! a lovely thought! Hope you got back home safe and sound. Maggie says hello. best regards, Johnny.

Mon Jul 25 20:55:41 2005 IP:

BrendanMc : -

100% given by Johnny and Steve again on Sat. It was almost Johnny, Steven and McGinley Og at one stage but Steve was quick off the mark to keep it a twosome (no sniggering down the back please). Got S PAM safely back to Baggot Street - decided to detour down the O'Connell Street building site for some, ahem, 'delights of Dublin tour'. Thanks again lads and, of course, the almost official mein host, Maggie.

Mon Jul 25 20:47:01 2005 IP:

Niall : Dublin -

Excellent gig the other night lads, as always. Great turn out, pity I couldn't hang around afterwards. Steve - Elenor Rigby - brilliant! See you all again soon!

Mon Jul 25 09:17:40 2005 IP:

Lee Templeton : San Francisco (on the way) -

Hello Johnny and Steve! Still can't believe how lucky I was to see you again at Rush! Another great night and another wonderful crowd! Great to see everyone, and my best thanks to Maggie.

Sun Jul 24 11:01:36 2005 IP:

Niall : Dublin -

Lookin' forward to the gig tonight. See you all there. Best of luck

Sat Jul 23 18:56:36 2005 IP:

Chris Plampin Cornwall,UK! -

Hi Johnny & Maggie, SO PLEASED to finally be able to get in contact with you both friend Clive Newell (another ex customer!) found out your contact details through the Gibson Forum website...we just lost contact after you moved from Wandsworth and we have moved to Cornwall and i just didn't know how to go about tracing you. Hope that you and Maggie are well and would love to be in contact with you both once again...whizz me an e-mail message back when you get a moment and maybe we can exchange phone numbers and have a good old the way...i have some money for you for the Boss effects unit etc that i've had for some time and i'm sure you would find this useful!!! Hope that life is treating you well over there and so pleased to see from the feedback that you are out there gigging and getting some wonderful deserve it mate and i look forward to hearing from you in the very near the meantime... Very best wishes from Downderry,Cornwall (sounds like it should be somewhere in Ireland really doesn't it?) Chris & Sandra XXX.

Sat Jul 23 15:25:12 2005 IP:

Alien : Co Clare -

Gig Alert Johnny & Steve, Coyote Ranch, Rush, Sat 23rd July, See gig guide for details.

Tue Jul 19 22:14:54 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare. -

Hi Brian, yes I do remember you when we were young teenagers in Shannon. Nice to hear from you after all this time. It does go so fast! I hope your life in Australia has been good, and thanks for appreciating the music. All the best, Johnny.

Mon Jul 18 23:09:01 2005 IP:

Brian Mohan Perth, Western Australia -

Hiya Johnny, Not sure if you remember me, but we were friends for a period in Shannon in the early 60's. I've been a fan for many years and just wanted to say thanks for the enjoyment that your music has given us over the years. I have been living in Australia for the past 22 years now and thinking of all the goings on during those early 60's days, makes me wonder at just how fast time slips by. Thanks again and take care. Brian

Sun Jul 17 02:52:51 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Thanks Alex, It was a great night! Delighted you guys were able to make it. Maggie says Hello. Cheers,... Johnny.

Mon Jul 4 18:59:40 2005 IP:

Alex Farrell Dublin -

Blistering gig last night in holohans bar enniscorthy.mind you i didnt expect to be in the band!Great night had by all cheeers to Maggie see you in Rush,Alex

Sun Jul 3 11:36:31 2005 IP:

caroline moville co donegal -

Hi Jim (Great) im really looking forward to seeing the scrapbook again, it'll bring back some brill momeries of the good ole days,I took my son to see tommy emmanual in mc grorys on sunday night and boy was he fab, twas hard to see his fingers move on the guitar there was a tune were he had four things going on at the same time on the guitar. I think that every guitar player in Derry and Inishowen was there.Well jim the only german thing i've got at the moment is a chocolat bar if thats any good to you...he,he

Fri Jul 1 00:36:05 2005 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

Hi Caroline, what's the craic? You can have a look at the scrap books soon. Got any German posters? Ha, ha.

Thu Jun 30 20:34:25 2005 IP:

Tony Curtin : Benalmadena,Spain -

Greetings to John,Margaret and Steven from a 35 degreed Costa Del Sol today. Glad to have met you,albeit briefly,outside Dolans after recent gig. We´ve been out of touch for too long. Hope to hear from you when we get back. Until then,be well.

Thu Jun 30 18:02:53 2005 IP:

caroline moville co donegal -

hi johnny, Caroline here again just want to tell you that im in a wee play at the moment and an old school buddy of yours is in it too, he's called John (jnr)collins from limrick,He's now liveing in Moville, he says he was in a band with you many years ago and sends his best regards to you.oh by the way johnny theres a brill place here in donegal that both you and steve would go down a bomb and would give youre fans up here a great chance to see youre band, It's Mc grorys backroom in Culdaff, it's on the net on ( you guys do a gig there.All the best jhonny, take care. Caroline

Thu Jun 30 12:01:41 2005 IP:

Niall : Dublin -

Excellent news from The Horslips Exhibition Group. I won't be missing it this time!

Tue Jun 28 13:16:05 2005 IP:

The Horslips Exhibition Group : Derry, Kingscourt & Ballymena -

Horslips exhibition on display, Drogheda Arts Centre 6th - 18th October 2005. Waterfront Hall dates tbc and hopefully Cork as well tbc.

Sun Jun 26 14:08:32 2005 IP:

Dermot Gleeson : Limerick -

Hello Johnny, I really enjoyed the gig at Dolans last Friday night. It was brilliant and I was delighted to meet you wife Maggie. The old magic is still there. Thanks for the time for the few words and I hope to see you soon.

Tue Jun 21 12:23:09 2005 IP:

Lee Templeton : San Francisco -

Fantastic news about the Point on August 20th! As always, I'll be there in spirit.

Tue Jun 14 00:17:12 2005 IP:

cai -

hey, im in a band from co.fermanagh n.i and were releasing our first cd ,we wer gonna put a cover of famous horslips song dearg doom on it along with our own material,obviously we wer gonna publish on the cd who wrote the original,but is this o.k? since this was the only way i cud reach any horslips member cud johnny fean please contact me via my would be greatly apreciated.

Mon Jun 13 23:21:03 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi Pat, I'm delighted you enjoyed the Forum gig in Waterford. Steve and I had a great night! Looking forward to playing in Kyteller's Inn on Thur. Hope to see you there. All the Best,...Johnny.

Mon Jun 13 18:47:36 2005 IP:

Pat Rossiter New Ross -

Johnny and Steve, I caught your gig in Waterford on Saturday. It was simply brilliant. You guys are magnificent. In fact superlatives won't do you justice. Lovely sounds, and you guys were clearly enjoying yourselves. I'll be in Kyteller's on Thursday night. When on a roll... Best wishes to the both of you. Nar laige Dia bhur lamha!

Mon Jun 13 09:27:56 2005 IP:

Alien : Co Clare -

Gig Alert, Fean & Travers play The Forum, waterford, on sat 11th June, check gig dates page for details.

Thu Jun 9 18:23:51 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi Folks, thanks to everyone who made along to the gig in Rush last Sat. night. As always, it was great to see you, and it was a Rockin, night!! all the Best, johnny and Steve.

Thu Jun 9 00:21:03 2005 IP:

Niall Dublin -

Fantastic gig in Rush on Sat night! Definatly the best atmosphere I've seen. Thanks to Maggie, Steve & Paddy for all the cool stories too.

Tue Jun 7 13:55:38 2005 IP:

Stephen Ferris : -

A marvellously restrained Ramblin’ indeed Brendan, and also that ‘Close Encounters’ improvised into the free solo in Dearg Doom. I never expected that! Johnny B Goode was another high. It’s taken me two days to recover from that 2 hour session (and I was only watching). In days gone by I could party for two days and recover in 2 hours. Most surprising of all was to see Brendan buying drinks. “I’ll get them tonight” said he , “and you get them next time!” That has me wondering.

Tue Jun 7 00:10:02 2005 IP:

BrendanMc : -

Great gig last Sat night in Rush. Liked the inclusion of 'Ramblin on my mind' in the repe..ritpoe...setlist. Thanks for the time for few words lads and I hope to see all and sundry next month.

Mon Jun 6 22:41:23 2005 IP:

Conor Mc Dermott moville -

Hi Johnny, Just want to say that I love the Horslips and Im tryin to figure out how to play dearg doom on the guitar(I've kinda got it)I hope to see you soon if your coming up to the donegal area.Take Care,Conor

Fri Jun 3 22:05:31 2005 IP:

Chris Lee Delta -

Hey Johnny, great shots and info indeed on the Instrument-ography! I notice on the blown up stadium pic of the '53, a slide on your finger, what live slide work would you have done back then? All the best, Chris

Fri Jun 3 14:51:16 2005 IP:

Lee Templeton : San Francisco -

Beautiful photos and excellent commentary on that updated Instruments page! I've only just found it, but immediately scrolled to the mandolins for closer study.

Fri Jun 3 14:28:12 2005 IP:

Alien : Co Clare -

Johnny Fean & Steve Travers play the "Coyote Ranch" Rush, Co Dublin, on Sat 4th June. See details on the gig guide.

Thu Jun 2 22:23:35 2005 IP:

Pilib de Rossa : -

Hi Johnny and Steve (and Maggie), Looking forward to Rush on Saturday night.

Thu Jun 2 20:12:05 2005 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

Hi Caroline, I am amazed that you remembered the month and year. I don't recall the deal though, but do not doubt you. I still have the scrapbook and you are more than welcome to have another look at it the next time you are up in Derry. It would be nice to show Conor. Yes, the poster looked well in the exhibition. Best Wishes, Jim.

Wed Jun 1 11:49:07 2005 IP:

caroline moville co donegal -

hello there mr Jim Nelis what about ye;long time no hear,Yes,i do remember giving you that poster it was around june 78,seven weeks before i got hung,(oops)sorry,married and i also remember what you gave me in return;it was your horslips photo album,the deal was,if i gave you the poster then you would lend me your photo album for a week so you lent it to me for two weeks instead and boy was i a happy girl.(funny how little things means the most)those were the days eh;I was so chuffed when i saw that poster in the exibition last year, you kept it in perfect condition.i lost your E Mail address (computer went on the blink)but you will see mine in this message so do keep in touch,all the best Jim great to hear from you and take care. Caroline

Wed Jun 1 10:06:13 2005 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

Hi Caroline from Moville, do you remember giving me the German poster in the mid 70's, after the Stardust gig i recall?

Wed Jun 1 00:08:57 2005 IP:

caroline moville co donegal -

hi johnny,it would be fab if you guys are up in the late summer,im in a band myself so i hope im not gigging whatever time your up,my son Conor has taken up the guitar and he is getting quite good.He loves listening to great guitar players so im takeing him to see Tommy emmanuel in mc grorys in Culdaff next month.big Charlie herron sends his regards,he still has the long hair. All the best,Caroline

Tue May 31 10:47:22 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Thanks Caroline, Glad to hear young Conor has become a Fan! We may be up in the Donegal area later in the summer, maybe see you then. All the Best, Johnny.

Fri May 27 22:10:27 2005 IP:

caroline moville co donegal -

hi johnny its been ages since i saw you {derry last year}i took my son conor with me and he is now a massive horslips fan.i see that gerry brown writes to you he be a good old pal of mine, he says his hair has turned grey, (well)i can tell you that its been grey for many years,but a good old bottle of hair dye has kept it hidden from the world ha ha anyway johnny hope you boys are back up this end of the country soon and as usual i will be up at the very front.all the best and take care, caroline

Fri May 27 14:49:36 2005 IP:

McGinley Óg the northern wastelands -

hi johnny, steve. i was wondering if the fone number for the coyote ranch in rush was a mobile or a land line coz i cant seem to get thru. honestly sometimes i think its as if we live in two different countries...imagine that!

Thu May 26 14:45:48 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

hi ya Kieran, So it's vegas or Bust eh! Hope you're having a good time. Just watch out for the one arm Bandits! (the one's outside the Hotel!)Best regards, johnny.

Tue May 24 20:46:55 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : -

Kieran don't be gettin' above your station just because you have the lovely Annie showing you the sights in Vegas, behave yourself.

Tue May 24 19:19:07 2005 IP:

dickie london -

my my what handsome guy you are johnny sorry for ur friend fondest regards kieran

Tue May 24 15:21:58 2005 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

Hi Stephen (Ferris), give me a call if you get a chance. Thanks,Jim

Mon May 23 15:04:05 2005 IP:

Pete Holidai mullingar -

hi johnny. ive linked from the to your site (news page) love to all

Tue May 17 22:01:12 2005 IP:

gerry brown disconecting my phone from travers -

hi johnny,talked to steve(or should i say listened to him)2nite,he got me fixed up with a great phone deal,you pay 2 euro a minute,anywhere in the world,but to get the web site you pay steve 10,000euro,(a month)+his 2 euro a minute,thats a great deal,anyway hope your well,gerry

Tue May 17 01:20:26 2005 IP:

francie quinn : -

cheers joe. tried e-mailing darren to tell him about johnny and steve but couldn't get through. apparently his box is full! the lazy hallion. glad gig went well and i hope they get it together for the boys to play there too-sounds like a good spot. if you get a chance to hear any of cathy bonners stuff you should give it a wee listen. more country than blues but we are a broad church.

Mon May 16 22:54:35 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi Joe, Many thanks for putting the good word in with Darren in Leicester. With a bit of luck Steve and I might be able to make it over this summer. Delighted to hear your band is doing so well. Keep the Blues happening! Good on ya mate! Bye for now, Johnny.

Sun May 15 00:51:57 2005 IP:

Joe Forde : Chesterfield, England -

Francie: I passed on your regards to Darren when I met up with him at the gig last night. He was pleased to hear from you!His club is going from strenght to strenght with a new stage currently being built, and an extension to the room to allow for a capacity of about 200( currenly about 120). It was a power chords out- blues chords in type of audience. I got the impression early on I could have done about 10 slow blues in the set and they would have asked for an 11th, but anything Walter Troutish was definitely off the menu( what a pity!). Anyway, we got booked back but I reckon next time I will wire up my old dobro, put on a stetson and shades, and that should have them in ecstasy! Johnny and Steve; I put in a good word for you lads and Darren was interested to hear about what you are doing "back home". I certainly suggest if you want to string a few gigs together over here some time, you ask your agent to contact him and I am sure he will sort you out a night at his club in Leicester. Also ask him to contact Barry Middleton at the Running Horse Blues Club in Nottingham. The Musician in Leicester is a quality venue and one which you pair would take by storm. Here's hoping! All the best to you for now.

Sat May 14 13:24:59 2005 IP:

francie quinn : cookstown -

good man joe. say hello to darren for me and also his good lady Cathy Bonner who is from cookstown and is a mighty fine singer/songwriter too. if you get the chance to hear any of her stuff give it a listen, she had a couple of albums which were distributed in ireland by Gael Linn-not sure if you will be able to get them buit darren might have afew about his personage.

Mon May 9 09:41:13 2005 IP:

Chris : Lee Delta -

Hey Johnny and Steve! Great job on the new site! Can't wait to see more, good luck on upcoming gigs, all the best, Chris.

Sat May 7 18:05:06 2005 IP:

Greg & Pals : Hungover in Ennis -

The Barge Rooms, WHAT A NIGHT. We wer passing saw the poster said could be good. GOOD!! MY GOD! we were totaly blow`n away. What we heard would blow Clapton, U2, (and me a big fan) any of them out of the water. You made our weekend, come back soon.

Sat May 7 13:26:31 2005 IP:

Joe Forde : Chesterfield, England -

Francie, I will also mention it to Darren when I see him next Friday night, as Electric Blueshouse Band are doing the honours on 13th May ( our first time at The Musician and a privilege to play to such an established and discerning audience as you find there)!

Thu May 5 18:12:06 2005 IP:

francie quinn : -

must pass on your details to darren at the musician in leicester which puts on loads of gigs and will look after you well if you hit england in the summer. still hoping to get something organised up here but might not be until after the summer. the cd sounds like a great idea.

Thu May 5 12:55:04 2005 IP:

Joe Forde : Chesterfield, England -

Steve, more than happy to take the blame mate! Definitely more than happy to receive such a positive response to my suggestion from you both. Love the new site too by the way. Rock on!

Thu May 5 08:56:47 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : The Deep South -

Thanks Joe for the suggestion, and Niall and Lee for your enthusiasm too. Yes, Johnny called me in London during the week and suggested we get some recordings together this Summer. We've been threatening this for some time so we intend to take a DAT machine to some of the gigs and record the live set from the desk for a start. If we get a result Joe Forde will have to take some of the blame. We have quite a lot of original material written and if our manager Frank continues to call us "lazy gits" then we might just have to prove him wrong and record it.

Thu May 5 00:35:04 2005 IP:

alien : Co Clare -

Gig Reminder Johnny Fean & Steve Travers play the Barge Rooms Ennis on Friday 6th may, and the Lodge Theatre, Mallow on Sat 7th may. Check the gig guide on for details.

Wed May 4 14:35:44 2005 IP:

Lee Templeton : San Francisco -

Hello Johnny and Steve! I want to chime in and say that Joe's suggestion for an acoustic Celtic Blues CD is something I would dearly love to hear. And I can vouch for the many people in the mandolin, roots, and blues world that would respond to it as well. A visit to or gives a glimpse into the appreciative and enthusiastic audience for original mandolin artists, for example, and there are equally as many web communities in blues and roots genres. And for those who cannot regularly attend your gigs, your CD would be a valuable thing indeed. As Joe says, it would become a much-respected classic by old and new fans alike.

Wed May 4 03:12:43 2005 IP:

Niall Dublin -

Hey Johnny\Steve, new look web site is pretty cool. I have a few pics from the various gigs, if you send me your address I can forward them onto you for the website.

Tue May 3 23:27:12 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi Joe, How are you? It's wonderful to hear from you again, as always! What you were saying in your message(below) about Steve and I doing a 'Celtic Blues'/ 'roots'/acoustic Cd, is a great idea. It would be really nice (as you say) to include some (acoustic 'slide') on a few Blues 'Classics' like 'Ramblin', and 'I wish you would', and one or two ('minor key') songs also.The acoustic Mandolin tunes (sets) would fit in well also, I think. This is definately food for thought! Up to now we haven't thought a lot about it, or weren't sure if there would be a market for such a Cd. I think it would be well worth considering, and if it didn't prove too expensive, maybe go ahead and do it. hopefull this summer steve and I will be able to get over to the UK to do some dates. I hope your Band are doing really well, I would love to meet up with you again, sometime this summer, either over here, or in the UK. Give my regards to the very kind people in the Irish community, in Leeds, next time you play there. Thanks Joe, All the best..Johnny.

Mon May 2 01:35:33 2005 IP:

Joe Forde : -

And as an addendum to the below, see the stuff that Lee Templeton has just written about "The Long Tail" on her Guestbook. It's true and is very much in the spirit of the way Horslips produced some of their early stuff too. So lets have a recording from you lads!

Sun May 1 15:24:03 2005 IP:

Joe Forde : Chesterfield, England -

Hello Johnny and Steve. Warmest wishes to you both. I don't know whether you are fully aware of a growing musical trend over here which may be of interest to you- that is, the increasing interest in Roots music. Up until fairly recently there were dedicated clubs where you could hear acoustic folk, and similar where you could hear acoustic blues, and similar where you could hear acoustic "world music" etc. But you would not tend to hear a mix of these at the same club on the same night. Increasingly there are now "generic" Roots nights at many of these clubs where it is not uncommon to hear blues, jazz, folk, world, country, celtic etc all played unplugged on the same night. We have an excellent one of these sessions every Tuesday night at a blues club in Nottingham that I happen to love. This has got me thinking(worry time folks)! Have you thought about doing a Celtic and Urban Roots music CD along these lines and for this market? Included might be the three excellent mandolin and bass sets you performed live when I saw you last year(played on acoustic instruments though) and possibly other tunes too. Acoustic renditions of your lovely version of Ramblin' on my Mind,and also of the second track on the Smokin' Guitar album( can't remember its name offhand), and possibly a couple of other blues classics featuring your slide playing Johnny( one in a minor key).The theme would be Celtic Blues and I really do feel it would be an excellent and original contribution. This would not have to be a big commercial distribution thing as you could sell these at your gigs and across the world via your web site( there are many fine musicians who increasingly do this- Wilko Johnson recently told me he sells more CDs this way than in the shops, and it's not expensive to have a high quality set of CDs produced in this way these days. Based on what I heard you both play last summer I am convinced this CD would become a treasured item to many lovers of excellent roots music, played by two of the finest musicians currently in Ireland. Just a thought! Incidentally Johnny, you still have those in the Irish community up in Leeds who have fond memories of you- I met a few of them recently at a gig up there and a shout of approval went up when I mentioned your name on stage ( the biggest shout we received all night mate)! Hope to see you both playing again sometime this year. The best of health and good living to you. Joe Forde

Sun May 1 09:32:52 2005 IP:

Benny White Dublin -

Hi there Johnny how the hell are you ?. Just thought i would drop by and say hello, its been a long time. Cheers, Benny.

Fri Apr 29 21:32:07 2005 IP:

Tony Casey Essex -

Hi Johnny, I just came across your web page recently, and I remember your Treat days in the shannon centre Ilford, where I was the Dj. I loved that band, and booked them as often as I could, do you still hear from Dave. I sadly have lost contact with all the bands, since I left the shannon, when after 14 years they decided to drop the live bands, and have disco only, I got bored and moved on, but what great nights we had. all the best for the future, you and Steve appesr to be doing well. Tony Casey. ( DJ )

Thu Apr 28 23:51:07 2005 IP:

Mimi (Miriam) Indiana, USA -

Cheers Johnny! Today was the first I have heard of you, a deejay asked if I was influenced by your music and I had never heard of Johnny or the Horslips before today (sad, I know...). Anyone have an idea where I can legally upload the Horslips or Johnny's music? Thank you for your time, Blessings, Miriam Tattoo -Americana Forget About it-Folk-rock Sunday Morning- Celtic Sorry Americana/slow/folk Land of the living -Celtic Don't forget me- Celtic (eerie) Pray on my knees- Folk-rock Slip Away Celtic When you're lost- -Celtic/world Far Away will be Celtic Your Picture Americana Ballade of Ned Haywood

Thu Apr 28 20:14:13 2005 IP:

johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi Folks, Just want to say 'Thank You' to Pilib de Rossa and Co., Niall and his family, also to Pete Holidai, for making it along to the gig at Mullingar. It was great to see you there, and you made it a Great night! All the best from Johnny, Steve, and Maggie.

Sun Apr 24 17:22:15 2005 IP:

Niall : Dublin -

The gig last night ruled! The best I've seen yet. The best ever version of Shakin' All Over!

Sat Apr 23 18:03:32 2005 IP:

Pilib de Rossa : -

Great gig last night Johnny and Steve. Looking forward to seeing you in Rush. Also a big thanks to James the DJ from Mullingar for buying me the pint!!

Sat Apr 23 17:58:05 2005 IP:

Niall : Dublin -

See you at the gig tonight, Best of luck

Fri Apr 22 14:41:42 2005 IP:

Alien : Co Clare -

Gig Alert, Johnny Fean & Steve Travers play the Stables, Mullingar, Friday April 22nd, 10pm, see gig guide for details.

Thu Apr 21 20:48:37 2005 IP:

Dermot Gleeson : Limerick -

alien : Co Clare: Many thanks for the reply to my message I hope to make the gig's in Ennis and Mallow. Is anybody going to put a tabs on the net? Or does anbody know where one could get the Sheet Music? I remember seeing the Lips'o in the Francisan hall log b4 the Savoy gigs.I also remember a gig at "St Johns Pavilion " and Barry went out the the truck " I do not rember the Big Fist" and showed us his new Stero Bass by John Birch" I got a pair of Premier C drum sticks from Eamon same night. Charles was giving mandolin lessions to a few girls in the key of love Major!!!! I think that was around the time of "Horslips Live". The Savoy would have been closed but opened again for the last Horslip gig in Limerick was early 1980. I have a bootleg recording of it hush hush. Johnny was in fine form with brilliant playing on "Sure the boy was green" Also saw Johnny playing on O Connell in Limerick, "on O Conell Street not on telivision" My Day worked with Johnny's Day Jim Fean in Shannon in the late 50's early 60's. Thanks for all the fun and crack over the years. Kind Regards Dermot Gleeson

Mon Apr 18 14:23:40 2005 IP:

Ryan O'Sullivan Omagh, Co.Tyrone -

Hi all, I just want to inform everyone that there is a Horslips Tribute concert taking place in Co.Tyrone. 9 students from Omagh CBS will be performing the complete book of invasions album. There will also be a raffle for a signed Horslips CD. Theres a 4 pound admission fee, and all money (door and raffle) will go to the Latian American Street Children Organisation (LASCO) charity. Omagh CBS Assembly Hall, Thursday 28th April at 8PM. Any questions please e-mail me

Sun Apr 17 21:10:40 2005 IP:

Pete Holidai Mullingar -

Nice one Johnny, See you in Mullingar (the Stables) on friday!

Sun Apr 17 01:53:36 2005 IP:

Colm Mc Keown Churchtown,D14 -

Hi Johnny, Thanks for your reply - great to hear from you - please send me an Email if you get a moment - re a realy nice vintage 12 string acoustic (Deserves a decent home!) P.S - Any resonators about ? King regards, Colm.

Sat Apr 16 00:45:20 2005 IP:

alien : -

to Joe Fortune, The mullingar gig is definately on april 22nd, it was a late addition thats why it is not on the stables website. I will get them to correct the listing, regards

Thu Apr 14 21:46:39 2005 IP:

Mick Magennis Belfast -

Hi Johnny,Hope you and yours are well.I was well disappointed not to make the great nite up in Derry but sadly my lady was ill at the time.The whole RollBack vibe makes me feel so nostalgic.I rang in Radio Ulster when Barry(The Priest)was on plugging the same to say how much us young lads(I'm 45 Tue., week) looked forward to seeing the Horslips live.During the bad bad days Rory and Yourselves were among the few who ventured into our divided city.I have fond memories of chatting to you all before and after gigs in the Whitla,Ulster etc wearing my unofficial "HORSLIPS" roadie T-shirt.Good Luck,will be in touch.Mick

Thu Apr 14 19:27:54 2005 IP:

Joe Fortune Leixlip -

Hi Johnny, Is the Mullingar gig on, on the 22nd April? The venue hasn't got it listed on their site. If it's on hope to make it. Joe

Thu Apr 14 15:06:57 2005 IP:

BrendanMc : -

Can't make Mullingar (close to the home parish and all) but will be in Rush - Part III

Sat Apr 9 18:35:43 2005 IP:

gerry brown derry -

hi johnny,good to see you at rte the other day,you and the guys look well,as you saw my hair has gone grey ,my mum said it may turn brown again after i leave school,take care give my best to steve,gerry

Fri Apr 8 21:08:43 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi Pilib, Thanks, Be seeing you in ol' Mullingar then. Cheers, Johnny.

Fri Apr 8 20:21:27 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi Pete(Holidai), I enjoyed the 'Rads' village gig last June, sorry I had to leave near the end. It would be nice to meet up for a pint sometime. The 'Rads' site is Great! Good luck with the gigs and stuff this Summer. Cheers, johnny.

Fri Apr 8 20:17:47 2005 IP:

alien : Co Clare -

To Dermot Gleeson, yes there is a Limerick date planned in June details being finalised.

Thu Apr 7 23:57:45 2005 IP:

Pilib de Rossa : -

Johnny the South Armagh gang of 4 look forward to seeing you in Mullingar. Accommodation already booked in the Railway House

Thu Apr 7 19:39:37 2005 IP:

Pete Holidai Mullingar -

hi johnny, sorry i missed you at the rads Village gig last June. we must meet up for a pint! check out

Wed Apr 6 01:00:33 2005 IP:

Michael O'Donoghue Cork -

Saw yourself and Stephen a few times recently and both gigs were fantastic. Most recent one was in DE BARRAS in Clonakilty. Keep up the great music.

Tue Apr 5 16:51:13 2005 IP:

Niall : Dublin -

Another great gig on Sat night Johnny & Steve, thanks again. Was nice to meet Maggie. Sorry for the no show on Sun night but I had to get home for work (i should really sort my priorities out!)

Mon Apr 4 13:11:45 2005 IP:

Peter : Lee Delta -

Maggie, Thanks be to Jesus you're back. The country went to hell while you were missing. As for that party, all I can say is that I hope ye all sleep well in your beds tonight. The photos are develpoed and should hit the newspapers Monday!

Sat Apr 2 22:34:20 2005 IP:

Maggie : Planet Earth -

Magggggie. Somewhere on this planet. zzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!! Yes thats how I feel. I have just hit earth after what must be the longest celebration of a birthday ever. I dont know where to start, I have so many people to thank. Johnny fair play to him covered my butt while I flew off to New York. I want to thank everyone who traveled far & wide & making it such a fantastic night. Jim & Fran, Barry & Caroline, Dave & Rachel, Peter & Trish, Stephen & Noel, Paddy & Carrol, Frank & Edell, Peter & Birnie, Pat & Smilie, Jake, Gay, & all the rellies & friends who are to numerous to mention, Mick & Valarie Dolan ( An amazing venue, we`ll be back.)& your sraff who could not do enough for us on the night. A BIG! BIG!!! THANK YOU to Johnny & Steve who helped us rock the night away, as always you were brilant. Catherine & Karen thanks for N.Y. Bucks County & Washington. & last but not least my Mum Peggy, my other Mum Maureen, & the family on both sides. Catherine, John, Jimmy, Corna, Gail, Donal, Shearie, Ray, Billy, Anne, Sarah, Dee, Eugine, Mary, paul,& Avril. Our Love & best wishes to all who could not make it. Good God!! is that the time. Well as you can see the jet lag is setting in. So thank you all again for making my birthday the best ever. Here's to the next one. Love Maggie.

Sat Apr 2 02:36:53 2005 IP:

Dermot Gleeson : Limerick -

John, any gigs on the map for limerick ?

Fri Apr 1 16:49:40 2005 IP:

Patrick Whelan Philadelphia -

Hey Johnny, any plans for a states visit? fellow irish bluesman....

Thu Mar 31 17:56:21 2005 IP:

Niall Dublin -

Johnny, I should be at the gig on Sat night in Athenry, if you could remember the Zen Alligators and Host stuff it would be great. See you then!

Thu Mar 31 13:13:32 2005 IP:

Alien : -

Gig Alert: Johnny Fean & Steve Travers & Mick Rowley, Monday, March 28th, Bootleggers, Bundoran, Co Donegal.

Sat Mar 26 18:42:36 2005 IP:

Jim limerick -

come on Johnny get some guitar tabs up for acoustic somewhere,then get the guitar strapped on and get the others back to work, real work.rollback is great.

Fri Mar 25 17:29:40 2005 IP:

Martin Moran Limerick -

Hi John, Last met Markets Field gig 1983 - 84 keep up the good work great to you sre back on the scene , met Guido a couple of weeks ago he told me you called to the house, have a photograph of myself,you , Brush Shields, Paddy Murphy and Peggy Stackpool taken at gig in Markets Field, will give copy to Guido for you....... Keep Music Live Best Wishes Martin Moran let us know if going to be playing Dolans in Best wishes to Mags...

Mon Mar 21 13:56:18 2005 IP:

Niall Dublin -

Another great gig last night in the Bridgehouse, thanks again Johnny & Steve and thanks for the autographs!

Sun Mar 20 23:04:59 2005 IP:

johnny Fean : Co. clare -

Hi Folks, a Belated 'Happy Birthday' to Chris(GG) Hope it was a good one! Hi to Niall, (at the Bridgehouse last night), and Hi to Lee, thanks for recent postings on the GB. Cheers...Johnny

Sun Mar 20 21:35:14 2005 IP:

Niall : Dublin -

Best of luck in The Bridgehouse tonight Johnny & Steve, see you there!

Sat Mar 19 15:00:43 2005 IP:

Lee Templeton : San Francisco -

Johnny and Steve: thanks to David Creedon I have some great pictures from DeBarras. It looks like it was another fantastic night for all. Also, just want to say Happy Birthday to Chris Somers, who tells me all about about the gigs he's seen in such good detail, that I am almost there by proxy.

Sat Mar 19 12:58:02 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi to Andrew and Donal, just a quick note to say I'm delighted you enjoyed the gig at the Old Oak, and it was nice to talk to you afterwards. Steve and I will be playing at the Old oak again in a few weeks, so maybe we will see you there. Cheers... Johnny.

Fri Mar 18 22:30:23 2005 IP:

David Creedon European Capital of Culture 2005 -

Great gig last nite in Clon you left the crowd in a "Frenzy" Hope you come back soon regards dc

Fri Mar 18 21:23:13 2005 IP:

Andrew Cork -

Hey, just saying that i saw your gig in The Old Oak there a while ago. It Was Spectacular!! everything was brilliant. I was there with Donal, and we loved it. And those drunken buffoons didn't ruin the night at all. they would've if it wasn't for the exceptional music unleashed by you and steve, for which i am thankful! I hope I can see you in cork again, and if you play, I'll be there. thanks again!

Thu Mar 17 21:32:25 2005 IP:

Alien : Co Clare -

Quick reminder for Johnny & Steve's upcoming gigs in : DeBarras, Clonakilty, West Cork, on Paddy's night, march 17th, where they will be joined by Mick Rowley. And Johnny & Steve in the Bridgehouse Hotel, Tullamore on March 19th

Wed Mar 16 20:58:21 2005 IP:

Donal Gill,Cork -

hi there johnny, just a quick msg to say that i caught your gig with steve in the old oak in cork a few weeks ago and i really, really enjoyed it despite the continued attempts to ruin the night by two seperate drunken buffoons. the crisp, clean and scorching tones of your playing is second to none and you were cery receptive to me after the gig too when i said a few words to you and for that i send my thanks. keep up the good work and never leave a les paul out of your hand too long!

Tue Mar 15 23:33:49 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi Folks, A great big Thank You from Maggie to all the people (friends and family) who made it to her Party last, and also a big Thanks to everyone at Dolan's Warehouse(staff and management,who provided a superb service)also Corna and Catherine for the great room decorations!Not forgetting Steve Travers (played a stormer!) and the people who wanted to be there,(but had to miss out due to various unforeseen circumstances.)and also friends who posted 'Birthday greetings'.(Hi Steve and Simon, Chris, Jim and Caroline.) Thanks a lot folks, it was a Great Night!!... Johnny.

Sun Mar 13 22:57:51 2005 IP:

Simon and Steve Video City -

Jones made me put this on!Happy b`day Mags.Love to Johnny....He`s still the man.....Love Steve and Si.

Sun Mar 13 00:19:47 2005 IP:

Chris Lee Delta -

Hey Maggie, happy birthday! I know your havin a rockin' time anyway! Tell 2 those party going maniacs I said hello anyway, say hello to Johnny and Steve too! Have a great night! Chris

Sat Mar 12 23:44:31 2005 IP:

Jim, Caroline, Eimear & Paul Nelis : Derry -

A very Happy Birthday to Maggie Fean. We hope you have a great night. Sorry we could not make it.

Sat Mar 12 23:24:58 2005 IP:

Niall : Dublin -

I think Vicar St. or The Olympia would be good for an upcoming gig

Sat Mar 12 17:58:13 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi Gerry, Glad to see you're keeping well. give my best Regards to Phil keaggy if you see him again. He is indeed a guitar Legend, you're in good company my friend! take care, Johnny.

Mon Mar 7 22:12:40 2005 IP:

gerry brown to rude to say -

hi steve, i,m just back from dublin, i go to america on the 15th so i,ll try call you before i go,hope everyones well,tell johnny i was talking to a gituar player called (phil keagie) i hope i,ve spelt that right, when hendricks was asked what was it like being the best player in the world, he said i dont know go ask phil k,anyway he sends his regards to johnny take care gerry

Mon Mar 7 18:37:27 2005 IP:

Stephen Ferris : -

Hi Johnny, Maths says 10 years into 1 hour don’t go, but it was a great try and Maurice packed an enormous amount into the documentary. Lots of favourite moments to choose from. Of the Fean moments I’d choose; the banjo clip already mentioned, and also the “I’ll be Waiting” recording deck clip at the Advision London Studio. You were looking well, Brad Pitt would be no competition. The whole thing was needed badly, but it was done well...........and there’s more?

Wed Mar 2 22:48:05 2005 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

Hi Johnny and Maggie. Great documentary last night which my mum thoroughly enjoyed as well. Best Wishes as always.

Wed Mar 2 12:41:25 2005 IP:

Ryan O'Sullivan Omagh, Co.Tyrone -

Me and a few friends are currently eorking on a horlsips tribute gig so if anybody wants some tabs, let me know and il c what i can do

Wed Mar 2 10:40:23 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi Peter, I'm delighted you liked the T.V. Docu., I had never seen that footage of me playing the tenor Banjo! unbelievable!! Regards.. Johnny.

Wed Mar 2 01:53:43 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi Colm, Great to hear from you after all these years, I'm delighted you like 'Roll back', and that you enjoyed the T.V.documentary, it had lots of memories of Sandymount! I hope you've been keeping well. I will pass on your regards to Maggie and Charles. Take care..Johnny.

Wed Mar 2 01:47:28 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi Seth, Nice to hear from you, and good to hear Celtic Rock is alive and well in New York. I would like to help you out with tabs for 'Trouble' but unfortunately I am not aware of any that exist. if it's any help to you guys,I can pass on the chords of the song to to you.(you probabably already know them?) The main 'riff' however without any 'tab'would be more complicated. you can let me Know if any of this would be of help. Regards..Johnny.

Wed Mar 2 01:25:59 2005 IP:

Peter : Lee Delta -

Johnny, The RTE1 program was brilliant. Looking forward to the DVD. That clip with you playing banjo was magic!

Wed Mar 2 01:17:10 2005 IP:

Churchtown, ; -

Hello Johnny - great to see & hear you guys back together again - the album is great - love your slide playing in particular ! Just watched the TV tribute with great affection. Give my regards to your lovely wife Maggie & to that great man called Charles. Please send my regards to all. Had a look at your instruments - recognised a few & drooled at many more! Thanks to you all for your kindness/hospitatility & for lending me your TV LP and many albums all those years ago ! I would love to hear from you again. Kind regards, Colm Mc Keown.

Tue Mar 1 23:55:14 2005 IP:

Seth Long Island New York -

I have been a horslips fan for years and have a celtic rock band on Long Island. We wanted to add Trouble to our set list and my guitar player asked if the tabs for it existed. I couldn't find it so if someone could steer me in the right direction I would appreciate it

Tue Mar 1 21:50:33 2005 IP:

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