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Chris Somers
Happy Christmas to Johnny Maggie and Steve. Thanks for a great year of fantastic music and company.

Hope ye had a good one!
Tuesday December 26 01:41:44 2006 - Lee Delta

Mark Wilson | markeyhw~AT~aol~DOT~com
Loved "The Winter Runestone" and the animation - hope we can have something like this every year. Merry Christmas to Johnny, Maggie and Steve (and of course Steve and Noel).
Monday December 25 21:43:52 2006 - Antrim

Jim, Caroline, Eimear & Paul Nelis
A very Happy Christmas to Johnny, Maggie, Steve and Mick.
Monday December 25 13:29:05 2006 - Derry

Pilib de Rossa
A big Happy Christmas to Johnny Maggie Steve and all our friends on the Guestbook

Jerome & Rosie and family
Sunday December 24 20:05:33 2006

Steve Travers
Many many thanks to everyone for their good wishes. It hardly seems like a year has passed since we all sang Auld Lang Syne although quite a lot has been achieved. Sadly this is the first Christmas for many years that Johnny and I can't sync our calendars to gig. Perhaps we will have better opportunities in 2007. I wish all our friends a happy and peaceful Christmas and a bright and hopeful New Year.
Sunday December 24 15:55:51 2006

James,Rebecca and Eva
Happy Christmas to Johnny Steve and Maggie
Sunday December 24 14:40:25 2006

Stephen Ferris
..and here's another Xmas message for Johnny, Steve, Maggie, all the gig goers and the guest bookers.
Wishing you all good Yule.
Sunday December 24 00:37:26 2006

Noel F
Just a quick message to wish Maggie, Johnny and Steve a Happy Christmas. Thanks for all of the pleasure you've supplied over the years - long may it continue.

I absolutely love The Winter Runestone offering on the homepage - a lovely piece of music which has the added advantage of driving my missus steadily crazy with the umpteenth time of playing!

best wishes to all, and here's to 2007.

Saturday December 23 12:04:40 2006

Johnny Fean..
A very happy Xmas to 'The Deans' (Gavin, Gary, & Gary K.) and to the Dean family..
Best wishes for a Great, and exciting 2007!
Johnny, Steve, Mick, and Maggie.
Saturday December 23 02:10:30 2006

Johnny, Steve and Maggie, have a great Christmas and with any luck the lads and I will catch up with you again in May/June on the road somewhere in Ireland. Love the tune, too, it has replaced The Fairy King as my favourite slow mandolin tune. Great stuff, keep it up. I'll be interestied to hear what the acoustic stuff sounds like. Meanwhile, I'd better go and put more sunscreen on. Don't want to lose my attractive Irish pallor in this heat. The back yard is full of women in bikinis, it's like Friday night in Ballybunion here. All the best and have a great Christmas/New Year everyone.
Friday December 22 22:28:19 2006 - Summery New Zealand

The Deans
Hello to Johnny, Steve, Mick and Maggie. Just wanted to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It was truely a very fun and exciting 2006 and 2007 will be even better! Best of luck ......................... The Deans (Gavin, Gary + Gary K)
Friday December 22 19:57:35 2006 - Sitting on top of the world!

Johnny Fean
To Keith (up north) a very merry xmas to you and a Happy new year....Johnny, Steve, and Maggie.
Friday December 22 19:32:00 2006

Johnny Fean
A Merry xmas to you Joe...great to hear from you..
Delighted you like the Xmas tune on the homepage..and that it went down well at the office party...
you may well be hearing a bit more of that 'acoustic' side in the new year....keep up the excellent blues playing over there..A very Happy new year to you and family...
Johnny, Steve, and Maggie...
Friday December 22 19:28:48 2006

Joe Forde
Merry Christmas Johnny and Steve ( and Maggie, of course). Hey, I played your Homepage Christmas tune at our office Christmas party just now, and it got a few going with "Tudor" dancing and the like! I really liked it and would like to hear more of this sort of stuff from you.

All the best for the New Year- do keep up the excellent playing!

Friday December 22 14:54:26 2006

Keith Johnston
Sorry for the double posting - must be the drink.
Friday December 22 13:40:23 2006

Keith Johnston
Happy Christmas to Johnny,Steve and Maggie and best wishes for 2007. A lovely tune to end a memorable 2006 with so many great nights. Looking forward to many more in 2007.
Friday December 22 13:38:44 2006 - Up North

Keith Johnston
Happy Christmas to Johnny, Steve and Maggie and best wishes for 2007. A lovely tune to end a memorable 2006 with so many great nights. Looking forward to many more in 2007.
Friday December 22 13:31:03 2006 - Up North

Hi Johnny , Steve & the lovely Maggie !
I hope you all have a wonderfull Christmas and a Happy new Year.

Thanks for all the gigs during the year , you were all awesome.

The Winter Runestone is a great reminder of all thats seasonal and the exceptional talents of Mr Fean & Co.

See you all in the new year , have a great one ...........
Thursday December 21 16:05:01 2006 - Knocklyon, Dublin.

That certainly is a lovely tune on the main page. A sign of great things to come?
Just want to wish Johnny, Maggie & Steve and everyone here on the GB a great Christmas. See you all next year!
Thursday December 21 01:13:11 2006 - High on Maiden

Johnny F.
Brendan...Delighted you like 'The winter runestone' Xmas tune..and of course I will endeavour to maintain the high standards of which you speak, in '07....
The very best wishes for you and Family this xmas...
Johnny, steve, and Maggie...
Wednesday December 20 21:36:30 2006

I actually cursed the slow loading of the page first time until I heard, like the cuckoo on May 1, the delicate sound of joy.

Fair play young Fean. I'll be keeping a closer eye on you in 2007 to make sure these high standards are maintained.

Ergo all I can say is, to John, Steve, Maggie and Frank have a Happy Christmas.

More anon
Wednesday December 20 21:03:41 2006

great tune lads really hope to see you live sometime if you play anywere near derry ok people talk soon seeya
Tuesday December 19 18:26:02 2006 - derry

Alan Bogue
Just want to wish Johnny, Steve and Maggie a very Merry Christmas and to thank them for the many wonderful gigs during 2006 and best wishes for the New Year!!. Also very best wishes to the Site Administrator/s.
Tuesday December 19 09:28:35 2006 - Newry

Johnny F.
I want to thank Frank H. and Stephen F. for their help on the
Xmas tune....Nice one...
Monday December 18 18:59:25 2006

Johnny Fean..
Hi to everyone, and thanks for your recent messages on the guestbook...PJG..The Xmas tune 'winter runestone' currently playing on the homepage, is one I recorded (on mandolin and guitar) at our studio in Crusheen, Co. Clare, last week...
It's an idea I had for a Xmas instrumental for the homepage..
It's not an original composition, and to the best of my knowledge/memory, it is an old English folk song or tune...
It's been given the title 'The Winter Runestone' ..which is a nice seasonal name...delighted you like it...
And as it's the season to be Jolly.. I will take this oportunity to thank everyone who has supported Steve and myself, at our 'live' gigs throughout this past year..and we look forward to seeing you all in '07...So here's wishing you all a happy and peaceful xmas and a Great new year...
Thanks folks..from Johnny, Steve, and Maggie...
Monday December 18 18:12:21 2006

Steve Travers
Hi PJG, All the credit has to go to Johnny for that. He recorded it with mandolin and guitar in our own studio. I think it's a lovely piece. I'm sure he'll tell you more about it when he comes online.
Monday December 18 16:54:41 2006 - Snowed Under

'Winter Runestone' is marvellous!
Is it a Johnny/Steve composition ?
Monday December 18 16:15:52 2006

Site Editor
Be sure to check out the special Chrismas vibe on the Home Page. Answer "Yes" if the page invites you to allow active plug ins to load. Dial up folk may need to be patient while the page loads. Check the Home Page News for more info. Wrap up warm before you go.
Monday December 18 01:11:59 2006

Keith Bogue | keithbogue~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Christmas Greetings to Johnny and Steve, and Maggie, hope you all have a good one. Thanks for a great year of gigs. The last one in Dundalk and of course the big one in Galway stand out.Looking forward to more in the New Year.
Sunday December 17 14:19:15 2006 - Limerick

Karen | kcutler~AT~frontiernet~DOT~net
Hi...sorry its taken almost two months for me to google your website but I finally found it!! I wanted to thank Niall for inviting us to the Cobblestone for the October 27th gig....we had a GREAT time!!! The atmosphere and the music made our trip to Ireland even more unforgettable. Thanks again Niall and tell Mark he has to track down the Captain Morgan’s Private Stock!! If he can’t find it I’ll send him some…haha!!! Keep in touch
Sunday December 17 10:24:45 2006 - Sacramento, CA

mickey o toole | sedrec1~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
i am coming home for xmas were will you be dec /jan
Sunday December 17 03:49:08 2006 - canada new york dublin

And on the topic of songs that rule, here is Further On Up The Road, from Galway, with Henry McCullough lending a hand.
Thursday December 14 23:50:59 2006

That is a very good comparrison Brendan
Thursday December 14 23:47:40 2006

PJG. Second that plus some. F&T have brought many a fine moment for me since I saw them first in Banjo Sherlocks in Navan about 4 years ago.

On an aside isn't Pink Floyd's 'Comfortably Numb' a great song when one has a few glasses of wine on-board (or actually dead coldsober). Comfortably Numb = I'll Be Waiting.
Thursday December 14 22:39:26 2006

Can I take this opportunity to wish Johnny and Steve all the very best for Christmas and the New Year. They gave us a great year of live gigs, some of the best ever, and they never give less than one hundred percent of themselves on stage.
New additions like 'The Snakes farewell..', 'Keep on Runnin' are appreciated and we look forward to hearing more newcomers to our boys' playlist.
Happy Christmas to Maggie, without whom no Johnny and Steve gig would be the same, and that's a fact.
Thursday December 14 13:54:23 2006 - Dublin

Ah ..The Snakes Farewell to the Emerald Isle last! What a tune and what a title. Thanks to whoever put it up at .

as I missed the gig.

Great tone on both guitar and bass, the Line 6 delivers yet again. Once heard that this was written in an American hotel room by JF while the Lipsos were on tour. True or false?

Always reminded me a little of Elisabeth Reed by the Allmans but much better.

See you next time.
Tuesday December 12 22:03:23 2006 - Liffey Delta

Happy first birthday Dingle gig!

Speaking of Dingle, here is the Dingle Regatta from the recent Galway gig.
Tuesday December 12 20:44:00 2006

Stephen Ferris
Niall, from George Bush to George Best!
Best was all over the news today here. If I’ve got things right then there are plans for a bronze statue of George with Dennis Law and Bobby Charlton. It’s targeted for May next year at Old Trafford.

A few weeks back the Ulster bank issued 1 million new George Best fronted 5 pound notes. All legal tender, but none have made it into cash circulation since apparently they’ve being snapped up, directly or indirectly, for United fans.
There’s money to be made in the making of money!

Anyway, an interesting thing for music fans is that Paul Bowen has written a song for the George Best Foundation. It’s the same Paul who wrote the two articles from this site’s “about the band page”

The foundation supports research into liver disease and alcoholism and other things. You can find out more at:
and there you can also download Paul’s Beautiful Feet song with a donation to the GB Foundation.
Monday December 11 23:33:51 2006

Famed blues musician BB King is to be
awarded the Medal of Freedom, America's
highest civilian honour.

'For more than half a century, the King
of the Blues and his guitar Lucille
have thrilled audiences," said
President George W Bush.

King said: 'It's been a long journey,
but I've enjoyed every minute of it,
bringing the blues to so many
enthusiastic audiences around the

He will be presented with the Medal in
a White House ceremony on 15 December.
Monday December 11 19:19:29 2006

David 'Toole | univers1 ~AT~ universal-total-guitar-plus-center~DOT~com
Hi guys - great to see you're still bangin' them out. I notice some great videos of yez up on Youtube, lookin' and sounding well! Sooo, back together after all these years - great!

Speaking of Youtube, I'm a guitar player myself and I've added a Horslips inspired medley of toons I arranged and played up there - please have a look and listen n' see what you think.

Hope you enjoy the vid ... if you're curious my guitar website is at http://www.universal-total-guitar-plus-c

Keep drinkin' the Miranda + keep on rockin' ...

Slán 4 now
Monday December 11 12:06:16 2006 - Switzerland

For everyone that missed the Deans gig in Galway last week, here is the first of the clips of Johnny, Steve & Mick, King Of The Fairies....

Monday December 4 19:29:17 2006 - Thanks Johnny

gerry brown | gerrybrown~DOT~1~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
hi steve,i,m still in orlando (82) here today.i fly home on dec 8th for 4weeks then i,m back here again i,ll call you when i,m back,i think the boys are doing the late late show in jan with lou pearlman i,ll let you know when as soon as i get the date.gerry
Monday December 4 06:25:22 2006 - a very hot orlando

Madge Dean | hidie~AT~oceanfree~DOT~net
Just like to thank Johnny and Steve for a rockin night of music in Galway.What a line up!!!!Henry was amazing! I know Gavin had his dream come true--on stage with the GREATS!!!! Madge.
Saturday December 2 22:43:52 2006 - Athenry, Co. Galway.Ireland.

Horslypse, 'Speed The Plough' at Omagh last August..
Saturday December 2 21:36:29 2006

The Deans gig was excellent. You were dead right Steve, they really are great musicians. Heard your meeting in Dublin went well.
Great to see Mick being rolled out for the special occasion and Oko Yono being shelved for the night.
Johnny playing with The Deans was a great thing to see, and Trouble took on a whole new life, with twin guitar solos thrown in for good measure.
The jam at the end was brilliant.
Anyway, see you soon.
Friday December 1 12:49:46 2006

Keith Bogue
Last night in Galway can only be described as one of those magic moments in time. One hell of a gig. Congrats to Johnny and Steve. Further on down the road with Henry, well what can I say. As for young Dean, well everything I've heard about him was true, such a natural talent. It was like watching a young Rory Gallagher. I would like to thank all for a wonderfull night of great music and money raised for a good cause.Hello to Mags didn't get time for an aul chat after the gig as we had to head straight back to Limerick, some wind blowing on the road back. Anyway a big thanks to all involved.
Friday December 1 02:03:06 2006 - Limeriick

Best of luck to The Deans tonight,would love to be there;
Niall and Mark on the way right now...
Wednesday November 29 14:02:41 2006

Steve Travers
Hi Tony, They say "a long threatening comes at last". I received a CD from my fellow bassist Paul Diamond but unfortunately it's only playing on one side of the stereo! Paul promised to do another.
Saturday November 25 13:57:50 2006 - The Big Apple

joe mangan | jmangan101~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk
please could someone let me have a cd copy or download info.of Zen alligators "who can that someone be?" I've tried everywhere but no joy.


Saturday November 25 09:08:15 2006 - london

Tony Curtin
Paddy Goodwin was on with Dave Fanning last night and when asked the favourite guitar in his collection replied "Johnny Fean,s 1956 Les Paul Sunburst."
Steve,where is the CD of Breaking Star Codes?
Friday November 24 04:44:49 2006

A little late, but no less sincere, I wish you successes in the coming year, as well as, health, happiness, and contentment in knowing that you are doing what you love to do & experiencing a life well-lived. Also, I wanted to let you know that I found and borrowed an LP entitled "The Man Who Built America"... not enhanced, not of the original, long-play records! WOW! Those were the days! Continue to make the music and we'll contiue to listen and want more.
Best Wishes
Wednesday November 22 18:32:55 2006 - Chicago, USA

Johnny my two girls names are Catriona and Ciara, Write them out one hundred times!!
Sunday November 19 20:49:20 2006

Johnny Fean
Hi Folks..A special Thanks to everyone from me for the kind
Birthday greetings, where did that year go?!!
To everyone( incl. Niall, PJ, and Alex) who was at the Cobblestones last night, thanks for making it there on on a cold,cold night......
All the best......Johnny and Steve..
Sunday November 19 18:19:34 2006

....And how could I forget the new bass line and lyrics to Dearg Doom
Happy Birthday dear Johnny, Happy Birthday to you
Sunday November 19 14:41:46 2006

Great, great gig last night in the Cobblestone. Amazing versions of Further On Up The Road and Keep On Running and also I Wish You Would. Highlight of the night was hearing The Snakes Farewell To The Emerald Isle, never ever expected to see that live. Was that the very first time its ever been done? Or at least the second.
A great pleasure as always to see Junior and the Steinberger taken with in an inch of their lives.
Hopefully will get to see it again real soon.
Sunday November 19 13:17:13 2006

Keith Bogue
from the Bogue Clan in Limerick.
Saturday November 18 01:26:14 2006 - LIMERICK

G G A G C' B
G G A G D' C'
G G G' E' C' B A
F' F' E' C' D C'

Guitar solo - make your own up

Change of key

A A B A D C#'
A A B A E' D'
A A A' F' D' C#' B
G' G' F#' D' E' D'

cat whistle/claps/cheers/standing ovations
Saturday November 18 00:51:07 2006 - for Johnny

This one of Johnny with 'Jeremiah Henry'.
Friday November 17 23:26:21 2006

Good photograph of Johnny
Friday November 17 23:14:51 2006

Jim, Caroline, Eimear & Paul Nelis
Friday November 17 19:02:33 2006 - DERRY

Steve Travers
Hard to believe it's that time of year again! Happy birthday Johnny from me and the girls. See you tomorrow, we can raise it a notch in celebration.
Friday November 17 18:49:43 2006 - Lee Delta

Happy birthday Johnny !!
Not too much cake now !!
See you at the Cobblestone.
Friday November 17 10:22:08 2006 - Dublin.. best years of my life

Stephen Ferris
Hi Johnny & Steve,
Good to see you're doing the Galway Parkinson's Association charity gig.
I've not been to Galway since I was an infant. Too bad I can't make that gig.
I'm wondering will you stick strictly to the band line-ups or will there be guesting and mixed line-ups for a few song? If you understand what I mean?

Here's a bit of a story. I was coming home from Dublin the other weekend and I stopped into Jonesborough Sunday market on the way home. There's an indoor market there and when I went in I heard Johnny Fean singing Ghosts. The music was coming from a CD stall. I asked the guy was it radio or cd? It was cd and he was playing Aliens.
When he gave up trying to sell me Horslips Cds, the stall owner said to me that there was a new CD about to come out from Barry McCabe. Did I want to order it? He told me Johnny Fean was on it too! We got talking a bit. He was clearly familiar with Barry's album and his Absolutely Live albums too. So the word is out on the ground. Beyond the Tears is a very strong album! When I put it on I feel as if I've had it for years.
I understand that Barry and Pat McManus are doing a few gigs together just before Xmas. 21st Dec Virginia Co Cavan – a home gig for Barry, and then Dublin the next night. Something to look out for for me.

Good luck too in Cobblestones at the weekend, I don't think I can make it.
If I went to all these gigs I'd be sacked, divorced and ostracised by the kids.

It's not a good thing to be ostracised by kids, not a good thing at all!
Tuesday November 14 23:07:51 2006

I had many a highlight. Seeing Johnny wearing Jon Poncherello sunglasses on a tv recording of 'Guests of the Nation' and looking just a little bit too cool was one. Paddy Goodwin playing slide guitar with a bottle of Bud was another. Gravel and Goodwin playing the guitar and the mandolin over the head at the same time is up there as well.

Jesus, it was some night. Ye were missed folks, missed I tells ya.
Tuesday November 7 21:48:42 2006

Johnny Fean
Hi PJ..I was delighted to read( below) how well the 30th. Anniv. went for Niall and Brendan..sounds like everyone really enjoyed the night!..Glad you liked 'Maud Gonne',..I haven't heard it myself for many is a rare recording!
I'm glad to report that Maggie is feeling better....hope to see you at the Cobblestones on the 18th.....
All the Best.....Johnny.
Tuesday November 7 18:52:06 2006

gerry brown | gerrybrown~DOT~1~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
hi steve,i,m back in orlando,hope to see you when you come over,if you need me call theresa she will give you the number or drop me a line on my private e-mail.gerry
Monday November 6 17:13:25 2006 - 0orlando/florida

Hope you are feeling a lot better Maggie, you were both sorely mised last night.
The highlight for us had to be 'Maude Gonne' sung by Johnny, a rare recording from (Zen Alligators ?) courtesy EC and BcML. The song is simply georgeous and could easily be a singles release nowadays.
Unfortunately, shortly thereafter the tranquility induced by Johnny's soulful ditty was rudely shattered by a large personage at the back singing 'The Sash Me Father Wore' at the top of his voice, and it was all really all downhill from there.
But a great night for us all, and really is no reason why these get togethers should not be a regular happening, such a great way for us to express our appreciation for the talent, commitment and body of work of our very own Fab Five.
Sunday November 5 18:28:57 2006 - Dublin ..... drive the cold winter awuy

Johnny Fean
Maggie and myself are hopeing to make it to the 30th Anniv.'Invasions' celebration at the wellington this Sat.
Thursday November 2 01:16:00 2006

Johnny Fean
Hi Folks..just want to say how much steve and myself enjoyed playing The Cobblestones, and Corbett's in dundalk last weekend... As always, it was really nice to see you at the gigs, and we were delighted so many of you were able to make it along...Thanks for making both nights great for us..and thanks also to Des and Kay Corbett for their hospitality...Maggie says hello to everyone...
All the best......Johnny.
Thursday November 2 01:11:36 2006

Paul Grant
johnny, Whats the Craic for Saturday 4th November, are you going to the dublin event ????
Wednesday November 1 16:30:16 2006

Paul Grant | paul_grant_is~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Hi Johnny, Great gig again in Corbetts. We all really enjoyed it. Many Thanks. Im the guy who got the acoustic all signed at the waterfront if ur wondering.
I honestly mean it when i say Lindsey Buckingham and yourself are my main guitar influences.. Lately i have found myself incorporating his alternate travis finger picking technique with horslips music and its working great. No need for a pick at all. it really is such a pity there isnt any accurate horslips tablature up on the internet, it would really help.
This is my guitar what do you think. i hope you like it.
Wednesday November 1 16:19:02 2006 - Newry Town

Another amazing gig on Saturday night in Corebetts. As if the Cobblestone wasn't enough on Friday night you both definitely went to another level. Incredible stuff. Jaws were being picked up off the floor after what can only be described as the best ever version of Shakin' All Over. An entire album could have been made out of that song alone. Satisfaction was a nice addition to the setlist as well. Looking forward to the next one!
Tuesday October 31 21:50:09 2006

Whalix | gerry~DOT~whelan~AT~allianz~DOT~ie
Really enjoyed the show in the Cobblestone on Friday Night. I brought along a couple of mates who were blown away by both of you guys. Highlight of the evening, apart from the music, was hugging Johnny at the end, nothing to do with a number of pints consumed !!!. Sorry Steve, I will give you a big hug next time promise. Keep up the fantastic work lads. Can't wait for the next gig. Alex, I will hug you next time as well.
Tuesday October 31 20:50:06 2006 - Dublin

Samanta | samson~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Hello,you have super nice site!

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Tuesday October 31 16:23:31 2006 - France, Paris

Alan Bogue
Hi Johnny and Steve,
A fantastic gig last night in Corbett’s, you had a Full House bouncing off the rafters and even at one point a “young” Stephen Ferris was seen joining many of the younger folk who were dancing on top of the chairs. A special word of thanks to Maggie and best wishes to Des and Kay Corbett. A great night had by all.
Sunday October 29 22:23:53 2006 - Newry

Stephen Ferris
Hi Guys,
Thanks for another great night at the packed gig in Dundalk last night. I thought it was a super gig!
Thanks too to Keith for driving myself and Noel down and back.
Sunday October 29 21:36:08 2006 - Ballymena

Sorry PdR, I was letting sleep get in the way.
Great gig last night. A pleasure as always to witness musical perfection. Good to see Maggie, Alex, Dave, Diamond, Will and the 2 newest family members from California, Karen & Justin.
Anyway the set was as follows,
King Of The Fairies,
Black Magic Woman,
Shakin' All Over,
Rakish Paddy/Silver Spear
Dingle Regatta,
Further On Up The Road,
Johnny's Wedding,
Keep On Runnin',
Rambling On My Mind,
Masons Apron,
High Reel,
St Anne's,
Sword Of Light,
Dearg Doom,

(Can't believe they didn't play the Matrons Apron though)
Saturday October 28 13:27:29 2006 - On the way to Corbetts

Pilib de Rossa
What's keeping ya Niall? Roll on Corbett's Dundalk tomight
Saturday October 28 12:07:21 2006

Hi Ho, Hi Ho its off to Feano i go!!!!!! Niall you do the rest tomorrow! Ah Jaysus, hold that Bus!!!!!!!
Friday October 27 18:45:00 2006 - Swords

Not to be forgetting Johnny Fean & Steve Travers at the Cobblestone, Smithfield, Dublin, on Friday 27th Oct and Corbetts Bar, Dundalk, on Saturday 28th October, See
tm for the detail
Thursday October 26 22:25:01 2006 - Co Clare

gerry brown | gerrybrown~DOT~1~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
hi steve,i got your message but i dont have your number here,i leave here to-morrow(the 16th) i get home on the 17th,i,ll only be home until the 25th then i,m back over here until x-mas then i,m back over again jan 17th,i,ll call you when i get home,maybe we can meet up,tell anne i said hi.gerry
Sunday October 15 20:51:19 2006 - orlando

Johnny Fean
Prize bull.. Thanks...On the 'Ace and Duece' track I used an old Gibson Tenor guitar (4 string) and tuned it E-A-D-G (high E-, low- G)'s the same tuning as used on Irish fiddle etc...
all the Best.....Johnny.
Saturday October 14 18:09:57 2006

Prize Bull
Hey Johnny, What tuning do you use on Ace and Duece track
on the roll back album, it is wicked.
Saturday October 14 16:26:09 2006 - Romford ,


Hope you're well. Interesting to read the guitar advice - will file it away for future use.

Been busy travelling lately but looking forward to listening to the Barry McCabe album, the Quinn soundtrack, the Deans album and of course another F and T gig. Things are looking up!

Finally, and its 'anorak' territory again (as usual!) but I was listening to the great Mick Ronson solo on Bowie's 'Moonage Daydream' and it struck me thats its very like the tone you were using around the time of 'Horslips Live' ('Furniture' etc) Must have been the Les Paul so? I think 'Ronno' also played one.

Best regards to Steve and Maggie

Wednesday October 11 12:28:39 2006 - The Shamrock Shore

gerry brown | gerrybrown~DOT~1~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
hi steveo,i,m back in orlando,would,nt you know it i,ve lost my sim card over here so i cant call you,i,m turning muslim,i,m changing my name to seldom bin laid,do you like it,things here are flying,if you need me you can get me on 0013196699249.hope your well be good gerry
Wednesday October 11 03:52:16 2006 - orlando

Joe O'Neill
Thanks very much Johnny - I've tried that this evening and it worked out fine - it was easy enough to do once I was sure I wasn't biting off "more than I could chew" if you know what I mean. The overall sound seems to have improved - though in truth I'm still educating my ear to all these new possibilities and haven't quite got control of managing the tone/balance etc.. For what it's worth I had bought a Vox Valvetronix to play it through to start off with. I'm absolutely astounded by what it does (for a relatively small spend). The Gretsch itself is a thing of beauty and when I'm not playing it I'm afraid I just sit and look at it!
Thanks again for taking the trouble.
Wednesday October 4 21:15:43 2006

Johnny Fean
Hi Joe...I've been busy for the last while and not had a chance to visit the guestbook...I will try and help you with
sorting out the floating bridge problem on the Gretch...
It's a problem that happens occassionally with semi-acoustic
f-hole jazz (and other) guitars w/these type bridges...
By the way this should have been done for you at the shop
where you bought the guitar...
First off.. don't worry about the block running under the bridge, it will not move when you loosen the string...that is a sustain block, and they are well glued to the guitars top so they do not move...
If you're high E(1st.) string is slipping off the fretboard that means the bridge is out of line with the strings running from the top 'nut'..and too far to the right,, the treble side...
What you need to do is loosen the strings so the are slack, say down about 2 tones (they need to be still holding the bridge in place, so not too slack) then sit the guitar flat on your lap so that you are looking up along the guitar towards the headstock/nut...then gently move the bridge about one eight of an inch to your left(bass side).. the low E string and high E string should be about the same distance from the from the edge of the fretboard...when you have done this tune the guitar back up to where it was...(by the way this will not affect the way the action was originally) the guitar tuned up and see how the high E string is now playing for you...the strings should now be lining up better with the 'polepieces' on the bridge pickup and neck pickup...
If you find the high e string is still slipping off the fretboard a bit you may have to repeat the same procedure, this time moving the bridge maybe a bit less than 1 eight of an inch...
I hope this is helpful..if it doesn't work out for you, it would be best to take it to a qualified guitar tech..for a proper set up...
All the best....johnny....
Wednesday October 4 16:27:27 2006

Joe O'Neill
Johnny, I wonder if I could impose upon your goodwill. I know you’re not running a helpline here, but I have a problem and have nowhere obvious to turn and since you clearly cherish guitars I thought you might be worth a shot!
Having played acoustically for many years I am ignorant of things electric but have recently indulged myself and satisfied a lifelong ambition (and a George Harrison fixation) and bought a Gretsch. I got it couriered in from England and have phoned the dealer with my query but he speaks a language I do not know! .My usual contacts are acoustic and therefore are as ignorant as I am, so I hoped you might be able to help. Please forgive my naivety
My problem concerns what I now know is called a “floating” bridge. The guitar (to my ears) plays like a dream but the e String (1st) seems to me to be too near the edge of the fret-board. As I play (particularly up the fret-board) it slips off the edge. Also this e string doesn’t seem to line up with the “discs” (if that’s the right word) on the pick-ups – not too bad on the neck one - but way off on the bridge one. My “gut” tells me that I need to loosen the strings and move this “floating” bridge but I’m terrified to do so in case I do some damage. One part of me tells me that it’s meant to be adjusted but when I look through the f holes I see a block of wood which seems to run from under the bridge – I’m afraid that if I try to move the bridge by loosening the strings this will move?
Are all the strings on an electric supposed to line up with both pick-ups? If I move the bridge will I change the sound, and particularly will I ruin the action (which is pretty much perfect as it stands). If I do move the bridge, can I move it back toward the “Bigsby”, or will this change sound or action. At the moment it seems to me to be too far forward. It’s almost under the pick guard!
I’m sorry for stepping outside the nature of the usual posts but I am now stressed out on this and hope you might have some suggestions ?

Sunday October 1 00:33:55 2006

Lorna ,Conor Bogue
To all the guys we saw in Listowel,
Thanks for the great gig.It was brilliant seeing ye all in Listowel and great seeing Johnnie and Steve playing with a real live drummer,Martin. A big hello to Maggie and the Deans
Lorna and Conor Bogue.
Saturday September 30 23:33:26 2006 - Limerick

Steve Travers
Johnny, Maggie and I send our very best wishes for a quick recovery to our close friend John Murphy who was injured recently in a car accident. We look forward to his excellent company again as soon as possible.
Friday September 29 14:24:30 2006 - Lee Delta

The magic duo knocked us out of our socks last Friday night at the Cobblestone.. thundering riffs, searing breaks and blazing solos from Johnny Guitar with Steve filling in any available spaces in the wall of sound with his high speed bass work.
Met the legendary Deans, forgot to buy a pint for the legendary Locky Jim, lots of new faces, great atmosphere as usual.
Steve is correct, listening to 'ONE' by the Deans today, it seems inevitable that this young band are bound for glory.
'Born in the Rock' should be released now as a single, with 'The Whole World's Falling' on the B side, both Dean compositions.
Tuesday September 19 15:30:48 2006 - Dublin.... 'Painting The Sky'...

Alan Bogue
Hi Johnny, Steve
Amazing gig in the Cobblestone on Friday night and it was great to get talking to you afterwards. Also, a special hello to Maggie!! Delighted to have met Gavin, Gary and Martin and the very best of luck with your forthcoming recording, Also a big thanks to Jim Lockhart. Overall a fantastic night – Best Wishes.
Monday September 18 00:20:21 2006 - Newry

Corna.......I thought it was Shirley. I need my ears cleaned. Great gig, as usual. A virgin sheep......unknown in Longford....or Site Dublin......having trouble here with 45 Mayo drunks. I thought a rendition of 'Ghosts' would calm them.....they want 'Sword of Light'. I need help!
Sunday September 17 23:28:25 2006

Stephen Ferris
Johnny, Steve
As always, it was worth the drive down for the weekend gig. My first time in cobblestones and a bit a party atmosphere with so many gig regulars: Maggie, Niall, PJ, Alex, Brendan, Danny, Sheila, Liam, Ronan, Dave, Alan, Ronan, Corna and the rest; and the musicians Gavin, Gary and Martin, Paul, Donal, Locky & Conor to name but a few.
With the new roads I got home almost an hour earlier than I’d reckoned. God Bless the folk behind the Trans-European motorway projects, and a virgin sheep for all involved!
Til the next time!
Sunday September 17 23:10:02 2006

Stephen Ferris
a real pleasure to chat with you guys before the cobblestones gig! Especially great since I'd already listened to “The Dean One” album. It’d take a better man than me to summarise talent on that CD, so all I’ll say is I love the vinyl puns on the disc label. Good luck you both and Martin with the imminent recording!
Sunday September 17 23:06:41 2006

Johnny Fean
Hi to Gavin, Gary and was great meeting up with you in the Cobblestones last night! Thanks to all the people who travelled from around the country to be there..and to Stephan Ferris for the special delivery!...also Hi to was great see you at the gig...Hi to PJ, niall, Brendan Mc..Alex..and of course Jimmy Lockhart..Steve and myself
had a great gig...Thanks Folks...
All the Best.....Johnny.
Sunday September 17 03:44:47 2006

Steve Travers
Thanks Gavin and Gary for making the trip. Everyone was delighted to meet The Deans. Don't forget to polish up the instruments; you have a busy week ahead in the studio.
Saturday September 16 23:12:29 2006 - Lee Delta

Gavin and Gary Dean | gdeanband~AT~eircom~DOT~net
Hello Johnny and Steve, we had a great time in the Cobblestones last night, it was no doubt the best gig we have ever seen. It was great to meet all the lovley people such as Stephen Ferris, PJG, Ken Murray, Jim Lockeheart to name a few. Looking forward to the gig in Listowel. All the best to you both and Maggie and to all who were at the Cobblestones last night.

Gavin & Gary Dean............
Saturday September 16 19:24:19 2006 - The fields.............

Great gig last night in The Cobblestone, great crowd. Good to see some of the usual faces and a whole lot of new ones. The intro to Fantasia ruled!
Looking forward to the next one!!!
King Of The Fairies,
Black Magic Woman,
Power & The Glory,
You Really Got Me,
Shakin All Over,
Rakish Paddy/Silver Spear,
Dingle Regatta,
Further On Up The Road,
Johnnys Wedding,
Keep On Runnin,
Rambling On My Mind,
Honkytonk Woman,
Jumpin Jack Flash,
The Matrons-Masons Apron,
The High Reel,
St. Annes,
Sword Of Light,
Dearg Doom,
Johnny B Goode
Saturday September 16 12:23:55 2006

Thanks Alien - Johnny I will be in Ireland over Christmas. Will you be playing then? I want to book airline tickets and would like to catch a gig. Nollaig Shona Duit
Saturday September 16 04:31:01 2006 - NYC

Press Release
The Deans Press Release September 2006.

In August, Kit Woolven, Legendary engineer and producer for Thin Lizzie and Pink Floyd’s Dave Gilmore, watched young Irish super-group "The Deans" perform at a sold-out concert in Richmond, West London, and immediately offered to produce their next album. In September The Deans commenced recording with four of the greatest guitarists in rock history. Gavin Dean, Gary Dean and Martin Sheanon began laying down tracks with Henry McCullough (Paul McCartney's Wings, Joe Cocker), Jackie McAuley (Van Morrison, Rick Wakeman), Johnny Fean (Horslips, Fean and Travers) and Eric Bell (Thin Lizzy, Fat Mattress). The list is an amazing tribute to the rock credentials of such a young band.
In October, The Deans will achieve a goal, which has eluded some of the greatest players on Earth when they play three concerts at the prestigious Guinness Cork International Jazz Festival.
There's now a stampede by many of the world’s finest artists to work with sixteen-year-old guitar prodigy Gavin Dean.
Eric Bell described Gavin Dean as "a cross between my old pal Rory Gallagher and early Johnny Winter".
Henry McCullough says, "There's an explosion happening in the town of Athenry which will soon be heard all over the world and it’s called The Deans".
On hearing The Deans, Jackie McAuley said, "Ireland has pulled it off again, we have another rock giant".
Johnny Fean comments, "Gavin Dean is the real deal, The Deans have everything they need to take on the world".

Witness the start of an incredible journey.
Thursday September 14 23:18:46 2006 - London

To Roy in Cork and Aodhm in New York should be something happening in Cork soon and the guys should well be out and about over Christmas, Do sign up for the email news and gig update notification as we do a mailout each month with the gigs and news for that month.
Thursday September 14 05:55:34 2006 - Co Clare

Johnny I will be in Ireland over Christmas. Will you be playing then?
Thursday September 14 01:57:45 2006 - New York City

Eamonn | cremur~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Great website lads, are ye gonna be playin in Wales at any stage? I just checked out ye playin some tunes at the tramore gig on impressed.
Wednesday September 13 01:56:23 2006 - Cardiff

Roy Cronin | cronin_roy~AT~emc~DOT~com
Hello lads I'm A hugh fan of Johnny's style of playing and of Irish guitarists in general. Hopefully a gig in Cork would be on the cards in the not too distant future.
Saw Johnny and the Horslips many times as a young rocker.
Tuesday September 12 17:32:35 2006 - Cork City

Steve Travers
Hi Lee, Two copies of The Deans first album were posted to you today with the compliments of the band. I will make sure you get the new album when it's finished. Henry McCullough has promised a copy to Paul McCartney too!!!
Tuesday September 12 00:54:28 2006 - Lee Delta

Lee Templeton
Just got the newsletter mentioning that Steve is involved in producing the new Deans album! I'm in love with the Deans! Been living off the one track (Leave it to Me) I have from the band. It sounds very good alongside the new Barry McCabe too. Now I'm looking forward to what will be a great album!
Saturday September 9 19:29:44 2006 - San Francisco, California

Nicola Meere | nmeere~AT~ge~DOT~cokecce~DOT~com
Great website Guys - to go with the great music!! I'll look forward to the next live gig somewhere around the country.

Pretty Please do you have Mike (Mulcaires) contact details as I am trying to get hold of him and have lost his number..

Thanks a mill.. Slan go baby horse!
Thursday September 7 11:36:00 2006 - Ennis (and London!)

Im in!!!
Saturday September 2 00:57:43 2006

Head count for this day fortnight?

Me, Niall, PJG.......anyone else?
Friday September 1 22:26:59 2006

Steve Travers
We would certainly love to play Derry. As we've said before; the difficulty is in finding enough mutually available time! Johnny has been working on a film score with another equine pucker and I'm presently producing The Dean's collaboration with Henry McCullough, Johnny Fean, Jackie McAuley and Eric Bell. Hopefully we can get around to doing a few more live gigs really soon. We're really looking forward to beginning our own recording when I get back from London next week and of course to the gig at The Cobblestones later in September. Nothing compares to a live gig!
Friday September 1 01:04:06 2006 - The thick of it....

jim in limavady | coolessancottage~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
any possibility of coming north for a gig maybe millinium forum, derry. We'd love to have you play. Omagh was electric
Didn't it tell you something???? we're waiting Johnny & Steve.
Thursday August 31 18:00:55 2006 - N.ireland

Johnny and Steve

Hope you're both well - see you in Dublin in September.

Johnny - glad to hear Omagh went well. Would've like to have seen 'Sword of Light' but there's always the Cobblestone.

You have to look at this clip of Cream
6g - its the nearest thing to being on stage with the band! Must be from a rehearsal or something.

Best to Maggie

Monday August 28 13:50:05 2006

Yes Johnny and Maggie we did have some fun, did we not...
Hope you got home ok, see you again soon
Monday August 28 11:31:26 2006 - Dublin

Just another word of thanks for last night Johnny! To be allowed on stage with one such as yourself is an absolute honour. To have Jim and Barry there as well made it an extra special night for all the lads, and from what I hear the audience as well. A night never to be forgotten! Hopefully I'll at last get to hear yourself and steve at the cobblestones.
Thanks again
Saturday August 26 16:30:46 2006

p.j. | patrickteahan05~AT~eircom~DOT~net
johnny could you contact me on 0879516695 sat please, p.j. in castleisland.
Friday August 25 22:38:57 2006 - castleisland

I Wanna Be Sedated - Joey Ramone 1978
Saturday August 19 18:38:31 2006 - NYC

Brendan, I second the motion
Wednesday August 16 14:27:12 2006

Johnny. Perhaps a reprise of 'Blitzkrieg Bop' in Cobblestones. Can it be done with 2 men and Ono Yoko?
Tuesday August 15 22:44:08 2006 - Eh - Dublin

Johnny Fean
Hi chris...Great night in castlegregory! As always it was it was nice to meet up with you and catch up on stuff..
hope to see you again soon...
Tuesday August 15 20:07:37 2006

Johnny Fean
Hi Conor.. delighted to hear you got a distortion + on ebay..
It should be just as good as the other..,the + pedal will have more gain (I think)..It will boost solo's nicely and add good
sustain to your guitar sound....all the best..

Tuesday August 15 20:02:41 2006

Thanks a million Johnny! I couldn't find your straight distortion pedal, but I did manage to find and invest in an old 70's distortion + on ebay, which I hear is pretty good. I didnt part with too much for it either which is always nice! Hope to make one of your gigs with Steve soon, I hear you two are excellent! Thanks again.
Tuesday August 15 12:29:13 2006

Chris Somers
Johnny, Steve and Maggie.....thank you so much for the BEST I've ever seen ye all play....even Maggie had a bit more swing in her dancing! Thanks for a wonderful day and night...thanks Steve for the bass tutorial and the great scéals and Johnny for the advice and chat as always...and to Maggie for getting us out of there before the police arrived!!!! Hope to see ye soon...Chris
Tuesday August 15 00:01:36 2006

Johnny Fean
Hi Conor...It's nice to hear from you, I hope you're keeping well.. In answer to your question on the MXR distortion pedal, yes, I did use one in my Horslips days..i got one of the original ones when they first came out in about 1979..
I think I used it on some of the 'Man who built America' album, and occassionally used it when we played 'live'...
I don't know what the 'new' MXR pedal sounds like, but I would think it probably sounds just as good as the old one..
There probably wouldn't be a whole lot of difference between the old and new..I didn't use a distortion + by the way.. it was the straight 'distortion' pedal..
These days I mainly use a' Line 6' Pod with a Marshall 50 watt 1x12'' combo...and sometimes use a 'Line 6' 60 watt 1x12'' combo...All the best...
Monday August 14 20:36:06 2006

Once again BrendanMc thanks a million for your postings on the BOLT site, you are worth your weight in Longford gold to us all. 'The Blitzkrieg Bop' is a revelation, and the live U.S. show is much appreciated.
Monday August 14 12:17:21 2006

Conor | conor_mcaloon~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Hello Johnny! Hows things? lookin forward to seeing you all on the 25th. I was just wondering, I heard that in your Horslips days you used a MXR Distortion+ pedal, and I was thinking of buying one. Do you know if there's any significant difference between the older ones made in the 70's and the pedal's produced now? And what other effects do you use? Your advice would be greatly appreciated!
Saturday August 12 20:14:35 2006

Stephen Ferris
Hi Johnny & Steve, I’m just getting this length now. I meant to visit earlier the week but life happened while I was busy making other plans.
First thing is to say thanks for the great gig in Sligo last weekend. As always it was worth the journey. We got home at dawn and then slept to an unhealthy hour!

Strangely, the next night, Sat the 6th August I was listening to Colum Sand’s Folk Club on Radio Ulster. Colum had a guest on called Jez Lowe. He’s an English Folk singer.
Steve, it turned out that Jez had written a song about the Miami with a quote in the song from yourself on another radio interview.
You can get the Folk Club on line each week. Follow the link below then, Radio Ulster, then Folk Club, go about 1 hour 25 mins into the show for the relevant bit including the song.
I guess that show will only be available until 9pm tomorrow night, then it'll be overwritten by this weeks show. (But I’ve made a copy if you don’t manage to get it.)

(copy/paste the whole address)

Best luck for now, I hope catch another gig soon.
Friday August 11 23:25:08 2006 - Ballymena

Form some Horslippian odds and sods check out

See y'all in The Cobblestones
Friday August 11 22:49:16 2006

Andrew Carson | andrewcarson~AT~campus~DOT~ie
Um...Just wondering... Was " I Never Forget A Face" ever recorded in a studio, or is there just the live version released on the single?..Any one able to help out?
Thursday August 10 19:44:40 2006 - Dublin

Tom at The Office
The best news this summer is that "The Deans" will take a short trip to The UK during the August Bank Holiday (UK) before they commence recording with "The Guitar Legends Of Irish Rock". They begin laying down tracks in early September with Henry McCullough (Paul McCartney's Wings, Joe Cocker etc), Jackie McAuley (Van Morrison, Rick Wakeman etc), Johnny Fean (Horslips, Fean and Travers) and Eric Bell (Thin Lizzy, Fat Mattress etc). I think that list says everything there is to say about The Deans. There's a mad rush by many of the finest rock guitarists on the planet to play with sixteen year old Gavin Dean who is bemused by those who compare him to Rory Gallagher. Gavin states "Rory was a one off, never to be replaced". Eric Bell described Gavin Dean as "a cross between a young Rory and early Johnny Winter". Henry McCullough says "there's an explosion happening in the town of Athenry". On hearing The Deans, Jackie McAuley said "Ireland has pulled it off again, we have another rock giant". Johnny Fean says "Gavin Dean is the real deal, The Deans have everything they need to take on the world".
The UK dates are
Friday August 25th O'Neill's Richmond, 28-29 The Quadrant, Richmond, London, TW9 1DN, Phone 020 8334 0111 Kick-off time 8:30,
Saturday August 26th O'Neill's Reading, 4 Friar Street, Reading, RG1 1DB Phone 0118 960 6580 Kick-off time 9:30.
Sunday August 27th O'Neill's Bromley 27-29 East Street, Bromley, Kent, BR1 1QE Phone 0208 460 8975 Kick-off time 8:30.
Walk if you have to... take your cameras and your mini-discs.....witness the start of an incredible journey.
Wednesday August 9 12:52:04 2006 - The Office

Peter Somers
All I can say is that if Saturday’s performance was in any way influenced by having driven to and from Sligo on Friday (and playing there as well) you guys ought to visit Sligo more often …….
A great night in Cobh. I cannot understand how ye were even awake, let alone firing off the most amazing versions of Keep On Running, Rambling On My Mind and Crossroads that I’ve heard yet.
Steve was fair heating up those frets, particularly in the second half of the show. A particular thank you to the staff in Cobh Pirates RFC who were most kind and welcoming.
Am very sorry that I will miss the gig in Ned Natterjacks – Castlegregory – next Friday as it promises to be a stormer. Alas I will be up in that part of the country close to Norn Iron for a party in Buncranna on the Saturday. I just hope that I don’t run into any of them mad Ferrissssss or that fellow Nelis …..
Maggie you were fab as always
Sunday August 6 19:32:30 2006 - Cork

Steve Travers
Hi Lee, The Grange Music Festival gig was great and Cobh was a cracker last night. I will send you a copy of The Deans album this week. They're creating quite a buzz among the cream of Irish guitarists such as Henry McCullough (Paul McCartney's Wings and Joe Cocker), Jackie McAuley (Van Morrison), Eric Bell (Thin Lizzie) and our own Johnny Fean. Watch out for a very interesting album soon!!!!! Thanks, as always, for flying the flag for the Irish musos in San Francisco.
Sunday August 6 18:02:18 2006 - Lee Delta

Steve Travers
Hi Tony, would you believe I got it only last night in Sligo!!!! I'll get it to you asap.
Sunday August 6 05:02:35 2006 - Lee Delta

Tony Curtin
Any sign of that CD recording of Breaking Star Codes?
Sunday August 6 00:57:30 2006

Lee Templeton | comebackhorslips~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Hello Johnny and Steve. I'm stopping by in hopes to hear some early news on last night's fun at the Grange Music Festival. Your newsletter keeps me in touch with all these great happenings!

I've been featuring The Deans' "Leave it To Me" since June and getting a very good response to it from people. Gavin is phenomenal. Can't wait to hear more.

And the other day, I received an email from a kid in L.A. who loves the Fean and Travers track I've added to my MySpace page.
Saturday August 5 16:53:56 2006 - San Francisco, California

Steve Travers
Hi Folks, I'm just back in time from The UK for the weekend gigs with Johnny in Sligo and Cork. Chris I can't remember the spelling but the track is called "Vas-Dis". Trying to sing it was always a problem for me (if I were hanged for being a singer, I'd be hanged an innocent man) but the bass part was one of my favourites to play. I spent a wonderful afternoon during the week with Eric Bell who is in top form and looking forward to recording with The Deans. He described Gavin Dean as " a cross between a young Rory Gallagher and vintage Johnny Winter". Watch out for a special album from The Deans featuring some of the greatest guitarists on the planet. Van Morrison's brilliant guitarist Jackie McAuley makes a mean bowl of porridge. Johnny and I will take him up on his offer sooner than he realises......................
Thursday August 3 01:46:41 2006 - Back in the land of

jackie mcauley | jackiemcauley~AT~eircom ~DOT~net
good to see youse in Dundalk again lads
next time pop round to the house for a bowl of porridge
Tuesday August 1 20:36:00 2006

Johnny Fean
Hi Joe..It's good to hear from you as always..
Steve and I will be getting stuck in to some recording in the
near future, so hopefully we will end up with a good result..
Hope you're keeping well...
all the best...
Monday July 31 19:25:10 2006

Joe Forde
Definitely no excuses now Steve and Johnny . Looking forward to your CD. Hope you also get to record some other Irish bands and help keep the flame alive as they say.
Monday July 31 08:30:23 2006 - Chesterfield, England

Johnny Fean
Hi Chris.. It was great to see you down in CastleG..Great night!.. Hope you had a Rockin' night (last night) at Paddy
Goodwins CD launch..Looking forward to meeting up with
yourself and Peter in Cobh next week...all the Best..
Saturday July 29 19:09:15 2006

Chris Somers | greengravel72~AT~yahoo~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Hey Johnny and Steve, thanks for the amazing gig in Castle a last week! I think we'll see ye in Cobh for more music and laughs! Steve, what was the name of that Wishbone Ash tune by the way?

Johnny: I was talking to Paddy G yesterday, he says "Stop practicing!"
Saturday July 29 14:48:55 2006 - Lee Delta

Steve Travers
Johnny, Frank and I have invested in our own recording studio.... so there's no excuse now!
Friday July 28 21:12:08 2006 - The Golden Vale

Johnny F.
Hi PJ.. It was good to see you again in castlegregory..
Hope to say hello again on the 11th..if you get a minute..
Tuesday July 25 19:45:06 2006

Johnny F.
Donnacha...I was delighted to see you and you're mates in
castlegregory..thanks for making the journey..Hope the recovery doesn't take too long..Enjoy the rest of the holiday..
Tuesday July 25 19:40:23 2006

Brilliant gig in Castlegregory. Ears still ringing, heart still thumping. Loved it, lads, loved it. Well worth the journey...
Tuesday July 25 18:53:06 2006 - recovering in wexford

p. j. | patrickteahan05~AT~eircom~DOT~net
johnny, thanks for making us all feel sixteen again last night in castlegregory .to all the regulars here just to let you know this gig turns a blind eye to the kids out at nine law as it is a tourist area so you should try to make the next one while the weather lasts ,johnny and steve had the place jumping last night . if any of you are coming down the next night my band are playing down the road in the seven hogs and the same rules apply to kids , you may even hear a few horslips songs.
Saturday July 22 11:21:24 2006 - castleisland.

Steve Travers
Hi Folks, A friend of mine has posted the following on the Steinberger forum. Needless to say that anyone who steals a musician's instrument or buys a stolen instrument should be reported to the police immediately. They are stealing a person's livelihood. A Steinberger GL2 is headless. It’s the guitar version of my bass.

Hi Fellas

The guy I sold my prototype Steinberger GL2 to has had it stolen from Cork, Ireland.
The serial number's # P 35, if you see it knocking about please get in touch with me!

My email is


Monday July 17 21:54:35 2006 - Lee Delta

Johnny has put up with me going on about Ian Anderson for some time now, he might find this interesting...from a recent interview..

One day [Anderson]wandered into a London music shop. "I’m standing there with a 1960s Fender Strat in my hand, looking to swap it in, and I looked around – there was a violin, and a cello and other things in this music store – and a flute hanging on the wall…" he recalls "I got a Shure Unidyne 3 microphone and a Selmo Gold Seal flute in exchange for my 1960s Fender Strat, which is probably worth $25,000 now."
Although Anderson would eventually adapt jazzman Roland Kirk’s unique fluttery, singing-through-the-flute style, he admits his inspiration initially came from somewhere entirely different. "My first flute lesson was from listening to Eric Clapton, when he was with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers," Anderson says. "And sitting in my bedroom, as I guess countless people have done then and through the years, running Eric Clapton at half-speed trying to learn the guitar solos."
Sunday July 16 21:41:18 2006 - Dublin, skating away on the thin ice of a new day

Check this out! Picture quality not the best, but the sound rules!
Wednesday July 12 10:37:11 2006

Steve Travers
Ricky, many thanks for your kind comments. It's an honour having one of the truely great musicians of our own generation visit our site.
Wednesday July 12 02:17:28 2006 - Lee Delta

ricky | rickypersell~AT~aol~DOT~com
hi steve always interesting to talk to you ,i have been enthralled reading yours and johnnys website,really nice, i just drooled over johnnys guitars and your basses,[if i win the lottery!!!] all the best to you and johnny from ricky
Tuesday July 11 23:09:52 2006 - sunny london

Johnny Fean
Hi to Alex and Co., and also Pat Rossiter,
It was great to see you at the wexford gig, delighted that you
made it there, with all the wind and rain!
All the best...Johnny and Steve..
Monday July 10 19:23:18 2006

Pat Rossiter | patrossiter~AT~dol~DOT~ie
Johnny and Steve,
Thanks for a great gig on Saturday. In fact it was fantastic. Thanks for the few words afterwards. Tell Frank to get you back to the south east at the earliest opportunity.
Monday July 10 17:02:09 2006 - New Ross

Cracking gig in wexford on saturday night.The boys in great form.Niall ,The set list went as follows:
2.king of the fairies
3. eh? ...........Bulmers!
4. Bulmers!
5. Bulmers!
6. Bulmers!
E.t.c. E.t.c............................
Best wishes Alex.
Monday July 10 13:37:42 2006 - Back in Dublin

Thanks Johnny, we'll definitely be there now! Grass skirts in Kerry! Truly this is a new Ireland...See you at the gig.
Wednesday July 5 01:24:20 2006

Johnny Fean
Donnacha.. Good to hear from you, hope to see you down
in castlegregory..Good luck with the gig at the brothers wedding in monasterevin..Hope it's a great day..
Tell the lads there's free beer and dancing girls on the beach w/grass skirts down in Castlegregory! that should do the trick...All the best..
Tuesday July 4 17:14:15 2006

Johnny and Steve, see you in two weeks in Castlegregory, hopefully. It all depends on whether I can organise five hungover Kiwis into a car to get from Monasterevin to Kerry, but sure there's been harder work done I suppose.
Hope to catch up there.
By the way, Johnny, my brother said to say hello, he met you at the Cotton tree gig. He was blown away, man.
Tuesday July 4 05:13:16 2006 - New Zealand, but a foot on the plane

Tony Curtin
Greetings from Tarragona,Espana to Johnny,Steven,Maggie and Frank. Heat here has become almost unbearable,but Englands exit from th Copia Mundial has helped. Hope you are all well and Frank,make that phone call we spoke about. Hasta luego,amigos!
Sunday July 2 23:55:09 2006 - Tarragona,Espana


Thanks for the tip on the Deans site - heard some great blues rock with a definite Delta/Allman Bros influence. Good to see Gavin mention Kossoff, one of my favourites too and another Goldtop man. Will be checking The Deans out asap.

For me (you?) and other classic Beck and Clapton fans continues to amaze. The first (and only?) live video footage of Derek and the Dominoes (looks like it was recorded during the Layla sessions - the album sleeve photos come to life ) on the Johnny Cash show with Carl Perkins to boot

and last...BBCs 'Five Faces of the Guitar' with an interview and great footage of Beck (with Upp playing) 'She's a Woman' from Blow by Blow complete with voicebag.

I've been looking for this programme for years..!

OK enough guitar heroes for one night and one site. Its a beautiful evening here in Dubbalin and I should get out in it.

Best wishes to yourself and Steve

Friday June 30 19:23:17 2006 - Liffey Delta

Mick Magennis | mchlmagennis~AT~yahoo~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Johnny,hope you and yours are well.Am lucky to be living in Glencolmcille(Malinmore)at the minute.Was talking to some local heads who tell me that you and the Lips stayed up here,Malinbeg,beside the famous and glorious Silver Strand,to be precise.Can you confirm this?Also told me a story about you all being "on the tear" and some VW ending upside down near the crossroads-thus giving the locals something to talk about for thirty years!The Time Travel machine would be handy as Julie Christie was staying in a house 30 yards from ours while making a film up here and we missed her.Good luck,Mick.
Friday June 30 10:10:10 2006 - Belfast-today

Johnny F.
Thanks to the Webmaster for the quick response to the spammers on the GB...
Thursday June 29 20:33:11 2006

Johnny F.
Hi Dave,
I agree w/you on the SOL riff, it is right up there w/D.Doom
Robbie used to do a great stereo pan on it, in the old days :-)
BTW..The Deans do have their own's Great site..take a look..
Thursday June 29 20:30:32 2006

To The Deans

Hey guys - are you planning on playing in Dublin soon? Is there a website? Some info please. Best wishes.
Thursday June 29 10:14:53 2006 - Dublin

Following BrendanMc's lead I have decided to go down the whole YouTube path, so I've gone through the archive and pulled this little bit out for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!
Tuesday June 27 22:59:08 2006

Hi Johnny

A sublime version of 'Sword of Light', by the way, which for my money, is right up there with Dearg Doom. 'Toss the Feathers' is its musical parent I believe. I remember hearing SOL for the first time as a kid and loving Robbie M's 'panning' of the riff across the vast expanses of a frenzied Stadium.

I will tell you about the EC show next time.

The Cobblestone sure is a cool spot full of artists, writers and musicians. By the way, you and Steve certainly have us all 'psyched' to see The Deans.
Tuesday June 27 19:20:47 2006 - Liffeyside

Johnny F.
Hi Folks...A Great gig for me and Steve at the Cobblestones..
It was good to see old and new faces on the night..incl. Brendan, Niall, Dave S.(thanks for the present) PJ, Paddy G...delighted you were there...All the Best...
Monday June 26 23:41:35 2006

Johnny Fean
Hi Gavin... It was great to see you playing last night...
You had that Strat on Fire! Great Playing!...
Gary and Martin were rockin'..
Maggie and I really enjoyed the gig.......
All the Best....
Monday June 26 23:31:40 2006

Gavin Dean
Thanks very much Johnny and Maggie for coming to our gig last night, hope you enjoyed it...........
Monday June 26 09:11:17 2006 - Ireland

Aye - great stuff indeed. One more fan (female and German) was added to the list as well as some rather muddled singing at the end after the gig ended.

Cheers John, Steve and Maggie, as ever.
Sunday June 25 22:09:51 2006

Great set from Johnny and Steve last night in Dublin 7. As before, at a certain point the set just took off with J and S sending each other and the rst of us mortals to sonic nirvana. Killer guitar solos as usual which got more lethal as the night progressed.

Loved the Jeff Beck ('Where Were You' ) style harmonics on several songs from John and Steve's unique wah wah bass (which my other half said sounded like an ultrasound machine at times). 'Dearg Doom' was an epic musical journey from Tara via Chicago to Seattle and back again.

Like a lot of people we left uplifted and will be spreading the word. Come back soon lads
Sunday June 25 18:17:54 2006 - Liffey Delta

At last a pill that combines prozac, weight-loss & cheap viagra, what luck. But have you got any Tracks
From The Vaults?
Sunday June 25 13:46:55 2006

What a great great gig last night in the Cobblestone. As always its a huge privilege to witness Johnny & Steve in action and I definitely think that they are the two best guitarists in the country and could certainly put it up to anyone anywhere in the world. Good to see BrendanMc and Paddy Goodwin there as well as a load of new faces. Paddy, you'll go a long way!

Anyhow the setlist was:

King Of The Fairies,
Black Magic Woman,
Power & The Glory,
You Really Got Me,
Shakin' All Over,
Rakish Paddy/Silver Spear,
Dingle Regatta,
Further On Up The Road,
Keep On Runnin',
Johnny's Wedding,
Rambling On My Mind,
Mason's Apron (oooh Matron),
High Reel,
St. Anne's,
Honky Tonk Woman,
Sword Of Light,
Dearg Doom,
Johnny B. Goode.

And very special encore of Ghosts and I'll Be Waiting sung by myself, BrendanMc & Maggie.
Sunday June 25 13:41:55 2006

John Cunneen | john~AT~coinin~DOT~demon~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Hey you guys, good to see you finally hooked up. Knowing both of you and having worked together, I am glad to see the union. I do look forward to catching up with you some time at a gig.
Best wishes
Friday June 23 23:50:13 2006 - East Anglia, UK

Thanks very much to BrendanMc for uploading (to YouTube) a five minute video of Horslips featuring Johnny's famous riff from Dearg Doom.
Monday June 19 18:03:03 2006 - Dublin

The Deans
Thanks very much Steve for coming to our gig on saturday, we really appricate it. and also thanks for the nice comments....
Sunday June 18 16:21:26 2006 - Ireland

Steve Travers
I saw The Deans tonight. If I may be so bold I will give everyone some very valuable advice. Over the last few decades great players have emerged and the lucky ones among us can say that we were there at the beginning. Gavin Dean has just turned sixteen, in any man's book that's a beginning. This young man will be mentioned in the same breath as Rory Gallagher, Johnny Fean, Gary Moore and Henry McCullough and deservedly so. Before they graduate to the big rigs and dozens of roadies you should drive, walk, cycle or crawl to hear them in a small pub or club setting. You will live to bless the day. I saw Rory at The Marquee in '69 and no record ever captured that magic. Gary Dean on bass supports his brother with style and passion. Martin Sheanon is a powerhouse driving the trio with panache yet solid as The Rock of Cashel. God help the music business if it ignores The Deans.
Sunday June 18 00:00:21 2006 - Lee Delta

Michael Magennis | mchlmagennis~AT~yahoo~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Steve,many thanks for your E-mail re:the gig in Corbett's the other week.Hope to make the October date if I'm not living in the Canaries or Cuba by then.Good Luck,Mick
Friday June 16 17:18:57 2006 - Malinmore Glencolmcille Co.Donegal

Donnacha | kavanaghnz~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Ah FFS, I'm home again in four weeks and the only gig you're playing is in Kerry, the day after da brudder's wedding. That's going to be a hoor of a drive, but, I suppose, if it's the only one yez are doing.....I'll have to get up early in the morning, I think.
Thursday June 15 23:31:19 2006 - NZ, but packing for home

Kennedy F.
Just back from the Rory Gallagher Festival in Ballyshannon. Wish you were there Johnny. We met Rory's brother, Donal.
Sunday June 11 19:35:56 2006 - Clarin Delta

Guido Divito | guidodivito~AT~eircom~DOT~net
Johnny have you changed your email address?
I tried to send you a mail but i'm getting delivery failure notices!
email me!
Friday June 9 21:51:20 2006

Going early doors for the gig in Cobblestones. I assume Niall,Myles (plus), Alex and moi will be there........any others?
Thursday June 8 21:59:26 2006

Johnny F.
Just want to add a few lines to what steve has already said
(below), and, also thank everyone who was at the gig in Corbett's on Sat. night. Des and Kay Corbett's wonderful hospitality knows no bounds, and for Steve and me it was a truly great gig.Maggie as always, was delighted to see everyone there. The gig in Enniscorthy last night rounded off a great weekend.
Thanks Folks...
Tuesday June 6 00:15:47 2006

Steve Travers
Thanks to everyone who made the last few days so memorable. It was great to see so many friends at Corbett's in Dundalk on Saturday. The atmosphere and buzz inspired us to what Johnny and I regard as one of our most enjoyable gigs for a long time. I stayed with Des and Kay Corbett and their hospitality is second to none. Sunday lunch at the home of guitar-great Jackie and Tracey McAuley, in the excellent company of the legendary Henry McCullough and his lovely wife Josie, sets the weekend apart as very special indeed. Enniscorthy in the sunshine rounded off a perfect weekend. It reminds me just how great it is to live in Ireland again.
Monday June 5 22:04:43 2006 - By The Lee

Stephen Ferris
Just adding my voice to the others who procliamed the Corbetts gig as red hot. Into the the infra-red zone i'd say. A packed gig and the entire audience in hyperdrive. Good too to see Mrs F, The First Lady of Rock again. See you all soon for more of the same.
Monday June 5 17:38:07 2006

john cosgrove | margo_john~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
great both weaved magic last night in was really good talking to you again including maggie.God willing ,Johnny,there will be an opportunity to have a wee go on the Grimshaw at a more appropriate time,all the best and keep on rocking.
Sunday June 4 22:47:39 2006 - Newry

Paul Grant | paul_grant_is~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Thanks for a fantastic night in Corbetts Johnny. You really played the life out of that Gibson axe. Cant wait till we get to meet again. Thanks for all the guitar advice too.
Take a look at Rick Turners Model 1 guitar on his website. I have one and its like nothing else i've ever played. i think its the only one on Ireland.
By the way "Black magic woman" and "Jumping Jack Flash" were class.
Ive been listening to your stuff since as far back as i care to remember and it was a real pleasure to eventually see it live.
ur a legend

Great Night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul Grant ( Newry )
Sunday June 4 22:26:38 2006 - Newry

Wonderful performance last night gentlemen. Sorry I couldnt stay longer to chat to all the boys and girls. Shame Noel Ferris couldnt make it. Things do be awful quiet without him.
Sunday June 4 20:26:12 2006

francie quinn
any chance of getting that zen alligators stuff up on the site for the rest of us to hear? that would be nice.
Sunday June 4 19:36:25 2006 - cookstown

Alan Bogue
Hi Johnny, Steve and Maggie:- just a special word of thanks for a fantastic night in Corrbett’s last night. Johnny and Steve were absolutely amazing and it was great to get speaking to you all, after the gig. Best Wishes!!
Sunday June 4 16:33:59 2006 - Newry

Noel F
Steve and Johnny,
that was a breathtaking gig last night fellas. I was keeping a low profile so you probably didn't even know I was there. Well done. Great to see new faces as well as the usual suspects.
Sunday June 4 14:54:58 2006

What an amazing gig last night in Dundalk. Possibly one of the best gigs that I've been lucky enough to witness. Johnny & Steve were absolutely on fire and blew everyone in the place away with ultimate versions of every song. You know a gig is something special when there is even a look of amazement on Steve's face when Johnny goes into a solo and vice versa.
And strangely enough the gig coincided with the over 65s Air Guitar Championship 2006 which saw the 2 finalists do a sort of air guitar dance-off in front of the stage. The winner successfully combined air guitar with Irish dancing, something never seen before.
Anyway the songs that knocked everyone back were:
King Of The Fairies,
Black Magic Woman,
Power & The Glory,
Really Got Me,
Shakin' All Over,
Johnny's Wedding,
Rakish Paddy/Silver Spear,
Dingle Regatta,
Further On Up The Road (Thanks for the dedication Johnny),
Ramblin' On My Mind,
Keep On Runnin',
Jumpin' Jack Flash,
Matrons Apron,
St. Anne's,
Honky Tonk Woman,
Sword Of Light,
Dearg Doom,
Johnny B. Goode.
Sunday June 4 13:19:57 2006

Pilib de Rossa
Honoured to have witnessed Johnny Fean and Steve Travers play tonight in Dundalk. Words, which could in any way, adequetely describe the performance they gave, have not yet been invented
Sunday June 4 01:59:15 2006 - Co Armagh

Finally got to hear, for the first time, the Zen Alligators' 'You make my day'. And to be honest it was jaw droppingly brilliant. If REM did that in the early 80s the critics woulda creamed themselves. JF was in mighty form, vocal wise, and did a good duet with the Marion. The 'B' side is a howl as well. Sounds like good fun was had recording it. A lost classsic.

Thanks Stefan for the benevolance.

I think I'll be there tomorrow. As long as there is a big cheer for Longford. Feck the Dubs.
Friday June 2 22:16:43 2006

Johnny F.
Hi Dave,
'Youtube' does have some great vintage stuff on it from both
sides of the atlantic. I will check out the eric stuff you posted. have a great weekend.
Friday June 2 17:16:14 2006

Dave has some truly amazing stuff on it - vintage Taste and Rory for example (but no Horslips or F and T yet). see but on the subject of Eric look at this great amateur footage of the tour from Paris.

Best wishes
Friday June 2 12:08:47 2006 - Liffey Delta

Thanks John - look forward to the story. It was a '52 wow! Never knew that. He never seems to use Gibsons now

On the subject of Goldtops I used mine (a '68) at the reunion show with Joe S two weeks ago in Navan Road (Jim and wife were there). It blew the strat away sound wise according to those out front although onstage they both sounded equally good to me. Must talk to you sometime about improving the sound out front as it is a problem I have had with strats for years.
Thursday June 1 22:00:47 2006 - Liffey Delta (just back)

Johnny F.
While I think of it I have a story to tell you sometime, about
how Clapton ended up owning my old 1952 Les paul Goldtop (the one I used in Horslips, from '73 to '77)
This is a true story, he auctioned it off eventually at the
'crossroads Auction' in 1999. I believe there is a recording of 'stormy monday' somewhere that has Clapton playing the '52 goldtop.
Thursday June 1 18:41:02 2006

Johnny F.
Hi Dave,
Great to hear Eric is firing on all six cylinders on his current
tour. 'Motherless children' and' After midnight' have always
been two of my favourite clapton songs and it's nice to hear
he's playing them again. I saw him at the stadium in '77 and
spoke to him at the after party in the Burlington.
He has two great guitarists onstage with him in D. Bramhall and Derek Trucks, thats a 'Guitar ' tour de force for sure!
All the best....
Thursday June 1 18:28:15 2006 - Shannon Delta

Dear John and other EC fans,

Saw Clapton last night in Antwerp. The show was a real tour de force of electric guitar. Robert Cray kicked off the evening and then EC with the great Doyle Bramhall and Derek Trucks.

There were five tracks from 'Layla' DB took all the Duane parts and also Let it Rain, After Midnight and Motherless Children (featuring EC and DB on duelling slides and, for once DB on regular guitar). It was a stunning concert - a real guitar fest. Clapton seemed very happy and was bounding around the stage. He played black strats throughout and just seemed to be using a Cry baby wah wah and a volume pedal. Best song of all was 'Got to get Better in a Little While' its completely reworked and brilliant, funky and full of guitar.

I bought a packet of EC picks - all list various tours or gigs on the back. One goes ' Army Camp Dublin 1977' this is when he played for the troops in Griffith Barracks Dublin - next door to the Stadium I think...

He's not playing Ireland this time alas (dont know why?) - but at last a great kick ass guitar playing show from old Slowhand. Absolutely no filler!

Best regards
Thursday June 1 15:48:02 2006 - Schelde Delta

Pilib de Rossa
I'll be there, hoping to have a big crowd of my friends there as well
Wednesday May 31 19:54:46 2006

Mum, BrendanMc, I shall be there, wellies and all.
Tuesday May 30 14:35:26 2006

Lamha suas for the trip to Dundawk. My beloved Longford are out agin the Dubs in Longford the following day so there would be a feck load of driving to be done. However I'm working on putting a cunning plan together. I reckon Niall and Stefan will be there.......anyone else?
Monday May 29 22:11:01 2006

My Son.
Hope you made it home safely & the wellies are dried out, although the way the weather has been the last couple of weeks I bet you are still wearing them. Look forward to seeing you and maby PJ on saturday night in Dundalk
Monday May 29 18:32:01 2006

Johnny just out of interest can u get 1959 Gibson Les Paul Junior's left handed?
Monday May 29 17:34:32 2006

Kennedy F.
Hi Johnny and Steve,
Really enjoyed ourselves in Crusheen. It's a great time for a gig. Steve, you're lucky Gary didn't try to knock down the wall with your Steinberger. ;)
Saturday May 27 21:56:23 2006 - Clarin Delta

Steve Travers
Hi Gary and Gavin, I really enjoyed Sunday in Clare. Gary you have a great touch. My bass never sounder better. You got me lookin' over my shoulder.........
Monday May 22 23:54:16 2006 - Lee Delta

Johnny Fean
Hi to Gavin and Gary, It was great to meet up with you again at the gig in Crusheen, delighted you enjoyed the gig, I
enjoyed the chat we had before and after the gig. Good luck to you both for the upcoming Ballyshannon Festival gig .
Hi also to Francis was good to meet up with you again in crusheen... Johnny.
Monday May 22 22:36:20 2006

Gavin Dean
Hi Johnny and Steve! I realy enjoyed the gig tonight and so did my Mam and Auntie. Thanks for the food and chat! Hope to see yourselves and Maggie soon.........
Monday May 22 00:45:25 2006 - Athenry

Gary Dean
How ye guys great gig tonight we really enjoyed it! It was great to talk to ye again! And thanks for the little lesson Steve it was much appriciated! Hope to see ye again soon! See ya GaZ
Sunday May 21 23:15:50 2006 - Athenry!

what a match that was.What a player Peter Stringer is. Despite being an ulster man through and through i was on for the lads in red. Did anyone see the amount of people in Limerick city?
Sunday May 21 11:41:41 2006

Johnny F.
What a fantastic win for Munster, a mighty final! Congratulations to the Men in Red.
Saturday May 20 18:40:51 2006 - Flyin' it...

Steve Travers
Congratulations to the Mighty Men of Munster from two very proud Munster Men, "Fean and Travers".
Saturday May 20 17:43:46 2006 - Soarin'

Steve Travers
Hi Tony, The last time we met was at Crusheen. Frank has the album to do that very task. Perhaps he will have it done by tomorrow when we get there! I hope you and the family are keeping well.
Saturday May 20 14:35:05 2006 - Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

Tony Curtin
Hello folks,long time no hear or see. Hope you are all well and maybe our paths will hopefully cross again soon. Steve,any chance of transferring "Breaking Star Codes" on to CD for me. Tried several times to e-mail you,but with no luck.
Saturday May 20 02:28:34 2006 - Tipperary

Steve Travers
To Gerard Burke (the promoter of last night's gig in Waterford) and his family, Frank, Johnny and I extend our sincere condolences on their sad loss. We would also like to add that we were astounded by his professionalism, kindness and commitment
Sunday May 14 15:05:03 2006 - Cork

Steve Travers
Many thanks to the young musicians who travelled from Enniscorthy to Waterford last night, that's dedication.
Sunday May 14 14:54:57 2006 - Lee Delta

No Niall to do the playlist.
He definitely missed the definitive version of 'Johnny B. Goode' - no one can touch this duo for live entertainment in Ireland at the monment, and to think any one of us can see them on a regular basis giging their way around the country.
Good luck to both tonight in Waterford, love to Maggie.
Saturday May 13 22:06:34 2006 - Dublin

How did the gig go last night in Tullamore? I was getting some very sketchy reports in the wee small hours of the morning. Best of luck tonight!
Saturday May 13 17:16:21 2006 - A very wet day in Boston

Good luck tonight in Tullamore to Johnny and Steve.
Would love to be there but am far away across the ocean.
Friday May 12 16:15:07 2006 - Boston

Greetings from LA Johnny and Steve,

Tried a great new 'official' Eric Clapton pedal which gives you seven of his greatest 'patches' - Sunshine Layla (both acc and elec) Crossroads, Badge (with stereo Leslie) - its amazing. The Pod is a disappointing 250 bucks so maybe next time! The talk of the EC camp here is Derek Trucks who is now on the tour and will it is predicted light a fre under old Slowhand unlike anybody since Uncle Duane. the tour just started in France.

Saw KT Tunstall Tue night - fab,

Best wishes
Thursday May 11 22:18:41 2006 - LA

For the waterford gig on saturday the 13th the Bar is now called Paul Flynn's bar(formerly known as the Kings), Lombard St, Waterford.
Wednesday May 10 22:15:11 2006 - Co Clare

Steve Travers
Mary, I have spoken to Paul Hurley on numerous occasions. He is a talented songwriter and singer and I thank him sincerely for his contribution to the memory of The Miami. I hope he goes on to great success.
Monday May 8 15:19:26 2006 - Ireland

Steve Travers
Johnny and I will be in Tullamore on Friday and Waterford on Saturday so unfortunately we will miss The Deans in Cork this weekend. However we would urge everyone to get there as they deserve the support of everyone who wishes to guarantee a great future for Irish rock. I am very conscious of a genuine resurgence of interest in real players and The Deans are most definitely in the vanguard of this movement. This renaissance was obvious to me in London over the last twelve months and when I was in The United States during the past few weeks. BB King had full house signs up and the “Fean and Travers” gigs now have at least as many young kids in attendance as those who were there first time around! In the sixties Liverpool led the charge, perhaps it's Athenry’s turn now! We wish them all the best but a word of caution, never worry about the result of these competitions; I honestly believe that if Bob Dylan entered a competition today as an unknown he wouldn’t get past the first round. The public have to be re-educated following the brainwashing of the past two decades. Like Rory, stay true to your art and never compromise.
Monday May 8 15:11:37 2006 - Back in the land of

Kennedy F.
Just to remind you that The Deans (Gavin, Gary and Martin) will be playing in the Cork Opera House between 1.30 and 3.30 p.m. on Saturday next 13 May 2006 at the Blastbeat finals. If you are free to come and join us for a tea/coffee sometime on Saturday afternoon, please send an email to band(at)

Best regards,

Francis Kennedy
Sunday May 7 23:28:24 2006 - A field in Athenry

Mary Taylor | mataylor20~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Hi I have a good friend, Paul Hurley From Dublin that just wrote a song about the Miami show band and I put his song up on my website I would really like you to check it out.

Thanks Mary Taylor
Saturday May 6 20:43:08 2006 - Michigan~United States


Thanks again for the info. May 13th is the day I am due back from LA. Its also the wife's birthday and lastly my team West Ham are in the cup final. All this means that I probably wont be in Waterford but good luck there anyway to Steve and yourself. Due to play a Max Quad Band reunion with Joe S here in Dublin on the 19th. I'll probably use the strat you saw, the gold top is not holding tune despite new Schaller locking machine heads. Hope to give you a look at it sometime. Listening (again...sad) to the Clapton rainbow show for that 'Badge' solo which I think is as good as the Goodbye Cream studio version. The playing on the rest isnt great though - he sounds 'tired and emotional' when he speaks.


Friday May 5 12:41:12 2006 - Malahide Delta

Hi Gavin... Glad to hear you will be coming to the Crusheen gig...Hope you guys are all keeping well...
All the Best...
Friday May 5 02:34:04 2006 - BluesCountry...

Hi Jo...Thanks for stopping by, and leaving a message, I'm glad to hear Ray is doing so well with the 'Celtic Woman' show. We have played gigs together occasionally over the years,(in Ireland) and so far we have only recorded together once. He has such a full schedule it leaves little time for other ventures. Hope you enjoy the 'Horslips' CD that you
bought. I would recommend 'The Best of Horslips' CD on the Edsel/Demon label, if you want to venture further...
all the Best.....
Friday May 5 02:13:41 2006

Gavin Dean | gavindean~AT~eircom~DOT~net
"all right now" hello johnny and steve, glad to see you are playing in crusheen. we'll be there
Friday May 5 01:32:55 2006 - ireland

Hi Johnny, Excuse me. I feel like I'm crashing a private party of good friends who have a long history together. I stumbled onto your guestbook while looking for your brother, Ray. Oh not literally, of course. Just trying to find out more about him and his career. A little over 2 weeks ago I saw him with "CELTIC WOMAN". I was sorry I didn't stay for the "meet & greet", afterwards. I would liked to have met him and tell him how much he enhanced the spirit of the music. I know, that's what percussionists do, but this was different; this was outstanding. There is very little on the internet about him, but one item made reference to you. So, I started my search. Have the two of you ever played gigs or recorded together?
By the way, this quest led me here, and now I 'm curious about your music and have ordered a Horslips CD from the mid-90's. Don't know if that's the best place to start, but it IS a start. I look forward to hearing from you.
Continued success and much happiness to all.
Wednesday May 3 20:20:58 2006 - Chicago

Hi Dave, Nice to hear from you, the line 6 pod is a desktop
item, but can be used in a number of ways, ie, through the front end of an amp, straight through a PA system,(preferebly
w/some monitors) or at home either for recording or using w/headphones. It's a very useful item.
You will probably get it cheaper in LA.
Sad to hear ol' Macari's is gone, I bought lot's of stuff there
over the years. Cream at the RAH is great, they are on top form, especially Baker. Great version of Stormy Monday also
from Clapton.
All the best...Johnny.
Wednesday May 3 17:50:44 2006 - Shannon delta

Johnny, hope you're well. Priced a Line 6 Pod in Charing Cross Road 119 sterling. I didnt buy because I am off to LA on Sunday for business and I may get one there. Its not a pedal though is it? The guy in the shop said it was a 'desktop' item (!)...more like an amptop. Interesting to see the Boss pedals amalgamated into a pedal board for 150 GBP too. Though no wah, wah..and you cant beat the Cry baby..or can you??

Sad also to see that Macari's - an old haunt - is gone. Kossof used to work there and once sold a guitar to Hendrix so I was once told

Listening to the Cream 2005 at RAH as I write - it really is tremendous. Baker is great. All the lads sound like the break did them good. Kinda like my favourite Irish band....

Regards to Maggie

Wednesday May 3 12:43:55 2006 - Dublin

caroline | carmarie~AT~eircom~DOT~net
ha ha gerry trust you to loose your sim.its a wonder you dont loose your head, he,he drop me an email and i'll give ye me number
Thursday April 27 11:04:20 2006 - moville co donegal

Steve Travers
Hi Gerry, I'm at the usual place in Florida. I've sent you an email.
Thursday April 27 02:17:48 2006 - Micky's Toon Town Fair

gerry brown | gerrybrown~DOT~1~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
hi steve and anyone who knows me, i,ve lost my english sim,so i cant find any of my numbers and i mean any,i,m in new orleans at the jass fest,drop me a line with your numbers stevo,gerry
Wednesday April 26 23:40:43 2006 - new orleans

Marty Ball
Hey Johnny, I was wondering if u know/ remember where charles o' connor got his electric mandolin? was go ne convert a miniture guitar into 1 but i think it mite b easier to just buy 1. thanks marty
Tuesday April 25 01:15:43 2006 - derry

Howya guy's and gals ( Maggie !)

Great to see you the other night at Paddy's little swaree ( I think thats how you spell it !)

Speaking of great tunes I'd love to hear again ............ remember "The road to her door " one of my all time fav's .

Stephen ...........did you get to see Eric Johnson ?

See you all soon .


Monday April 24 23:22:35 2006

Johnny Fean
Hi ya Gavin, Great to hear from you! I'm delighted to hear
'Trouble' went down so well with your audience, and the young kids are into it. I Hope the new CD, and the gigs are
going well for you. Hope to meet up with you guys sometime soon....
Monday April 24 18:32:37 2006

Gavin Dean | gavindean~AT~eircom~DOT~net
Howya Johnny and Steve, we played a gig the other night -finished with "trouble with a capital T"- as soon as I started the intro, the place went mental! the way they were all between 15 and 17 years ! good music lives on........hope to see ya soon.
Monday April 24 15:54:42 2006

Steve Travers
PJG I hope to catch B.B King at The House Of Blues in Orlando on Friday April 28th. I was out with some friends earlier today and didn't get back in time to see Joe Satriani with Eric Johnson. The heat slowed us down, it's 91 degrees here (in old money). I'll let you know how the B.B. concert goes. Just to be in the same room as him is an honour.
Saturday April 22 03:04:13 2006 - Florida

Holy Freholies JF - never thought that line was about having bit of rumpy pumpy on some fresh linen in some strangers' antique bedroom.

I also forgot the bit I liked best in the song:

But some day she might hear this song and know that nothing's changed,
Because I am still in love with her, all across the years,
Through the laughter and the madness, through the heartache and the can say that I'm a coward, but you don't know the pain...

I think. Classic in my books.
Friday April 21 22:24:47 2006

Maggie, just for once I dont know which team to support on Sunday, my heart says Munster but my head says Leinster !! Looking forward to a great game !!
And Steve in Florida... is it at the Jacksonville, the Clearwater or the Orlando gig you will be seeing the great man himself ? let us know how it went.
Friday April 21 20:07:34 2006 - Dublin

Johnny Fean
Hi Tim, you are welcome to sing 'I never talk about her' in
your shows, no problem. Most of the lyrics for the song that
are posted (below) are correct, thanks to Brendan Mc.
The first line is: Together we were travellin', Through a hundred gothic towns,
Undressed in ancient bedrooms, made love on eiderdowns.
Last line on 2nd verse is: 'Tell me where did I go wrong'
The chorus also includes the line: I don't want to be reminded, that I won't see her again...(2nd. Line of chorus)
Good luck with the song..
Johnny ...
Friday April 21 19:42:25 2006

Together we were travelling, through a haunted gothic town,
And dressed in ancient bedrooms, lay your love mumble mumble mumble,
We didn't have much money, but on wine we spent it well,
And swore our love would hold back time, now only time can tell.

Cos I never talk about her, I never speak her name,
You won't hear me talk about her, you wont hear me speak her name,

Fell headlong into love so hard, that everything made sense,
Our mornings were all sunshine, our nights were just intense,
But it would take a gypsy to tell us what went wrong,
Now she's found a home I know not where,
So tell me where do I get along(?)

Repeat chorus...etc
Friday April 21 12:39:39 2006

tim beam | timbeam~AT~gmx~DOT~de
Hey Johnny,
I love the last bandits in the world album (bought it vinyl second hand somwhere), especially "never talk about her" is a favourite tune of mine.
I'd love to play that song in my shows, if that's ok for you. But I have problems to figure out the lyrics. Can you help me?
All the best from Freiburg, Germany
tim beam
Friday April 21 11:09:26 2006 - Freiburg, Germany

Johnny Fean
Good to see the 'new look' guestbook up and running, thanks
to the webmaster.
Thursday April 20 17:24:13 2006

Good job on the newly revamped guest book
Thursday April 20 08:56:42 2006

Well done webmaster. looking forward to seeing the lads over the summer.
Wednesday April 19 18:44:30 2006 - Swords

Damn - I hope my order of 'Extendamember' hasn't been lost with the Guestbook revamp. Good to see the sun finally have a bit of warmth.....hopefully I'll be able to hear ye some warm summer evening while I sip/quaff/throw open the neck/ on Bulmers
Wednesday April 19 15:34:26 2006

Steve Travers
Many thanks to our wonderful webmaster for sorting out the spam problem. I'm looking forward to some great gigs this Summer. In the meantime where's the sun-tan lotion?
Wednesday April 19 13:06:07 2006 - Florida

Lee Templeton | comebackhorslips~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Hello Johnny and Maggie! I'm still telling all my friends endlessly about the wonderful time I had on the last visit. It was a phenomenal night of good friends and great music. Here's hoping I'll be there again for more!
Wednesday April 19 06:22:55 2006 - San Francisco

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