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martins pusan -

cool keep it up

Mon Feb 28 10:53:20 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi Debi, It's wonderful to hear from you after all these years! By another amazing co-incidense I passed by your old house and the old Cummunity Hall only a few days ago! That's where it all began (House of the Rising Sun). keep in touch, Regards..Johnny.

Thu Feb 24 19:02:25 2005 IP:

Debi : Massachusetts -

Johnny, through a strange set of circumstances I happened upon your website and have had great read clicking through the pages. What a long successful journey from Drumgeely Hill days. best, debi

Thu Feb 24 16:48:03 2005 IP:

Peter Somers : Lee Delta -

Met Mick tonight for the first time. It was a great pleasure. An even greater pleasure was listening to the band tonight. Absolutely magic. Well done, you guys were fantastic! It never ceases to amaze me, the sheer power of truly gifted musicians. Looking forward to the next time. Love to Maggie.

Thu Feb 24 02:35:56 2005 IP:

Derek Holmes Dublin -

Hi Johnny,im ataxi driver in Dublin,picked up two northern irish guys in Blanchardstown just after xmas.Pissed as bejaysus! They proceeded to take out a copy of Roll Back,and asked me to play it or they wouldnt pay up! Im a big Horslips fan,so it was cool,anyways,one of the guys told me his name was Noel Ferris,any chance in dropping an email

Wed Feb 23 19:39:58 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Thanks Lee! There will be a strong Cork City contingent at the Old Oak for sure! It's shapeing up to be a good night. No doubt you will be hearing about it! Take Care,...Johnny.

Wed Feb 23 01:29:30 2005 IP:

Lee Templeton : San Francisco -

All the best for tomorrow's gig at the Old Oak! I think I might know one or two people planning to be there. And I'll be looking forward to hearing all about another fantastic set of music from another legendary night.

Tue Feb 22 23:05:48 2005 IP:

Susan Nash USA -

After many years i pulled out my old vinyl and Horslips was the first one I played. 1977 Aliens album. Mint condition and Im loving it all over again. Im glad I did some research and found you again. Im looking forward to hearing some new stuff. Thanks for the tunes...

Tue Feb 22 21:57:46 2005 IP:

Rob Jaras -

Greetings! My name is Rob Jaras, and I'm an artist and musician currently living in Santiago de Chile. While surfing the Internet I came across your page, and thought you might be interested in my line of artwork. As an artist, my main interest for many years now has been the continuation of Celtic art forms, be it in paintings, carvings, music, etc. Currently, I have been producing one-of-a-kind, handcrafted custom pieces (paintings, chests, trunks, clothing, guitars, etc.), along with more traditional Celtic work such as crosses and knotwork. You can find examples of these in my new Celtic Arts and Crafts website ( ), or you can visit my Ebay Store at ( ). I will also have an online catalog soon. I am always looking for new challenges and lines of work - I´d love to design for an Irish/Celtic band, who knows, an LP sleeve, liners, shirts... If you ever have something particular in mind, just let me know and I'm sure we'll work something out. Thank you very much for your time, and keep up the good work! Kind regards Rob Jaras

Sat Feb 19 00:27:46 2005 IP:

BrendanMc : -

I have been tardy in my postings but of late I have been occupied with work and a sick baby. Echo all that has been said below re. Rush. Great gig - even got namechecked (was a bit of a mortaler) by Johnny during the gig. Had a nice wee chat after. Thanks lads. You keep making a young auld fella very happy. Long may you do this and here's to the next time ye boys visit The Pale.

Fri Feb 18 21:29:08 2005 IP:

Pilib de Rossa : Forkhill ,South Armagh -

Chris, You may be interested to know that before we went to Johnny and Steve's excellent gig in Rush we attended a concert which my son Lorcan was playing in. He was part of a group of kids who were involved in a music workshop just after Christmas where they wrote a number of songs along with a number of established musicians then recorded a CD and they played the tracks last Saturday evening. The established musicians who played with them on the CD and in the concert included John Wilson the drummer with Taste and Sam Davidson who replaced Rory in the revived taste.

Fri Feb 18 18:40:27 2005 IP:

Rex Penny : Surrey -

Who is Chris Somers? I'm trying to track down an old friend called Chris Somers and a Google search for him keeps throwing up this site. The Chris I'm trying to get in touch with spent 10+ years living in New Zeland and plays the bass. Could this be the same Chris as on here? Does anyone know?

Fri Feb 18 15:08:18 2005 IP:

Steve and Johnny : Cork and Clare -

Well done again Chris. That's done and sent across the planet. Anything for an old friend.

Fri Feb 18 00:02:20 2005 IP:

Chris Lee Delta - A worthy cause. Hope to see alot more signatures in honour of Rory.

Thu Feb 17 22:21:04 2005 IP:

sean Luton -

The sessions were wonderfull especially dearg doom everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves ,first time i've heard john kelly must check him out again . Do you still intend to play a few London gigs ,love to see ye again. Like mad paddy i've been looking for some horslips tabs for years no matter how often i listen to the cds can't figure it out must be tone deaf but i love playing unfortunately its gotta be written down in front of me.If someone knew the riff to Trouble or sword of light or the chord progession to loneliness or blindman or speed the plough not looking for a note by note transcription to the dearg doom solo or shakin all over,still could play it anyway. Anything would be greatly appreciated.

Thu Feb 17 20:56:18 2005 IP:

Niall G : Dublin -

Session last night on the John Kelly show was really good, New version of Dearg Doom works well!

Thu Feb 17 13:30:51 2005 IP:

Alex Swords -

Great session on Mystery train tonight Johnny and Mr Devlin even let you speak!! Lppking forward to more live gigs soon. Alex.

Thu Feb 17 00:35:45 2005 IP:

Stephen Ferris : -

Hello Johnny and Steve. Like Pete I was listening tonight to the John Kelly’s Mystery Train Session – wonderful show! The Horslips face is big in the various medias these days. That aside, I’m just above recovered from the weekend’s Rush gig. It was one of the hottest gigs from recent years. For sure there have been nights when I’ve enjoyed myself as much, but I’ve never enjoyed myself more! I noticed a few arrangement changes, such as Steve doing the lead-in intro for “Trouble”. Another thing is I’m fond of Clapton’s “Futher On Up the Road”, but in my opinion your version leave his standing cold! Anyway Steve and Johnny, it was a wonderful night and great to see the usual suspects shakin and a jiggin. Seems too we unearthed a few more groupies(The two Nialls and wallix). It was especially great to see the first lady of rock on the dance floor!!. For now I’m looking further on up the road and further on down the gigs page. Till the next time!

Wed Feb 16 23:55:23 2005 IP:

Stephen Ferris : -

Hello Francie down the page. On the gigs theme I was minded to head your general direction this Friday. Pat McManus is playing Magherafelt. I’ve been waiting all year for him to play so close. The thing is, my better half has organised us on trip to see “The history of the troubles according to me Da” on the same night. So I'll be in the Grand Opera House. Should be a good gig Francie if you’re allowed out. Elsewise good luck with the Cookstown project.

Wed Feb 16 23:51:21 2005 IP:

Peter Somers : Lee Delta -

Just finished listening to the Mystery Train Sessions. Absolutely stunning. Johnny it was fabulous. So looking forward to seeing and HEARING yourself and Steve.

Wed Feb 16 21:55:33 2005 IP:

Chris : Lee Delta -

Mad Paddy, e-mail me at greengravel72 (Close up the space). Chris

Wed Feb 16 15:06:34 2005 IP:

francie quinn : -

cheers tom

Wed Feb 16 13:53:13 2005 IP:

Tom at The Office : The Office -

Paddy, you should go to as it would be impossible to keep tabs on the music of Johnny and Steve (this website). Their arrangments change from bar to bar and the numbers never repeat. Totally spontaneous. Totally impossible to predict.

Wed Feb 16 13:06:39 2005 IP:

Armaghs Mad Paddy : Eire -

Looking for horslips tab sheets!!!!!!! Needed Badly!!!!!! Please HELP!!!!

Wed Feb 16 09:14:38 2005 IP:

Tom at The Office : New York right now. -

Hi Francie, You need to contact the management Eagle Promotions, the address is

Wed Feb 16 00:44:08 2005 IP:

Armaghs Mad Paddy : Eire -

Looking for horslips tab sheets!!!!!!! Needed Badly!!!!!! Please HELP!!!!

Tue Feb 15 20:40:37 2005 IP:

francie quinn cookstown -

hi johnny and steve. nothing definite yet but would you'se travel north to do a gig in cookstown? we, the radio station where i work, are working on organising a series of shows in our local theatre, The Burnavon, which is a cosy little venue and i have suggested that yourselves might fit the bill. if it is within the realms of possibility who should we contact to sort out the sordid details?

Tue Feb 15 13:08:16 2005 IP:

bill louthe new jersey u.s.a. -

Hi Johnny, How are you and how's Limerick ? I still have the remnant of a machinehead, from your Les Paul.Do you remember it got snapped off after being hit by a bottle, during a fight in a ballroom in Virginia, Co.Cavan. I hope all is well with you, and Maggie. Bill

Mon Feb 14 16:44:29 2005 IP:

Johnny Fean : Co. Clare -

Hi Folks, Greetings and A Big THANKS to all the people who came to the gig in Rush last night. Pilib, Stephen F, Noel F,(Hope you got back to Belfast Safely). Brendan Mc., Niall, Peter, the guys from south armagh, and the people who came out from Dublin. It was great to see you all, Steve and I had a Great night, it was crackin', really enjoyable!Hello to Lee Templeton, sorry you couldn't be there. I haven't had a chance to say Hello and Thanks to everyone on the guestpage recently, as I was relocating to Co. Clare, and was without the ol' Computor. That is now sorted, and I will attempt to Post a bit more regularly. So for now,Take Care, Johnny.

Mon Feb 14 00:37:49 2005 IP:

Niall Goode Dublin -

Was at the gig in Rush last night. It was brilliant. Cant believe that two people can make such a great sound. Met Johnny afterwards, people say you should never meet your idol because you will always be disappointed, I say they should get a decent idol, Johnny was a really nice guy and I thoroughly enjoyed the night!

Sun Feb 13 14:04:49 2005 IP:

Pilib de Rossa : South Armagh -

Arrived home safely. Brilliant gig Johnny and Steve. Looking forward to next time you are back in Rush

Sun Feb 13 02:58:29 2005 IP:

Lee Templeton : San Francisco -

How I wish I could be at Rush again tomorrow night, but I am looking forward to hearing all the details from those who will be there. And someone is taking pictures for me too! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow afternoon and sending you all my very best from a Johnny Fean and Steve Travers fan by the bay.

Fri Feb 11 21:19:57 2005 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

To Johnny & Steve, best wishes for your forthcoming gigs. Sorry i can't make the ones this month but hopefully maybe some in the coming months.

Sun Feb 6 22:44:44 2005 IP:

Armagh's Mad Paddy : Armagh -

I was wondering if anyone could help me out and have some horslips backing tracks mainly because i am doing a couple of their songs for G.C.S.E!! Please Help Me!!!! Hail the Horslips!!! Rock on 4EVER!!

Wed Feb 2 11:45:25 2005 IP:

gerrybrown belfast -

hi steve,just back from florida,i,m in dublin tomorrow and tue and wen then i go to galway for a few days,things went good over in the states, i,ll call you this week take care gerry

Sun Jan 30 21:24:11 2005 IP:

Mark Cunningham -

Hi Steve, well that's some endorsement... thanks!!! Had a look at the anthology photo slide show. It brought back a few memories. I was at the Wembley Arena gig that Horslips did with Lizzy... it was 1978, not 79 as you have it there. Fantastic night! Were you playing with Johnny when he played at O'Neills in Southend about...hmmm... 1996-7? He invited me up that night, so maybe you and I met??? You and I obviously differ on the kind of basses we like to play. I've never got on with headless ones. More of a Fender P man really, although these days I'm mainly using a Fernandes custom. Keep up the good work and hi to Johnny too!!!

Fri Jan 28 19:21:20 2005 IP:

greg faughnan liverpool -

hello johnny. i am also a lead guitarist,one who never was in the right place at the right time. i remember going to see horslips in the late 70s early 80s[excuse my dates,memory is terrible] i am delighted to see you are playing away and getting on with are a good lead player.i am an appreciator. i am delighted you are playing with the band again. i will get this album[cd] regds and good luck in the future. greg. by the way,i been collecting guitars myself over the yrs.i dont have as many as you,but a nice collection and 1 mandline an electric aria also.

Tue Jan 25 19:07:55 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : Cork, Ireland. -

To all you folks who wish to be as hugely impressed as I am, just visit Mark at

Mon Jan 24 23:44:23 2005 IP:

Mark Cunningham Southend-on-Sea -

Hi Steve, thanks for dropping by my website and glad you liked what you found. Sounds like we have a mutual admiration society going on here ha ha!!!

Mon Jan 24 13:32:53 2005 IP:

alan fitzsimons dublin -

Great performance on late late show, looking forward to Rush. I've being trying to contact Noel Ferris since christmas and i've just had no joy.Please HELP

Sun Jan 23 19:04:45 2005 IP:

Alex dublin -

Great performance on the late late show on friday Johnny. Looking forward to seeing you in Rush. Alex.

Sun Jan 23 17:17:15 2005 IP:

Dermot : Limerick -

It was good to see the lads on the Lare Late to night. I cant wait for the DVD. Kind Regards Dermot

Sat Jan 22 00:52:29 2005 IP:

Lee Templeton : San Francisco -

All the best tonight for the Late, Late Show! I'll have some Horslips playing at about 1:30 in the afternoon my time and then will wait to hear from all on the show.

Fri Jan 21 21:10:22 2005 IP:

Tom at The Office : Cork, Ireland. -

I've just spoken to Johnny. He's fightin' fit for tonight's main bout on The Late Late Show. He's been practising the steps so don't forget to tune in.

Fri Jan 21 15:15:09 2005 IP:

Peter : Lee Delta -

WARNING#### Johnny hope you can avoid any splinters from Pat the Plank .... Good luck on tonight's Late Late. It's about time that the show had Irelands greatest band on!!! Love to Maggie Steve, house nearly back to normal (whatever that is), dinner here when done (early Feb)?

Fri Jan 21 00:55:40 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : South Tipperary -

Congratulations to Brian Hurley from Radio Kerry, one of Ireland's best DJs. Brian continues to champion Irish bands past and present. You can listen live to Brian on Send him an email at and ask him to play your favourite tracks. Keep it happening. Brian is one of the good guys.

Thu Jan 20 00:10:53 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : Cork, Ireland. -

Joe you're very welcome. I'd like to point all good music lovers to Joe's site! This is a rockin' site to visit.

Wed Jan 19 20:16:52 2005 IP:

Joe Forde : -

I did mean preferably of course! Will get the hang of this typing some day!

Wed Jan 19 20:00:23 2005 IP:

Joe Forde : Chesterfield, England -

Hi Steve -many thanks for that generous email to the EBB site. I felt the same as you did getting one from Carol Kaye, coming as it did from the best bass player in Ireland. Hope to catch up with you and Johnny at one of your gigs in 2005 ( preferabley in England!). Till then, all the best!

Wed Jan 19 19:30:18 2005 IP:

Brian Hurley Kerry -

Thanks very much Steve. I must say that to this day I'm still getting feedback from the show we did. I'm blessed that you and Johnny were my first live guests on the show as the relaxed atmosphere ye created helped a lot. Great to read that you've been in contact with Carol Kaye as I know it means a lot to you. Both your's and Johnny's fans are lovely genuine people.Best wishes, Brian.

Wed Jan 19 16:46:08 2005 IP:

sandy New York, NY -

Thanks again Tom.My father tells me he has loads of old pictures from the late 70's of the band that he will check on.I'll try to scan and send some when he digs them out.I'll check back here next week.Happy New Year to you and yours.

Wed Jan 19 14:48:00 2005 IP:

Tom at The Office : Cork, Ireland. -

Hi Sandy, Johnny is in Dublin this week for a TV appearance so I will check with him when he gets back on Monday. All the best to you and your family.

Wed Jan 19 10:00:57 2005 IP:

sandy new york , NY -

Hey Tom, my Dad's name was Bob DeJessa...worked with them in the late 70's mostly in new york city....any recollection???:-)Thanks for replying...

Wed Jan 19 02:49:17 2005 IP:

Tom at The Office : Cork, Ireland. -

Hi Sandy, It's best to keep an eye on this site. I am sure they will be gigging in Ireland at that time. Let us know your Dad's name. I'm sure Johnny would remember him.

Tue Jan 18 17:50:55 2005 IP:

Sandy New York, NY -

I arrived in Ireland (first time) December 28th for a visit with my boyfriend's family in Co Louth .I wanted to go catch Johnny and Steve's show somewhere on the west coast, but it was too far to travel on the very day we arrived.My father worked with Horslips in USA for a short time and I got to travel around with the band when I was around 7 years old.Great memories.I was wondering if there was any chance of catching a gig the week of April 15th, as I will be in Gallway for a wedding.If anyone knows of anything going on around that time email me at .Thanks , Sandy

Tue Jan 18 13:50:47 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : Ireland -

Not only is Carol Kaye the greatest bassist that ever lived, but she is also a wonderful human being. My admiration for her as a musician has always been clearly evident in what I have aspired to on my instrument. Now my respect for her as a person is beyond question. When her incredible gift arrived in the post this morning I was at once thrilled and humbled. I can only compare it to Leonardo da Vinci sending a present to my gifted daughter. Funk begins with FUN and ends with K(aye). Thank you and God bless you Carol from your lifelong fan and friend, Steve Travers.

Tue Jan 18 10:27:19 2005 IP:

John Hosie Melbourne, Australia -

Happy Birthday for the 12th, Johnny. Have not heard the band. You should come out to Australia. Lots of Irish descendants. In fact, what caught me was the spelling of your name. My mother, Mary, is a Feain and her father, Ignatius were both born in Melbourne but my Great Grandfather, Michael was born in Limerick in 1843.When he came to Australia as a labourer, he went to Brisbane in Queensland in 1865 and his name appears as FEAN. Older family members used to say that Feain was the Gaelic spelling. Any information on the FEAN name in Limerick would be appreciated. John

Tue Jan 18 09:57:28 2005 IP:

Jeff : Galway -

Hi there Johnny and Steve Nice photos of yourselves and on the site. Hope to see you gigging in Galway this year.

Mon Jan 17 22:18:28 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : Lee Delta -

Why don't you go down to Epcot and visit my friend Mark Weldon. He is the bass guitarist with Off Kilter. They play most days in "Canada". Tell him I said hello and I will see him soon. Yep say hi to Mickey and Minnie too. Give my regards to The Back Street Boys when you see them.

Mon Jan 17 21:08:05 2005 IP:

gerry brown orlando -

hi steve i,m in florida at the moment, hope your well, i,ll see your uncle micky and aunt minnie later so i,ll pass on your regards gerry

Mon Jan 17 20:14:02 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : The Capital of Culture 2005 -

Thanks Brian. I've just got home from dinner with Johnny and would you believe you came up in conversation! Apart from a good roasting you're still among our favourite radio personalities so watch your step. I heard you had a wonderful adventure in Rome?

Sun Jan 16 23:39:26 2005 IP:

Brian Hurley Kerry -

Happy birthday Steve. Hope all is well with you.Whats this about 21 years old.That Johnny Fean has some neck for a 19 year old.Give that man my regards. Talk soon Brian Hurley Radio Kerry

Sun Jan 16 16:44:33 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : The Capital of Culture 2005 -

Many thanks Paul. Give my regards to John. I love your new recording by the way. Real songs about real people by a real artist. Let's hope Ireland gets to hear you in 2005.

Fri Jan 14 03:12:40 2005 IP:

Paul Bowen Richmond, Surrey, UK -

Happy Birthday Steve, John Blackburn, who plays bass with me, was gobsmacked when I told him about Carol Kaye, but then I've been telling John for ages that the first influence I ever detected in your bass playing was that of Carol Kaye and James Jamerson. Music is the world's true ambassador, without ulterior motives, without hidden agenda. Long may we learn from it. Paul

Thu Jan 13 21:00:51 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : Back on Earth -

Yes Chris, I had a great exchange with Carol tonight. You have indeed cemented a friendship. Many thanks to you again. Johnny called me a couple of hours ago to wish me a happy 21st. He says he wants to do "When I Come Home" and "Stevie's Blues" from The Spencer Davis Group album. We both rate Steve Winwood as one of the greatest voices of all time. He is also an incredible Hammond player. Talking about keyboards, next time you talk to Johnny ask him about The Animals's Alan Price, Johnny and me very late one night in Ealing!

Thu Jan 13 00:23:20 2005 IP:

Chris Lee Delta -

Happy Birthday Steve! Hope you enjoyed that! I pray I have forged a possible friendship here! And thanks to Carol! I hope Johnnys see's it soon. And is any of that Spencer Davis gonna be worked into the set!

Wed Jan 12 23:33:26 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : Heaven -


Wed Jan 12 21:57:38 2005 IP:

Carol Kaye : Santa Clarita, Calif. north of Los Angeles -

Steve I've heard about you and want to wish you all the very best for your birthday...I have some Irish blood too, and am proud of Ireland and its fine musicians...and of you too! Let's keep in close touch, I'm interested in your career and hear you're fine bassist! All the best, your friend, Carol Kaye

Wed Jan 12 21:19:08 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : Ireland -

You can check out Carol Kaye at Carol was one of the core group of anonymous studio musicians who lent her unique styles of studio Guitar and Electric Bass playing to many of the hits recorded by such popular artists like the Beach Boys, Ray Charles, TheRighteous Bros., Johnny Mathis, Nancy Sinatra, Sam Cooke, Glen Campbell, Lou Rawls, Jan & Dean, Henry Mancini, The Lettermen, Paul Revere & Raiders, Monkees, Buckinghams, April & Nino,Sonny & Cher, Chris Montez, Andy Williams, Quincy Jones, Joe Cocker, Ike &Tina Turner, Mel Torme, Bobby Darin, Frank Zappa, Wayne Newton, Herb Alpert, O.C. Smith, Don Ho, Al Martino, and a few Motown (LA).

Wed Jan 12 20:35:09 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : Ireland -

Chris, I am stunned. Thank you so much for passing on this message from one of my life-long heroes (I deliberately say heroes). She has in fact just emailed me now personally. Carol Kaye has influenced Paul McCartney and every other great bass player in the world. I loved her bass playing since I first heard her recordings with The Beach Boys. She did such classics as Good Vibrations and, (along with James Jemerson), so many of the great Tamla-Motown legendary hits. Her list of achievements would involve naming some of the greatest recordings in the history of popular music. What an honour it is to get this from her. I am deeply humbled by her kindness. Thank you Carol for making this a most memorable birthday and God bless you. I will email you personally now.

Wed Jan 12 20:24:11 2005 IP:

Chris Lee Delta -

A person had emailed to me that you mentioned my name as an "influence" for the bass player in your band, Steve Travers, and I don't know what your URL is for your website, the URL he sent me (from Ireland) doesn't work....anyway, I want to wish a special Happy Birthday to Steve Travers....I'm also part Irish by the way, and proud of my heritage....and am sure that's where I get my rhythms and sense of humor from, all the best to you Steve on your birthday, you have great fans out there, warmly, Carol Kaye my Irish roots come from my mothers' family of James - my grandparents were from Ireland in the late 1880s....when they emigrated here to the USA, my mother was born 1893, I was a "late in life" baby born in 1935.....and always knew about my kind grandparents from Ireland but they were gone before I was born. My heart is for the Irish people, God Bless You All, and wonderful about your Celtic Music."

Wed Jan 12 19:55:30 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : Sonic Heaven -

Thanks to Stephen Ferris, Chris, Peter, Jim, Caroline, Eimear, Paul and Lee for the Birthday wishes. I'm listening to some wonderful albums that I got today including The Rolling Stones "Singles" Box set 1963 - 1965. That's when The Stones really rocked. Also (wait for it Johnny) The Spencer Davis Group "Eight Gigs A Week...The Steve Winwood Years" which features the song we've both been looking for all these years "When I Come Home". Now I'm convinced that Cork really deserves the title "Capital of Culture". Sure where else would you get it? Next stop South Tipp... Can you turn my amp up to 11 please? I've gotta get with this programme for 2005.

Wed Jan 12 17:03:16 2005 IP:

Chris Somers : Lee Delta -

Happy birthday to one Steven Travers eh? Happy birthday Steve. Hope you have a good one. Here's to the future! Peter and Chris

Wed Jan 12 15:13:42 2005 IP:

Jim, Caroline, Eimear & Paul Nelis : Derry -

Happy Birthday to Steve Travers!

Wed Jan 12 14:53:24 2005 IP:

Lee : Templeton -

Happy Birthday to Steve Travers! Was telling the bass player in my local ukulele group about your great playing at Rush in December. He wants to hear some of the tunes now. I see that you and Johnny are returning to Rush in February and wish I could be there again.

Wed Jan 12 14:23:25 2005 IP:

Joe Forde : -

Johnny and Steve. If you play London in the Spring I shall certainly be there ( with a few of my mates too). Would be great to see you play in England once again. Here's hoping. Belated happy new year to you both.

Sat Jan 8 17:00:44 2005 IP:

Tom at The Office : Cork, Ireland. -

Hi Simon, there is a possibility that Johnny and Steve will do a few gigs in London in the Spring. We will let you know as soon as they decide.

Fri Jan 7 20:56:40 2005 IP:

Simon Wells England -

Are you planning any gigs in the UK? Do Horslips plan to gig at all ? Loved I am the one and Rollback brilliant. Thanks Simon

Fri Jan 7 10:03:48 2005 IP:

Tom at The Office : Cork -

Dermot, our website does not send out emails.

Thu Jan 6 21:59:42 2005 IP:

dermot wilson belfast -

Dear John i got a message from your website, it contains a virus.please submit message without virus as i cannot open it.all the best Dermot.

Thu Jan 6 21:14:22 2005 IP:

Alex farrell -

Hey Stephen, I Knew i should have patented that ringtone!!! Best wishes for 2005 ,Alex.

Tue Jan 4 18:48:07 2005 IP:

Steve Travers : London -

Many thanks for all your kind wishes. Johnny and I enjoyed every gig we did in 2004. I'm in the studio with a great band this week called The Prings. Watch out for them, they're a bit special. Looking forward to seeing everyone in 2005.

Mon Jan 3 20:04:18 2005 IP:

Stephen Ferris : -

Checking in here to add to my New Year good wishes. I see the Rush-going Alex and Des Farrell names below. I remember meeting Alex and his mobile phone in summer 2002, when Johnny and Steve played Monaghan town. Pat McManus, Shane Leddy and Painkillers played on the same evening. I remember that they worked the Dearg Doom riff into their rendition of "Oh well". I also remember Alex letting me hear his mobile phone ringtone. It was the first time I'd heard a Horslips ring tone. Anyway here's to great New Year to Johnny, Steve and your countless No 1 fans out there. When you're gigging make sure to remember the northern hemisphere, that's anywhere north of Athlone.

Sun Jan 2 22:58:15 2005 IP:

gerry brown in toilet after bad meal -

hi steve&johnny,just back from derry,hope you both have a great new year, i hope to see you in 05,steve keep eating the chocs,johnny,keep playing with your g string,gerry brown

Sat Jan 1 03:17:56 2005 IP:

Chris and Peter : -

Hey Johnny, Steve and Maggie thanks for the memories. You guys are the best. From your No.1 fans. Peter and Chris Happy New Year to you all.

Sat Jan 1 00:44:32 2005 IP:

Brendan McLoughlin : Dublin, dreaming of Longford -

To Johnny, Steve, Maggie, John, Paul, George and Eric may 2005 be a smashing year. Thanks for some great memories in 2004.

Fri Dec 31 22:25:15 2004 IP:

Alex farrell Swords -

Happy new year to Johnny and Steve,Thanks for some great gigs in 2004.Loo;ing forward to more in 05.

Fri Dec 31 19:12:26 2004 IP:

Jim, Caroline, Eimear & Paul Nelis : Derry -

Happy New Year.

Fri Dec 31 13:00:44 2004 IP:

Chris Lee Delta -

Hey Johnny and Steve. Thanks for that great gig. Twas really amazing. Myself and Peter, Dave Horgan and his swashbuckling Crew all wish to thank you for your dedication to bringing back great live music to the world. Thanks to Maggie for as Frank put it keeping us on an even keel. Well I suppose that doesn't apply to the only non drinker. But thanks a million for looking after Katie and letting me hang in the musicians room your a star! Thanks to ye also for the compliments on the new strumming tool. And the quality control testing. All the best happy new year, Chris

Thu Dec 30 23:01:15 2004 IP:

Frank : Co clare -

Thanks to Steve and Johnny for a wonderfull night in Crusheen you certainly made a lot of people very happy. Also Clive Barnes was excellent on the night. You have a new fan in Arthur the Labrador who managed to get in and out of the room without even a ticket having being thrown out of not only the room but the pub on at least 5 occasions during the night but still came back for more. Also many thanks to our kindly doorman whose efforts to prevent the excellent trad music from wafting into the gig were to say the least futile. Thanks Maggie for keeping us all on an even keel.

Thu Dec 30 21:58:59 2004 IP:

Peter : Lee (frozen) Delta -

Happy Christmas to Johnny and Steve. Thnk you both for a great year. Hope the gig in Crusheen is jammed. Love the snow flakes, this site must be costing you guys a fortune.... A special Happy Christmas to the "Ferris Twins" - hoping to meet you guys again soon. Word of warning to Johnny - change all your known telephone numbers, email and othe addresses. A persistant you fella is about to happen upon a guitar with a sort of a goldy finish. I sense large enquiries coming your way about pickups, pedals, pods and God knows what. Love to Maggie.

Sat Dec 25 02:44:32 2004 IP:

Jim, Caroline, Eimear & Paul Nelis : Derry -

Happy Christmas.

Sat Dec 25 01:58:03 2004 IP:

gerry brown stuck in belfast bank vault -

thanks i,m in the process of buying the manor house bar in london,so i can hire chris brown then fire him for not paying us more money,send me your private e-mail so we can keep in touch,i,m of to orlando in jan to see your kids,i really think the black one has your eyes,i talked to dawn last week she said you looked well for a man of 63, tell johnny i said hi, im of to derry to-morrow so you can reach me at mums,if any of my ex-girlfriends see this,it was,nt me, travers made me do it take care gerry b

Sat Dec 25 00:45:30 2004 IP:

Johnny and Steve : Artic Circle -

Merry Christmas to all our friends. A very special word of thanks to Stephen and Noel Ferris for keeping our window to the world open. Your kindness and dedication is incredible. To Jim Nelis and Paul Callaghan we would love to see you soon, it's been much too long! We wish you all Peace and Much Joy.

Fri Dec 24 23:56:00 2004 IP:

Pilib de Rossa : -

Happy Christmas Johnny, hope to see you and Steve up Nord in the New Year

Fri Dec 24 23:41:09 2004 IP:

Lee Templeton : San Francisco -

These Guestbook snowflakes are the only ones I'll see this year. Merry Christmas to all and I hear from a reliable source that tickets to the Crusheen gig on the 29th are this year's best gift for the lucky ones to get them...

Fri Dec 24 21:44:38 2004 IP:

Steve Travers : Cork -

Hi Gerry, I was just about to call and congratulate you on buying David Beckham for Derry City for £23,000,000 in cash. Quite a windfall! Merry Christmas. Johnny sends his love.

Fri Dec 24 13:33:59 2004 IP:

gerry brown in the toilet -

hi steve, as you dont ring your old pal anymore,i just thought i,de wish you a merry christmas on the web,hope your well,your old pal and mentor gerry brown

Fri Dec 24 01:45:51 2004 IP:

Johnny and Steve : The Christmas Party!!! -

Hi Chris, Merry Christmas to you and to Peter. Many thanks for your constant support. Keep playing that guitar and mandy. Keep the torch burning and carry it forward. Perhaps we will see you both in Crusheen!

Thu Dec 23 23:08:19 2004 IP:

Chris : Lee Delta -

Merry Christmas Johhny and Steve for a great year and the best gig I was ever at! Merry christmas to you Maggie!

Thu Dec 23 19:45:45 2004 IP:

Tony : -

Nice bottleneck and tenor guitar instrumental playing on Roll Back.

Wed Dec 22 04:01:12 2004 IP:

Steve Travers : The Suir Valley -

Hi Lee, it was great to meet you and to see you enjoy yourself so much in Rush. Johnny just called and sends his best wishes to you and your family. As you may know he is still not online in his new home and knowing Johnny he is probably in no great hurry to be connected. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. God bless you.

Fri Dec 17 13:39:12 2004 IP:

Lee Templeton : San Francisco -

It was a great thrill to be at Rush on December 4th and to finally have my own chance to see Johnny and Steve on stage. It stands as one of the best nights for music in 2004 for me and it was worth the transatlantic trip to meet everyone from the guestbook and spend the night dancing away. I'm looking forward to hearing about Johnny's next gigs at The Bridge House and more, and I wish everyone here a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Thu Dec 16 14:25:33 2004 IP:

Johnny Fean : Runway 29 -

Hi Folks, I've just been catching up on all of the recent messages that have been posted on the Guestpage. I have to thank you all for taking the time, and for your kind words. Steve and I had a Great night at the gig in Rush last Sat. night (4th). It was great to meet so many friends! Maggie had a great night also. Unfortunately we picked up a very nasty flu bug and are still recovering! hopefully we will have recovered by the time we get to Tullamore on Sat. 18th. Hello to Pat Murphy in Limerick! As I am at present Computor-Less, and just in case I don't get an oppurtunity, Maggie and I would like to wish you all a very Happy Xmas and Happy new Year.! Bye for Now, Johnny.

Mon Dec 13 23:41:20 2004 IP:

Tom at The Office : -

Just a quick note to say that Johnny and Steve are playing at The Bridge House, Tullamore, County Offaly, this Saturday December 18th.

Mon Dec 13 17:15:01 2004 IP:

Stephen Ferris : -

Johnny, Steve ,great to see so many familiar faces at Rush including: Maggie, The Goodwins, Locky, Myles & Dave, Des & Alex, Pete C, Peter S, Spam, Brendan & David, Keith & Dave, Gregory & Brenda, Noel & Alan, Guybrush, Paul. I think these gigs are going to need health warnings: DANGER OF HEART ATTACK for the Dearg Doom Pole dancers in the Santa outfits, and general DANGER OF FLU - cos I understand that at least half a dozen of us got flu on the trip. I’m looking forward to hitting another gig very soon. PS I still can't see exactly how you get a squeal effect in the Sword and Shakin' riffs.

Sat Dec 11 21:16:36 2004 IP:

Des Farrell Balyvergin -

Rush. Brilliant gig. Please play more often and get those other four "oul gets" out to play with you! Des Farrell ps The album is magic

Thu Dec 9 13:34:18 2004 IP:

Chris : Lee Delta -

Steve: After that little speech about Jim's errrr.... "company" I'd say for the sake of my age I was better not there! Thanks a million for the call. I hope you met that young lad from Dublin. Thanks to Johnny and Maggie as well for keeping me posted on the night! And regards to the mad bunch that were there. Looking forward to seeing you soon. All the best, Chris

Wed Dec 8 13:04:26 2004 IP:

Peter : Lee Delta -

Steve, Thanks a million for the invitation. A really great night. Johnny, loved that number "from the Rollback album"! A wonderful night. Great to put faces on some the names. Looking forward to seeing more of you guys. Love to Maggie.

Sun Dec 5 23:37:12 2004 IP:

Alex farrell Swords -

Thanks to Steve and Johnny for a great night in Rush last night. Looking forward to the next one.

Sun Dec 5 21:11:58 2004 IP:

Steve Travers : The Deep South -

Thanks to everyone for the fantastic reception in Rush last night. Old friends and new. Johnny and I had a blast. It's a great pleasure to play to such a appreciative audience. Brendan I got the impression, although he didn't say as much, that Jim organised the dancers. I think it's a taste of things to come for "the big tour!!!!" Bonus material.... I'm sure he referred to them as "Horslaps". Giving them a bit of an outing! Love and peace and good vibrations to you all.

Sun Dec 5 14:11:20 2004 IP:

Brendan : -

Wel done lads on a great set last night. The Dearg Doom lapdancers were a treat for us auld fellas. Which one of ye organised that one???

Sun Dec 5 11:22:30 2004 IP:

Chris Somers : Utopia in a CD walkman. -

Johnny: I think that fella before me said it best. Old as his terminlogy is accounted for he does mean it. And may I say for the last 2-3 weeks I was feeling dubious about buying a slide for my break-finger action acoustic. I heard Trouble with a Capital T!: "Hello, Crowleys music store? Yes I was wondering if you stock any guitar slides?" But seriously congratulations to you and the whole band of which 3 more I will pester with e-mails in a minute. Stuff arrived yesterday and I must say thanks from the bottom of my heart for all that great stuff. I shall wear with pride forever-more. Well until I have to wash it. And an amazing $2 for that ticket back then? I would have paid 500 times that. So thank you. Enjoy Rush. Tip: Enyer thru the back entrance of the venue. I hear there's quite a following gonna be there. Steve among those there will be a young Dublin man you met in Ned Natterjack's named Paul Diamond who was extremly taken by you Steinberger and the guy playing it who happend to be you! So watch out for him. Ok. Thats all for now. Thanks to you Johnny, steve and Mick (hope you'll be there drumming into the night. All the best. Chris

Fri Dec 3 23:42:48 2004 IP:

Peter Somers : Lee Delta -

Carlsberg don't do txt messages ..... But if they did they'd read like the one I got earlier from a certain young fan of yours - "MOO23 i mo lámh!" Johnny, it's absolutely brilliant, even better than anyone could have imagined. But then, that phrase - "this album/song/music is better than anything we could have ever have imagined" has been used before, by those of us who have been listening to you with a while. Congratulations, the album is a masterpiece. p.s. handy ould band that, you ought give them a live outing sometime ........

Fri Dec 3 17:33:41 2004 IP:

Pat Murphy Limerick -

Hi Johnny, Pat Murphy here. Hope the new album goes really well and that you make a fortune from it. You always were and still are my favourite guitar player. Love to meet you again sometime for a coffee and chat. Pat

Wed Dec 1 11:53:46 2004 IP:

Myles Dublin -

Howya ! looking forward to seeing you in Rush this sat , sure you'd never know who'd show up ! Lalla

Mon Nov 29 21:54:15 2004 IP:

tom kirwan Enniscorthy -

could you if possible send me the lyrics & tabs tor the song the old dungarvan oak. i would be very grateful.

Fri Nov 26 21:07:19 2004 IP:

Lee Templeton : San Francisco -

A Very Happy Birthday to Peter Somers! Let's see what you have to say about me and my musical tastes a week from now!

Wed Nov 24 22:52:30 2004 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Johnny. Many happy returns from Caroline, Eimear & Paul too.

Sun Nov 21 14:03:01 2004 IP:

The Office : Dublin -

Due to a heavy bout of flu, Johnny has been forced to cancel tonight's gig in Fermoy. The band will reschedule the date as soon as possible. In the meantime they hope to see all their friends on December 4th at Rush, County Dublin.

Fri Nov 19 13:37:18 2004 IP:

Peter Somers : On De Banks -

Johnny, Heard the Rollback version of Trouble last night. It's brilliant! Wonderful playing. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the album. Hope to be in Fermoy Friday. Happy birthday from further down south.

Wed Nov 17 18:23:05 2004 IP:

Lee Templeton : San Francisco -

Happy Birthday Johnny Fean!

Wed Nov 17 14:56:46 2004 IP:

Brendan McLoughlin : Dublin -

Have a Happy Birthday Johnny

Wed Nov 17 13:59:51 2004 IP:

Chris Lee Delta -

Once there was Johnny au Fean, With fingers so long and so lean, Used up n down the frets With these amazing sets. You'd make any aul guitarist keen. Standing so tall, An inspiration to all, A legend of guitar your set. Live to see,your the best there can be, Thank god you havn't stopped playing yet. Happy Birthday Johnny. Thanks for a lifetime of inspiration. Your number one fan, Chris

Wed Nov 17 13:49:29 2004 IP:

A Poetic Birthday Thought : -

Candles and cakes, foolish mistakes, all along the way.

Banjos and drums, fingers and thumbs, and very special day!

Rub a dub dub, eat up your grub, the sun shines so make hay.

Johhny Fean is playing the Tain, on his crash bang wallop Birthday!

To Johnny - from those what you inspire so he did!

Wed Nov 17 00:05:28 2004 IP:

Steve Travers : South Tipperary -

Hi All, Johnny has asked me to tell you that he is still not back on line but hopes to sort that out soon. Peter and Chris we are both looking forward to seeing you on Friday at Mac's Bar in Fermoy. Joe, Johnny says your are correct about the Goldtop, it was the old '52, albeit a bit "doctored"! Philip, thanks for the email, I will respond to you personally but a quick answer to your "urgent" question; it is the original Line 6 Bass Pod and the setting I used at The Jazz Festival is "California", based on the Mesa Boogie. Mick sends his love to all and is fighting fit again. God bless you all, Steve

Mon Nov 15 21:34:28 2004 IP:

Chris Somers : Lee Delta -

Hey Johnny, Steve, Mick and Maggie. Hope your all well. Me and Peter should be hoping to see you down in Fermoy. Cant wait for the album. All the Lips GB regulars want to say hello. All the best. Chris

Sat Nov 13 19:48:06 2004 IP:

Joe Forde : Chesterfield England -

Hi Johnny, We have been having some craic about your past guitars on the Horslips web site recently and you may be able to clear up a couple of questions that have arisen. We have seen footage of you playing a black Les Paul Custom at some point and this is not a guitar that is mentioned on your web site. When was this in use and what happened to it? Also, do I remember you playing a Goldtop Les Paul with cream Dimarzio pickups around about 1977? Was it the old 52 that you replaced with the 60 Sunburst? Really looking forward, Johnny ,to hearing the new Horslips album and it's wonderful that you recording again. Hope to see you playing live again soon. Best wishes. Joe

Thu Nov 11 22:24:56 2004 IP:

paddy p london -

Hey, look what I found by accident How are you doing johnny /- Where are you guys living now - I heard that ye went back to Ireland - I hope all is well for both Maggie and you - I'm still doing the old pub scene here but only on the weekends - I play with a banjo man and a fiddle player - great fun well all the best for the future lots of love P

Mon Nov 8 14:24:17 2004 IP:

Seamus London -

Dear Johnny, Respect, respect and lots of it. I have just listened to the Tain. Respect and mor eof it. When are you going to play London. We miss you. Seamus

Fri Oct 22 21:57:46 2004 IP:

Chris : Arboretum Management Services -

Err...... I think I can get you the number of that guy. Hey Steve Maggie and Johnny. Thanks for the meeting in the Old Oak. Special thanks to you Johnny for introducing me to "Junior" and for takingthe time out for a chat with Brendan. Sorry I couldn't stay. I was amazed to hear that Johnny's wedding was on guitar. Thanks Steve for taking time off for a bit to talk and entertain us. Thanks Maggie for equipment advice, well I saw the movie met the people, no worry's on the T-shirt tho. Ha-ha. Well I hold you to the visit up Johnny you and junior. Remember a bed for ye both ready just hop in the car. Enjoy the Zen CD. And sorry not to see Mick there. Hope your on the mend. All the best. Chris

Thu Oct 21 18:01:40 2004 IP:

Peter : -

Johnny & Steve, Well done, last night in the Oak was mighty. That drummer ye found was fair handy himself! Looking forward to seeing you both again soon. Best regards to Maggie.

Thu Oct 21 14:12:46 2004 IP:

I M Presario : Lee Delta -

Johnny / Steve I have what the band badly needs – a rhythm guitarist who can pick a bit on the mandolin! He’s young, handsome (inherited I suspect), eager and best of all does not have any major ambitions in the vocal department. He’s a bit inexperienced but would undoubtedly benefit enormously from playing with such fine musicians as yourselves. All that we need to do is agree terms and ensure that the rehearsal / gig times won't conflict with school. I M Preasario Arboretum Management Services

Thu Oct 21 14:10:17 2004 IP:

Stephen Ferris : Little Cork on my sofa. -

So Cork’s the place to be tonight? I’ve never been there and I’m not sure it exists but I know people who say it exists. They say it’s as far south as you can ever ever go without falling off the edge of the world. It must be near the equator where the sun always shines. Well, good luck to you guys tonight with the gig at the Old Oak. I’m jealous of those Sommers most wanted men and I wish I was there right now!

Wed Oct 20 21:19:15 2004 IP:

Marty : -

Get well soon Mick.Best wishes.Hope you`re up and about soon.

Mon Oct 18 12:57:07 2004 IP:

The Nelis Family : Derry -

Best Wishes Mick. Get well soon. God Bless.

Sun Oct 17 22:46:56 2004 IP:

Chris Somers : Lee Delta -

Sorry to hear that Mick Steve and Johnny. That'll be twice now I'm being denied a serious Celtic Rock(/Jazz) beat -not that you can't burn those frets Steve. I'm beginning to feel you owe me a gig. LOL. Get well soon Mick and good luck to Brian. All the best. Chris.

Sun Oct 17 22:46:13 2004 IP:

Steve Travers : Ireland -

Hi All, I'm sorry to say that Mick was taken ill last night at a gig in Ballinasloe and is spending a few days in hospital. I'm sure you will all join me in sending our love and hopes for a speedy recovery. Ex Moving Hearts drummer, Brian Callan, will be standing in for Mick this Wednesday at The Old Oak. God bless you all.

Sun Oct 17 21:44:23 2004 IP:

Chris : Lee Delta -

Hey Steve and Johnny. Hope you got my mail Steve. All will be said on the Old Oak etc. I've had half the country and Americans e-mailing texting and all the Jazz(forgive the pun) on the Cork gig. All the best. Chris

Thu Oct 14 21:48:53 2004 IP:

Steve Travers : Lee Delta -

Thanks Joe, the PODS are warming up as we speak.

Thu Oct 14 20:20:43 2004 IP:

Joe Forde : England -

Best of luck Steve and Johnny with your gig in Cork, at what looks to have the makings of an excellent festival this year. Keep those PODS burning. Joe

Thu Oct 14 13:25:41 2004 IP:

Steve Travers : Ireland -

Hi All, Johnny has asked me to say that, as he has moved house and everything is still in boxes, including his computer, he is unable to respond to the postings for the moment. However if you happen to be in Cork on Wednesday October 20th, Johnny, Mick and I will be at The Old Oak to kick off the Cork Jazz Festival. We would love to meet as many of you as possible. Peace and much joy to you all.

Mon Oct 11 23:21:42 2004 IP:

john slade drummer -

hi johnny, i am a big fan of ur music when are u coming to limerick, i was in a bar in limerick and saw this drummer called tony roche he is like ur brother ray this guy can make the drums rock he looks cool. watch out for this guy take care john

Fri Oct 8 18:53:36 2004 IP:

Eamonn Flanagan Coalisland -

Hi Johnny, Was wondering if you were likely to be playing any gigs up the northern end of the country in the near future. last time I saw/heard you play was the open air gig in Monaghan a few years ago. Another thing, have any of the Host's/Zen Alligator's material been re-released on CD. If so where can I get my hands on it. Like the new single by the way. What's the word on the new Horslips album due out for Christmas. Is it as the newspaper article suggests some of the old material re-visited or is there any new material to be included. So many questions so little time.... Regards Eamonn

Fri Oct 1 15:54:38 2004 IP:

Eimear Nelis : Derry -

Dear Maggie and Johnny, Thank you both so very much for the lovely card which i received yesterday. I am very grateful and so is daddy too. Best Wishes to you.

Sat Sep 25 13:54:20 2004 IP:

Chris : Corcaigh -

Hey Steve and Johnny, I sent an e-mail to the admin. Thanks Chris

Thu Sep 16 17:09:26 2004 IP:

Gerry Gallagher USA -

Hi Johnny, A friend sent a copy of the feature in the Irish Sunday paper about Horslip's "reunion." However, that's not you in the it? It's the same photo from the single which featured "Gus Guest." Who was Gus and have you changed that much? Just wondering.

Thu Sep 16 14:35:17 2004 IP:

The Office : -

Peter and Chris, We have tried to email you several times but it returns undeliverable. Can you contact the site admin again please

Thu Sep 16 13:47:10 2004 IP:

gareth hughes newry northern ireland -

hi johnny remember spirit of horslips i played keyboards & guitar my brother mark played drums it would be great to hear from you again all the best gareth

Wed Sep 15 23:43:48 2004 IP:

Chris : Corcaigh -

Hey Steve and Johnny. Got photo's from Ned Natterjacks. Shur Steve you and Maggie and have Peters e-mail. How was London Steve? Hope you got a warm welcome back from London at home. Hey Johnny give regards to Maggie. All the best from the All Ireland Champions. And the Somers men. Chris

Wed Sep 15 23:09:10 2004 IP:

Deco : ENNIS -

Can it be possibly true that the Lips are back. It brings me back to the excitement of my first love, nights in the Grove in Athlone (when you were just starting out) and later in Tullamore...sweating and laughing..mimicing your guitar riffs and copying Eamons drum beats at me u were the best band in the world at that were my mid teens..

Wed Sep 15 16:39:12 2004 IP:

colm tullamore -

Johnny,greetings from tullamore.missed your last gig here...lucky you!!!you got away lightly..dont worry ill be back to bore the bollox off ye after the next gig! IOS today.. great news about the cd and dvd long overdue.tour....please...tour again....keep on touring and recording both with horslips)and yourself and steve. congrats heres to the xmas no 1 album and dvd..what do u think people? see you soon, all the best to maggie colm (tullamore)

Sun Sep 12 19:58:45 2004 IP:

Niall Geoghegan Sydney -

Johnny, I wonder if you remember me from the days of the Archway Tavern in London (c. 1986/87). I moved to Australia in 1988 and following a couple of letters we seemed to have lost touch around 1990? Anyway, it is fantastic to see you are back playing in Ireland after all this time - so the Treat never made it to OZ? :) I have a son now (Dylan) who is only a year a half old but he already loves to dance to Johnny's Wedding and Dearg Doom, so the legend lives on! We hope to get back to Ireland for either Christmas or at the latest next July ('05) so will check the gig guides when the plans are firm. Would love to catch up with you again so drop me a line if you get a chance sometime ... slan leat and love to Maggie

Wed Sep 8 04:12:07 2004 IP:

Peter : The Rebel County -

Steve and Johnny, thanks for a wonderful night in Castlegregory. The joint was indeed jumpin’! You were most kind in devoting so much time to the, ahem, younger fans in the audience ... Maggie, it was a great pleasure to meet you. Johnny about those men (from Clare and Chicago), remember that ain’t background music, so give it a few listens and turn it up! I gave Maggie my email address and I’d love to hear your comments on the albums at some stage. Please remember the offer of a billet in the Independent Republic at any time is always there.

Tue Aug 24 16:44:24 2004 IP:

Chris Home -

Just in the door. Steve and Johnny, it's guys like you that make it the Kingdom, Steve enjoy London. Johnny and Maggie thanks for the great time and mind-blowing show. Can't stress my thanks enough!

Sun Aug 22 21:16:21 2004 IP:

Steve Travers : The Airport -

To all at Ned Natterjacks in the beautiful Castle Gregory, County Kerry, thank you for your fabulous reception. A very special thanks to Vincent and all the staff for your hospitality. To all the young people who made the journey from Dublin, it was well appreciated. To Peter and Green Gravel, it was great to hook up with you both. To Frank Hayes from Crusheen, we were delighted to see you again. A very, very big “thank you” to Brian Hurley who has to be one of the best interviewers either of us has ever worked with. Your professionalism and relaxed style is a credit to you and to all at the wonderful Radio Kerry. To all the texts and calls we received from well-wishers, from all over the world, during and after the broadcast many thanks. The web is truly remarkable. To all the people who packed Ned Natterjacks last night, you were a fabulous audience, we had a great time. No wonder they call it The Kingdom.

Sun Aug 22 17:35:58 2004 IP:

S. Pam : Templeton -

Amazingly great show on Radio Kerry just now. Especially appreciated the music picked out to illustrate influences on bass playing and style. Then quite stunned to hear my name and town in greeting! And now I add my best wishes for the show at Ned Natterjacks. Aforementioned young man with the flares will be filling me in later on what was played, what model of instrument was used, and how the crowd roared for more.

Sat Aug 21 20:21:09 2004 IP:

BrendanMc : -

Besta luck in The Kingdom tomorrow lads. Johnny - keep an eye out for a young fella looking for tips on the Dearg Doom riff. Won't be hard to find him. Wears long hair, flares and has a distinctly 70s look about him..........

Fri Aug 20 22:21:49 2004 IP:

Tom at The Office : Cork, Ireland. -

News Flash; Johnny and Steve will be live on Radio Kerry on Saturday August 21st from 6 PM to 8 PM GMT prior to their gig at Castle Gregory. You can listen live on the web at

Fri Aug 20 13:07:43 2004 IP:

Anne Lynch : Clarecastle -

The Highway. Crusheen. Saturday 12TH OH MY GOD! I am still gob smacked. In all my days of going to gigs (and I have been to a fare few) I have never seen two guys play so good and enjoy themselves doing so, so much. Johnny and Steve you drank your sweat on the night but you never let up. Johnny your playing is untouchable, the way you go from playing trad, to rock,to blues, and then pick up a mandolin. PHEW! at one stage I thought I saw steam coming out of you fingers. and that voice of yours. Johnny your not one of the best, YOU ARE THE BEST. Steve your bass playing, I have never heard trad tunes played on bass it just blew me away. To cap it all you are both true gentlemen. Look forward to hearing lots, lots more of you.

Wed Aug 18 12:10:09 2004 IP:

Frank Hayes The Banner County -

Thanks to Steve and Johnny for one of the most memorable nights at the Island Music Club, at the Highway, Crusheen. The whole village is talking about it. You rocked the joint. Steve your bass playing was out of this world, Johnny you are truely one of the greats. Guys, return you will. I feel we will be seeing a lot more of you in County Clare.

Sat Aug 14 13:39:59 2004 IP:

Adrian Kilkenny -

Johnny,what chance some gigs in the Kikenny,Wexford,Waterford or Tip area?

Sat Aug 14 13:33:36 2004 IP:

Steve Travers : The Rebel County -

To all our friends in Crusheen, County Clare, many thanks for the wonderful reception and hospitality at The Highway. Francis, I think Maurice was indeed very fortunate that I didn't take up his offer, as it can be difficult to dance to "fives, sevens or nines" even with an Irish accent. Joe Forde, I am very taken with your expression "Celtic Funk" but remember that the first three letters in funk spell FUN, the most important aspect of our set. Johnny Dooley it's always intimidating to have bass players in the audience, so no kudos for letting me know just before the kick-off. Special thanks to Frank Hayes, we have a new friend. To be under the roof that sheltered one of my great heroes, Seamus Ennis, was supernatural. But to think that I played "The Mason's Apron" on a carbon-graphite, headless, five-string Steinberger through a waw-waw pedal, against a "Hip Hop" rhythm seems sacrilegious. Seamus, not only do I think you were the greatest piper I ever heard but I also believe you were one of the most innovative jazz musicians ever. Your spirit still thrills me. If I had known the history of The Highway before the gig it may well have overwhelmed me completely. Of course, God willing, we will return.

Sat Aug 14 01:11:29 2004 IP:

Johnny Dooley Shannon Co. Clare -

Hi Boys, Great Gig Aug 12th in Crusheen. Hope you boys will be back?, Give my regards to Maggie!. Keep in touch and if you see Ray give him my email and number 086-0687613. P.S let me know what your giging requirements are ? I might set something up in ennis?? let me know

Fri Aug 13 19:09:02 2004 IP:

Joe Forde : Tralee -

Johnny and Steve. What a blast last night!Carole and I would just like to say how much we enjoyed the evening. Quite honestly I can't ever remember seeing two musicians playing better together than yourselves. The mandolin sets were just awesome! Johnny, your slow blues was lovely, that "lazy" laid back feel you have reminded me of Billy Gibbons when I saw him 18 months back with ZZ Top in Birmingham. You have much in common as blues players to my ears anyhow( and I can't pay you a bigger compliment than that Johnny- Billy has to be seen as one of the very best blues players in the business). But your celtic rock side is uniquely yours; no one to compare that to- never has been. Thanks so much for the treat. Till the next time. Carole and Joe

Fri Aug 13 17:09:50 2004 IP:

Francis K. Athenry -

Amazing gig last night in Crusheen...thanks Steve and Johnny. That ol' '59 Junior is singing and the sustain on those harmonics was still ringing in my ears as I approached Craughwell at 2.00 a.m! Steve, it's no wonder Maurice didn't give you a job, there's just too many damn notes on the Steinberger! Francis K.

Fri Aug 13 14:35:21 2004 IP:

Johnny Dooley Shannon Co. Clare -

HI There, Good to see you boys giging Clare, Tell Johnny that I hope to see him at the "Highway Crusheen" Aug 12th may be we can get a beer? old family friend Johnny Dooley.

Sun Aug 1 13:03:40 2004 IP:

McGinley Óg Baile aontroim -

alright folks. just droppin a line to say that I am desperatley trying to organise a sorty to the gig in clare.(proof indeed of johnny's absolute mastery) Just need to get a lift sorted which is gonna be hard considering the distance i have to travel! But i shall defo be there even if i have to walk! Django jimi and rory indeed. Even if those legends were still sucking air i would still prefer to see johnny live just to say that i had. ( no disrespect to the great rienhardt, and indeed the great gallagher who helped me get out of bed this morning) Best wishes to all the band.

Sat Jul 31 02:46:44 2004 IP:

Steve Travers : The Deep South -

Thanks Alan. We will be at The Bridge House, Tullamore this Saturday July 24th. It's a bit of a trek from Dublin though.

Tue Jul 20 23:41:16 2004 IP:

alan dublin -

i travelled with the big man noel to your gig in nenagh, had a fantastic time,sorry we had to leave early. hope yis play near dublin soon. best of luck alan.

Tue Jul 20 18:48:48 2004 IP:

Steve Travers : -

Many thanks for the fabulous turn-out in Nenagh. To those who travelled such long distances, we really were amazed. Noel Ferris and company "go raibh mile maith agat". To think that some people came over from The UK is astounding. We really appreciate it.

Thu Jul 15 21:54:28 2004 IP:

Steve Travers : -

Hi Chris (GG), Just a flying visit perhaps next time! All the best and many thanks for the thought.

Tue Jul 13 01:27:37 2004 IP:

Mark Cunningham (a.k.a. Cunnus) Southend, Essex, UK -

Hey Johnny how goes it? Just escaped from the Lips guestbook to jump over here for a minute. Looking good!

Mon Jul 12 19:14:45 2004 IP:

Chris -

Hey Steve, a regular writer on the 'Lips guestbook lives in San Fransisco! She (Alias S.Pam Templeton) was wondering if you are playing in San Fran. She'd be keen to see ya! So I'll pass on the answer to her Querie if you wish. GG

Mon Jul 12 17:04:33 2004 IP:

Chris Corcaigh -

Thanks Johnny! I can recommend Zirtek for hayfever, it's the only thing that works after a year or two's summers with different medications (including Acupuncture!). I suffer also from my Grandmothers crackpot cure! Drinking two spoons of vinegar won't cure you! All best GG! Steve their all lucky I didn't place you up on your own pedistool!

Mon Jul 12 14:19:39 2004 IP:

Johnny Fean : Dublin -

Hi Chris(GG) glad you were able to work out the D. doom riff, not a bother to a man like yourself!. I sympathise with the Hay Fever dilemna as i suffer from it myself. Bad oul' dose eh! I'm just going to pop over to the 'Lips' guestbook to have a look. hope you are well.. Cheers... Johnny.

Mon Jul 12 01:32:29 2004 IP:

Steve Travers : San Francisco -

Hi Chris (GG), many thanks for placing me in such company. I am very flattered.

Sun Jul 11 23:30:34 2004 IP:

Seamus Quinn Brownesgrove, Tuam -

Johnny, i believe you're back in ireland. I would like to meet you sometime in the near future for old times sake and also to possibly discuss business with you. Hope to hear from you soon, Seamus.

Sun Jul 11 22:45:37 2004 IP:

Chris Cork -

Hey Johnny, thanks for the mention of my "midnight" persona: GG! Not to worry: picked out the DDoom riff after a while. Apologies for the mix-up with you and Gus Guest on the HTMSTP cover! My bad! Call over to the 'Lips Guest book sometime. A few of us put down top 5 guitarists: your well in the ranks! You too Steve in my Favourite Bassists section! Hope your gigs go well. I'd be lucky to have a cold at this stage! Hayfever which can't be cured is much worse believe me! A shout out to Maejestro Travers. Chris

Sun Jul 11 22:31:06 2004 IP:

Don Rodgers Calgary -

Johnny: Was out with Nazareth the other night for a few pints as I am handling production for their Calgary appearances (4 of them) and they told me of some fond times they had playing with you. Said you guys did the best cover tunes during soundcheck...just incredible is what Pete Agnew said. Spoke of a particular show in Hamburg which he said was just incredible..Pete says amongst his fave albums of all time is The Tain. They asked me to pass along a big hello to you. Don

Sun Jul 11 01:33:26 2004 IP:

Johnny Fean : Dublin -

Hi to Jim N.,caroline, Stephen and Noel F, Brendan Mc., Donncha (NZ), Paul C., Joe Forde, Don rodgers,S.Pam Templeton, dorie, Green Gravel, David Creedon,.. Cheers.. Johnny.

Wed Jul 7 19:40:34 2004 IP:

Johnny Fean : Dublin -

Hi Philip (Og) I very much enjoyed the 'Radiators' gig on Bloomsday at the Village. Thought the Band was in top Form! Sorry I didn't get to say Hello to you after the gig, as I had a bad ol' 'flu on the night and left near the end. Hope to catch up with you sometime, until then take care... Johnny.

Wed Jul 7 19:22:34 2004 IP:

Don Canada - is the website. Cheers

Wed Jul 7 01:33:11 2004 IP:

Don Rodgers Canada -

Hi Johnny...was wondering when you can find the time to take a look at a website of a local Calgary player. You can check out snippets of tunes as well. My old mates Nazareth are coming to town for four shows during the Calgary Stampede and I am having the local boy open up for them. They are called the Johnny V Trio. The gear (I know nothing about) is all vintage from the mid-60's, including his amps and guitar. He has played all over Europe, Russia, Crimea and the big blues festivals in Chicago and New York, New Orleans, Detroit etc etc. If you like his stuff perhaps I can send you a disc or email you a few on MP3. Cheers. Looking forward to seeing you and rest of the 'lips in Calgary next year for the Folk Festival. Hell, if Strawbs can do it after all these years, you guys can! Now that would be a treat.

Wed Jul 7 01:32:37 2004 IP:

Philip Chevron : -

Johnny - many thanks for coming to the Radiators show on Bloomsday. Great that you were there and sorry I didn't see you afterwards. Keep up the good work.

Mon Jul 5 12:40:57 2004 IP:

Joe Forde : Chesterfield England -

Hi Johnny and Steve. I will see you at the Highway gig( can't wait!). Thanks for the treat! Joe Forde

Mon Jul 5 09:17:30 2004 IP:

Steve Travers : Ireland -

Hi Jim, Always good to hear from you. Tell Caroline, Emir and Paul we look forward to seeing you all this summer.

Sun Jul 4 15:13:12 2004 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

Hi to Johnny, Maggie, Steve and Anne. Hope you are all well. Best Wishes, jim.

Sat Jul 3 00:22:36 2004 IP:

brian martin -

Hello Steve Travers, I am writing to you from Double Band Films in Belfast .( I would really like to talk to you in regard to a major music documentary we are developing for the BBC. Please let me know the best way to contact you directly. If you are back in Ireland soon, hopefully we could meet up then. Look forward to hearing from you Brian

Thu Jun 24 12:51:47 2004 IP:

BrendanMc : -

Cheers Johnny and Maggie. Good to see you over the dose.

Mon Jun 21 22:53:55 2004 IP:

Joe Forde : England -

Hi Johnny, I will keep my eyes peeled on the gigs page! Joe

Fri Jun 18 13:52:08 2004 IP:

Johnny Fean : Dublin -

Hi to Joe Forde in Chesterfield, It was lovely to hear from you again Joe, and I'm delighted to hear your keeping the 'Blues' alive and well in the UK midlands! I remember those great gigs at Barberalla's in Birmingham! Steve and I hope to meet up with you sometime this summer in Ireland when you come over. Hopefully we'll be able to hook up at a gig sometime in August in either, Cork or Kerry. Keep an eye on the website to see what gigs we'll be doing around that time. Until then, all the Best, Johnny Fean

Thu Jun 17 20:34:32 2004 IP:

Johnny Fean : Dublin -

Hi to Jim Nelis, Stephen Ferris, Noel, Brendan Mc.,and his mate, it was great to meet up with you guys in Dublin last night at 'The Radiators Plan 9' gig. As always it was a pleasure to sit and chat with you, and the 'Craic' was good! Maggie sends her regards, she enjoyed it very much. Bye for now, Johnny.

Thu Jun 17 20:13:21 2004 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

Hi Johnny and Maggie. It was great to see you both yesteday. Best Wishes, Jim.

Thu Jun 17 16:02:27 2004 IP:

Joe Forde : Englend -

Steve, thanks for the entertaining reply and I do share your values about music; its why I still do the blues club scene over here playing in Electric Blueshouse Band ( in my mid 40s) for the price of the trip and a few pints.It's the craic, the respect of the listeners ( most very informed and appreciative to a fault), and, yes, the buzz of cranking up a Les Paul across the range of blues numbers that does the trick for me. However, its great to hear that Johnny and yourself are intending to record and I would certainly wish to buy the outceome even if it is through the web site. For as you say below,when it comes to Johnny( and no doubt yourself too)"you see and hear the real thing". Hope to catch up with you this summer and "keep having that ball".It's what life is meant to be. Joe

Tue Jun 15 14:52:59 2004 IP:

Steve Travers : The Deep South -

Hi Joe, It would be great to hook up during the summer at some of the gigs. Our agent called today to try to put some dates together but it's difficult to synchronise our mutually available time. Johnny is busy recording and producing in Dublin and The UK and I go abroad on a regular basis. We do intend to record our efforts very soon, if only, as you said, for posterity. We both regret very much that The Psychopats never did. That was an incredible experience. I am told however, that there are some bootlegs out there. Neither of us wishes to get involved with big P.A. rigs or four hour sound-checks anymore. We have both spent far too much time on the “testing 1 2 3” routine. We love to arrive, meet friends, have the craic and take that atmosphere on into the performance with the minimum of fuss. Our best gigs are like “social events” where we feel connected to the audience. I may sound like an old hippie now but there is so much love out there for Johnny that every gig is like a mini “Woodstock”. If there is no love then we don’t want to know. There is nothing contrived about the performances. Nothing is pre-ordained, the arrangements are always different and we get off on it every time. When we started back in Ireland we almost fell into the old “trap” where presentation took precedence over substance but then we quickly got back into our old ways of “what you see is what you get”. No frills. The Pistols got it right when they said “Never mind the B…..KS”. We may be too “politically incorrect” for our national broadcasting company to film or record but that’s the least of our worries. Strange to say that at this stage of our careers we are both far more rebellious than we ever were. We are far more adventurous than we ever were. We can now afford to push the envelope without the fear of bad press. The critics became impotent when we realised they were irrelevant; with the exception of a handful, they never knew what we were at anyway. Artists can only find true satisfaction when they give it everything and hang the consequences. Johnny always says that Horslips had to overcome a lot of resistance. They broke a lot of ground for a lot of great bands. It’s easy to forget that not only did they have talent and vision but they also had great courage. I hope that will we leave a worthwhile legacy behind and contribute to the grand Celtic Rock journey but in the meantime we won’t worry about that. We are having a ball. Joe, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Tue Jun 15 01:28:04 2004 IP:

Joe Forde : Chesterfield England -

Steve,your tribute to Johnny below is both touching and totally justified. In England, on the midland's blues club circuit which I know well, there are many of us who remember Johnny from the 70s( some incedible nights at Barbarellas club in Birmingham).You are right to put him in the same league as Jimmi,Django and Rory(though I doubt he will forgive you for this!). I have not heard you play but hear great things about you too. Hence, is there any chance you and Johnny could be filmed at one of your gigs?Surely someone in Irish t.v could do a feature on you? It really is essential we have a visual and audio record of your music and your unique guitar styles for future generations of Celtic Rock and Blues fans. I am visiting Ireland this summer from 7th to 21st August( Mayo 7th,8th 9th,Galway 10th,11th 12th, Tralee 13th 14th,Bantry Bay 15th 16th, Cork 17th 18th 19th, Dublin 20th. In the spirit of Ireland's rock gigs circuit, I would travel the lenght of the country to see Johnny and yourself play( it would make my holiday!). Have you got any gigs coming up during this time?It would be great to bring some photos back for my many friends on the blues club circuit over here. All the very best to you both. Joe Forde

Mon Jun 14 19:18:32 2004 IP:

Chris Corcaigh -

I was at the 9th Annual Rory commemerative gig in Sheffield a week or two ago with Laundromat, Sinnerboy(excellent), and Brute Force and Ignorance(unbelievable German band) and a guy called Chris Newman. This weekend is promising in Cork(Midleton) with all those acts and a great Cork Rory band called Stagestruck. Unfortunatly I can only go to the Acoustic gig on Sunday because of the tool kids in pubs law. But well worth a trip to the real capital for.

Thu Jun 10 20:14:52 2004 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

Two masters playing alongside one another. See them whilst you still can.

Thu Jun 10 12:00:36 2004 IP:

Steve Travers : Cork, Ireland. -

Hi Stephen, You’re right; the “Twins” stay with Dad. Thanks for that most interesting piece on Les Paul. We owe him a huge debt. Years ago I got an album called “Lester and Chester” which featured Les Paul and Chet Atkins and the guitar playing on it is superb. There are some great old recordings of Les Paul and Mary Ford and if I’m not mistaken the wonderful piano playing of Nat King Cole is featured on a few of them too. I have never met a more knowledgeable authority on Les Paul guitars than Johnny Fean. He should be giving seminars. Whether it’s wood density, headstock angles, “design-change dates” or any minute detail concerning the history or manufacture of The Les Paul, Johnny is your man. One thing that really baffles though me is how an instrument as “basic” in appearance and design as The Les Paul Junior can have such magic! Can you imagine then the buzz that I get, gig after gig, listening to the sound of that instrument in the hands of a master? There is never a night when he is not superb. Every band that he ever graced was extremely privileged. Now that he refuses to play the bigger venues in favour of the more intimate ones, anyone with a taste for excellence should make it their business to hear this national treasure before he becomes even more selective. You can’t see Django, Jimi or Rory any more but you can still catch Johnny. You can still see and hear the real thing.

Wed Jun 9 23:01:05 2004 IP:

Stephen Ferris : -

BTW, I saw great gig by Barry McCabe at the Rory Gallagher Festival in Ballyshannon at weekend (sat). He was asking after Johnny, and said he'd enjoyed seeing Johnny, Steve and co playing last year in the Submarine in Dublin. The gig was worth the 220 mile round trip. Me wee brother outdid me and travelled to see Barry play on both Sat and Sunday (440 miles?). Now I've found out he can drive this could change my life for the better!

Wed Jun 9 21:52:28 2004 IP:

Stephen Ferris : -

Stephen, It'll be a cold day in Hell before you’d part with those headless black Steinberger twins. I’ll bet you tuck them in at bedtime every night. I was doing a bit of guitar surfing this week and discovered that today is the birthday of Les Paul (Born Lester William in 1915). Check out were there is a photograph (Monday June 7th 2004) of Les receiving a birthday cake. The photos are changed weekly. There are lots of write up about the guy on-line but I was looking at where is says: "........One fateful night, while playing to an outdoor crowd, a listener in the back complained that Les' voice could not be heard. To accommodate those farthest away, Les attached his mother's radio to the family's telephone mouthpiece creating a public address system. Again a critic voiced that his guitar could not be heard. So Les "borrowed" his father's radio, the other end of the telephone, and the needle from the family record player. Jamming the needle into the guitar bridge and joining the other components, Les' guitar and voice were now heard by all. Les actually created a stereo system, however with some feedback and acoustic vibrations........" It sounds more like an episode of MacGyver, but it seems that true life is Stranger Than Fiction. There’s a good write up at that site and he’s still playing live!!! Hope to see you guys doing the same soon.

Wed Jun 9 21:42:24 2004 IP:

20$Bill Germany -

Hello Rory Fans! The 3rd Rory Gallagher Review will take place on September 11, 2004 in Wiesbaden. In the town, where Rory appeared 1979 for the third time in the Rockpalast, 2 bands will present a vigorous tribute concert. We from present: For the first time in Germany, the English group SINNERBOY from Manchester and the german group Remember RORY! This year, too, the net takings will be donated for charity. The donation will be presented to the Children's Hospital Bärenherz "The support and relief of families with incurably sick children, even after their death, this is our concern!" Here, inpatient and outpatient children are accompanied until death as well as advising and accompanying the relatives. for the english-speaking fans, we have the details in english, they only must klick the banner. Many happy returns from Wiesbaden. Yours sincerely, 20$Bill and Sabine

Wed Jun 9 20:20:36 2004 IP:

Johnny Fean : Dublin -

Hi Folks, Hope you all enjoyed the 'Nationwide' programme on Horslips (RTE1,May 31st).I thought the Exhibition looked Great! Because I have a Bad ol' Flu at the moment, I will have to make an early exit on this posting, but not before I say Thanks to everyone who recently posted a message on the Guestpage, I will try to answer some of your queries at a later date..Until Then..Cheers... Johnny Fean

Wed Jun 9 18:41:45 2004 IP:

Steve Travers : Ireland -

Hi Thomas, My Steinbergers are most definitely not for sale but The Bass Gallery in Royal College Street, Camden, in London has three four-string Steinbergers (one is a fretless). One has the transposing tremolo and is in very good condition. You can get them at Ask for Alex. All the best with your quest! Steve Travers.

Tue Jun 8 22:21:12 2004 IP:

Steve Travers : Ireland -

Good evening Thomas from Switzerland. Perish the thought.

Mon Jun 7 23:36:02 2004 IP:

Thomas Volk Switzerland -

Good afternoon Mr.Fean Are you still the owner of the 2 5-string steinberger basses ? If you want to sell them, please send me an e-mail with greetings from switzerland thomas

Mon Jun 7 13:13:09 2004 IP:

john limerick -

Great to see Horslips on tv last week doing mad pat unplugged (even if it was 90 seconds)- number one wish would be an electric reunion tour, i'm not alone....give it some thought lads you could fill the point...

Sat Jun 5 13:37:29 2004 IP:

madpat_1 : -

anyone looking for tabs goto,,,

Thu Jun 3 14:02:45 2004 IP:

kerroncheddie trinidad -

its me i am tryin to locate u. u dont accept PM pls reply. i think ur interestin and i would be honored if u replied.........hope i dont sound

Mon May 31 21:37:29 2004 IP:

Dermot Gleeson : Limerick -

Johnny I would like to find any Horslips tabs or chords. I cant find any on the net. It there anywhere I could get my hands on sheet music ?

Wed May 26 14:53:25 2004 IP:

Chris : -

Hey Johnny what is the official tab to Dearg Doom ,worry not I'm ney a "World Cup song" like ye for one song type I do love Horslips to the unbelivable (I almost have the Lp's all accumalated), I just cant get it I play it open on G B and e but live and in studio it sounds heavier (wound strings?). Most of the rest I have too a tee but this does my nut!!! The way I see tabs writtrn out on the net is like this. E---------------------- A---------------------- D---------------------- G---------------------- B---------------------- e---------------------- With fret numbers filled in. If you have the time but if not then dont pressure yourself. Ta. Chris P.S. On the HTMSTP cover are you in any of the Smiley pics. I think thats you in the bottom right of the back with Thank Yus written under you. Enlighten me?

Sat May 22 19:56:27 2004 IP:

martin canavan : Newry -

Shearie Fean,what can I say?Thanks a million,I really appreciate it and won`t forget it.(Speilberg eat your heart out)

Tue May 18 10:45:27 2004 IP:

Steve Travers : Botswana -

Hi Andy, Great to hear from you. There's an email winging its way to you now. "The Group" now there's at least one book in that! Whenever I watch John on Paul Simon's Graceland video I recall the great nights we all had together at The Manor. Priceless!

Mon May 17 22:31:31 2004 IP:

Andy Richardson london -

Steve Long time no nothing - not since "The Group". Get in touch - it would be great to hear from you and it's good to see that you kept the faith - there was always a real celtic thing waiting to come out. AR

Mon May 17 14:45:25 2004 IP:

gerry romford,essex,uk. -

nde later;o.k remember the zen alligators, my sister and me took a lift with the band after the gig in newcastlewest ; we got dropt off in patrickswell,we walked 15 miles after; my sister madeline has met you we,ll say recently at dolans in limerick. ive got the photo. hey what a historical reunion in derry, is there more to come, hey johnny as i am now settled in london with two little horslips fans,if you and maggie are ever around this way ,the dooris alway,s open.good health.301.

Sat May 8 00:59:18 2004 IP:

Kevin Roche San Francisco Calif. -

Johnny I heard you here in San Francisco @ the boarding house. I was 16 at the time you guys were a big influence. No other band has come near you. Thanks Kevin Roche.

Fri May 7 06:12:26 2004 IP:

Steve Travers : Jet Lagged -

Hi Gerry, I checked out your website and enjoyed it thoroughly . Thank's for placing me in such good company. Sorry you didn't get that gig but things always work out for the best in the long run. I am sure you are an excellent player. Sad to say my old partner in "The Crack", Tommy Lundy passed away at the end of 2003. He was a huge talent and is sorely missed. If I get to South Carolina I'd be glad to have that pint. Keep up the good work and keep on rockin'.

Wed May 5 22:23:59 2004 IP:

Gerry Gallagher South Carolina -

Hi to Steven Travers. You won't remember, but I was one of the guitarists who tried out for the "New Miami." I had just left the Magic Band and drove up from Sligo and played "Sylvia" by Focus I think (didn't everybody)? Anyway, never got the gig, but eventually got back on the road with our own band. Good to see you're still might check out (the name is misleading). I have a feature there about you and the Crack and also have taken the liberty of including you in "Where Are They Now." If you're ever up in South Carolina, let's have a pint...I'll buy!

Tue May 4 01:47:11 2004 IP:

Johnny Fean : Dublin -

Hi to All, Thank you for your most recent postings to the Website Guestpage, including, Ronan Lynch, Brendan Mc., Thor-Rune in Oslo,(No plans for Zen Alligator/Host/Last Bandits CD re-releases in the near future, but you never know) Mark Dodd, and Stephen Ferris. Well the summer is on the way, and Steve and I hope to be returning to a number of the venues we played last summer. So throw an odd eye on the Gigs page from time to time to see if we're in your area. OK Folks, Take care for now... Johnny'n'Steve.

Sat May 1 02:29:59 2004 IP:

ronan lynch drogheda -


Wed Apr 28 19:59:46 2004 IP:

BrendanMc : -

With all the upcoming pulava over the 10 new countries entering the EU on 1 May little attention has been paid to Johnny Fean's contribution to European peace. Zen Alligators's song "The Berlin Wall" in which El Feano undertook to personally pull it down was the spark that lit the flames of peace in Berlin in 1990. In fact on the night in question when the wall came tumbling Johnny hopped on a plane to Berlin and took a sledgehammer to the by then crumbling wall. On May 1 when the EU expands to 25 countries please pause and think of Johnny Fean - Clareman, Irishman, European!

Mon Apr 26 17:09:11 2004 IP:

Thor-Rune Haugen : Oslo -

Hi Johnny. Now that all the Horslips albums are available on CD, is there any hope of such treatment for other "loose threads" related to Horslips and yourself. Such as Zen Alligator (not enough tracks to merit a full CD, perhaps?), Host, Last Bandits In the World and others. Apologies if I've missed any of these on CD from my rather distant home in Oslo. But I would love to hear these in digital form. Loved the Horslips ones, by the way.And nice to hear about the acouctic reunion. All the best with your own career...Thor-Rune (a fan for 30 years)

Fri Apr 23 22:56:34 2004 IP:

Mark Dodd Sligo -

Any gigs planned for the near future in Sligo or sorrounding counties?

Fri Apr 16 23:42:05 2004 IP:

Stephen Ferris : -

Cheers for that Steve, Dublin and Belfast have become closer with the new motorway, so here’s hoping for a few northern dates, or some southern ones within our easy reach. Roll on the summer!

Wed Apr 14 12:57:32 2004 IP:

Steve Travers : -

Hi Stephen, Yes Florida is great at the moment. I'm looking forward to hooking up with you all this Summer for some great gigs. Johnny tells me he is polishing up the Junior. I am going down to The House of Blues in Orlando on Thursday to see our old pal Johnny Winter, he has asked for a copy of "I am the One". I expect it will be a great night. Pat Travers is his special guest. The heat here is something else, it was 89 degrees yesterday but I imagine it will be even hotter on Thursday night. All the best for now, Steve Travers.

Mon Apr 12 15:44:48 2004 IP:

McGinners stonehenge -

just downloaded smell the glove, what a truly fantastic song stonehenge really is! Nigel Tufnell's mandolin playing is Feandish to say the least!

Sat Apr 10 16:07:51 2004 IP:

Stephen Ferris : Ballymena -

Hi Noel, that explains it so, thanks, and when you both become famous I’ll remember I read it here first! While I’m here, and reading it first, I’ll send fond regards to Maggie and Jake.

Fri Apr 9 00:25:20 2004 IP:

noel ball : derry -

hi stephen ferris, martin is my son, an up and coming musician. watch out for him, he's a chip of the old block.

Wed Apr 7 15:46:03 2004 IP:

noe ball : derry -

hi johnny, thanks for the info, best wishes for the future, hope to see u somewhere along the road. take it easy

Mon Apr 5 00:49:11 2004 IP:

noe ball : derry -

hi johnny, thanks for the info, best wishes for the future, hope to see u somewhere along the road. take it easy

Mon Apr 5 00:49:11 2004 IP:

Kevin. Belfast. -

Cheers Johnny, By the way any chance of wishing a very good mate of mine a happy 40TH, Gerard McCavana Alias( short stories tall tales )i think he,s still got a bit of a sore head from last night. Slan Kev.

Sat Apr 3 20:55:42 2004 IP:

Johnny Fean : Dublin -

Hi to Kevin in Belfast, Stephen Ferris, and Noel Ball. No plans to play in Belfast in the near future Kevin, but I hear it's going to be a looong summer this we shall see.. Stephen, Thanks for looking after Maggie and Jake in Derry yesterday, they had a really nice time! Hi Noel!(Ferris) Heard you were there too! To answer(other) Noel's question, on the recording of 'Mad Pat' I did use a Goldtop les Paul, a 1952 Goldtop, and ran it straight through an old Vox AC30, I used the front p-90(rhythmn) pickup for the solo part. All the best for now... Johnny Fean.

Sat Apr 3 18:51:43 2004 IP:

Kevin Belfast -

Hi johnny, any plans to play in Belfast in the near future.. all the best Kev.

Sat Apr 3 16:44:59 2004 IP:

Stephen Ferris : Ballymena -

Johnny, as usual it was great to see you on stage. I’m looking forward to seeing you play soon on any stage you wish to grace, for the Blues or with Steve Travers or with you old mates. It’s a pity sir mcginley of Machester didn’t make it, I have loved to have seen how he was going to dress up as Johnny Fean. It would’ve been a ball. Speaking of which, hello to Marty and Noel, there below (brothers?). There were a hell of a number of things to organise for the exhibition and one downside was the number of people who felt they should’ve got invites but didn’t. There was some bad feeling over that. The numbers did have to be controlled or wouldn’t have worked. Before I sign off I’ll say Hi to Steve Travers and I hope enjoy the trip to the USA. Bring back some rock.

Fri Apr 2 00:40:52 2004 IP:

noel ball derry -

hi johnny,, just wondering what you use to produce the guitar sound on the solo on madpat, i also play a gold top... ty

Thu Apr 1 16:41:06 2004 IP:

marty derry -

well jim don't hold your breath waiting on an invite saveeeeeeee

Thu Apr 1 01:24:29 2004 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

Hey Marty, I look forward to your open invite exhibition launch. What chaos that will be.

Wed Mar 31 10:55:25 2004 IP:

Marty Ball derry city -

hi johnny, just dropped in to say I really enjoyed the exhibition but was very disappointed that there where no fans allowed in to see the show on saturday,with all due respect to the organisers but I feel that they got this one wrong.

Tue Mar 30 22:59:42 2004 IP:

sir mcginley the miserly manchester -

it was a damn travesty that i couldnt get back across the stormy main to see that exhibition. i had planned to turn up dressed as johnny fean with a notepad full of annoying star trek convention questions. And now i'm told there was an acoustic set played by the lads. alas for mcginley that he missed it, being only of cannon fodder age he never got a chance to see his favourite band play. i'll have to try my best to get to see the johnny fean band this year. You are an amazing player and it must be good to know that you are responsible for me growing several new tendons in my left arm trying to master dearg doom, oh the endless rewinding and listening....drove me insane it did. best regards to all the band and keep up the hard riffin celtic blues stylee

Mon Mar 29 15:38:27 2004 IP:

Johnny Fean : Dublin -

Hi Chris, Thank you for your most recent message, the setlist that was performed last saturday by Horslips in Derry (acoustically) is as follows: 1) Flower among them all 2) Furniture 3) Musical Priest/The High reel 4)Mad Pat 5) March into Trouble/Trouble w/a capital T 6) Fairy King. Good Luck with your gig on Tuesday, Hope it goes well! All the Best, Johnny.

Sat Mar 27 19:06:30 2004 IP:

Chris : Cork -

A message to Horslips. Well it's been a long time coming and I didnt get to see it. A true Horslips reformation. But at least it has brought light on the subject for me my dad wishes to ask about the Playlist on Saturday and to say Dino McGartland was at the gig {editor of the Rory Gallagher fanzine} and said it was brilliant but any way I ahve to say I would give anything to see you Johnny and the lads play in my hometown of cork in the city hall where my dad had seen you many a time. Maybe. It's also my first kind of gig Tuesday I will be playing at my school at an open microphone lunch thing. And my first gig is of course dedicated to Horslips. I'm doing King of the Fairies with me on Lead electric guitar and three guys I know doing 2 acoustics and 1 keyboard. I wish to thank Charles 'O Connor for inspiring me to pick up a mandolin for my birthday last friday , Jim Lockhart for getting me back into Piano and Tin Whistle, Eamon and Barryfor my sense of rythmn and style (loon pants allaround!!!) But most of all to you Johnny. For when I heard Dearg Doom for the first time you didn't inspire me to play guitar because I had one at that stage you inspired me to play some of the greatest music ever heard so for that my thanks are endless. I only hope I can pass this on to my children in decades to come as you passed it on to me. I truly hope to see ye play again. All the best. And again thanks. Chris

Fri Mar 26 22:08:24 2004 IP:

Johnny Fean : Dublin -

Hi Folks!, and Hi to Tony, Chris, Paddy, Sean, Stevie, Doc, indeed all you guys who recently Posted messages to the Website, Thank you. Well... Last Saturday evening (20th.) at around 8:30 pm at the Orchard Gallery in Derry, was an Historic event, when, for the first time in 24 years, Horslips performed a half hour acoustic set "Live" onstage! The response from the crowd of around 200 was overwhelming/fantastic. The organisers of the "Horslips Exhibition", Jim Nelis, Paul Callaghan, and Stephen Ferris have done an incredible job putting it all together. Truly a mammoth task! well done! All in all it was a brilliant night!! That's about it from me for the moment, just want to say Hi to Noel Ferris, Jim Nelis, Paul Callaghan and Stephen Ferris. Bye for now, Johnny.

Fri Mar 26 19:42:06 2004 IP:

DOC : Drogheda -

Go Johnny Go

Fri Mar 26 12:48:20 2004 IP:

Stevie Shanks Belfast -

Johnny, great site! It was really nice to see you and the guys again on Saturday!! Thank you all for making me feel so welcome. It seemed to be an emotional evening for all involved - and I was dead chuffed to be there. Keep up the good work and hopefully we'll all get to see you guys together again - as it should be!!! Good luck to you in whatever you do.

Tue Mar 23 14:28:17 2004 IP:

Sean Lawler Merseyside -

Hi Johnny, Can you please give me more information on forthcoming Horslips exhibitions Thanks in advance Sean Lawler PS Do you remember doing a cover of 'Red River Valley' live at The Rainbow in Finsbury Park, London - circa 1977? It was an absolute KNOCKOUT!

Tue Mar 23 13:54:40 2004 IP:

Paddy South Armagh -

Hi Johnney, in the 70s I regarded you as one of the worlds best guitar players, your gigs in the national Kilburn and royal albert hall are memories i'll always cherish,even to this day my kids and grandkids play along to Horslips greats, and the Tain is like the Angelus in our house, siochain a chara.

Mon Mar 22 21:13:11 2004 IP:

Chris : Cork -

Hi Johnny it's Chris from Cork again. I heard a rumour on the Horslips Records site that a new Horslips "Live In America" CD is going to be released. Is there any truth to it? Take Care. Chris

Sun Mar 14 18:32:25 2004 IP:

Tony Bannon Annalong County Down -

First time visit. Just to say thank you for all the wonderful music you created with Horslips still played,savoured and passed on to my sons. Delighted that you making music and touring. Once again Go raibh mile mile maith agat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sat Mar 13 21:56:14 2004 IP:

Chris : Corcaigh -

Thanks a million Johnny. Unfortunately I missed the gig in Portobello's in Cobh because of that "No children in pubs" after 9 but I saw you in Tralee. Mega stuff. And a big shout out to Steve and Mick. Hope to see ye soon. All the best. Chris

Thu Mar 4 20:13:49 2004 IP:

Marty Newry : -

Johnny,any word of any gigs in the near future?

Thu Mar 4 11:02:08 2004 IP:

Johnny Fean : Dublin -

Hi to Chris in Cork, with regards to your recent query about what guitars, amps, and pedals I used to record the 'Book of Invasions', my Guitars were, a 1952 gibson les paul Goldtop, a 1960 doublecutaway les paul junior, and a Yamaha fg 180 for the acoustic work. The '52 Goldtop les paul features mostly on the album, but the '60 junior features on 'Trouble with a capital T' and 'Sword of Light. The Amp I used was a '60's Vox A.C.30 T.B. combo (2- 12inch spkr.) I did not use any Pedals for the recording, prefering the pure sound of the Les Paul, I drove the vox a.c. 30 (hard) instead. Hope that answers your query, chris. Regards, Johnny Fean.

Thu Mar 4 01:53:19 2004 IP:


HI, I'm trying to contact Steven - I'm Rachel O'Toole, Fran's daughter. I noticed you sometimes check the guestbook. Maybe you could tell me a good few stories about my dad and the Showband scene at the time. Happy to see you are doing well. Thank you, Rachel

Mon Mar 1 19:59:27 2004 IP:

Chris : Cork -

Johnny my guitar teacher was curious about what guitars, pedals and amps you used for The Book Of Invasions. The guitars may be on the instrument list but what about the pedals and amps if you have the time. Thanks. Chris

Sun Feb 29 16:46:44 2004 IP:

Mike Higgins : Lisburn -

Johnny, good news you are playing gigs in Ireland again. I saw you in Coleraine Students union with the Host? I heard a snip about an exhibition from the radio. I see it is in Derry, a bit far but I’m going to try to go there. Are you playing anytime near Belfast/Lisburn or even this side of the border? Give my regards to Eamonn Carr who talked to me for an hour in Coleraine, a dead on guy.

Sun Feb 22 15:17:39 2004 IP:

Johnny Fean : Dublin -

Hi to John McGrory, Denis in Peterborough, and to everybody who recently posted a message on the Website, Thank you. To answer John's query, the '59 sunburst les paul standard you mentioned,that I used so extensively, was in fact a 1960 sunburst les paul standard. It can be seen on a number of photo's on the Instruments page,(most notably posing with Popeye!)Hope that answers your query John. To Denis's query about any 2004 U.K.gigs,there is nothing planned as yet, but we might be able to get over there in the Summer. That's about it for now folks, Take Care. Johnny Fean

Thu Feb 12 02:47:37 2004 IP:

John Mc Grory Culdaff, Donegal -

Hi There Just wondering did Johnny not use a sunburst '59 Les Paul Standard on most of the Horslips gigs in late '70's (eg here in Culdaff) - If so, where is it on the list?

Tue Feb 10 21:01:06 2004 IP:


Any gigs planned in the UK for 2004? Please come over here soon!!!!

Fri Feb 6 00:27:38 2004 IP:

Peter Somers Cork -

Which venue for the gig in Cobh on Saturday 7th Jan 2004?

Thu Feb 5 17:19:54 2004 IP:

Mark Corrigan New York City,NY, USA -

HORSLIPS was the GREATEST band! The best album EVER made was "BOOK OF INVASIONS".Thanx for putting it out!

Wed Feb 4 23:20:39 2004 IP:

Jim & Caroline : Derry -

This one is for Maggie. It was great to see you at the weekend.

Wed Feb 4 22:15:53 2004 IP:

Gerry O'Callaghan Gorey,Co Wexford -

Johnny, if you read this, any chance of a date in Wexford or Wicklow? Also, I read that there a was a televised gig by the Zen Aligators in Dun Laoghaire's Top Hat, wouldn'e it by GREAT if myself (and your other fans of couse) could but a copy of the video. There must be one somewhere ! Keep giggin' Johnny, you're the only Horslip left doing so. Gerrymann

Wed Jan 28 11:43:43 2004 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

Thanks Joe for your comments. It's a pity you won't get over when it opens. Marty yes, Stephen Ferris and Paul Callaghan are co-organising. Roll on March indeed!

Tue Jan 27 17:10:37 2004 IP:

JoeForde Chesterfield, England -

Hi Jim. Many thanks for that information. I won't be able to make it but I will be touring Ireland in the Summer with my family and will try to catch Johnny and the lads at one of their gigs at that time. Great to hear about the video footage. I wonder if a DVD could be produced with this footage on and, say, a visual tour of the exhibition, perhaps an interview with the band too? It's a nice thought. Their music really is worth this kind of tribute and it sounds a wonderful exhibition. Hope it all goes well. Joe Forde

Tue Jan 27 11:16:02 2004 IP:

marty canavan : Newry -

Roll on March.Looking forward to reliving some great memories and renewing old friendships. Thankyou Jim Stephen and anyone else who had a hand in this. See youse all there!

Tue Jan 27 09:04:40 2004 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

Hi Joe, the exhibtion is actually going to be in Derry in The Orchard Gallery, and it will run from Monday March 22nd until Friday April 2nd 2004. On display will be over 100 framed items, including a collection of Horslips albums, picture sleeved singles and posters. Over the last few months we’ve twisted a few arms and managed to secure the loan of some of the band’s own regalia, including tour jackets (leather) and Barry Devlin’s Shamrock Bass Guitar. These and other items from the Horslips era, will be on display in showcases etc. If all goes to plan we will show some video footage of live concerts from the ‘70s. As it happens The Orchard Gallery is sited underneath St Columb’s Hall, a venue which Horslips played exactly 30 years ago. With this all in mind and with a bit more arm twisting, we’ve persuaded Carr, Devlin, Fean, Lockhart and O’Connor to fish out their bus-passes and travel up to see what’s going on. They’ve all promised to come, but there seems to be some sort of row brewing about who’ll pay for the Chinese carryout on the way home. For those wishing to see the event in March, it’ll be free admission and open from 10.00am till 5.00pm each day except Sunday. Donations to charity. I’ll give an update on the status nearer the time. Queries to

Tue Jan 27 00:11:25 2004 IP:

Joe Forde : Chesterfield - : -

Does anyone know anything about an exhibition of Horslips memorabelia in Dublin in March. What's it all about? Joe Forde

Thu Jan 22 16:11:57 2004 IP:

Kevin Lowery Ilkey -

Hi Steve, thanks for that. If you come over to England make sure to include Yorkshire. There is plently going on on the folk scene visit- Otley Folk club is closest to us but maybe we'll just have to come to Ireland. Slan for now.

Sun Jan 18 17:25:48 2004 IP:

Steve Travers : -

Happy Birthday to you too Kevin.

Thu Jan 15 13:49:06 2004 IP:

Kevin Lowery : -

Happy Birthday Steve I'm two days behind you on the days count.

Mon Jan 12 19:57:19 2004 IP:

Steve Travers : Ireland -

Many thanks folks. What a lovely surprise. Johnny and I will be together this week working on a new set, which we hope to showcase soon in 2004.

Sun Jan 11 23:27:32 2004 IP:

Rockers Of Age : -

Steve, we’ve put a Birthday message for you on the home page.

Sun Jan 11 22:14:12 2004 IP:

Jim Nelis Derry : -

Happy birthday tomorrow Steve from Jim & Caroline.

Sun Jan 11 21:59:24 2004 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

To Johnny, Steve and Mick. Happy New Year to you and thanks again for the fantastic gigs in 2003. Please, can we have more of the same in 2004.

Wed Dec 31 21:16:18 2003 IP:

Pat Rossiter : New Ross, Co. Wexford -

Thanks for happy memories in 2003. Happy New Year to Johnny, Mick and Steve. Roll on the new year gigs. Best wishes.

Wed Dec 31 20:26:25 2003 IP:

BrendanMc : -

Happy Chrimble to Johnny and Maggie. Same applies to Steve, Mick and to whomever they love.

Thu Dec 25 01:31:24 2003 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

To Johnny, Steve and Mick. A very Happy Christmas and New Year.

Thu Dec 25 00:11:31 2003 IP:

Stephen Ferris : Co Antrim -

Hi Guys, thanks for the great gigs this year. Some of them hot enough to roast the Christmas turkey on! I’m bursting to see you play again next year. Hope it’s a good one for you.

Wed Dec 24 14:55:11 2003 IP:

Tony Hamilton Norty County Dublin -

All the best for Christmas and 2004, to Johnny and the Band. With great memories of New Years Eve(s) in Red Island.

Wed Dec 24 11:00:24 2003 IP:

David Kent UK -

Johhny Merry Christmas, with fond memories of Horslips gigs- especially special nights at WestMidlands college, Walsall.

Tue Dec 23 08:54:49 2003 IP:

Johnny Fean : Dublin -

Hi Everybody! Johnny here, just taking this opportunity to thank all the people who posted messages recently, and also throughout the year, to the Website Guestpage. We would like to wish all of you a GREAT BIG HAPPY CHRISTMAS!! and a BRILLIANT 2004!! So have a good one, Rockin' around the Xmas Tree. Cheers! from Johnny, Steve, and Mick.

Tue Dec 23 01:54:11 2003 IP:

Brian : Dublin -

Happy Christmas to the band. Thanks for the great music.

Mon Dec 22 10:53:33 2003 IP:

Chris Somers : The Peoples Republic of Cork -

I just bought my first Horslips vinyl Aliens in an old book and vinyl shop in Cork. I asked an old man at the counter if he had any Horslips and he said not a hope. He said even if he did its gonna cost huge bucks. So I said you've nothing like this then. And picked up Aliens out of a bundle and the poor fella nearly died. But when he asked how much the price was on it it was the last nail in the coffin. Six euro. Then he asked what the hell he was doing behind the counter but only sleeping. Good Luck with your band. Hope you do well and happy Christmas to Johnny. Chris

Sun Dec 21 15:54:22 2003 IP:

Kevin Lowery Ilkley -

Steve Travers good luck with your band. Happy Xmas Johnny and the rest of the band. See and do some England dates next year will you.

Fri Dec 19 12:17:09 2003 IP:

Marty Ball Derry -

Where could I get the new album.could u send some info to my E-mail address.

Thu Dec 11 09:37:13 2003 IP:

Steve Travers : -

Hi Chris and Peter, Good to hear from you. Happy birthday to Peter. I have not seen Johnny for a couple of weeks but I will check if he has responded to your your posting when we chat tonight. I manage a band called Kavo and we have been on tour with Simply Red, I have just returned from Amsterdam. Check out Hopefully Johnny, Mick and I will get time to do some gigs in the very near future. Keep up the playing, you could not have a better role model than Johnny Fean. All the best, Steve Travers

Mon Dec 8 11:26:07 2003 IP:

Chris Somers Cork -

Wow1 I mean Johnny Fean. Imean Hi! I'm Chris I'm 13 And Horslips are one of my favourite bands of all time my dad Peter has all your original vinyls mint condition. He even has Happy to Meet and Live signed by the band! I saw you and Steve Travers playing live during the Rose of Tralee and me and my Dad were in the front row. I recently took up guitar (electric) my machine is a Squire Bullet Strat and I'd safely say I'm the only fella my age playing great music like Horslips around. I even got King of the Fairies on guitar from fiddle. Also if I could ask a huge favour! It was my Dads 45th Birthday a week a go and if it isn't too much trouble could you e-mail him saying Hi! or something at Thanks Johnny! Keep on rockin' (Celtic style naturally!) Chris Somers. 6/12/03

Sat Dec 6 23:31:40 2003 IP:

Declan Cassidy : -

Saw you lads over in Mullingar at the end of last summer. Brought a CD for signing but didn’t manage to see you after. A great atmosphere and the heaviest sound I’d heard in ages, which sort of felt weird in an arts theatre. Still remember Speed the plough and I’m looking out for another gig (anywhere). Rock On!!

Thu Nov 27 18:36:44 2003 IP:

Hope You’re Having A High Class Hip Hop Happy Birthday : -

Best wishes Johnny! ‘Tis a measure of greatness to have two birthdays in a year. Enjoy! Other November 17 birthdays are: Sir W.S. Gilbert, (1836, playwright of Gilbert and Sullivan fame), Soichiro Honda (1909, founder of the Honda Motor company), Rock Hudson(1925), Peter Cook (1937) Gordon Lightfoot (Canada, 1938), Danny De Vito (1944), Martin Barre (1947, Guitarist with Jethro Tull), Martin Scorsese (1943, Director - Gangs of New York etc.), Jonathan Ross (1960, pain in the ass). I think you’re supposed to be between Scorsese and Ross on that list, but you can sit where you like today.

Mon Nov 17 19:47:32 2003 IP:

Richard Conlon Leeds England -

Hi I am from Pontoon Co Mayo ( I'm sure the Horslips remember appearing there. I remember seeing Horsips in Ballina,Pontoon and Swinsford. I also remember seeing the 'zen Alligators' in Charlestown Co Mayo (looks like I didn't go very far) but that was before I went to Ulan Bator ( capital of outer Mongolia) where it was different (but very enjoyable (sometimes). Anyway it's good to see the 'site' well done, keep it up!

Sun Nov 16 23:03:43 2003 IP:

Mary Fran upstate N.Y. -

Hi Johnny, Happy belated birthday!Lookin good for 500 yrs! Enjoyed the anthology pictures.Any chance of any more cds coming out?I purchased 4 from your site earlier in the year for myself & siblings (the "mad moylans").Still enjoy listening to the old Horslips songs, too!Keep rockin!!! Slainte

Thu Nov 13 11:43:02 2003 IP:

colm comiskey tullamore -

Johnny greeting from the horsilps fan who constantly bothers u and steve when playing the Bridge House.Still lighting the fire for blues and trad ...what a combination...and doing it so well.As you can see from the amount of messages here,yourself and the Horslips will always be heroes. keep it going man! By the way does anyone know if there is any horslips live video footage available? If anyone does know maybe they could e mail me cheers

Fri Oct 3 20:34:02 2003 IP:

Stephen Ferris : Co Antrim -

While the gigs page is slow take time to check out Dave Sleger’s review of ‘I am the One’ for (All Music Guide) AMG. Dave says “……guitarist Johnny Fean returns to the form that made him a reputable guitarist in Horslips. This lone song combines modern rhythms with no-frills guitar rock as heard on Horslips classics like The Tain and Book of Invasions: A Celtic Symphony. Although adopting a Celtic rock feel, it does so without the traditional instruments that made Horslips so unique.” Following the links in the review you can also get Dave’s review of ‘The Celtic Symphony’ and one by Bruce Elder on the ‘The Tain’. For fun it’s worth following some of the deeper hyperlinks to Horslips and beyond. On the (Horslips) Charts and Awards section you can find the highest billboard positions: 98 for ‘Aliens’ and 155 for ‘The Man Who Built America’. You can get reviews on those, and all the other Horslips Albums. Charles O’Connor’s recent work is there too. Digging hard you’ll find same-titled songs by different artists. For example Johnny Cash and Horslips have both recorded ‘Letters from Home’. There’s a lot of information there, but the site is riddled with misnomers from its multiple contributors. Worth a visit nonetheless, it’s an anorak’s paradise. Happy Surfin everyone!

Thu Oct 2 11:58:35 2003 IP:

Robert McCea Carrickfergus -

Any chance of a few Belfast gigs?

Sat Sep 27 21:53:50 2003 IP:

Philippe Warlop Belgium -

Hi Johnny, we organise clubconcerts in the cafetaria of the cultural cunter of the city Menen, Belgium.F.e. The BMC band played at our venue last year. Is there any chance of you getting over here to perform for us ? Best regards Philippe

Tue Sep 23 08:49:13 2003 IP:

Joe Forde : Chesterfield England -

Hi Johnny, Steve and Mick. Great to hear the band is still playing Celtic Rock and Blues so well and that the Rose festival was such a success. Some time ago I suggested that you might consider video recording one of your gigs to sell across the web site. This would enable many of your fans in England (and indeed across the world) to get a chance to see you play live ( albeit on the box!). A good example of a band that has recently done this to good effect is The Hamsters( a brilliant blues'rock band if you haven't heard them), and their live video has reaaly sold well across their web site. They produced it themselves and are the sole distributers too, so it shows you don't need to be a mega-star band to pull this one off. Given that it looks like your album may be a litte way off yet ( though not too far off we hope!), it reaaly would be a treat for us all "over the waters" to have the chance to see a live video of you. The one that Rory did at the Cork Opera House is still one of the most entertaining things I have ever seen and a fitting memory to him and his music. Still hoping you lads can make it to a gig in England sometime soon ( many of us will be there if it happens I can assure you). All the best. Joe Forde

Sun Sep 21 13:03:59 2003 IP:

dermot wilson belfast -

Hi Johnny, i hope you remember me,Dermot from the band the back at the bass again after a break of 5 years. i left the untouchables or should i say was replaced by a machine, bummer. Anyway, im playing in a new band THE FUSE with former ENERGY ORCHARD bassist Joby Fox' Joby is now on vocals & guitar. were not too bad. maybe we will meet again sometime id love that. I reallyn had a great time playing with you and learned so much. how is Maggie keeping, hope she's well. Good luck John & keep rockin!!

Thu Sep 18 17:57:05 2003 IP:

Paul L. Dublin -

Hey there Just found this site and would love to hear of future dates... it's good to hear johnny still entertains old "Lipsos", it'll be interesting to hear how he does it now!!!

Mon Sep 15 18:18:23 2003 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

Thanks Maggie, You're a blessing in disguise. Jim.

Sat Sep 13 18:18:39 2003 IP:

Brendan : -

Thanks to Johnny, Steve and Mick for a great gig last night. The auld head is sore, but what the hell. Donnacha was there from New Zealand and a few old Lips heads were there also paying homage. Johnny had time to sit down and have a chat beforehand which was nice. All in all - a great night!

Sat Sep 13 15:48:56 2003 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

Johnny, Steve, Mick and all the Lipsos die-hards. Sorry i can't make Drogheda. Hope you all have a great night. Best Wishes, Jim.

Thu Sep 11 17:08:44 2003 IP:

Johnny Fean : Dublin -

Hi Folks, Johnny here, I've just been catching up with some of the more recent entries to the guestbook, thanks to everybody for Posting your messages. Donnacha and Brendan! Looking forward to seeing you at Mc.Phails(Drogheda) this Friday(12th.)I'ts shaping up to be a good night out! Dermot, glad you made it to the Limerick and Tralee gigs,the Band will be back in Limerick possibly in early December,(at Nevada Smiths).Jim Nelis in Derry, Hi Jim!! SEAN in Luton,in reply to your query about the Setlist,It has been changed from the previous year.We have put some Blues songs into the set, and some New Mandolin tunes.The Band has had a pretty busy and very succesful summer so far, and we played in a number of New venues in which the Band was well received. If we didn't get around to your neck of the woods as yet, hopefully we will over the coming weeks. That's about it for now, once again Thanks Folks! Regards, Johnny Fean.

Tue Sep 9 02:40:45 2003 IP:

Dermot Gleeson Limerick -

Hello Johnny I saw you at Tralee and Navada Smiths In Limerick. I enjoyed both gigs. As regards Limerick it brought back a lot of memories of accross the road in the Savoy !!! Good to see that you are keeping well and playing well. I like your guitar sound !!!I was a little taken back to see "Mad Pat" on the free cd with this weeks Sunday World. Hope to see you soon, take care Dermot

Mon Sep 8 15:50:38 2003 IP:

Donnacha all-a-quiver: -

Jasus, Laytrum. I shouldn't make any comment really, the poor effer has suffered enough. Anyway, should be a good night out. Anyone know of a nice cheap B&B near McPhail's?

Fri Aug 29 01:52:09 2003 IP:

Sean Luton -

nice to hear the Rose gigs went well,could'nt make it this year although it was tempting ,could anyone give a rundown of the set being played this year,does it differ must from last years.

Thu Aug 28 22:54:19 2003 IP:

Brendan : -

Donnacha - not only Brendan but two other reprobates - one also from Longford and one poor soul from Laytrum. A few others may show up as well - but definitely out, due to an achilles tendon injury, is star forward, Stefan Ferriski.

Thu Aug 28 21:04:21 2003 IP:

Donnacha : on the way -

Johnny and the boys, hope to see you in Drogheda. I arrive three days before, so that should give me time to shake off the Mammy so I can get away for a night out in memory lane. All the best and I should see yez in McPhail's with Brendan.

Thu Aug 28 07:34:28 2003 IP:

Mick Rowley : South Tipperary -

Hi folks, Last weekend was sensational. What can we say about Tralee? It was just brilliant to see so many of you there. What a buzz to watch thousands of people on a warm Saturday night so into our music. Celtic rockers are alive and kickin' in Kerry. Tullamore was an absolute cracker too. We are always amazed at the number of musicians who turn up to hear us. It's a great honour. Thank you all.

Wed Aug 27 03:58:32 2003 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

Johnny, Steve and Mick, Hope your gigs in Tralee and Tullamore went well. Talk to you another time, Jim.

Mon Aug 25 18:15:00 2003 IP:

John F. : Detroit-

Johnny, can't believe you're playing Tralee my home town & I'm in Detroit. How depressing. Best wishes and hope to see you soon.

Fri Aug 22 22:20:03 2003 IP:

Janet Kaye New York, NY -

Johnny It's been many years since Horslips played New York. I was hoping when I heard that you guys might record together again that we might have some more great music from a great band. Are your CDs, singles, etc. available over here? Any chance that your band might decide to come over this side of the Atlantic and do some shows? I used to come to all the Horslips shows in this area and have loads of pictures, both black & white and color of those days.

Thu Aug 21 00:10:36 2003 IP:

Brendán : -

Ah.....Drogheda.....that's better. I have roped in two other definites plus, perhaps, a visitor from the Antipodes. Looking forward to it - but, lads, any idea what time yiz will tog out at so that I can pace myself, garglewise!

Wed Aug 20 15:06:16 2003 IP:

Pat Rossiter New Ross, Co. Wexford -

Good luck in Kerry. One Wexford man is on his way.

Sun Aug 17 17:57:58 2003 IP:

Brendán : -

Johnny - feck - Kerry..... Kerry - how in the name of Jazes can I get to Kerry to see ye boys? Are you playing in the Pale in the near future?

Fri Aug 15 21:05:41 2003 IP:

Johnny Fean : Dublin -

Hi Folks, As you know we will be in the main square at The Rose of Tralee on Friday and Saturday 22nd and 23rd of August. We will be on stage at on Friday night and at 4pm and on Saturday. Hope to see you there.

Fri Aug 15 12:26:11 2003 IP:

Mike Galvin China -

Johnny, You may not remember playing the CYMS Ballroom with the old gang in Killorglin, Kerry, roundabout 1978/79?....but I was a kid then and a 'provisional roadie' for the night. I remember Devlin telling me I'd get in for free for my labours. When I subsequently asked him for a ticket, he asked, "Why?" I told him if I wanted to leave the hall to get chips or something I'd need a ticket to get back in. "You'd leave a Horslips concert", he looked at me in disgust...."for chips!" Oh, well. I didn't get any chips that night, but it was a fantastic concert. Keep the flame alive!

Tue Aug 5 15:12:43 2003 IP:

Johnny, Steve and Mick. : London -

Hi Jim, It is always good to see you and the clan. All the best, Johnny, Steve and Mick.

Wed Jul 30 01:18:24 2003 IP:

john sheridan Virginia usa -

Hello johnny I used to play in a band in shannon with your brother ray called "Rinneanna".I think you were on tour somewhere at the time and i needed a guitar for a gig in tubber,anyway i was giving a goldtop les paul of yours to play that night.Fantastic guitar but sherry wasnt amused as i broke the lead to it as i am left handed and had to play it upside down,I fixed the lead and that was that.Donal said you would brake my neck if you ever found out.Ithink it is save enough to tell you 17 years later(ha ha) keep on rocking john

Mon Jul 28 00:40:23 2003 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

To Johnny, Steve and Mick. It was great to see you in Ballyshannon. A fantastic gig by all counts. Keep up the great work and i hope to see you again soon. Thanks again for the memories.

Sun Jul 27 22:44:13 2003 IP:

The Gretl Rock and Blues Band : -

Hi folks, We are checking in here to wish luck to: John Paul, Mul, Adrian, John D, Gerry , Donnacha, Gerard, Paul and to others who are trying to get to see us at gigs. We're doing our best to get around as much as possible, so if you catch us gigging somewhere make sure to say hello! It's always a great pleasure to meet you. Thanks for your Ballyshannon comments Jim below. Perhaps we might consider expanding sometime in the future but not towards the "Horslips" type line-up as the lads did that so well in the past. Happily we are in a position to be able to indulge ourselves and the sound of a trio is what we love best. A big hello to Philip Chevron and Vic Singh. Vic, we've been looking at some of your photos from 1988 and hope to have them online soon. Thanks to everyone from far and near, who are sending in messages. That's it for now from us, who for one night only, are the "The Gretl Rock and Blues Band".

Sat Jul 26 02:12:55 2003 IP:

Micky Smart : Omagh -

Was at the Belfast gigs, best ever, shoud've made it a double. Keep it lit.

Tue Jul 22 19:38:47 2003 IP:

John Paul Murphy not my machine: -

Yo Johnny, Love the site. I'm home far 10 days here. Staying with my brother in-law (Vincent) twix Bunclody and Enniscorthy. I would've travlled to cork for the concert but the big woman wont let me. Last saw you play in about 89. You had some brass players on board if memory serves me right. Did you play Free Nelson Mandella among the songs or am I badly confused? Will be home in Dublin at Xmas for a week. I'd like to see you then.Or better still cam you come up to Troon for a weekend and show the Scots what rock and roll is in Ireland. Rock on Johnny, Johnny Paul.

Mon Jul 21 18:23:05 2003 IP:



Mon Jul 21 10:31:53 2003 IP:

mul Belfast -

When will we see the Band back in Northern Ireland - I caught the last gig in Warrenpoint. From what I remember it was a damn good night.

Sun Jul 20 12:56:53 2003 IP:

Vic Singh London -

Hiya Johnny...If you remember took some photos of you in London around 1990...Just to say hope you are keeping well and every success to you and the band. Vic

Sat Jul 12 01:34:56 2003 IP:

Gretl : -

We love you Johnny, really we do, but.... "The Celtic Rock And Blues Band"??? That's IT? It's just not going to look as good on a CD cover. Well maybe as the second line AFTER the really catchy, memorable name of the band. Come on therestofyis I challenge you to come up with a name which is both Celtic and bluesy. Howlin' Johnny And The Sylvan Spirits. The Bayou Sidhe. Poitín & Moonshine. The Mississippi Delta Faeries. Well maybe not that.

Thu Jul 10 03:05:32 2003 IP:

Adrian : -

Johnny and the boys,I'm in Carndonagh the first week of August how about a gig in the area?(Hey,if you don't ask you don't get!)

Tue Jul 8 09:37:33 2003 IP:

John Doheny -

Johnny - I know you are a good sort and I intend to be in Drawhada on July 18. I will donate €150 to the charity of your choice if you include, briefly or otherwise, in your set "I'll be waiting".

Sat Jul 5 23:40:29 2003 IP:

Paul canada -

So Johnny how do you do that vibrato?

Sat Jun 28 20:11:07 2003 IP:

Rebecca Ali Phila. Pa USA -

We have a Hip-Hop group that are looking for performance venues in London England. Check out our Website If interested contact us.

Fri Jun 27 13:40:20 2003 IP:

bobby America -

keep it up guy a good site you have they

Thu Jun 26 11:02:26 2003 IP:

Gerry O'Callaghan Gorey, Co.Wexford -

This is directed towards Johnny and the boys... 1- When are you playing in Wexford / Wicklow and is there any hope of the Horslips reuniting at this stage. I'll drum if Johnny doesnt want to (serious offer). I wonder if I'll get a reply to this .......??

Wed Jun 25 21:47:30 2003 IP: 195.218.116.

Pip Chevron : -

Hiyas Johnny! You probably owe me a high-diver or I owe you a high-diver or more likely we both lost it in a hotel bar (the high-diver, that is). Great site - I just spent the morning perving on Les Pauls and 335s, a porno fetish I barely knew I had. Come and play in Knotty Ham or if not, I'll go see you in Ballyhaunis or somewhere, if I can find it on the map of England. Love on ya. XX

Tue Jun 24 08:42:01 2003 IP:

Jeremiah Olney, MD U.S.A. -

I hope that you and your friends come out to the USA. I also hope that you post HORSLIPS lyrics and mpegs on your site.

Sun Jun 22 02:59:52 2003 IP:

malachy mcginley baile aontroim -

if u did steal his geetar then u should use the excuse that henry says on dark side of the moon " i dont know i was really drunk @ the time " My da pointed me in the direction of horslips a few months back and i never looked back. he says that life they were quality quality quality. have been gettin all my mates into it so u'll be glad to know that the music is still inspiring new generations of music lovers. how could i have not found music like this before. christ on a bike its brilliant. now i can tell ppl who inspires me most on the geetar. sweet. happy weeks. gonna go check out the soundbite and gig guide. keep up the most excellent work.

Tue Jun 17 12:47:50 2003 IP:

Ryan O'Sullivan Tyrone, Ireland - check it out, new christy moore fan site!

Tue Jun 10 19:48:09 2003 IP:

sean paul curry enniskilen co fermanagh -

my da has always talked about you bac in the 70s and when i seen your greatest hits cd i bought it. Abousoulute brilliance i can undetstand what my da meant. His name is mark curry. I HEAR you have started a record company i am interented in working with record companys can you email bak with some information i would be very gratefull sean paul curry

Thu May 22 10:43:13 2003 IP:

Donnacha New Zealand -

Any idea where you'll be playing in September? The young massa am a-comin' home and I'd love to catch a gig.

Thu May 22 01:42:37 2003 IP:

Gerard Mc Cavana Belfast -

Any chance of a Belfast gig?

Fri May 16 20:41:52 2003 IP:

paul canada -

blind man, man of straw shuffling through the night. Going to visit little girls who cannot do things right.

Fri May 16 03:57:22 2003 IP:

Roma Alliott UK -

Would be good to see the band next time I'm in Ireland ... any gigs dates? Roma

Thu May 15 14:58:44 2003 IP:

Marty derry -

keep rockin

Tue May 13 10:21:26 2003 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

Johnny, Any news on that box i sent? Jim.

Thu May 8 21:06:26 2003 IP:

Steve Travers : -

Hi Stephen, I never thought to ask Johnny where he got the 335 so I can't really comment on that but as for Kylie!!!! Did you know that Rolling Stone Keith actually introduced Kylie to J.F. after the gig in Shepherds Bush. Mick gets Johnny to tell him that story in detail every night. When the autobiography comes out there will be mass emmigration... I swear I was no where near West London on that particular night...

Fri May 2 23:01:48 2003 IP:

Stephen Ferris : Co Antrim -

Unfortunately the weekend Cobh gig is the wrong end of the country for me, but I was reading a piece about fellow Co Antrim guitarist Henry McCullough (Sweeneys, Wings ,Cocker, Feelgood, Harper, Coulter, Last Bandits et al). His red Les Paul 335 was stolen from luggage when he was flying from Warsaw in '99. I’ve been doing some research and I understand that an Irish Ice Cream van, registration number ‘JF DUN 1T’ was seen racing from the crime scene. Ok now Johnny admit it, it was the Johnny Fean gang what took it. It was, wasn’t it? You’ve got it stashed under your mattress with Shergar and that stolen collection of Kylie Minogue photos. Go on now Johnny, own up. It was you, wasn’t it?, or my name’s not Ronnie Biggs

Thu May 1 23:42:26 2003 IP:

hugh : NEW YORK -


Sun Apr 27 02:54:40 2003 IP:

Brand Shelton Tucson, AZ -

I was very pleased to run across your website. We met years ago in San Francisco and had more than a few shots and pints backstage. I was part of the Patch contingent of the Robbie McGrath entourage. Anyway, good to see you're still at it. Brand

Wed Apr 23 20:09:05 2003 IP:

Paul Phillips Wexford -

Hi Johnny, any news on wexford gigs yet. I`m waiting anxiously!

Tue Apr 15 20:21:51 2003 IP:

Eugene O Stillorgan: -

I could manage Wexford alright Johnny, if the missus lets me. But hows about Toddy’s, or better still Luigi Malone’s down the road. Then i could walk home still a shakin all over.

Thur Apr 10 23:30:02 2003 IP:

marty : newry -

johnny,is there no word of you coming north again?The deep south is a bit far to travel!

Wed Apr 9 11:19:44 2003 IP:

john : pontypridd,wales -

The weathers getting fine,I'll soon be going home. Thinking about more hot summer nights in Galway and the sweet sweet sound of sword of light...cant be long now.

Mon Apr 7 18:02:48 2003 IP:

Kevin Lowery Ilkley, Bradford -

After 10 years of playing acoustic guitar, mandolin and fiddle I’ve just bought a black second hand epiphone Lp extreme. I was searching for information on instruments and found this site. Johnny, I’ve great memories the Ulster Hall, Belfast and the Book of Invasions Gig. I’m delighted to hear you’re playing live and intended to get over to see you this summer. I used to play sword of light/toss the feathers on the fiddle, I’m going to try it out of the new guitar. Great site, back later.

Sun Mar 30 20:08:01 2003 IP:

Johnny Fean : Dublin -

Hello to Dermot in Limerick, Eugene in Dublin, Paul in Wexford, seamus in london, Marty in Derry, and all other recent entries to the Website guestpage, thank you for getting in touch. The Band hope to be playing in Limerick and Wexford in the next few weeks ,(no exact dates as yet,) but they should appear on the Gig Guide. We haven't any plans as yet to play in London but who knows, it could happen. Anyway folks I'll sign off for now, Regards, Johnny Fean.

Thu Mar 27 21:22:39 2003 IP:

Dermot Gleeson: Limerick -

Hello Johnny, any plans to play Limerick ? Kind Regards Dermot

Fri Mar 21 12:51:06 2003 IP:

Eugene O'Hare : Dublin -

Hi there johnny, great news to see some new gigs up.hope to get along to some again this year, maybe you'll do donacha's Back TO Tara. i'll talk you you and the others then. Eugene O.

Thu Mar 20 14:34:02 2003 IP:

Paul Wexford. -

Hi Johnny, Its been a long time since I saw you and horslips at the Abbey cinema (now gone) in wexford. After that I spent hours practicing drums in my bedroom to "happy to meet...." I could have sat in for eamon carr I knew it so well! Anyway I just got the album on cd after 30 years and it was like being back there again. Its still as good as ever! Would love to see the band in wexford sometime and who knows maybe horslips would play Whites hotel again???? I`ll even play drums for free if eamon won`t! Keep it up and kep on showing them how its really played!!!! Thanks, Paul.

Mon Mar 17 01:13:52 2003 IP:

Seamus Gavin London -

Dear Johnny, Respect and regards for everthing you have done and continue to do for music. Please let me know if you are in London. Yours Seamus

Sat Mar 15 08:23:08 2003 IP:

Johnny Fean : Dublin -

Hi All, just want to say thanks to everybody who has contacted the Website recently,as you can see, there are some dates starting to appear on the gig guide, I will try to get around to answering some of the questions, and queries currently on the guestpage, soon. until then, Thanks, and take care. Johnny.

Tue Mar 11 00:39:57 2003 IP:

marty ball doire -

rock on johnny

Mon Mar 10 13:27:22 2003 IP:

Dan Koloskus Columbus, OH, USA -

Hello, Johnny! Saw you in Galway last Aug. @ Pacino's (1 of a pair of rowdy Yanks in the front). Want to see you again if you ever tour the States, & if you do, recommend a great club in Columbus for a gig: the Thirsty Ear Tavern. For recommendations see Fairport Convention, LJE, or Paddy Keenan. Will be happy to put you in touch w/ owner Jerry Flaherty if you're int'd. Otherwise would like to be on mailing list for any future US dates! Thanx! TTFN! Dan Koloskus

Thu Mar 6 13:51:35 2003 IP:

Bornacoola's Pal : -

And while we're on the subject of who did the vocals....same goes for Sword Of Light!

Fri Feb 28 18:57:46 2003 IP:

Steve Travers : -

To all my friends in Florida, especially Mark and Kara, I had a ball. The Bela Fleck and The Flecktones concert at The House Of Blues, Orlando was the summit. Hello to L.A. Patrick at Universal and all the musos that I bumped into. See you later in the year.

Fri Feb 28 02:32:40 2003 IP:

Bornacoola Man : -

Johnny - perhaps you could answer a question. Why did B. Devlin always 'do' the live version of The Power and the Glory when you did the studio version?

Sat Feb 22 22:11:43 2003 IP:

Jonathan O'Dea London -

I was not around when the Horslips were around, well I wasn't even born. My brother got me into the band, never looked back since. When are yee playing in London, are yee based in London? At present I am working as an arist in London and would love to do some paintings of yee. How about it.

Thu Feb 20 09:59:59 2003 IP:

Maxine Hanbury Israel -

Hi Johnny, i am an all and old time fan. When i was at home last Sept. i went to se you in Letterkenny. God, the memories of you in The Astoria in Bundoran, i felt like a teenager all over again. I took so many photos of you that night, and then discovered i had no film in the camera!!!!!! The last time i spoke to you was in Dolan,s warehouse in Limerick, you told me you were married with one child, hope all is well with you and your family and that you continue to give us all more and more pleasure with your music, i hope i can hear you when i come to Ireland (Donegal) for Easter.

Fri Feb 14 10:19:41 2003 IP:

glenn ;leslie bigglenn@mail . come: queens ny -

hi man its been awhile i remember you smoked eddie van halen on stage in ny hes no holdsworth and you were friendly with my step brothers wifes sister do you want to tour the us and canada call me 718 465 1661 the new peter grant with a smile it would be so nice to here from you again

Thu Feb 13 18:21:48 2003 IP:

johnny fean band : dublin -

hi everybody! just a quick note to say hello and to thank you all for the support you have given the band in the last year. As you know we are on a bit of a break until the end of february,and then we will be back in action! we are expecting 2003 to be pretty busy and looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming gigs. We will try to keep you informed with the live dates on the website gig guide. So in the meantime, Best Wishes to everybody and keep on rockin'!
Johnny Fean.

Sat Feb 8 01:24:33 2003 IP:

Russell Shaddox New Haven, CT USA -

Wow, I really like your single and your power-trio sound, and hope to hear more. I've been a Horslips fan since I was a teenager the late '70s, but didn't get over to Ireland until about the time of The Host's "Tryal." I was lucky enough to see the Alligators at the Trinity Ball in Dublin in '83. I hope you'll someday get a chance to do a US tour with the band; if you do, consider Toad's Place in New Haven. Hey, it was good enough for the Stones ...

Wed Feb 5 20:58:46 2003 IP:

Brian Fitzpatrick : Ashbourne -

Just dropped in to check the gig guide, looking forward to catching the show again and hearing the new (ok, it's not so new now)single. I've still only heard the sound-bite from the web site. I hope you'll be selling copies at gigs. Here's to 2003 and expansion! Best of Luck from "The Sarah Curran's Gang"

Wed Feb 5 15:31:15 2003 IP:

Brian Bennoch Springfield,Missouri,USA -

Thank you for still playing music! I was intreduced to Horslips by a person from Tempo Fermanagh in the mid 70's and have always love to listen to it's music ever since. Sincerely Brian Bennoch.

Tue Jan 28 18:19:17 2003 IP:

Paul Burns : Coleraine, Ireland -

A real surprise to find these sites. Didn't know you were on the road. I was at the last Horslips gig in the Whitla hall and also saw Horslips once Letterkenny. But I seem to remember the fighting more than the the band that night. Very fond memories all around. Make sure to put a northern date on the tour diary. I'd love to see you again.

Sun Jan 26 18:27:50 2003 IP:

Johnny Fean Band : -

During most of Feb Johnny will be busy tracking down and checking out some vintage guitars that he has sourced during the year. As you know he is an avid collector. Steve will spend most of the month in Florida and Mick is trying to catch up on his recording commitments.

Fri Jan 17 12:07:02 2003 IP:

marty ball derry -

alright johnny when's the new going on sale

Thu Jan 16 13:35:11 2003 IP:

Johnny Fean Band : -

We had a great time at Dolans Warehouse on Saturday night. Many many thanks for the wonderful reception. We were overwhelmed.

Wed Jan 15 22:52:49 2003 IP:

john cowpar Limerick -

Johnny Many thanks for the autographs and the chat after the gig in dolans last week. It was excellent to hear the stuff live again. keep it up fanastic talent. if you can list gigs in the munster I would love to catch u again soon.

Wed Jan 15 20:54:38 2003 IP:

noel ball derry city -

keep on celtic rockin, great to see and hear u back , better than ever.. good luck with the band.. see ya round

Wed Jan 15 17:48:35 2003 IP:

Al Fresco Indeh, Background -

anybody know how to contact Joe O'Donnell (The Mad Fiddler)?

Tue Jan 14 13:21:47 2003 IP:

Pat Rossiter New Ross, Co. Wexford -

Happy New Year to the three of you. Thank you so much for some great nights in 2002. It is so funny that the magic of your music has never faded. So now, please, get cracking for this year. Please post the gigs early and we'll surely get to them. This dyed in the wool Horslips fan wants more. Best wishes in all you do.

Sat Jan 11 18:56:16 2003 IP:

Dermot Gleeson Limerick -

Saw you last year in the warehouse,hope to see you soon. All the best for 203

Fri Jan 10 16:15:54 2003 IP:

Leigh-Ann Barcelona, Spain -

Hey Johnny, Happy New Year! Any gig(s) planned for Barcelona this year???? Hope to hear from you soon.....

Tue Jan 7 08:21:58 2003 IP:

Brian Grills Melbourne, Australia -

Hi John Greetings from Australia and your number one fan down here, etc, etc (zzzzzz). Anyway, please get the other 'Lippers together for that promised reunion (and hopefully album). I always thought that you disbanded too soon but I was only a desparate youngster from Australia wanting to see my beloved Horslips but alas it would never be. I emailed Charles O'Connor and suggested that the "new" Horslips album should be about the Irish in Australia, as most Aussies can trace Irish ancestory (including myself) even if most of them were convicts!. As a kid I thought this would be the next Horslips album as in my humble, teenage opinion it was a natural progression from the Irish/American themes of the last few albums. So do it! Not to be blunt or anything! Anyway, enough of the ramblings, thanks for all those memories and I love your music so much I have bought 2 of your new CDs. Try and do a tour down here in March 2004 and arrange to perform at the Port Fairy Folk festival in Victoria Australia in that month. That's not too much to ask, is it?! Kind regards Brian Grills

Fri Jan 3 10:50:50 2003 IP:

Johnny Fean Band : -

Hi folks! First and foremost we wish to thank all of you who made 2002 so very special for us. This was the year that we finally stuck our toes in the water to test the temperature. It was a difficult decision after so many years of the comfortable life abroad. Of course it was always our wish to play Ireland again but stories of how much the live music scene had deteriorated in the homeland were quite off-putting. The fact too that we would be expected to perform some of the Horslips catalogue was even more daunting in the light of our preferred guitar, bass and drums line-up. Well, we were absolutely overwhelmed by the reaction to the band and to our stripped down, rocked up approach. The dyed-in-the-wool Horslips fans, without exception, embraced the band and for that we will be forever grateful. Thank you all for your fabulous support and encouragement during the year, you are truly wonderful. The festivals were incredible. We played in some venues too that were not for us and hopefully we will be able to recognise dance venues in future and avoid them. 2002 was a steep learning curve. Mick Rowley’s arrival on drums settled the band and his steady, rock-solid style drove us forward with a determination undreamed of a year ago. We learned too that there is a whole new generation out there that had never heard of Horslips or Celtic Rock. Nevertheless, this enthusiastic generation snapped up copies of our new CD and are requesting more contemporary original Celtic Rock material. We will oblige! It is our good fortune that the tide has turned and guitar-led bands are back in fashion again. It is wonderful to find ourselves, after a gig, besieged by youngsters who want to know what vintage the Les Paul Junior is or what the advantages are of a headless five string Steinberger Bass. To see young people examine the drum kit and bombard Mick with questions about his art is tremendously encouraging. Our thanks to all the producers and DJs who played our single. The single “I Am The One” has been an outstanding success in setting up next year’s calendar and as a calling card. During the year we made many new friends and renewed acquaintance with old ones. This is surely the greatest reward of touring. To all our friends across the world we send our very best wishes and season's greetings. Let's hope we get to see as many of you as possible in 2003. God bless you all. Johnny Fean, Steve Travers and Mick Rowley. The Johnny Fean Band.

Tue Dec 24 20:05:32 2002 IP:

Brian Kelly : Dublin -

Happy Christmas to the band. Hope you will be touring again in 2003. Thanks for continuing the brilliant music.

Mon Dec 23 17:25:45 2002 IP:

Rain O'Suileabhain Rain O'Suileabhain: Sixmilecross, Omagh, Co.Tyrone, Ireland -

hey people, check this out, i made it today its a midi file of Dearg Doom, it took me ages to make, hope you's like it. Horslips Kick Ass!!! Ryan, 14

Sun Dec 22 22:17:21 2002 IP:

Paul : London -

Hi Johnny and all on this Guestbook. Good to the possibility of European dates for 2003 on the gigs page. Have a great Christmas and New Year, one and all. Paul

Sun Dec 22 20:41:43 2002 IP:

johhny holland -

dear johnny, I'm a long time fan from horslips and have a nice collection of vinyl. Do you remember the story disc with a whole lot horslips members jokes???I have a record store called POP EYE RECORDS and I'm interested to check out any new music for my store.Mail me to work out a deal!!!!all the best wishes for 2003 and a very peaceful and pleasant X-MAS!!1 johan/johnny

Sun Dec 22 20:24:09 2002 IP:

mick opfar pennsylvania -


Sun Dec 22 00:35:49 2002 IP:

marty & noel ball ISHINEE_MAN@HOTMAIL.COM: derry -


Sat Dec 21 02:06:21 2002 IP:

Julie.C Isle of Wight -

New single arrived today, and sounds great.Is an album planned?

Tue Dec 17 15:28:37 2002 IP:

marty&edele : -

A happy Christmas to Johnny and the boys,and all fans of good music.look forward to seeing you all at some gigs in the new year

Tue Dec 10 16:02:44 2002 IP:

Paul Byrne Czech Republic -

Good to see you again. Remember The Baymount in Sligo, cool memories. Please drop me a line about your European tour, I might be able to arrange a gig in Prague

Sat Dec 7 17:44:09 2002 IP:

david reynolds dungarvan -

Hi JOHNNY,I am looking forward to seeing you in Dungarvan on this Saturday night.Regards,david.

Tue Dec 3 21:14:21 2002 IP:

david reynolds dungarvan -

Hi JOHNNY,I am looking forward to seeing you in Dungarvan on this Saturday night.Regards,david.

Tue Dec 3 21:14:19 2002 IP:

John Doheny At Home -

Any plans for gigs in The Pale over the Chrimbo Johnny?

Fri Nov 29 23:19:43 2002 IP:

beano stamullen co meath -

i hope you are still do ing the bizzness

Fri Nov 22 13:39:20 2002 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

Happy birthday for tomorrow Johnny. May you have many, many more.

Sat Nov 16 18:29:10 2002 IP:

Johnny Fean : -

Hi All, Totally overwhelmed by all the good wishes, birthday cards an' stuff that was at the office today. Tomorrow will be a quiet bash (unlike last year.) Great to know that there are so many friends out there. Johnny.

Sat Nov 16 15:05:41 2002 IP:

Gerry Gallagher Columbia, South Carolina -

Hi Johnny, It's good to see you're still rockin' after all these years. You won't remember, but I once had to use your guitar (because I had forgotten mine) and we were playing relief for you and Horslips in the Astoria, Bundoran July 1975 (I think it was the 10th). Anyway, good luck with the new single. I recently got a copy of the "Whisper to a Scream" DVD and it reminded me of you guys. take care, Gerry Gallagher

Thu Nov 14 17:48:32 2002 IP:

Steve Moran Wolverhampton -

Hello Johnny mate.Wishing you all the very best with the band.Followed you with Horslips through the 70s.Those wonderful gigs at Barbarellas Birmingham.Miss you,want to see you again.Come to Wolverhampton or Birmingham.If you can,mail back when you find time.See ya.Steve

Wed Nov 13 20:53:29 2002 IP:


From the Fingerwatching Fanobolic Frivolatious Feanalistic Fans, and their children and their children’s children, and anyone else who nose you.

Tue Nov 12 23:50:36 2002 IP:

Johnny Fean : -

Hi All, Many thanks for all your support with the new CD. Certainly food for thought in your suggestions. We will put them all into the melting pot and see what happens. J.F.

Tue Nov 12 20:33:39 2002 IP:

Neil : Gort, Co Galway -

Great idea!

Mon Nov 11 23:11:30 2002 IP:

Joe Forde Chesterfield in England -

Got the single through the post today and was really impressed. An album of that stuff would do the trick. I have been speaking to my mates who also enjoy your music, John, and we were wondering if there is any way that a video of one of your gigs could be made which could be purchased through the web site. Horslips never made one and hence there was never a visual record to refer to when the band split up. Also, given that you have fans in many parts of the world who may not get to see you playing live for a while yet, it would be a great treat for us all. It's great to hear celtic rock guitar again and I'm sure the various Guitar Mags would be interested in doing features on you if this style is being played on the gig circuit again ( perhaps even a guitar tutor video? I could do with a copy, thats for sure!). Really looking forward to seeing you play in 2003 if you make it to Engand. Best of luck with the single and keep up the work on the forthcoming album too. Joe

Mon Nov 11 11:57:55 2002 IP:

Paul Bowen East London -

Back again to gawk at those fabulous instruments. Look forward to hearing them for real. In the meantime, I'll make do with my imagination and the Horslips back catalogue.

Sun Nov 10 02:22:35 2002 IP:

Brian Fitzpatrick : Ashbourne -

Just dropped in to check the gig guide. Looks like you're taking a well earned break (there's non of us teen-agers anymore - although you never know, a new generation awaits!). I'm looking forward to your next appearance anywhere in Dublin/Meath/Louth, just let us know, we'll be there.

Fri Nov 8 10:19:19 2002 IP:

Gerry McBrearty Donegal -

It was great to met the boys in Letterkenny, sorry I missed the Launch of the new single in Derry. I hope to meet up and hear you all again soon. Mise le meas ; Gerry Mc.

Thu Nov 7 19:30:55 2002 IP:

chris chris derry -

wishing all the band sucesss with there new single keep on rockin!!!!!!!!!!!

Thu Nov 7 11:45:54 2002 IP:

Martyt &Edele : -

Great night in Derry.New single sounds great.Good to see Stephen from Ballymena again

Thu Nov 7 11:42:34 2002 IP:

JFB Management : -

Hi Julie, The band will tour extensively early in 2003. In the meantime they will "keep the hand in" by gigging whenever time and location allows. Each member is committed to other projects at present. The tours will be well flagged before kick-off.

Wed Nov 6 22:59:37 2002 IP:

Julie Irwin Isle of Wight -

Veteran Horslips/ Fean fan,lost in a cultural desert on the Isle of Wight.Any gigs planned Southern England?

Wed Nov 6 20:50:58 2002 IP:

Donnacha : nz -

Eugene, it was asong that Johnny did in his London days with the Treat, bloody good too. Great guitar figure in it and a nice kinda haunting melody. I must dig out the tape sometime nad see if I can tranfer it onto disc as an Mpeg.

Wed Nov 6 01:12:39 2002 IP:

Brian Kelly : Dublin -

Got the new single yesterday. Very good. Pity theres only one song on it though. Best of luck with it guys.

Tue Nov 5 08:31:35 2002 IP:

Eugene O'Hare : Ireland -

Donnacha,is "Back to Tara" a horslips song/tune, it's not one i recognise and i don't think it's on any of the albums that i have. Eugene O.

Sun Nov 3 18:16:26 2002 IP:

donnacha : new zealand -

I know what you mean about Horslips pointing the way to other things, John, but the only thing that Horslips ever pointed me to was picking up a guitar and trying to play Dearg Doom/Sword of Light/Snakes' Farewell (which I finally mastered) and Sunburst. Interestingly, a bloke I know who played fiddle with the Babysnakes in Dublin around 1986, hugh O'Carroll from Kilkenny, said the only reason he picked up a fiddle was because of King of the Fairies. I've been carting Horslips riffs around New Zealand for five years and people think they're great and I've even thrown in Back to Tara on occasion and had people clap. Jesus, Mr Fean, what have you started?

Sun Nov 3 07:28:23 2002 IP:

John DeSantis Williamsport,Pa.,USA -

I had a great time listening to the amazing sound coming from the stage in a small club in Syracuse N.Y. about 78/79? Horslips did a huge variety of work in a short time. And finding the recordings in the musical wasteland of the U.S. marketplace. Changed my listening perspective from then. I may never have purchased a Fairport Convention record etc. without horslips opening my ears. Thanks, JOHN

Sun Nov 3 02:47:10 2002 IP:

Joe Forde England -

About time with your own site. I have tried to follow your career for years but its been difficult without the site. Really hope you come to England to play some gigs. I saw you play with Horslips on eight occasions between 1975 and 1978 and you blew me away every time with your " emotional intensity" and that fast lick you once told me ( Walsall FE gig in 1976) you got from Gary Moore. Look forward to geting your new album and, more importantly ( one hopes) to see you playing in England again soon. Keep up the good work Hohn. Joe Forde

Fri Nov 1 08:41:15 2002 IP:

Stephen Ferris : Near Ballymena -

Dublin and Derry Keith, that's dedication alright! We made the Derry gig too. A beautiful theatre and as you said, great sound and lights with a nice touch at the start when the band appeared out of the 'mist 'for Fantasia. For me it was hard to SIT through the first half, since I like to be on my feet for that music. So it was a big moment when, during 'King of the Fairies', the crowds broke onto the aisles and bounded down to the stage. It was a surprise and a pleasure to hear an acoustic version of ‘Ghosts’ on the night. But it wasn’t Johnny who sang it! It was the support act, Charlie (Herron?) who sang ‘Ghosts’. Charlie’s group gave us some mean electric mandolin into the bargain. Talking of surprises, we went along early to a gig last month when Johnny and the lads were doing their sound check set -up. As things came together they started jamming and then launched into a version of ‘Last Train to Clarksville’ (The Monkees). I wish I had that on tape. Maybe another time!

Fri Nov 1 01:10:15 2002 IP:

KEITH keithj001' BALLYMENA -

Johnny, Steve and Mick Great show last night at the Millenium Forum - What can I say? - it even surpassed the Olympia show (which was top notch) on all counts - bigger crowd,better sound and an encore - brillant. Can it get any better? - I doubt it. Looking forward to the next time already - keep the dates posted on the site. Thanks again Johnny - I don't need to say it again but I shall - You are a musical genius - Good Luck for the future.

Thu Oct 24 14:23:30 2002 IP:

Paul : London -

Just to give Adrian some support and prove he's not a lone voice, please will you guys organise a gig over this side of the water! Adrian, Sean - if not, you both up for a trip to Cork? Paul

Sun Oct 20 19:01:33 2002 IP:

Rodger (but they call me "Ron "- long story" : -

Hail to the big guy I met in the ulster hall beer festival the other night. told me that "Tain" was pronounced "Toine".

Sun Oct 20 01:00:53 2002 IP:

Pauline : -

The black strat from 1987ish?

Wed Oct 16 22:07:54 2002 IP:

Adrian : London -

Johnny when are you going to get over here?The Mean Fiddler is a great place for a gig.

Wed Oct 16 08:58:58 2002 IP:

Paul Myers Canada -

I learned to play guitar from watching Johnny play> I uswd to stand right at the front watching his fingers and would go home to practice. I could never get his vibrato though. It was so distinctive. Instantly recognisable like Paul Kossoff, Pater Green etc. I also remember the ciggie between the strings.Johnny influenced a generation of players not only myself but others like Pat mcManus. I loved the sound of Johnnys guitar on the Tain the gold top Les Paul with the p90 pick ups. Paul Myers

Wed Oct 16 02:19:00 2002 IP:

The Man : -

Is there any truth in "a secret gig" at Pacinos in Galway on October 26th

Wed Oct 16 01:45:36 2002 IP:

Johnny Fean : Ireland -

To John F. Many thanks for the kind words. Sorry we didn't get to chat on Sunday but everyone was worn out from the "secret gig" the night before. Reaction to the new song has been fabulous and we can't wait to get to Derry on the 23rd for the official launch. Perhaps we might see you there.

Wed Oct 16 00:38:23 2002 IP:

John F. : Ireland -

Sean, There was an acoustic set with mandolin and bongos which included Rakish Paddy and The High Reel. Also the new song was added and they opened with Fantasia instead of Trouble. Johnny's guitar work was just amazing again.

Tue Oct 15 22:21:14 2002 IP:

noel bergin noelber@eircom.netgreat: freshford co kilkenny -

great to see johnny back(what about the rest of you lads) GREAT SITE NOEL BER

Tue Oct 15 20:53:48 2002 IP:

sean : -

john f,did'nt make macroom only wishfull thinking on my part,whats new on the setlist .

Tue Oct 15 19:20:01 2002 IP:

John F : Ireland -

Sean Moynihan, met you in Castleisland didn't I? Did you make Macroom?

Mon Oct 14 21:37:06 2002 IP:

John F : Ireland -

Johnny, excellent gig in Macroom last night. We overheard two young people coming out and one said to the other that the music was brilliant but they didn't realise that you wrote the "Olé, Olé" song. Really enjoyed it and I see you've changed the set since Castleisland. What's the long-term plan? UK, America?? Love the new song but it wasn't on sale after the gig as you said or maybe we didn't stay around long enough (work the next day & everything and 50 miles to travel home). But IT WAS WORTH IT. Keep it up and come back south-west again.

Mon Oct 14 21:34:22 2002 IP:

sean UK -

soundbite sounds great can't wait to hear the single in full, instruments page a welcome addition anyhope of a few riffs chords ect .Thanks johnny for the info after the galway gig at pacinoes got what i wanted ( thanks myles).Gig in macroom, must check ryanair might be a cheap flight going,hope there's a bigger crowd than castleisland. sean

Sun Oct 13 12:22:44 2002 IP:

Donnacha new zealand -

Love the guitars, man. Someone at work asked me was I looking at porn, I was making so many delirious noises. It's good to see so much Gibson stuff, too, especially as I play a Nighthawk, but where's the blonde Strat from the Archway? Anyway, great to see the new single coming out, hopefully I'll be able to buy it on the site.

Fri Oct 11 00:25:27 2002 IP:

SHUG East Kilbride, Scotland -

Just found this site ; excellent ! People may accuse us of "living in the past" but the music of Horslips brings back so many fantastic memories of the 70's. Johnny was the king of cool, fag wedged between the strings on the head of his Les Paul, blazing out the greatest Celtic riffs of all time. Fondly remember bouncing around the Butt Hall, Ballbofey and the Pavesi, Donegal Town long before pogoing was invented. Also, the email from Bernard Farrell takes me back to the legendary Glasgow Apollo where the green half of the town had the foudations shaking as Johnny and the bhoys unleashed The Book of Invasions ; a Celtic symphony for a Celtic support. All the very best with the new single and see you next time in Donegal (or Glasgow ???)

Wed Oct 9 22:14:42 2002 IP:

Adrian : -

Ignore the last message.The next time I have a question I'll remember to read the previous fecking messages first!!!

Tue Oct 8 13:26:16 2002 IP:

Adrian : -

Will the single be available in England,and if not is there some way of ordering it from Ireland?

Tue Oct 8 13:24:39 2002 IP:

Johnny Fean Management Ireland -

Hi Bob, The address and details for mail order of CDs and merchandise will be posted on the website soon, but will be on sale at the gigs starting at The Millennium Forum on the release date 23/10/02. Johnny Fean Management.

Mon Oct 7 14:40:42 2002 IP:

The Man -

To The Puca. Mr. Fean and Mr. Travers (who certainly is not in this for the money), would prefer to play to 100 true Celtic Rock fans than to a 10,000 strong trendies. They have both seen the "big time" and grew tired of the bulls**t. They are not interested in the showbiz nonsense.

Sun Oct 6 20:35:08 2002 IP:

Eugene O'Hare Dublin -

Another sound file!! Sounds good Johnny, when will we hear the whole song in DUBLIN!!! Marlay Park would suit me just fine. Eugene O

Sun Oct 6 18:32:50 2002 IP:

The Puca The Puca@cumulonimbus: -

Who wrote the review J.Fean and S. Travers? Who wants to play to crowds of 100?. When will they play on the street at the Munster Final?

Sun Oct 6 03:45:30 2002 IP:

Bob : -

Where can one purchase copy of your new CD single by mail order?

Sat Oct 5 16:00:08 2002 IP:

John Seeb Lemoore, CA U.S. -

I'm a Horslips fan. I was introduced to their music in 1977. I still listen to their music. They reminded me of Jethro Tull. I guess that is why I became interested in their music. By chance is Mr. Fean ever considering coming to the U.S.? We can only hope.

Fri Oct 4 04:05:29 2002 IP:

Brian & Alex : Dublin (Kinda!) -

Sound bite sounds good Johnny, when are near Dublin again so we can sample a good lick?

Tue Oct 1 22:50:27 2002 IP:

Caroline : Derry -

Looking forward to 23rd October in Derry. Gig guide is back, THANK YOU.

Sun Sep 29 22:20:26 2002 IP:

Johnny Fean Ireland -

Hi Everyone, Yep, the gig guide will feature selected dates from our diary. We have been very busy with the new single recently. It will be officially released on October 23rd at The Millennium Theatre in Derry. It would be great to get to see as many old friends as possible there. Thanks to Steven and Noel Ferris, to Jim Nelis and everybody for their fantastic support. I'm off to practice a few licks. Johnny.

Sat Sep 28 02:26:27 2002 IP:

Adrian : -

Wheres the gig guide gone to?And when are you coming to London?Come on Johnny,you know you want to!

Thu Sep 26 09:28:28 2002 IP:

Caroline : Derry -

Thanks anyhow Jim. If you hear of them playing around Derry I would be grateful if you would let me know.It was great having the gig guide as you could plan ahead.

Tue Sep 24 21:38:04 2002 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

Sorry Caroline but i didn't see your e-mail until tonight (Sun). Johnny was playing in the An Grianan theatre last night from 8.00pm until 10.15pm. I didn't get down myself until around 9.00pm due to comittments but what i did see, was excellent. Not a big crowd but this was down to people like yourself not knowing the gig was on. The gig guide needs to be put back on lads if you want an audience. Best Wishes, Jim.

Sun Sep 22 22:18:48 2002 IP:

Caroline : Derry -

Is Johnnys band playing in Letterkenny on Saturday, Jim? If so could you please let me know where and what time. THANKS

Thu Sep 19 13:41:55 2002 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

Great gig last night in Maghera. Just the venue for it and thanks for the sneak preview of the new single Steve. It sounds great, very Celtic rock. I hope it does well for the band. I will put up your posters tomorrow, and Steve, please remind Johnny of the favour i have asked him. See you in Letterkenny next Saturday lads.

Sat Sep 14 19:39:46 2002 IP:

BERNARD FARRELL Preston England -

Johnny, Please reinstate the gig guide and remember your old Horslip fans in the UK, so come and play Liverpool or Manchester. Do you remember those gigs at Palace Theatre Manchester when the balconys were bouncing up and down by about 3/4 feet with all the dancing fans ? They would stop the gig nowadays Keep on doing the business, hope to see the band soon, Best wishes

Tue Sep 3 13:24:26 2002 IP:


Thanks for taking the phonecall,and SOUNDING SO ENTHUSIASTIC. SEE YOU IN 2050.

Sun Sep 1 02:27:42 2002 IP:

Donnacha New Zealand -

Can anyone tell me if there was a decent crowd in Enniscorthy? Wexfors was always fairly fertile ground for Horslips, I'd like to find out how many of my old townsmen turned up.

Fri Aug 30 02:33:20 2002 IP:

Pat Rossiter New Ross, Co. Wexford -

Johnny, Steve and Mick - Great gig in Enniscorthy on Sunday night.Please bring back the gig guide, so that we can keep tabs on you. Best wishes.

Thu Aug 29 19:42:56 2002 IP:

Mark The Netherlands -

Good Man Johnny you made my night here in Holland. Great to hear that you are playing again. I use to cover "Shadowy figures" with me band. We'll have to get you over here. All the very best, Mark Gilligan

Tue Aug 27 22:29:05 2002 IP:

caroline : derry -

Would like to know if you are updating the gig guide, johnny.

Tue Aug 27 20:36:46 2002 IP:

alex : dublin -

Hey, Where's the gig guide gone from Johnny.s site?

Mon Aug 26 22:02:15 2002 IP:

Stevie Shanks Belfast NI -

Johnny, I went to see your show in Buncrana a couple of years ago - as a dedicated Horslips fan I thought your new arangements of the songs were excellent!! It is great that you are keeping the music alive and playing as well as ever - the web site is fab. I hope some day (especially now that you have proper CD'ds for sale - according to Stephen Sproule) you and the rest of the guys will give us patient fans (funky fun club mambers)something to get really excited about!! Hope to see you somewhere in Ireland soon!! Cheers Stevie

Sat Aug 24 19:19:42 2002 IP:

John Doheny At Home -

Johnny and the band were in fine form last night in The Submarine Bar. Played Guests of the Nation which was dropped for the Olympia gig for some reason. Didn’t get a chance to say hello after as the band mysteriously disappeared behind the stage through a magic door. There were a few genuine Horslips fans there, judging by the reception after each song. One complaint though was that the sound on the vocals was shite – and I was dead centre to the stage on level 1. But it didn’t really distract. Highlight was a blistering Sword of Light. Johnny cut loose on the auld geetar and gave one hell of a rendition.

Fri Aug 23 18:19:59 2002 IP:

Colin Smart : Scotland -

thanks for a great night at Newport, Johnny -I became wellknown in the bars of Westport -as that man who`d come from North Scotland just to see you! Westport proved a very hard place to leave however -thus you never saw me in Kilberry or Bray! Scotland would welcome a visit from you! Just for the record, I work in the same office as Hugh!!

Fri Aug 23 15:58:51 2002 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry -

Great gig in Derry on Sunday lads.Thanks for coming up afterwards. Hope you liked the book Johnny. See you soon, Jim.

Fri Aug 23 11:14:46 2002 IP:

Brian : Dublin -

Fantastic gig in the Sub last night. The band were fantastic and it was great to hear all the Horslips music again. A small but very enthusiastic crowd. Nice one Johnnny and the boys.

Fri Aug 23 10:24:09 2002 IP:

Site Editor Ireland -

Apologies! Apparently this facility has been 'down' for a while - possibly something to do with the move to the domain which happened over last weekend.
Thanks to all who emailed reports of the trouble. This page is the latest version we had backed up, sorry if we've lost any postings.

Tue Aug 20 22:07:12 2002 IP:

Donnacha : nz -

Hey johnny, any chance of some tab or chords to the Horslips/Host stuff? I've been muddling my through a few of them (including Back to Tara) but would love to get the proper ones.

Tue Aug 13 05:34:35 2002 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry City -

To Johnny, Steven and Mick. David Meade was telling me you had a late one on Friday night in Ballyshannon but it was FANTASTIC. I think i have converted him. Still no word on the other. See you soon at the Galliagh Festival in Derry. Best Wishes, Jim.

Mon Aug 12 23:51:51 2002 IP:

Jim Nelis : Derry, Ireland -

To Johnny, Stephen and Mick. I hope your gig in Derry at the GASYARD goes well. I will keep you informed about the other project as soon as it is confirmed. Does anyone in the world have the black and white TAIN poster which says THE TAIN HORSLIPS above their heads ? I would gladly pay for a copy. Please help if you can. Best Wishes, Jim Nelis, Derry, Ireland.

Wed Aug 7 00:29:27 2002 IP:

Paul : -

Well done Noel & Stephen and hello to all Johnny Fean Fans....

Tue Aug 6 20:11:08 2002 IP:

hugh Scotland -

Thought I should make a contribution from Scotland. Great to see Johnny and the lads at the Glynllifon Festival in North Wales in June. Unfortunately there was nobody else in the audience. Now Dorie, when are you coming over? Stephen, JD, what about a gathering in Ireland next summer? Johnny, if you need a copy of the photo of me playing your mandolin (for insurance purposes) let me know. Great site!

Tue Aug 6 10:44:11 2002 IP:

Paul : -

Funny you should mention that Sean, whiled away an hour or so at Cambridge Folk Fest looking for some Horslips in the music books on the stalls but no joy. Anyone with a Book of Invasions music book willing to photocopy it?

Mon Aug 5 21:33:56 2002 IP:

Adrian : Flitwick -

Paul,nothing would give greater pleasure but after 10 U2 gigs last year I think my other half would have my nads in a bag!!I was gutted last week as he played in Buncranna which is only 12 miles from Carn where my family hails from.Myself amd the brother were well up for it but it couldn't be done,unfortunately.So come on Johnny,Londons Calling!!

Mon Aug 5 13:54:38 2002 IP:

Gary Eglington Drimnagh, D12 -

Yo, Johnny! Sorry I missedyour Birthday, hope it was a good one. Love to Maggie.

Sun Aug 4 00:32:54 2002 IP:

sean moynihan Luton uk -

looking for some chords ,riffs, tabs anything for any horslips especially aliens ,asked a few times on the Horslips guestbook all to no avail,surely some budding guitarist out there that could help

Sat Aug 3 23:48:55 2002 IP:

sean moynihan Luton uk -

i'm going home for the last few weeks in August to kerry ,i was thrilled to see johnny was playing salt hill as my wife's from Galway .Just had a look at the gig guide again tonight ,wow castleisland unbelivable hope to make them both,wonderfull memories of horslips from town hall killarney ,puck mallow cork,and the treat at Archway ,thanks johnny for the memories and good luck with the gigs and album ,a talent that deserves to be seen and heard. sean

Fri Aug 2 22:48:54 2002 IP:

Pat Rossiter New Ross, Co. Wexford -

Dear Johnny, Steve and Mick, Thanks for the gig in Ross on Sunday night. The music was awesome. The town has never heard the likes. Looking forward to Enniscorthy already. Good luck with the tour and the album.

Thu Aug 1 19:32:58 2002 IP:

Paul : London -

I guess I did go all the way to Seattle for CSNY so come on Adrian fancy a trip over for a real pint of Guinness?

Thu Aug 1 00:16:09 2002 IP:

marty and edele Newry -

thanks for a great night in warrenpoint and a better one in buncrana.

Wed Jul 31 20:04:38 2002 IP:

Myles( LALLA !!!) Dublin -

Hi Johnny , Just stumbled across this new site , great to see the positive reaction to your latest tour . I hope to see you soon ? Remember " The road to her door is washed out with tears , Its a road i've been walking all of these years " Good luck talk soon Myles

Tue Jul 30 22:08:54 2002 IP:

Stephen Ferris : Ireland North -

Went along to the Buncranna gig at the weekend. The street was thronged, the music was fabulous and the band were heroic. Looking at the gig list there's no excuse for anyone in Ireland not to get out and see this band. Paul and Adrian, the plane tickets are cheap, so get yourselves over. Donnacha and Dorie, Ireland 2003? For myself, I'm personally excited by news of new material. Forward, onward and more, more, more!

Tue Jul 30 20:46:27 2002 IP:

Eamon Fitzpatrick Ashbourne -

It's great to see Johnny back, I was at Banjo Sherlock's last Thursday, a trip down memory lane, took me back to the Stadium and Gorey. Looking forward to the next time.

Mon Jul 29 17:12:29 2002 IP:

Jim Nelis Derry, Ireland -

I thought the Ballyshannon gig was good but Buncrana outshone it. What a night and with about 2000 people there, age group 9 - 90. Thanks a million lads for another night down memory lane.It just gets better.It was like the 70's all over again in the Plaza. .See you soon in Derry. Good luck with the other gigs lads.

Sun Jul 28 01:56:10 2002 IP:

Terry. : -

I´m just wondering if Johnny´s band play any material by the Zen Alligators?. I always enjoyed "Who can that someone be".

Sat Jul 27 23:35:08 2002 IP:

Caroline Riordan Derry -

Just back from Buncranna, Thank You for a great night Johnny and band. It took me back a few years. Hope to hear you all soon at Gasyard Gig in Derry.It's great to hear horslips LIVE again.GREAT WEBSITE

Sat Jul 27 01:04:44 2002 IP:

Tony Curtin Tipperary(not far from those bales of hay In Longfield House!) -

Excellent website indeed and should help the band to gain even more momentum. Great gig in Tipperary Town last Saturday,that Les Paul Junior and Steinberger Bass sounded great. Mick? A small measure of cider on ice is sufficient fuel for him to lose all respect for those Premiers. See you soon lads.

Fri Jul 26 04:03:07 2002 IP:

Dublin Dave : Dublin Irl -

Great Site Johnny, Keep the gigs coming - the Olympia was great DD

Thu Jul 25 21:07:32 2002 IP:

Terry : -

Good luck to the Johnny Fean Band. I look forward to seeing them play in the near future.

Thu Jul 25 20:56:04 2002 IP:

Brian Fitzpatrick Ashbourne -

Johnny, the website's excellent, it's all coming together, hope the numbers are up. Saw the show at Sarah Curran's and The Olympia (met the sisters - I bet this website has something to do with them? - the one from Clare?) the shows were brilliant even if the crowds were tiny. Looking forward to Banjo's tonight, and hopfully a steadily increasing following. Thanks for bringing it all back home. You're giving the 40 somethings back their youth! Rock On Johnny!!!

Thu Jul 25 10:12:52 2002 IP:

shearie fean : CLARE -

TO Steve & Noel,great work indeed. Best wishes.... Cheers, Shearie fean.

Thu Jul 25 00:25:56 2002 IP:

Jim Nelis Derry, Ireland -

To Johnny and the band. It was great to see you in Ballyshannon. The gig was great and it brought back lots of fantastic memories. Keep up the gigging lads as it is great to hear all the old favourities again. Thanks for forming this incredible band and keeping the Horslips music alive. Jim Nelis, Derry.

Wed Jul 24 23:53:15 2002 IP:

Donnacha : still in nz -

My God! Dorie, Barry, Brendan, myself...all it needs is Ferris to start posting and we'll have a quorum from the 'Lips site...

Wed Jul 24 02:53:48 2002 IP:

: -

Wed Jul 24 01:32:12 2002 IP:

Dorie again : -

PS didn't realise that your drummer was the man from The Whole Shabang.....that was great stuff too.

Wed Jul 24 01:32:05 2002 IP:

Dorie : USA -

Knock knock, can I come in and have a pint with all my friends? Nice job Steve and Noel. Hello Johnny you're looking great, wish I could come over and have a listen.

Tue Jul 23 22:38:10 2002 IP:

Brendan : Dublin -

Johnny and Steven and Drummer who's name escapes me See yiz in the Submarine in 22 Aug. Third time to see the show after Banjos and the Olympia. Making up for time I never had to lose. Great to hear the songs sounding as fresh as ever.

Tue Jul 23 18:15:17 2002 IP:

Brian : Dublin -

Great to see the band touring Ireland. Like others in the guest book, I saw The Treat in the Archway Tavern during the '90s. I am looking forward to the Red Cow and Sub gigs.

Tue Jul 23 11:03:27 2002 IP:

Adrian : Bedford -

Come on Johnny,London is waiting and Paul and myself will stand you and the boys a couple of pints!

Tue Jul 23 08:40:07 2002 IP:

Donnacha Kavanagh New Zealand -

Great to see Johnny has a website. Used to attend Archway tavern gigs religiously, also the Prince Arthur in West Ealing. Unfailingly brilliant gigs, even when Johnny wasn't playing - Eric bell is a pretty good man to have on the bench. Good to see the band out playing around Ireland and I hope it becomes a regular thing, as I'm heading home next year. All the best.

Tue Jul 23 02:24:34 2002 IP:

Paul London -

Nice new website Johnny. When are you and the lads coming to London then?

Mon Jul 22 22:37:15 2002 IP:

Pat Rossiter New Ross, Co. Wexford -

The spirit is very much alive. I was in the Olympia a few weeks ago, and I can't wait for the New Ross gig next Sunday. Best wishes.

Mon Jul 22 10:48:57 2002 IP:

Eamon Fitzpatrick Cavan -

Great site, and many thanks for the gig guide.

Mon Jul 22 10:14:44 2002 IP:

Sean Callaghan Kingscourt -

will see ya soon Sean........ (Pauls Brother)

Mon Jul 22 00:17:44 2002 IP:

Mul Norn Ireland -

Saw Johnny and the guys at the gig in Warrenpoint Co Down a few weeks ago. I have to say that any Horslips fan who fails to go and see them does not know what they are missing. Leave your doubts at home - and go and see them ! Witness a master in action...

Sat Jul 20 17:18:20 2002 IP:

Adrian Flitwick(Bedford) -

When are you going to play in England?there are alot of people over here who would love to see you.

Sat Jul 20 13:38:10 2002 IP:

Paul Bowen London, UK -

It's about time the sun shone on both Johnny Fean and Steve Travers. Three years after I first saw them perform together, I'm still convinced there's not an act that comes close to the fire, spirit and sheer understanding of Irish Music that they embrace.

Fri Jul 19 19:01:28 2002 IP:

Barry Mc Cabe (BMC) Virginia, Co. Cavan, Ireland -

"Please allow me to introduce to you
A man of wealth and taste" ...Johnny Fean!!

Well done Steve & Noel with the opening of a Johnny Fean website - long overdue. I just know that the site will end up being a wonderful testament to Johnny and his musical career because how could it be otherwise? Everything Johnny has ever done has had class written all over it. If you don't believe me check out the solo on "I'll Be Waiting" (The Man Who Built America CD) and just remember who recorded one of the greatest licks in the history of Irish Rock - "Dearg Doom". I rest my case!!



Thu Jul 18 10:43:54 2002 IP:

Noel Ireland -

From this site's editor...
I understand it is my solemn and proud duty to declare this guestbook OPEN

Please post, and.... 'Stay Alive'.

Wed Jul 17 03:03:15 2002 IP: